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Mr teacher episode 15 – finale

Mr teacher
Episode 15
This man abused me so roughly to the point that I had serious bruises. When he finally c-mmed, it was as if he was convulsing on me and it aggravated my pain. My b-obs were sore because of the way he had manhandled them. I could even touch my n-pples because of they had little cuts due to the way he had kept biting them amidst s-cking. I wept but he told me to lower my voice. He told me that I should be glad now that I had been ridden of the spirit and that in two days time, I’d be allowed to go back home where my life could return to normal. When I threatened to report him to the church, he grabbed my throat and told me that nobody would believe me because he was held in high esteem.
He stated that due to the miracles which he performed through means best known to him that people have neglected Jesus and they now worsh¡pped me. He told me that his word is law and if I was dared opened my mouth to anyone, he would disgrace my family and I in the church, heap a lot of allegations om them and even go as far as having us ostracized from the church and no one would stop him. He gloated that he held so much power that people gullibly lived on his every word and had stopped praying for themselves but instead come to him for prayers. He boasted that he could get any girl he wanted in the church and even married women and yet no one would cast a scornful look upon him. Finally letting me go, he leered at me and told me that he had been eyeing me for a long time and cooking up the false prophecy about me being haunted by a spiritual husband was just an hoax to have his way with me and that my overbearing mother had fallen flat for it.
He told me that it was not easy being a priest. How would the church forbid priests from getting married or having s€×ual intercourse despite knowing that they were humans who had hormones. He revealed that he wasn’t the holy priest having s€×ual intercourse and that at least he were better than some of them who had delved so low and were sleeping with each other; priest to priest and nun to nun. Then he asked me if I didn’t hear about the foreign priest who had s€×ually molested thirty girls who were underaged and had infected them all with HIV? When I gave no answer, he caught one of my n—-e, he twisted it and I grimaced in pain. He let it go and rose to his feet, promising to come that night and warmed that I had better be receptive by then or my resistance would be to my own detriment.
After he left, I laid down on my side and curled into a fetal position then wept bitterly, blaming my mother from making me go through this. I even blamed God for not rescuing me from this demon who was leading a lot of people astray. That evening, my mother bought some food for me and I weakly sat up to receive her. When she saw me, she asked if I was sick and I refused to answer. I was so mad at her that I didn’t want to look at her. She sat down beside me and commented that with the way I looked, it meant that the spiritual husband was really tormenting me and that I should be happy that the priest had a vision about me when he did.
Just then, I couldn’t take it anymore so I blurted. “He’s the spiritual husband himself!”
My mother turned a scornful eye on me. “Have you gone mad? Do you want to die young for talking about a man of God like this?!”
“Man of God my foot!” I snapped. “Does a man of God put his p*n*s in a girl’s mouth?!” I blurted but the painful swat I got on my mouth made me recoil from my mother.
“I can see that you are possessed!” She fired angrily. “You want to bring the devil to my house abi? What do you even know about p*n*s?! Have you even seen one? If you see one, do you even have the guts to wait! Now Leah…” She shook a warning finger at my face. “Whatever nonsense that’s going through your head had better stop! If your wish is to finally become a pr-stitute, over my dead body will that happen! I’d rather send you to the conventry!” Without waiting for any more explanation, she angrily rose to her feet. “Let me go and see the priest. I bought him a lot of roasted goat meat, as for you busy your mouth with your food before you let blasphemy make God angry and strike you down with thunder!” Then she left.
I was more angry that my mother didn’t believe me. I had no appetite so I shoved the cooler of food away from me and laid back on the bed to resume my tears. Who was going to come to my rescue? Who was going to believe me when I tell them that the priest took advantage of me s€×ually. I had slept off when I felt the soft head of his p*n*s in my mouth. At first, I was confused about what I was and thought I had imagined it but when he tapped my cheek with his p*n*s to wake me up, I knew that this was no dream. I jolted up to a sitting position and moved closer to the wall. “You are not going to touch me o.” I grumbled stubbornly. “There’s no way you are doing to me what you did to me in the morning.”
“Leah Mathew, come here and s-ck this d–k!” He ordered but I shook my head and stood my ground. “Leah, I’m warning you!” He shook a finger at me and his p*n*s bounced from the gesture. “Don’t let me deal with you this night! I’m not in the mood for your child game, come and put this thing in your mouth now, or else!”
“I’m not going to do it! Never!” I yelled.
All of a sudden, he got off his knees and stormed out of the room and in a minute, he returned with a belt. “Leah, come and s-ck my d–k!” He ordered yet again.
He advanced now, raised his arm and brought the belt down with enough force on my shoulder and I cried out in pain and twisted my body in agony. He wh¡pped me four more times till I was writhing on the bed like a mad girl, scre-ming, crying and begging him to stop. When he stopped, he s——-d my chest and brought his d–k to my mouth when I still turned my face away, he knocked me on the head, grabbed my face by my cheeks and forced my mouth open. I had no choice than to accept my fate and s-ck his d–k. And soon, he exploded in my mouth. I jolted up almost upsetting him off my body. I hated the taste of his semen and was about to barf and spit it out on the floor but he grabbed my nose and squeezed my nostrils shut, forcing me to open my mouth to breathe then he threatened that he would deal with me severely if a single drop of his sp**m left my mouth and in order for him to release my nose, I had no choice than to swallow it.
Smiling in satisfaction, he rose and left the room, promising to be back the next morning which would be my last day in his quarters. In the morning, he appeared with the belt just in case I chose to be defiant. My body already had marks of his belt on them and I wasn’t ready to receive more so I slowly sat up and mumbled a good morning under my breath. Without replying me, he took off his clothes then asked me to do the same. Like an helpless chick, I laid on my bed and he came on it and nudged my thighs apart. I braced myself for what was to come because my body was still trying to heal from his last s€×ual assault. As he lowered himself on my body and guided his d–k to my v—-a, I squeezed my eyes tight, preparing myself for the inevitable pain. He slid into me, reopening the bruises that were healing. I grimaced but could not say anything as he began to t—-t in and out of me. He made me do every position, bend in every direction and s-cks his balls before he finally ej×c×lated in,side of me.
My mother was to come pick me by 6 p.m. so he made sure he returned at 4p.m. for another round and I wordlessly accepted my fate. I gate no emotion as he plowed me in a doggy style, bending over occasions to bite me on the back. I didn’t mo-n, I didn’t cry, all the fight had left him and I was just a shadow of my former self. When my mother arrived, I was already packed and waiting. She offered five litres keg of palm oil, a basket of oranges, corn and pear fruit and also the sum of twenty thousand naira to show her gratitude. The priest told her not to worry that the work of God was free but she persuaded him to collect the items and the money after which she left with me.
Three weeks later, I had been sent away from school because of my incessant of vomiting and worse habit of sleeping in class. I was taken to the school’s hospital and was confirmed pregnant. My mother undid her outer wrapper and rolled on the ground, wailing to the sky and whoever cared to listen that I had brought shame to the family despite the good upbringing she had given me. She accused me of letting the boys in my school touch my br-asts and have s€× with me. She dragged me home and threw me at the feet of my father. When my dad learnt of my situation and asked who impregnated me, I told him that it was the priest but a sharp slap from my mother sent me scrambling to my father for refuge while I wept. My father believed me. He knew that I would never lie so he said he would take me to the church and confirm the truth but my mother persisted that she would go instead.
Dragging me to the church on a Wednesday evening, the priest came to us and asked what was going on and why was I crying and my mother said, “This stupid girl here is claiming that you are responsible for the pregnancy!” The priest gave me a cold look then placing a hand on my mother’s back, he led her some feet away from me so that I wouldn’t hear them. Their backs were slightly turned to me and I could see my mother nodding to every word the priest said. Soon, he left to his car and returned a hundred thousand naira which he handed to my mother. My mother happily took the money and tied it in her wrapper then he blessed her and did the sign of the cross.
I was confused when my mother told me that we were going to a place and I should make sure that I told nobody what would go on there. She took me to a matron who owned a pharmacist and had a small room at the back. That was when I knew that my mother had bought me there for an abortion. I heard them bargain the price as soon the matron slipped on her eye glasses and told me to lie down on a bed-like surface. Pulling a stool, she sat down in front of me, brought a bowl of water and held some tools then she asked me to raise my knees and open my legs.
The abortion process was even more painful than the priest’s s€×ual assault. I felt the cold tools go in,side me, cutting things. I was in severe pain and I cried the more while my mother tried to comfort me. Soon, the matron announced that she was done and my mother paid her. On our way home, I kept crying. I couldn’t walk properly. I kept bending over on the road because of the pain in my stomach. Before I reached home, blood was streaming down my legs. My mother took me into the house and brought her wrapper to clean me up. She assured me that all I needed was a little rest and that I’d be fine. My father had gone out so he was unaware of what was going on. My mother sat down on the edge of my bed and began to count the remaining money while she occasionally touched her fingers on her tongue. I was squirming and mo-ning in pain as I felt more warm blood gush out of me to soak my mattress. I realized that my mother had actually taken me to a quack because she didn’t want to spend more. By the time she had finished counting the money, my life had left me. I was dead. I had died a very painful death.
My mother began to wail and call our to neighbours but it was too late now, I couldn’t be saved. I was buried the that evening and the priest who had destroyed my life officiated my burial rites. I was angry even at death. Three months later, I still couldn’t pass on to the other side because of my anger. I had so much bitterness in me that the angel refused me entry, so I went back. I started by appearing to the priests in several praises and shocking him. Even in the middle of a sermon, he would scre-m and run away anytime he saw me and the congregation were perplexed. One Sunday, I compelled him to confess his sins to the church, after he did, I gave him a hærd resounding slap and he immediately became mad and tore his garments and ran out of the church before he could be overpowered. As for my mother, I gave her a leg sore that would never heal until my bitterness drains from me. I moved down here to start a new life where no one knew me and yet, you are no different from the priest!” She spat bitterly as she glowered at me.
I got on my knees now, placed my palms together and began to plead for mercy. I had actually overstepped my bounds this time and my yearning for teenage V-rgins had landed me in serious trouble with a bitter ghost. “Please, I beg of you. Forgive me. Please Leah. I never knew that you were a ghost! Please spare my life! I promise that I’ll change. This is not my doing at all. I was also used by an older girl. Please, forgive me Leah! I’ll change! I give you my word!”
She shook her head slowly and smiled wickedly. “I won’t kill you but I won’t let you get away with this either. People like you deserve to be taught a lesson they will never forget in a hurry!” Just then, she tapped the wall and several teenage girls began to step out of the wall. They were over a hundred crammed in my room, I needed no prophecy to know that they were ghosts and I trembled at the sight of them.
“Who are they?” My l-ips quivered as I flattened my back against the wall in terror, looking for an escape route but they had gathered around my bed.
“They are girls like me.” Leah answered. “Girls who were s€×ually abused me by relatives, strangers, teachers and so many more wicked men. They died terribly and have been roaming the earth just like me seeking revenge. Everyone of them will give you a taste of her bitterness.”
Before I could ask how, the nearest girl slapped me hærd and disappeared. I was stunned by the slap and I cried out as my hands flew to my cheek. By the time the second one slapped me, it was as if I was blinded for a second. This time, they didn’t wait in line, the slaps came from everywhere and the more terrible slaps I received the more they disappeared. By the time the last one had slapped me, my shoulders were slumped with my head hanging down and my chin touching my chest. I was drooling and I had lost my senses. Leah slowly rose from my bed and said, “I’ll be watching you and if you go back on your word, we’ll come for your life this time.” Lifting her arm, she gave me the hottest slap of all and I twisted in a circle before I slumped on the floor.
Three weeks and some daya later, I woke up in the hospital and I was very disoriented. I had severe headache and when I inquired about how I had gotten here, a nurse told me that my door had been found open with me unconscious in,side on the floor. She told me that I had been in Coma since then. A week later, I was discharged. When people asked me what had happened, I couldn’t tell them anything. Some days later, I moved out of the compound and travelled down to Bayelsa. I got an NGO job which was meant to support and empower s€×ually abused victims and so far, we have been helping out victims who are victims of rape or s€×ual abuse. We succeeded in putting a stop to the abuse and making the abusers pay for their crimes.
I now write books to help victims recover and I’m married now but I’ll never forget the night that changed my life forever. Just the way I was ruined by two church sisters at my teenage years, the girls I had roughly deflowered now liked rough s€× and no other way could sate their s€×ual needs. So whenever you see a girl asking for s€× in an unusual way or style, know that whoever had given her her first s€×ual experience just that way and it had become a part of her. I even learnt that there are girls out there who love to be beaten and forcefully slept with by their boyfriends while some prefer you choke or inflict pain on them. There are guys or men out there who are only s€×ually attracted to older women, attracted to single mums (as long as the lady has birthed a child), or attracted to women who are s€×ually domineering. Do not be quick to judge them or call them animals, find out who gave them their first s€×ual experiences. Boys are abused too, by teachers, nannies or the house maids, some, even by their mothers’ friends.
The End
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