Mr Teacher

Mr Teacher episode 4

Mr Teacher Episode 4
I remained still for a while, dreading if she would wake up but when her sleep continued on disturbed, I carefully reached out and placed a hand on her buttocks and when she didn’t move, I squeezed it a bit and yet she remained still. I concluded that Gloria was right after all and that Yemisi was indeed a deep sleeper so I decided to make the best out of it. The rain had reduced to a drizzle outside but the room was still cold. I glanced over my shoulder at Gloria and much to my satisfaction, she was still asleep on her belly and was facing the other way.
Swallowing hærd, I moved closer to Yemisi and till I could perceive the apple hair cream in her hair. I began to fondle her ass and I grew bolder with the way I groped her as time to ticked by. When I realized that I wasn’t having enough access to her body the way I wanted, I gently and carefully turned her to lie on her back and she made a grunting sound, stirred but didn’t wake. I stared at her body through her night gown and my manh-od grew painfully h-rder.
I was eager to get to her br-asts but the neckline was too high that I know I couldn’t bring it out from above and the gown was up to her knees which meant that it would be stressful trying to pull it up the way to her chest, so I decided to just s-ck the hærd n-pples through the thin material of her gown. I s—-d both, leaving w-t patches on the surface. As I s—-d her, I rubbed her v—a through her p-nties but she never woke up, all she did was adjust then settle back into slumber .
Soon, her p-nties grew w-t and I was curious to know how she tasted but when I felt the bush of pub-c hair, I changed my mind. The last thing I wanted was a strand getting stuck between my teeth. Unable to hold my urge anymore, I pulled her p-nties to the side after carefully spreading her legs to accomdating me. Since the room was dim, I groped for her opening with my fingers and when I found it hidden within her bush of pub-c hair, I held her open with two fingers, pulled up my gown to my wa-ist and then lowered myself.
As I pushed into her, I felt no barrier, unlike Gloria’s. I slowly slid into her, praying and hoping that she wouldn’t wake up. Surprisingly, I sunk in the full length of my er-ction and she was so warm, w-t and deep. I began to t—-t in and out of her slowly, keeping a wary eye on Gloria and hoping that she didn’t wake up too. As I s—-d Yemisi’s n-pples, I continued to drive in and out of her. I was enjoying myself and I felt so fortunate that I had actually agreed to spend the night.
Soon, I pushed Yemisi’s knees up and continued to pound her, making sure that the mattress didn’t shake too much lest I gave myself away. Soon, I felt my balls tighten and I quickly pulled out and spilled some semen close to her anus on the bed. I was quick to get the rest in the palm of my hand. When I was done ejaculating, I let Yemisi’s p-nt fall back into place then crept into the bathroom to wash off. When I returned, she was still asleep and soon, I joined in and slept off too.
Deep in the middle of the night, I woke up to someone groping me. When I woke up, I found Gloria s-cking me off, with her head bobbing up and down and I realized that I was very hærd in her mouth. Soon, she laid beside me, turned her back to me, lifted a leg and guided me in,side of her. I took her that way for twenty minutes before I finally c-mmed. She went to the bathroom to have her bath and when she got back, she gave me the twenty thousand naira and quickly asked me to take off the disguise then I crept out of the room.
That was my first s€×ual experience and it was memorable. I later discovered that same week that Yemisi had actually been aware all the time that I had had s€× with her and she had only pretended to be asleep. She came for more anyway, not minding that she was ten years older.
Whenever Gloria was not home, she would invite me over and we would have s€× while she pretended to sleep because she claimed that was the best way she enjoyed it. She spoiled me with gifts and gradually I became a gigolo. To my utter dismay, I realized that most of the sisters ij church weren’t really what they claimed to be. They were all hypocrites who did their various evils behind closed doors but were quick to castigate and judge others.
Anyway, I slept with Gloria five more times but at the end, after ravishing her body countless times, brother Efosa still ended up getting married to his fiancee. He sent an invitation card to Gloria and she was furious. She cried her eyes out and the pastor mandated her to be the vocal leader on the wedding day. It was as if she would die and I noticed the glare she kept sneaking at brother Efosa. A week later, I heard that she had committed suicide and had died from overdose.
The news really shook me and I couldn’t believe that I wouldn’t get to see my crush anymore. She was the woman who took my V-rginity and she was gone just like that all because the goat called Efosa had only used and dumped her. Although, before she died, she had written a letter confessing everything to the church. Brother Efosa was suspended and even though she had also confessed that she had paid a teenage boy to deflower her, I was relieved that she had left my name out and I was thankful to her. Sister Yemisi however got married and soon became a Deaconess.
Years passed and I kept having s€× with older ladies. Even in my university, I flirted with and screwed some female lecturers and some non- academic staff who were above thirty and were still spinsters. I slept with so many older women, both married and single that I lost count but I craved that feeling of being the one to deflower a girl again but the problem was none of the older women were V-rgins. They were professionals and I wasn’t even their third.
When I graduated, I was 25 and served the following year, securing a job became difficult. I trekked the streets of Lagos applying for jobs but either I didn’t meet up to their requirements or I didn’t pass the interview. One way or the other, there was always an excuse and soon, I was plunged into despair. I rented a face-to-face single room and drank garri and groundnut most of the time as i tried to manage the small money my eldest sister had given me to live on until I could secure a job.
I was already 28 and I would sit outside all day, flipping through newspaper pages to find a job vacancy advert but then I realized that my landlord’s daughter Halimat wouldn’t let me be. She was sixteen and attended a government school where she was in SS3. She would ask unnecessary questions like why I was sitting outside without a shirt or why I haven’t shaved my beard and sometimes, she would ask personal questions like why I didn’t have a girlfriend or why does my manh-od get so hærd in the morning when I go out to pee.
Most times, I would ignore her or scold her but she never gave up. One Friday afternoon, I was having my bath in the public bathroom avd she had returned from school at 1:30 p.m. The bathroom’s door was faulty and was dangling on just a hinge which disabled it from properly closing. I had hung my wrapper to block the doorway and was singing as I bathed when unknown to me, Halimat snuck into the bathroom and I wasn’t aware because I was soaping my face. When I realized that I wasn’t alone was when I felt a hand on my d–k.
To Be Continued…

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