Musical Fairytale episode 10

🌹🌹🌹 Musical Fairytale 🌹🌹🌹
🎶 EPISODE 10 🎶
🎸 Rude guys cry 😢 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I finished all my classes and and I still had about an hour before filming time

I went back to the dorm and started getting ready, I should be early today to avoid that rude brat’s taunting

The door opened and Lucy came in

“Hey Lucy, how was classes today?” I asked

“Tiring” she said as she sat on her bed

“I guess you won’t be able to go with me today then” I said sadly

Since Mia isn’t done with her classes, I was hoping Lucy would come with me so that I won’t feel alone

“I’ll come” she said standing


“Yeah, lemme freshen up first” she said as she entered the bathroom


Lucy and I got to the band’s apartment and we knocked

And Aiden opened the door

“Ohh, it’s the dummy, she’s pretty early today and she brought a friend” Aiden said and I rolled my eyes

Always trying to ruin my mood

Jason was in the sitting room but Michael wasn’t

“I asked Bryan and he said it was okay to bring a friend”

“There’s no problem with you bringing a friend Emmy, don’t mind Aiden” Jason said with a smile and I blushed

He called me Emmy again!!

“Are you okay Emily?” Lucy whispered

“Why what’s wrong?”

“The way you were smiling at Jason, do you like him?” She asked quietly

“Is it that obvious?” I asked and she nodded

Geez Emily, you have to start controlling your feelings

“What’s your friend’s name?” Jason asked

“Lucy” she answered

“Nice to meet you Lucy” Jason said

“Same here” Lucy said

As expected, my Jason is so nice

“Where’s Michael?” I asked

“He’s getting ready, we’ll go as soon as he’s done” Jason replied

We sat on the couch and few minutes later Michael walked in

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

Michael came in and my heart skipped a bit as he looked at me

“Who’s the new girl?” He asked and my heart sank

Does he really not remember me!

“She’s my friend, Lucy” I answered

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“Since Michael is ready let’s go, I’ll be happy if we can finish the filming today” Aiden said and he stood up

We all went outside the house and the driver was already in the Van

“The seats in the van won’t be enough for us all” Michael said

“Yeah, there are only four seats, someone might have to take the front seat with the driver” Jason said

“As usual, the dummy always cause problems” Aiden said

“Shut up Aiden, I didn’t know this will happen” Emily said

“You guys should go on, I’ll follow up with Lucy in my car” Michael said and my heart skipped a beat again

Maybe he does remember

🎙️ Michael’s POV 🎙️

The Van drove off and Lucy and I entered my car and I followed the van

I decided to drive Lucy cause she kinda looks familiar

I feel like there’s something I should remember about her but i don’t know what exactly

Maybe she knows me from somewhere

“Have we met before?” I asked as I drove

“What?!” She said

“Well, you seem somewhat familiar and I thought maybe we’ve met before”

“You really don’t remember me?” She asked

I knew I must have known her from somewhere

“Am sorry, so can you tell me how you know me?” I asked

“You really don’t remember what happened last night!”

“What happened last night?”

“You kissed me!!” She yelled “I can’t believe you kissed me and you forgot!”

“What!! Kiss?!!” I exclaimed

And then it all came back to me

I came out of the washroom drunk and I saw her

Oh God, why couldn’t I control myself, why did I have to kiss her

“You remember?” She asked

“No I don’t” I quickly said

Who knows what she’ll ask me to do if she knows I remember

“What! You still don’t remember?” She asked

“Yes and until I remember, don’t tell anyone, no one at all” I said

“But I have proof here, you might remember when you see this picture” she said as she showed me a picture of us on her phone

What! She took a picture!!

She can totally frame me with this!

“Delete that picture” I said

“Why should I? Do you remember now?” She asked

“I remember nothing, so delete that picture, what if other people sees it”

“You don’t want people to see it?”

“Look Lucy, I don’t remember what happened last night and it will be really unfair if rumours spread about me on something I have no memory of so please, until I remember what happened last night, keep your mouth shut” I said

“Fine, I’ll wait till you remember” she said and I sighed

Thank God

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

We got down from the van, Michael and Lucy came too

Lucy walked up to me and we entered the building

“Great, you guys came early, we have no time to waste, get to your dressing room and get ready quickly” Bryan said and we all went to the elevator

We got to the second floor and I went to my dressing room with Lucy and Rachel

“The concept of today’s filming is highschool friends so you’ll have to wear a uniform” Rachel said she brought out a uniform from the cloth stand and I collected it

I went to the washroom and changed into the uniform

“Wow, the uniform suits you Emmy” Lucy said and I smiled

Rachel started with the make-up and soon she was done

We took the elevator to the third floor and we went to the room that was designed and arranged just like a classroom

Wow, this place is really awesome

“You look great Emily” Jason said and I tried hard not to blush

They were also dressed in uniform too and I have to admit they all look great too, including Aiden

“She still looks like the same old dummy to me” Aiden said and I scoffed

Did I just say he look good? I take that back, he looks awful, totally ugly

We started the filming and I just had to eat with Aiden while Michael ate with Jason in the cafeteria

“Your expression is not happy enough Emily” the director said

How can I have a happy expression when am with the rude brat

“You have to smile dummy, though am not surprised you aren’t good acting, am not even sure if there’s anything you are good at” Aiden said with a smile

Wow, this guy really deserves an acting award, saying hateful words and still putting on a happy expression

We filmed some other scenes and we reached the part we were supposed to act like we are having an argument

“When we are done with today’s shoot, bring me a bottle of cold drink” Aiden said

“Are you really going to keep doing this?” I asked

“Doing what dummy, you should be thanking me, am helping you keep your little secret” he said and I frowned

I hate this guy!

“That’s it Emily, your expression is perfect, act like you are really angry” the director said

Am not acting right now Director, am really angry and I hate this rude brat

We finished shooting and I walked out of the building to get Aiden’s drink

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

“Where the hell is that dummy, did she really forget I asked her to get me a drink?” I said as I sat on the chair in my dressing room

My phone ranged and I saw the caller and I switched my phone off

The door to my room opened and I was taken aback at who came in

How could she come here?!!

“What are you doing here?” I asked as I stood up

“Is that how you are supposed to greet your mother?” She asked and I scoffed

She’s calling herself my mother when she’s never acted like one

“Why have you been switching your phone off whenever I call”

“Isn’t it obvious, I don’t want to speak with you, I don’t want to have anything to do with you”

“You are still so rude” she said

“And who’s fault is that?”

“Are you going to blame me for everything again” she said

“You know it’s the truth, I had a messed up life thanks to you”

“Messed up life? You are a popular celebrity now thanks to me!” She yelled

“I guess you are right, it was because of you guys I took to music, you guys were always arguing and fighting and music was my only shade, you never cared about your only child and you went around cheating on Dad!!” I yelled and she slapped me

“Shut up Aiden!”

“What? Am I wrong? You never once cared about me but the countless men you go out with” I yelled again

“You have no respect Aiden, I regret giving birth to you”

“I regret the fact that you gave birth to me too, you came here cause you need money right, that’s the only reason you remember me but not to worry, I’ll send some amount to your account, please leave” I said as I pointed to the door

“Make sure you send it” she said and walked out

I sighed as I tried to fight back the tears welling in my eyes

I took the guitar in my dressing room and I began to play

That’s the only thing I can do to let out my pain

“🎼 I used to shut my door
While my mother screamed in the kitchen
🎼 I’d turn the music up
Get high and try not to listen
🎼 To every little fight
Cause neither one was right
🎼 I swore I’ll never be like them
But I was just a kid back then
🎼 The older I get, The more that I see
🎼My parents aren’t heroes, they’re just like me
🎼 Cause loving is hard, it don’t always work
🎼You just try your best, not to get hurt
🎼 I used to be mad but now I know
🎼 Sometimes it’s better to let someone go
🎼 It just hadn’t hit me yet…”

…….to be continued……

Song credit; Older by Sasha Sloan