Musical Fairytale episode 11

🌹🌹🌹 Musical Fairytale 🌹🌹🌹
🎶 EPISODE 11 🎶

🎸 Use what you know to get what you want 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I quickly hid as Aiden’s Mom walked out of the room

I heard everything, who would have imagined that the rude brat had such a sad story

I stood behind the door as I listened to Aiden play a song

Should I go in?
Or should I let him be

I think I should go in

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

The door opened again and I dropped

“I said I’ll send the money so just…” I stopped as I saw who it was


“I came to give you your drink”

“Drop it and leave” I said as I picked up my guitar

“I heard everything, I heard you and your mom talking”

“What! How can you eavesdrop on people’s conversation that carelessly!!” I yelled

My mother is an embarrassing part of my life that I want no one to find out but now this dummy knows

“Am sorry I just….. I was about walking in when I heard you guys talking” she said

“Then you should have left!”

“Am sorry I stayed and heard your conversation but you should drink this now, am sure you’ll feel better” she said handing me the drink and I scoffed

“What’s this? Do you pity me now?”

“Yes, for the first time ever, I pity you rude brat and I hate you a little less now, I think I understand your rudeness, unlike others you didn’t have a mother that taught you good manners”

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“Is that supposed to be a compliment or an insult?” I asked

“It’s a compliment, make sure you drink that to feel better, I’ll take my leave now” she said and walked out of the room

“She’s a useful dummy today” I said with a smile as I opened the drink


🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

Today’s the last day of the filming and luckily, I have no class today

The music composition professor gave us an important assignment that carries like half of the mark for the semester

Its an online assignment so I did it and submitted it to the professor’s portal

“Now I can sleep some more” I said as I laid back on the bed

My phone rang and oh, it’s Isaac

I gave him my contact the other day

“Good morning Isaac”

🗨️”How are you Emmy?” He asked over the phone

“Am fine”

🗨️”Are you busy today?”

“Not really, why?”

🗨️”I thought maybe we could go for a meal together today”

“Oh that, no problem then, where should I meet you?”

🗨️”I’ll wait for you in front of your dorm”

“Okay, I’ll call you when am ready” I said and ended the call

I guess today is not my sleeping day

I stood up from the bed and walked to the bathroom

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We walked out of the class finally able to escape the crowd of crazy fans

“We need to talk to the Chancellor, we need to get our private classes back” I said

“I totally agree with you Aiden, this is becoming unbearable” Michael said

“I can’t even breath in class cause of all their starings” Jason said

“We don’t have any other class today right?” I asked

“Yeah, this is our only class for today” Michael said

“Great, should we go out together, it’s been long we went out of the school just to have fun” I said

“Let’s just rest at home, we still have our last shooting by 4 today” Jason said

“Come on Jason, I wanna go eat outside the school” I said

“We can go together if they don’t want to go” Naty said as she walked up to us

“Hey guys” she greeted with a smile

She seems to be in a good mood now though I haven’t spoken with her since the last time we had an argument

“You guys should go together, bye Aiden” Michael said as he quickly left

“Yeah, have fun” Jason said as he left too

Why do they always run away whenever Naty comes by

“Let’s go Aiden” Naty said as she held my hand

“Yeah let’s go”

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I walked out of the dorm all dressed up to meet Isaac

“Hey, you look beautiful” he said

“Thanks” I said

“You brought a car?” I asked cause he was standing beside a car

“Yeah, borrowed it from a friend, get in, we are going to a restaurant outside school” he said as he opened the door for me and I entered

This somehow feels like a date

🎙️ Naty’s POV 🎙️

We entered Aiden’s car and he drove in silence

“Am sorry” I apologised

“For what?” He asked

“For my outburst the other day, I shouldn’t have reacted like that, am sorry I didn’t understand you”

“It’s okay, we are good now” Aiden said and I smiled

Why do I love this guy so much

He drove for some minutes and parked in front of a restaurant and we got out of the car

We were about entering the restaurant when I saw them

Isaac and Emily, eating in the restaurant

Are they working together?

Aiden must not see Isaac
Who knows what Isaac will say or do if he sees Aiden now

I definitely can’t let Aiden see Isaac

“Let’s go back!” I said as I held his hand before he could open the door

“Why?” He asked

“Well……I…..I don’t really like this restaurant, let’s go to another place”

“Really? Then you could have told me earlier, why did you let me drive all the way here?”

“Am sorry, I didn’t realize you were coming here” I said as we walked back to the car

“Let’s quickly go to another place then, we need to be back in school before 4pm” Aiden said and I nodded

Is Isaac really here for revenge?

Is Emily helping him get his revenge

No wonder I hated that girl immediately I saw her

Don’t worry Emily, I have a plan for you

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

“Thanks for the food Isaac” I said as he dropped me off in front of my dorm

“I hope we’ll be able to go out together for real next time, goodbye Emily” he said and drove off

What did he mean by ‘go out together for real’? Does he mean like a proper date next time?

I shrugged it off I as I walked back to the hostel

I rested for sometime then I got ready to go to the band’s apartment


“Where’s Aiden?” I asked “we are almost late”

Am at the band’s apartment and we’ve been waiting for him for some times now

“Is Lucy not coming today?” Michael asked

“Yeah, she have a class”

Minutes later, a car drove into the apartment and I knew it was Aiden

“Look who’s late today” I said immediately he entered the house

“Shut up dummy, and let’s go everyone” he said

We entered the van to the movie studio and immediately we got there, we started filming the rest of the scenes


We finally finished filming and I sighed

We are done!

“Great job everyone!” The director said and we all smiled

“Why don’t we all go have a drink together to celebrate the end of the filming?” Bryan said

“Just forget it Bryan it’s already late” Jason said

“And I definitely can’t drink again” Michael said

I guess there won’t be any kind celebration to mark the finishing then

“Get a cold drink to my room” Aiden said and he entered the elevator

“Why do you have to get him a cold drink Emmy?” Jason asked

“It’s nothing, am just doing him a favor” I said as I walked to the elevator too

I got the drink and I went to Aiden’s room

“Here’s your drink” I said as I dropped it on the dressing table

“Am sure you are very happy that we finished filming” I said “at least you see me less frequently from now on and that’s what you want”

“Even though we’ve finished filming, I’ve still not gotten my revenge for all you did to me, I’ve not really made you suffer, so you’ll still remain my servant and you’ll come running whenever I call” he said and I scoffed

What’s wrong with this rude brat

But then again, no one ever taught him proper manners

“Why are you doing this to me Aiden! Until when are you going to make me run your errands?”

“Are you getting tired already when we are just getting started?” He asked with a sneer

“Why won’t you just let me be Aiden”

“Why should I? This is fun. I’ve always wanted to make you regret everything you did to me so since there was nothing I could do, I used what I know to get what I want” he said with a smile

“I got your contact from Jason’s phone so run to the apartment whenever you see my call, you are my childhood friend after all” he said still smiling and I scoffed

Such a rude brat

And to think I once pitied him, he doesn’t deserve to be pitied

I walked angrily out of his dressing room

I might just strangle him if I remained standing there…..


I ran out of the dorm as I found my way to my class

My first class today is music composition and I can’t afford to be late

I got to the class early enough and minutes later the professor came in and started teaching

An hour later, he was done with his lecture and then he addressed the class regarding our assignment

“I’ve pasted the result of the assignment on the notice board, you all can check your scores there later” he said

I just pray I get a high score

“Miss Emily Brown” he called and I stood up

“Why didn’t you submit your assignment to my portal” he asked

“I submitted it professor”

“I saw nothing and you were the only student that didn’t submit so out of your 100 marks for this semester, you just lost 50 and am sure you are aware that the pass mark for my class is 50 marks, anything less than that is a fail and you’ll have to repeat the class, anyway good luck Miss Brown” the professor said and walked out of the class

I slumped down on the chair as tears welled up in my eyes

How is this possible?

Am sure I submitted the assignment to his portal so how…..

How will I be able to get a perfect mark in his next test or assignment

“Do you feel miserable?” Someone said and I looked up

It’s Naty

“Am happy to see you this way Emily, this is exactly what I wanted, next time you won’t get too close to someone’s boyfriend” Naty said and I looked at her wide-eyed

“Did you do this?”

“Yeah, I sneaked into the professor’s office and deleted the assignment you submitted from his computer” she said with a smile

“Why!!” I yelled

“Are you really asking me that? You keep following my boyfriend around like a leech, I couldn’t stay still and do nothing”

“You should just talked to your boyfriend! He’s the one always bothering my life!!” I yelled

“What do you think of yourself Emily? My boyfriend is a celebrity, you guys are the one bothering him and not the other way round”

“You know what? I don’t care what you think or do, it’s obvious your crippling paranoia has taken over all your senses and I can’t waste my time talking to a senseless person” I said as I stormed out of the classroom

That’s it

I refuse to be bullied anymore

I didn’t come to school for all this nonsense

You have to stop being so soft Emily or you’ll continue getting bullied

I found my way to the band’s apartment and the door wasn’t locked so I barged in

“Aiden!!” I yelled immediately I walked in

“What’s wrong Emily?” Michael asked

“Where’s Aiden?” I asked

Then he came out from one of the rooms

“Were you the one shouting my name dummy?” he asked surprised

“Come outside, we need to talk and trust me, you are going to regret it if you don’t come, so follow me” I said as I walked out of the apartment

“What’s gotten the dummy so bold and angry this morning? Though I must admit I like this new side of you” he said as he walked up to me

“Your crazy girlfriend made me loose 50 marks today”

“Why are you telling me that, go settle it with her” he said

“Really?! I guess I have no choice then, there’s a few things you must do for me Aiden” I said

“You must really be crazy, why will I ever do anything for you!”

“Because if you don’t then am gonna tell the reporters everything I know about your mother!” I yelled


“You heard me right, I’ll tell them everything I heard that day in your dressing room and am sure you know they’ll believe me, I am your childhood friend after all” I said

“You wouldn’t do that, you can’t do it” he said and I scoffed

“Do you really want to dare me? I might have been somewhat nice or timid but I can be vicious when the situation calls for it. Am not a saint Aiden, I’ve decided to change, just like you said yesterday, I’ve decided to use what I know to get what I want”

“Though am happy you are learning from me but you can’t be serious, how can you use my mother to blackmail me!” He yelled

“You used Jason to blackmail me too!” I yelled back

“Fine, fine, what do you want?” He asked

“Protect me from your crazy girlfriend and all her schemes”

“How can I do that, it’s not like I know what she’s planning!”

“Then find out, you are her boyfriend after all!”

“Okay, is that all?” He asked

“Of course not, I don’t know what the next music composition test will be but whatever it turns out to be, you’ll help get a perfect mark in it cause I definitely won’t repeat that class” I said and he nodded

“I’ll try, what next?”

“Continue to keep my secret, don’t ever tell Jason”

“Wow, you’ve planned this all out dummy, fine, I won’t tell him, that’s all right?” he asked

If am going to blackmail him, I might as well tell him everything I want

“There’s one more thing”

“What’s it?” He asked

“Help……help me win Jason’s heart”

“What!!” He exclaimed

“Help me make him fall in love with me”

“You must be really crazy today dummy” he scoffed

“Yeah, am crazy, so do you agree?” I asked

“Fine, it’s a deal but if I ever hear of anything about my mother in the media, I’ll make you regret it” he said and I smiled

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep my mouth shut”

“Great then” he said

………to be continued……..