Musical Fairytale episode 12

🌹🌹🌹 Musical Fairytale 🌹🌹🌹

🎸 Knight in shining armor 🎸

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I walked back into the apartment

“What’s wrong with Emily? She seemed angry” Michael asked

“Yeah but am sure she feels great now after blackmailing me”

“Blackmail?” Michael asked

“Forget it, where’s Jason?” I asked

“He went on a date” Michael replied and I scoffed

“Someone is here falling head over heels for him and he’s off on a date”

“Who’s falling for Jason?” Michael asked

“Forget it” I said as I walked to my room

My phone beeped as I sat on the bed and it was a message from Naty

💬 You don’t have any class today right? Then if you are free let’s go on a date, get ready, I’ll come over soon 💬

I sighed as I saw the message

I was blackmailed cause of her and she’s here asking for a date

💬 I don’t think we can go on a date today 💬

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I sent the reply and dropped the phone on the bed

That dummy really have some nerve blackmailing me with my mother

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I walked back to the dorm and sat on my bed

Wow, great job Emily, I can’t believe you said all that to Aiden

I might have seemed heartless using his mother to threaten him but I had no choice

People can’t just bully me however they want and get away with it

I wanted to just lay down on my bed them I remembered I needed to buy some toiletries

But I hate going to the school shopping mall alone so I decided to call Mia

“Are you free Mia? Cause I wanted to go shopping and I thought maybe we could go together” I said over the phone

🗨️ “Not really Emmy, I have a class” she replied

“Ohh, no problem then” I said as I ended the call

I guess I’ll have to go alone today

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

There was a knock on my room and I heard Naty’s voice

Why is she here

I really don’t want to talk to her right now

The door opened and she walked in

“What’s wrong Aiden? Why didn’t you want us to go on a date? Or are you perhaps sick?” She asked as she sat beside me on the bed

“Yes, am sick” I replied

“Really! What’s wrong?” She asked concerned

“You, you are the reason am sick, what the hell did you do to Emily!” I asked sitting up

“Emily? Did she tell you anything?” She asked

“Yeah and thanks to you now am in a tight spot where I can’t say no to anything she asks” I said but she didn’t seem to be listening

“So she had the guts to meet you even after my warning, I guess the warning I gave her wasn’t enough, I’ll just have to do something else” she said

“You’ll do nothing Naty”

“What!!” She said surprised

“You’ll do nothing to her” I repeated

“Why? You said I could do whatever I want to her that you don’t care so why do you suddenly care now?!!” She yelled

“Because it also concerns me now!!” I yelled back

“Concern you? How?”

“Just don’t do anything to her again or I won’t ever forgive you Naty” I warned

“I can’t believe you are saying this to me all because of that girl and you’ll still claim you don’t love her!!”

“I don’t care what you think but the truth is I really don’t love her but even at that, don’t you dare do anything to hurt her again”

“Now am curious, what will you do if hurt her?” She asked

“You don’t wanna know, so don’t try it” I replied

“But sadly I can’t stay still and do nothing after all you’ve just said Aiden, I can’t” she said as she stood up and left the room

I sighed as I watch her leave

This isn’t going to be easy

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I walked out of the dorm as I found my way to the Mall

I heard a click sound and I looked around

Is someone taking a picture of me?

No, I don’t think so

I shrugged it off and continued walking then I saw Mia walking with a guy

I thought she had a class

“Mia!” I called as I walked up to them and she looked dumfounded on seeing me

“Em…….Emmy, what are you doing here?” She stuttered

“I told you I was going to the Mall, what about you? I thought you had a class and who is he?” I asked pointing to the guy beside him

“You should go Evan, we’ll talk later” Mia said to the guy beside her and he left

“Who is he?” I asked again

“My… boyfriend” she replied

“Boyfriend!! I thought you said you had none”

“I know, am sorry I lied, I really wanted to tell you and Lucy but he asked me not to” Mia said

“He asked you not to tell your friends?”

“Yeah, he wanted to keep the relationship low-key for now so I couldn’t tell you guys am sorry”

“Low-key?” I scoffed “It’s not like he’s some kind of celebrity that everyone will want to know about his dating life, I can’t believe you actually obeyed him and lied to Lucy and I”

“Am really sorry Emmy but I really had no choice, I’ve always had a crush on Evans and I don’t want to loose him that’s why I just agreed with what he said” Mia said

“Are you sure that guy loves you? Cause I don’t trust him”

“Come on Emmy, I trust him completely, he’s just an introvert that’s why he doesn’t want people to know about us” Mia said and I shrugged

“Okay, if you say so, just don’t decieve us like that again”

“I promised not to” Mia said and I smiled

“Let’s go to the Mall together” Mia said

“Thanks, you know how I hate going to buy toiletries alone” I said as we walked towards the Mall together

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

Michael, Jason and I sat on the couch watching a movie together and eating a pizza we had ordered

There was only one slice of the pizza left

I looked at Jason and Michael

They want it too

“You guys should just let me have it, am the leader of the band” I said

“Am the youngest, I should have it” Michael said

“Am the hungriest” Jason said

“Lemme just take it, you guys can just order another one”

“No, I want this one” Jason said

“I want it too” Michael said

“I guess it belongs to the first to take it then” Jason said

My phone suddenly ranged and I turned to see the caller


Yeah, she had collected my contact when we had that deal

It’s already dark, why is she calling me

I heard some sounds and turned to see Michael eating the pizza

“Michael!!” I yelled

“It belongs to the first to take it” he said with a smile

Am sure I would have took it if the dummy didn’t distract me

I picked up the call

“What’s it!!” I yelled

🗨️ “What’s with your angry tone?” She asked over the phone

“A certain someone called and cost me the last slice of pizza”

🗨️ “Last slice of pizza?”

“Just forget it, why are you calling? Can’t you at least wait for a day before you start tormenting my life?”

🗨️ “Come outside, am in front of your apartment”

“What!! Why?!”

🗨️ “Just come outside and don’t keep me waiting, its cold out here” she said and ended the call

Wow, this girl is really getting on my nerves

How dare she tell me not to keep her waiting

Who on Earth does she think she is telling me to come out like that

“Who called?” Jason asked

“My nemesis” I said as i wore my jacket

“Are you going somewhere?” Michael asked

“I’ll be back in a bit” I said as I walked out of the house

I saw the dummy standing beside a tree and I walked up to her

“What’s this about? You have absolutely no right to call me out whenever you wish to” I said

“You used to send me on errands whenever you want so why can’t I call you out whenever I want?” She asked

“Wow, you are getting rude dummy”

“You also rude to me, I see no reason why I shouldn’t reciprocate”

Wow, I wonder she suddenly got this sharp tongue from

“It’s cold and I can’t stand so low to argue with a dummy so what do you want?”

“Well……I….I….I just….” She stuttered and I scoffed

“This is about Jason right?”

“Yes, how did you know?” She asked

“Are you kidding me, it was pretty obvious”

“Okay, I just……I….”

“Just say it dummy, it’s fucking cold here, I wanna go in”

“Set a date for us” she said and I was taken aback


“Please Aiden, you already said you’ll help me win Jason’s heart so set a date for us” she said

“Point of correction dummy, I never said I’ll help, you blackmailed me!!”

“Yeah right, I guess I don’t have to beg then” she said


“You said it, I blackmailed you so I don’t need to beg cause you have no choice but to do what I say”

“Wow, you’ve really changed dummy” I said

“I learnt from you. So, I want a date with Jason”

“How am I supposed to get him to go on a date with you?!!” I asked

“That’s for you to figure out” she said and I sneered

This girl has suddenly got some courage

“Fine, I’ll see what I can do, it’s not like I have a choice”

“Great, bye then” she said as she walked away

Oh Lord, save me from this dummy

I walked back inside the house and sat on the couch

“Bryan called” Micheal said “the music video will be released tomorrow”

“Great” I said with no interest at all

“What’s wrong?” Jason asked

“Go on a blind date” I said to Jason

“What?!” Jason said

“Forget it, we’ll talk later” I said as I walked to my room

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I walked back to the hostel and all the time I walked, I was getting the feeling the someone was watching me

I guess it’s because it’s already nighttime


Lucy went out early cause she had a class

It’s almost time for my class so I bathed, dressed up and walked out of the room

I walked towards the class and Lucy and Mia quickly walked up to me

“You guys met up?” I asked with a smile

“Go back to the dorm Emmy, don’t attend any class today” Lucy said

“Why?” I asked confused

“You don’t wanna know” Mia said

“Just tell me, what’s wrong?”

“People are saying you slept with the professor just so that he’ll give you the 50 marks you lost” Lucy said

“What!! That’s absurd and so not true” I exclaimed

“We know but they uploaded your pictures in the student’s blog” Mia said

“What pictures?” I asked

“This” Lucy said as she showed me some pictures on her phone

A picture of me hugging the professor!!
And another picture of me walking in the dark with a caption that I was coming back from the professor’s house

“This is unbelievable, the first picture is definitely edited, I never did something like this!” I yelled

And then I realized, the first picture was taken yesterday when I was going to the mall cause I was wearing the same clothes i wore yesterday in it, they edited it to make me look like I was hugging the professor

The second picture was taken last night when I was coming back to the dorm after seeing Aiden

“We know, but just go back to the dorm, you’ll be mocked if you go in” Mia said

“Why should I run away and hide when I never did what they are accusing me of, if I run I’ll just be proving them right so am not going back to the dorm, am going to attend my class” I said as I walked into the building

Immediately people saw me side talks began

🚻 I can’t believe she actually slept with a professor

🚻 Such a bitch, sleeping with a professor just for grades

🚻 She’s a cheap whore

🚻 Who knows how many professors she already slept with before

🚻 I just pity her parents, raising such a disgusting child

I felt a tear drop from my eyes as I walked

You can’t cry Emily, you have to be strong

I suddenly heard people screaming and I felt someone hold my hand so I looked up


“You all amaze me, when I embarrassed her before, you all were behind me and you followed suite but when the misunderstanding was cleared no one ever came to apologise to her, now she’s being accused of something stupid, impossible and absurd and you all have lined up to discriminate her again, I guess you all have no purpose in life than to discriminate people but this is school so you all should mind your fucking business and go for your classes!!” Aiden yelled and they all began to disperse

Then he looked at me

“Come on dummy, I don’t know you to be the type to cry, just be bold like you always are and shun all this stupid lies” he said and I couldn’t help as I hugged him and let all my tears out

…… be continued……..