Musical Fairytale

Musical Fairytale episode 17



🎶 EPISODE 17 🎶
🎸 A trip to Paris 🎸

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

Days passed and everyone kept thinking I was pregnant

No matter what I say, no one believes me, they think am just trying to cover it up

Mia failed a test so she’s being studying alot to make up for the mark she lost

But at least one person seems happy throughout all this, Emily

She’s always talking about Aiden that sometimes I think she might be in love with him

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I dressed up and took my books

Lucy is all dressed too, so we walked out of the dorm as we found our way to class

Mia joined us and we went to the class together

It’s the music composition class and with everything that have happened, I take the class really serious

We got to the class and took our seats

Moments later the music fairies came in and everyone rushed at them

Don’t they ever get tired of this?

I was able to glance at Aiden and I smiled

He saw me and he winked at me

Gosh, why do I suddenly find him extremely handsome

“Are you cold Emmy? You cheeks are getting all red” Mia said and I quickly covered my cheeks with my hand

“Am fine” I said

“Really? Cause it’s seems you were staring and admiring Aiden to me” Lucy said

“What! N….no” I stuttered

“Are you in love with him Emmy?” Lucy asked

“What! That’s……..that’s ridiculous, how can you think of such a thing” I said raising my voice

Why do I feel so uncomfortable

“Why do you have to yell, it’s just a simple question” Mia said

“Am just making it clear, Aiden’s just a friend, there’s no feelings attached” I said

Yeah, Aiden is just a friend right?

The professor soon came in and everywhere became quiet as he started the class

An hour later, the professor finished lecturing and made an announcement

“I’ve decided on the second test that carries the other half of your mark for this semester” he said and my heart skipped a beat

“I’ve gone through all your works and you all are poor at music composition except the music fairies, so I got permission from the school authority to give us a week, for one week we will go to Paris. Paris is known as the city of love, so we’ll tour around the city in hope of finding inspiration for you all to come up with a musical masterpiece, in the end of the trip, everyone will sing the song they composed and you all will be marked according to your performance” he said and everyone began sidetalks

“The trip will be two days from now so prepare” he said as he packed his books “oh and Miss Lucy?” He called and Lucy stood up

“The Chancellor asked you to report to his office” he said and walked out of the class

“Why is the Chancellor asking for you?” I asked Lucy

“Don’t know, I better go find out” she said as she walked out of the class

“We’ll be going to Paris Emmy! It’s gonna be so much fun!!” Mia squealed

Yes, I’ll have been so excited too, if not that am burdened with the fact that I have to get a perfect score this time or I’ll have to retake this class next year

I’ve never really composed any songs before, the songs I do write back at home were a bunch of stupid childish songs

How will I ever be able to to get a perfect score

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And then I remembered Aiden, he definitely has to help me, it was the one of the conditions I gave him back when I used his Mom to threaten him

Aiden is the band’s main song composer, it’s surely going to be a piece of cake for him

I quickly took my phone and texted Aiden telling him we need to meet

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

I stood in front of the Chancellor’s office and I knocked

“Come in” he said and I opened the door

“Miss Lucy, please have a seat” he said and I sat down in front of him

“How was your classes today? I hope things aren’t getting too difficult?” The Chancellor asked and I was a bit surprised

Why did he call me here

“No, everything’s fine” I replied

“I called you to talk about something important. As you know, this school is one of the best musical school not just in the country but in the whole world and we are highly concerned in maintaining that good reputation” he said and I nodded

“I’ve gotten to know that you Miss Lucy, is currently pregnant. Like I said before, we aren’t like any other schools, we have rules here Miss Lucy and one of those rules is to make sure that our students are in the best health and state of mind to study. Being pregnant will probably have adverse effects on your studies and we can’t afford people thinking we don’t care for our students so the school management advises you to wave this academic year Miss Lucy. You can come back after you’ve given birth and continue studying”

“What!” I exclaimed “But am not pregnant Sir, that was all a lie, if you want we can go to hospital and conduct a pregnancy test right now”

“I know you don’t like the school’s decision Miss Lucy but….”

“Since it’s obvious you don’t believe me Sir, I’ll go to the school clinic myself and take the pregnancy test and I’ll bring you the test result” I said as I walked out of the office and found my way to the school clinic

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I walked out of the class and went to the garden

The dummy is getting bolder and bolder as the day goes

How can she just call me to meet her as if I have nothing better doing

Is she behaving like this because I told her we should be friends?

You always cause problems for yourself Aiden, that girl makes you do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do, you are supposed to avoid her

“Aiden!” She called happily as soon as she saw me

“What’s up with you dummy, are you that excited cause of the trip to Paris?” I asked

“Kinda but am more nervous” she said

“Why? Oh is it because of the plane? Don’t tell me you haven’t been in an airplane before dummy!” I exclaimed and before I knew what was happening she hit me on my back

“Stop speaking nonsense, who says I’ve never been in airplane before” she pouted

How dare she hit me!

‘I told you Aiden, you should avoid her’ my subconscious mind said

“Did…..did you just hit me?” I asked

“Forget about that Aiden, there’s something more important you’ll have to help me with” she said

“Forget about what, you fucking hit!”

“Stop being a kid Aiden, I just tapped you playfully, I didn’t really hit you” she said and I shook my head

“It’s all my fault, I was the one that proposed this friendship. So what’s the important thing I have to help you with?” I asked

“You have to help me with the professor’s assignment” she replied

“Why should I? It’s a class assignment, you should do it yourself”

“Of course am going to do it myself, I just want you to guide me through it, you are my friend after all”

“Does being friends means I have to do everything you say?” I asked

“Come on Aiden, are you going to going to help me or do I need to bring up your mother’s issue?” She asked

“I’ll help you” I quickly said

This girl is really scary, I should avoid her

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

I conducted the pregnancy test and as expected, it was negative

I took the result straight to the Chancellor’s office

How can he ask me to quit school for a year just because of a fake pregnancy news

I knocked on the door and he asked me to come in

“Here it is sir” I said as I placed the result on his table

He read through it and dropped it down

“Am sorry Lucy but everyone knows you are pregnant, your boyfriend said it himself so this is obviously a fake report” he said as he threw the report in bin

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“What! But Sir….”

“Did you really expected me to believe that test result? Not when there’s a 100% chance that it’s all fake. I know you don’t like the school’s decision but it’s all in your best interest. I heard you guys will be going on a trip to Paris, you’ll be allowed to go on the trip but you should prepare to take a year off when you come back. You may leave” the Chancellor said

I left the Chancellor’s office confused and dejected

What’s all this?

How can a simple post Micheal made ruin my life this way

They really want me to take a year off school for a pregnancy that’s not even existing

It was already getting dark so I went straight to the dorm

I’ll definitely talk to Michael tomorrow, this joke is going too far

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We were having the dinner we ordered and Bryan came in

“What’s up guys” he said happily

“You seem to be in a really good mood” Jason said

“Of course, one needs to be happy once in a while” he said as he sat with us in the dining “And everything is slowly going back on track now, you guys are working on a new song and Michael’s scandal is slowly dying down though am still receiving many interview request for you and Lucy but I told them you guys aren’t ready for the interview so they shouldn’t interfere on your personal lives”

“Thanks Bryan” Michael said

“What brought you here this late?” I asked

“You were supposed to have a concert at Australia few days from now but I heard you all will be going on a trip to Paris for a class assignment so I decided to move the concert from Australia to Paris, it’s like killing two birds with one stone” Bryan said

“We are going there for school purpose Bryan, will we be able to hold a concert?” Jason asked

“And we’ve promised all our fans the concert is definitely going to hold in Australia, we can’t just change it at the last minute” Michael said

“I already spoke with the professor and he has no problem with you guys holding a concert there since you all don’t really have a problem with music composition and as for changing the venue for the concert, we have our reason so am sure your fans will understand, it’s not easy being a student and a celebrity at the same time perhaps we can always hold the concert in Australia another time” Bryan said and we agreed

“Oh yeah I almost forgot, you guys have a commercial to do before going to Paris” Bryan said

“What commercial?” I asked

“You know, the commercial for the skincare products” he replied

“You are making us do all sorts of commercial this days” I said

“You should be thanking me Aiden, the money being paid for commercials are the highest nowadays” Bryan said

“If we are doing a Commercial, then we are going to be really busy” Jason said

“You don’t have to worry about that, since you guys will be leaving for Paris in the next two days, I managed to convince the Chancellor to allow you skip classes for the 2 days so you’ll be focused on making the Commercial” Bryan said


🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

I went for my classes as usual and I was on the lookout for the music fairies but they never came

I went to their apartment after class but it was locked, they weren’t at home

Where the heck are they!

I really need to talk to Michael, I’ve called him several times but he isn’t picking up my calls
That stubborn mule!

I decided to ask Emily since she’s always in contact with Aiden and she said they have a TV commercial so they’ll be really busy

I guess I’ll have to wait till we get to Paris before I can talk to Michael

🎙️ Naty’s POV 🎙️

“Will you be going along with the others to Paris?” Nicole asked

“No, I don’t really need that trip to come up with a song so am not going” I replied

“Woah, am really surprised, you’ll let Aiden go alone to Paris?” Nicole asked

“Yeah, I want to go with him too but I think I’ve been too clingy, I should probably give him sometime alone since I’ve made him angry alot recently”

“You are really lucky Naty, no matter how you make him angry he never tries to break up with you, Aiden must really love you” Nicole said and I smiled

My phone beeped and a message came in from an unknown number

💬 Am beginning my revenge and I’ve decided to start with you first. Am going to end your little relationship with Aiden, am going to reveal everything to Aiden in Paris, you know very well he won’t hesitate to break up with you when he finds out what happened back then. I’ll make him hate you Naty and then I’ll ruin you both 💬

Oh my God!

The message is definitely from Isaac

No, he can’t tell Aiden what happened back then

If Aiden knows he’ll hate me forever and I can’t let that happen

“Am going to Paris” I said aloud

“Really? I thought you didn’t want to go” Nicole said

“I changed my mind”

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

We are going to Paris today and the school brought a bus to take us to the airport

I’ve not seen Aiden for 2 days and I kinda feel empty
I don’t know why

I called Aiden this morning to know if he’ll be coming with us on the same plane

I can clearly remember his reply

…….. FLASHBACK …….

🗨️ “What do you take me for dummy, do you really think I’ll be on the same plane with you guys? We’ll be going to Paris on our private airplane so we’ll see then and stop calling me this frequently, you are starting to be clingy” he said and ended the call


Aiden is still rude but somehow, I’ve become comfortable with his rudeness

I think he’s really caring, he just uses he’s rudeness as a kind of mask so people won’t know the real him easily

It’s time for our plane to take off, so Lucy, Mia and I boarded the plane along with the professor and other students

Paris here we come!!

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We finished the TV commercial and we went straight to the airport with our luggage

“Aiden!” I heard someone call my name


“What are you doing here?” I asked

“What else, am going with you guys to Paris” she said

“Then you should’ve gone with the others”

“I prefer to be with my boyfriend” she said as she held my hand

We boarded our plane and it took off to Paris

I looked at my phone

Why isn’t the dummy calling again

Did she really take my warning of her not to call frequently serious?

Well I don’t care if she calls or not

I dropped my phone as I looked through the plane window

I can’t wait to see you in Paris dummy

………to be continued……..


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