Musical fairytale episode 21



🎶 EPISODE 21 🎶
🎸 Love 💖💖💖 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

It seems Isaac is planning something against Aiden and I can’t let it happen

I can’t let him hurt Aiden no matter what

I followed Isaac back to the hotel and confronted him

🎙️ Isaac’s POV 🎙️

I took a cab back to the hotel and then I heard someone call me


I turned to see Emily standing

What’s she doing here?

“What are you doing here? The Concert must have started by now” I said

“What about you? You said you were going for the concert too” Emmy said

“Change of mind” I said with a shrug

“What are is going on Isaac?” She asked


“I saw everything that happened between you and Naty, what the hell are you hiding?!!” She yelled but I kept quiet

I don’t know what to say, I never meant for Emily to get involved in any of this

“Fine, don’t say anything but I heard you are planning some kind of revenge against Aiden? Don’t try anything to harm him Isaac or I won’t ever forgive you!” She said and walked into the hotel

Does she really love Aiden that much?

“Am sorry Emily but your words only makes me more eager to hurt Aiden. Am curious to know, what’s so special about Aiden that everyone keeps going crazy for him” I said as I walked back to my hotel room

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

Though the concert started late, it has ended now but I still don’t see Emily

Did she got lost in the crowd?

Mia and I struggled through the crowd and we managed to get outside the theater but we still couldn’t find her

“I’ll try calling her” Mia as she brought out her phone and called Emmy

“What did she say?” I asked

“She said something happened and she’s back at the hotel now” Mia replied

We took a cab too and went back to the hotel

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I sat on the bed as I kept remembering what happened

What is really going on?

The door opened and Lucy and Mia came in

“What happened?” Lucy asked

“We looked all over the place for you” Mia said

Should I tell them what happened?

I should tell them, if I think about this alone, I’ll die of curiosity

I told them everything that happened and they were as shocked and confused as I was

“I knew Naty wasn’t good news but I wonder what bad thing she did back then” Lucy said

“But am a bit worried for Aiden, what if Isaac does something bad to him” Mia said

“He dares not, I already warned him, if he does anything to harm my Aiden, I won’t let him be, I’ll do everything I can to get back at him” I said and Lucy and Mia kept staring at me quietly

“What’s it?” I asked

“You said ‘my Aiden” Mia said with a cheesy smile

“No I didn’t”

“Yes you did” Lucy said

“I didn’t!”

“You did Emmy” Mia said

“Are you in love with Aiden?” Lucy asked

“Me? In love? And with Aiden? Are you guys kidding me?!” I scoffed

“You didn’t answer the question” Lucy said

“You guys are misunderstanding all this, how can I be in love with Aiden”

“It’s possible, for the past few days, all you’ve ever talked about in this room is Aiden this, Aiden that, you are obviously in love with him, there’s no denying it” Mia said

“I……I…..well…… You guys should just leave me alone!” I yelled as I quickly laid on the bed and covered myself with the blanket

Do I love Aiden?

Is that why I get so happy whenever I see him?

Is that why I always miss him so much?

No no, it can’t be, we are just friends that’s it

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We finished the concert and the organizer brought a van that took us back to the hotel

We got to our suite and I sat on the couch

“What happened Aiden, why did you suddenly leave back then?” Jason asked

“Yeah, we were worried” Michael said

“You guys should just leave me alone, am tired” I said

I don’t want to keep thinking of what happened today

If I keep thinking of it, then I’ll keep remembering that day and I’ll slowly go back into the shell I’ve only managed to escape from

I laid on the couch but I still couldn’t keep the memories of that day out of my head

Tears rolled down my eyes as I slowly drifted to sleep


🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

We went on another tour today but I didn’t see Aiden

Michael and Jason are here but Aiden is not

I’ve called his phone several times but he ain’t picking up

I should ask them about Aiden, if I keep silent like this, I might die of worry

I walked up to them and I was a bit nervous around Jason

Haven’t really spoken to him after that date

“Hey” I said

“Emmy” Jason said

“What’s up?” Michael said

“How are you guys?” I asked

“Fine” Michael replied

I sighed, how am I supposed to ask them about Aiden

“Is something wrong Emily?” Jason asked

“Ummm…..where’s…….where’s Aiden?” I managed to ask

“He’s back at the hotel, he couldn’t come with us today cause he’s sick, probably because he’s tired from yesterday’s concert” Michael said

He’s sick?

And he’s alone now, what if Isaac does something bad to him cause Isaac isn’t here too

“Is Naty with him?” I asked

“She wanted to stay with him but he declined, Aiden wants to be left alone” Jason said

What’s wrong with Aiden

“Thanks guys” I said as I quickly walked away

I took a cab back to the hotel and I went to the band’s suite

I knocked on the door since it was locked but there was no response

“Aiden!” I called as I knocked “Open up it’s Emily”

I heard some footsteps and I also heard sounds of object falling on the floor

“Aiden!!” I called as I knocked harder “are you okay?!!”

I heard a click sound as the door was unlocked

I quickly opened the door the door

Aiden came to unlock the door but it looks like he’s really sick, he must have fallen objects on the floor while trying to unlock the door

“Are you okay?” I asked as I made to touch him but he suddenly collapsed on the floor

“Aiden!!” I screamed as I knelt beside

He’s running a really high temperature

“Oh God, what am I gonna do? I should probably tell the hotel attendants to call a doctor” I made to stood up but Aiden held my hand

“Stay with me” he said weakly

“What are you saying?! You are really sick!”

“Am… fine, so stop being a dummy and help me up” he said slowly

“You must really have a lot of strength since you are still calling me dummy” I said as I helped him up to his feet

I helped him to the bedroom where he laid on the bed

I quickly got a towel and soaked it with cold water and I placed it on his forehead

“Do you feel better now?” I asked

“A bit, I still feel so hot all over” he said

I need to remove his shirt and place the cold towel on it too

But will I be able to?
My heart is already racing so fast being this close to him

“Ummm…… Aiden, you need to……you need to remove your shirt” I managed to say

“Why?” He asked

“I need to place the towel there too, to reduce your temperature” I explained

“I wanna argue but I seriously have no strength to right now” he said as he tried to remove his and I helped him with it

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I blinked rapidly and my hand shook as I placed the towel on his chest

“You are staring at my chest” he said

“Am….am not” I stuttered and he laughed

“You must be really getting better now” I said

“Of course, I feel better cause you are here so promise me you’ll always be here for me dummy, cause strangely, I always feel happy whenever am around you” he said and my heart skipped

Oh my God, what’s all this am feeling

“I….. I….. promise” I stuttered and he laughed again

“Your cheeks are all red” he said

“No they are not” I said as I quickly covered my cheeks with my hands and he continued laughing

I slowly let my hands down as I watched him

Wow! I can’t believe am feeling this way for him

Lucy and Mia might be right

I’ve think I’ve fallen in love with you Aiden

“I wish you’ll always laugh like this” I said and he scoffed

“I don’t think that wish of yours will be fulfilled, I don’t usually laugh” he replied

“Why?” I asked

“Let’s just say I lost my laughter years ago” he said

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked

“Another time, I don’t want to ruin my mood right now” he said and I nodded

“I’ll always be here for you Aiden, whenever you need me” I said and he kept staring at me

“What’s it? Did I say something wrong?” I asked

Before I could say anything else, he sat up and pulled me to himself and hugged me

“Thanks dummy, thanks for caring about me” he said as he hugged me

He released me and I sat back on the chair beside the bed

I feel like my heart is going to explode right now

“Umm… sorry about that, I don’t know why I did that” Aiden said

He’s flustered up too

“Ummm…… What….what about your song, we’ll be leaving Paris in a few days, have you written anything?” He asked obviously trying to get rid of the present awkwardness

“I’ve not written anything yet, I should probably go work on it now” I said as I quickly stood up and rushed out of the room

I went to my room and I quickly locked the door

“Oh my God” I said as I placed my hand on my chest “if I had stayed another minute there, my heart would have exploded from beating too fast”

“I think I love him, why else would I feel this way” I said as I sat on the bed “You are so stupid Emily, why on Earth would you fall for Aiden, he has a girlfriend for God’s sake”

I sighed as I looked around and I saw a book and a pen on the table

“Should I try writting my song to get my mind off Aiden?” I said as I stood and sat on the chair

I took the book and pen and I started writing anything that came to my head

🎙️ Mia’s POV 🎙️

It’s already getting dark and the bus took us back to the hotel

We went to our room and met lots of papers on the ground and Emily writting something on a book

“What are you doing Emmy?” I asked

“Trying to write a song and get someone out of my head” she said as she kept writing without looking up

Emily suddenly spranged up and screamed

“Yes!! Am done, am done guys, I’ve finished writing my song. I should call him to tell him, wait I shouldn’t do that, am trying to get him off my head seeing him again won’t help at all. But I really want to see him. No you can’t see him Emily or your heart might just explode at this rate. But this is about the assignment, am not seeing him because I want to, am seeing him because I have to” Emily rambled on and I shook my head

Lucy moved closer to me and whispered

“I think she’s going crazy” she said and I nodded

“I totally agree with you” I whispered back

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

Jason and Michael are back and they are suprised that am totally fine now

“You looked like you were gonna die when we left” Michael said

“But now, he’s smiling like someone that won a lottery” Jason added

“You guys should be happy that am well now!” I said

“That reminds me, did Emily come by? It seems she was really worried about you” Jason asked and I smiled on hearing the dummy’s name

“You see that? He’s smiling again” Michael said “What’s wrong with you Aiden, you don’t use to smile so often before”

“Since am smiling now, you guys should be happy!” I said

“No, you look weird with a smiling face” Jason said and I scoffed

“You guys are really bad friends”

My phone beeped and a message came in from dummy

💬 Come to the walkway you took me to the other day, I have a surprise for you 💬

I quickly stood up and took my car keys

“Am stepping out for a bit” I said as I rushed out of the room

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I sat on the bench in the walkway with my guitar

I practiced the tune of the song again and again

I can’t believe I wrote a song while thinking of Aiden

Minutes later a car parked by the roadside and Aiden got down

Wow, why does this guy have to be so breathtaking!

“What are you doing out here alone dummy, it’s cold” he said as he sat beside me

“I was waiting for you” I replied

“Yeah, so why did you call me here?” He asked

“I’ve finished writing my song!”

“Woah really! That’s incredible!!” He exclaimed

“I wanted to play it for you first so that you’ll tell me if it’s good enough” I said

“Sure, am eager to here it already” he said and I smiled

I adjusted my guitar as I slowly started playing

“🎼 Started in the strangest way, didn’t see it coming
🎼 Swept up in your hurricane, wouldn’t give it up for nothing
🎼 Now am all caught up in the highs and the lows it’s a shock to my system
🎼 I don’t wanna run away, so I stayed
🎼 My head gets messy when I try to hide
🎼 The things I love about you in my mind
🎼 I don’t really know alot about love, alot about love, alot about love
🎼 But you’re in my head, you’re in my blood and it feels so good to hurt so much” I sang as I continued to play the guitar along

“Wow, that’s amazing!!” Aiden said as he clapped “I loved it, the song, the way you sang it, it was incredible”

“Thanks” I said with a smile as I sniffed

“Are you cold?” He asked and I nodded

“Lemme get you a hoodie from the store opposite the street” he said as he quickly ran across the street

I smiled as I watched him

“I think I really love you Aiden and I wish you’ll listen closer to the song I play, cause the lyrics speaks the words I fail to say”

………to be continued……..


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Song credit; About love by Marina