Musical fairytale episode 27



🎢 EPISODE 27 🎢
🎸 Your eyes so enchanting, am falling slowly 🎸

πŸŽ™οΈ Emily’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I went to Mom’s room and I laid on the bed with her

“What do you think about Aiden Mom?” I asked

“He seems like a good person, not everyone will agree to drive such a long distance through the night just to get a crazy girl to her family but he did it for you” Mom said

“Am not crazy, I was tricked” I said

“Tricked? Yeah, I guess you were tricked by your brain” Mom said and I scoffed

“Just forget it” I said

“Mom” I called after some minutes

“What is it now?” She asked

“What do you do if the guy you love is dating another girl?” I asked

“Does the guy love you?” Mom asked

“I don’t know” I replied with a sigh

“Then it’s probably for the best if you forget about the guy” Mom said


“Yeah, put yourself in the girlfriend’s shoe, am sure you wouldn’t like it if another girl falls in love with your boyfriend and tries to win his heart” Mom said

“But what if the guy doesn’t really love his girlfriend and he’s just dating her because he wants to support her?”

“So you’ll want to snatch the poor girl’s boyfriend and break her heart?” Mom asked

“You don’t understand Mom, the girlfriend is not an innocent girl, she’s very bad and evil”

“Lemme get this straight, you love a guy but you aren’t sure if the guy loves you too and the guy happens to have a girlfriend he doesn’t actually love and this girlfriend of his is a very bad girl?”

“Yes” I nodded

“Are we talking about Aiden here?” Mom asked but I kept quiet

“The guy you love is Aiden right?” She asked again and I slowly nodded

“I think you should give him time, never force yourself on him and always keep your head up high, if he loves it, he’ll break up with his bad girlfriend and come for you but if he doesn’t, well we don’t always get what we want so you’ll have to forget about him” Mom said

“You are right Mom, thanks” I said as I moved closer to her and hugged her

“You guys are going back today right?” Mom asked

“Yes, tomorrow is Monday and I have a class tomorrow morning” I replied

πŸŽ™οΈ Aiden’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I slept for some time and the rays of the sun that shone through the window woke me up

I stood up and took my phone to check the time

Wow, it’s 10am already!

We’ll have to go back to New York today since tomorrow is Monday

I quickly stood up and entered the bathroom to take a quick shower

I wore my clothes though there was no hair dryer so I just used the towel to dry my hair

I checked the dressing table and luckily I found a brush their so I quickly brushed my hair

I took my phone and car key and walked out of the room

Everyone was already in the sitting room

“Umm…. Good morning, am sorry I slept for too long” I said

“No no, it’s okay, am sure you must have been tired” Emily’s Mom said

“Should we go now?” I asked dummy

“Am already missing you Dad” she said as she hugged her Dad

“Can’t you stay here for one more day?” Kevin asked

“Am sorry Kevin, I can’t” I replied and he sighed sadly

“I’ll visit you all another time” I said and they all looked at me surprised

“Really?” Kevin asked

“Yeah” I said with a smile and he jumped with joy

We said our goodbyes and we got into the car and I drove off

“Why did you say you’ll visit them again?” Dummy asked

“Because I’d really love to see them again” I replied

“Why? Why would you want to see them again?” She asked

“Well, they are your family”

“Is that why you want to see them again? Because they are my family?” She asked

“What’s wrong with you dummy? What’s with all this sudden questions?” I asked

“Am asking all this questions because I want to gain clarity Aiden, I don’t want to continue making assumptions, I need to to know why, why do you always help me? Why did you run after me that night Evan was chasing me in the rain? Why did you come to console me the day I saw a girl kiss Jason and I was heartbroken? Why did you help me with my song and showed me around Paris? Why did you bring me back home last night? Why are you being so nice to me Aiden? Why? I need to know” she said

I parked the car by the roadside and I faced her

“I…. I don’t know, at first I hated you then I don’t know what happened but I started to love your smile and hate your tears, I hate seeing you sad and I love seeing you happy, my worries seems to go away whenever am with you, I become an entirely different person when am with you, I don’t know why all this happening, I really don’t know”

“You are only getting me more confused Aiden, so please until you’ve figured out why you are doing all this, stop doing things that makes my heart flutter, I hate the fact that am the only one feeling this way” she said and stepped out of the car

“Thanks for everything, I’ll take the train back to school, the train station isn’t far from here” she said and walked away

What’s wrong?
What should I do?
Why do I feel so sad and dejected?

πŸŽ™οΈ Emily’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

The train drove off and I just stared through the window

I hate this one-sided love

I hate the fact that he has a girlfriend and we can’t be together

I think it’s best I start forgetting you Aiden, cause this love hurts so much


I got back to school and I explained everything to Mia and Lucy

“My Dad didn’t get into any accident, it was all a plan by Naty to make us fail” I said

“How dare she!” Lucy said

“Such a cunning lady!” Mia said

“Am sorry I made us lose the competition” I apologized

“We didn’t lose Emmy, instead of feeling bad we should meet the Chancellor and beg him to take us back into the competition, it’s unfair that we never got to participate” Lucy said

“Lucy is right Emmy, we should meet with the Chancellor, probably after classes tomorrow” Mia said

“You guys are right, we shouldn’t give up easily, Pink Pixies will definitely compete again” I said with a smile

πŸŽ™οΈ Aiden’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I got to the school and the first thing I did was to call Naty to come to the apartment

“Where did you go off to last night?” Jason asked

“Georgia” I replied

“Georgia? Why?” Michael asked

“Long story, am tired and I wanna rest, tell Naty to come to my room when she comes” I said as I started walking to my room

“There won’t be any need for us to say anything, she always run to your room whenever she’s here” I heard Michael say

I entered my room and closed
I slumped down on the bed

Minutes later, the door opened and Naty came in

“Why did you ask me to come Aiden? Do you miss me?” She asked with a smile as she sat beside me on the bed

“Who are you?” I asked as I looked at her

“What? What’s wrong Aiden? Did you hurt your head?” She asked as she looked all over me

“The Naty I used to know was a simple and innocent girl but the Naty sitting before me now is a totally different person”

“What do you mean Aiden?” She asked

“Am starting to get this feeling that you’ve changed Naty, why else would you do such a thing”

“What did I do?”

“Why did you fake that call? Why did you make them loose?!” I asked

“You mean Emily? Is that what she told you?”

“She didn’t tell me, I found out myself, why would you do such a thing, haven’t you hurt her enough?!”

“No Aiden, I’ll continue to hurt her until she stays away from you” Naty replied

“But I don’t want that, I don’t want her to stay away from me”

“What?! What’s wrong with you Aiden?” She asked

“Just stay away from her, don’t do anything stupid again” I warned

“And what if I refuse?” She asked

“Then I’ll make you regret it, I’ve only been this nice to you cause of all you did for me in the past but you are starting to cross your limit, if you do something bad to her again, am going to forget the past and I will ruin you Naty, I promise you that”

“What the hell is wrong with you Aiden, you’ve never talked to me like this”

“Am trying to find out too, what is wrong with me. Do close the door on your way out, I need to get some sleep” I said as laid on the bed

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She mumbled some words angrily and walked out

πŸŽ™οΈ Emily’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I got out of the dorm as I found my way to the class

It’s Monday again and I have an early morning class

I got the class and minutes later the professor came and the class started

The class ended and the professor left the class

My phone beeped, it’s a message from Aiden

πŸ’¬ If you are done with your class, lets meet at the garden outside the lecture hallπŸ’¬

I smiled as I quickly took my bag and walked out of the class

But then I stopped on my track, I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t always run to him whenever he calls

He doesn’t love you Emily, if you continue running to him like this you’ll be the only one suffering

I sighed as I turned back and started walking towards the dorm

I saw Isaac on my way and I walked up to him

“Isaac” I called but he quickly looked away and continued walking

“Isaac!” I called again and quickly walked to his front and I held his hand

“Are you avoiding me?” I asked

“Let me go Emily” he said as he tried to not to meet my eye

“What’s wrong Isaac?” I asked

“Nothing” he replied

“Then why can’t you look at me?”

“Because…. I….. I…..” He stuttered

“What’s wrong Isaac? Are you planning something against Aiden again?”

“I wish I am but I can’t!” He yelled

“What do you mean?”

“I really want to go on with my plan to hurt Aiden but I can’t, I can’t because I love you!”

“What?!!” I said as I slowly let go of his hand

“Am very foolish right? I know you love Aiden yet I still love you and I know you’ll be sad if I hurt Aiden that’s why I can’t bring myself to do anything to him. And yes I’ve been avoiding you, I’ve been trying to get you out of my head but I can’t, it’s obviously not working cause my heart still skips whenever I see you”

“I…. I…. Am sorry…” I don’t know what to say

“You shouldn’t be sorry, it’s sad that you can’t reciprocate my feelings for you so please just stay away from me for the main time, I really need to get you out of my head” he said and walked away

“Am sorry Isaac, you must be going through a lot, I really wish I can love you, I wish I can just forget about Aiden and love you, it would have been so much easier if it’s possible”

πŸŽ™οΈ Aiden’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I waited for her in the garden but she never came

What’s wrong?
Is she still angry?
She always comes to me whenever I call, why isn’t she coming now?

I sighed as I stood up and walked out of the garden

It’s obvious she isn’t coming

I went to the apartment and sat on the couch

I took my phone and called her but she didn’t pick up

What’s wrong dummy?

“We are ordering pizza Aiden, you’ll eat right?” Michael asked

“No, count me out”

“What’s wrong? You’ve never refused pizza” Jason said

“I just don’t feel like eating anything” I said

πŸŽ™οΈ Emily’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

It’s evening, Lucy and Mia are done with there class for the day

“We should go to the Chancellor’s office now” I said

“Yeah let’s go” Mia said

My phone beeped and a message came in

πŸ’¬ What’s wrong dummy? You aren’t picking up my calls and you are avoiding me. Am waiting outside your dorm, come outside let’s talk πŸ’¬

I sighed as I read the text

I miss you so much Aiden but I need to start caring about myself, I can’t continue loving someone that has no feeling for me

“Is anything wrong?” Lucy asked

“No” I replied

“Let’s go then” Mia said

We walked out of the dorm and I tried my best not to look around for Aiden

We got to the Chancellor’s office and luckily, he’s still in

We got into his office and we greeted

“What brings you girls here?” He asked

“It’s about the battle of the bands Sir, we are the band that got evicted without actually participating” Mia said

“Okay, so what can I do to help you girls?” He asked

“We weren’t able to participate cause I got tricked by a call that said my father got into an accident and I ran out so the band was no longer complete. But Sir, I don’t think it’s fair that we never got to participate, what happened wasn’t our fault, we got tricked so please Sir, give us another chance in the second round of the competition” I pleaded

“Am sorry girls but I can’t, we already chosed the 25 bands that will compete in the next round, I can’t just add you guys to it” the Chancellor said

“Please help us Sir, give us a chance to compete please” Mia pleaded

“Am afraid there’s nothing I can do” he said and I sighed

“You girls should leave, I have some work to finish up” the Chancellor said

We were about leaving when the door opened and someone barged in


“Take them back into the competition Sir” Aiden said

“I know you are rude and you have a way of ordering people around but am afraid you can’t have your way this time, I can’t get them back into the competition when they never competed in the first round, it will be unfair to the other contestants” the Chancellor said

“I don’t care if it’s unfair or not, you will get them back into the competition Sir” Aiden said

He’s got some nerve, how can he be so rude to the Chancellor

“And if I don’t?” I asked

“Don’t you ever wonder why this school is so popular? Why does the number of students applying for this school increase every year? It’s because we school here, cause the music fairies are here, if you don’t do as I say then we’ll transfer to another school, the band and I” Aiden said

“You are bluffing” the Chancellor said

“I don’t bluff Sir, so please make your decision fast” Aiden said and then walked up to me

“We need to talk” he said as he held my hand and dragged me out of the office

“What’s wrong with you Aiden, how could you speak so rudely to the Chancellor!” I said as soon as we got outside

“What’s wrong with me? I don’t know dummy and until I figure out what’s wrong with me you will stay by my side, do not avoid me” he said

“Am sorry Aiden but I keep getting confused when am with you, I forget the fact that we can’t ever be together”

“Why? Why can’t we ever be together?” He asked

“Because…. Well you have a girlfriend and you obviously don’t love me, not that I blame you for that, you are a big time celebrity so I don’t expect you to love a simple girl like….” I was cut short as Aiden pulled me closer and he landed his lips on mine

I quickly closed my eyes as I felt my heart explode

He ended the kisses and I slowly opened my eyes

“Why do I always act unreasonably when am with you, what have you done to me dummy? How did I end up this way?” He asked and I blinked rapidly

Why’s my heart beating so fast?!

……… be continued………..


Aiden and Emily sitting on a tree, K I S S I N G!πŸ’ƒ