Musical Fairytale episode 28



🎶 EPISODE 28 🎶
🎸 I want to be with you 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

We sat on a bench under a tree and my heart kept beating fast

“Don’t avoid me from now on dummy, it’s of no use cause even if you avoid me, I’ll always come to you” Aiden said

“Why? Why are you doing all this for me?” I asked

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“I’ll answer all your questions soon dummy but for now just stand by me till I find the answers, stop trying to run away” he replied and I just kept silent, not knowing what to say

“It’s getting dark, you should go back to the dorm, we’ll see tomorrow and don’t snub my calls from now, let’s go, I’ll accompany you” he said as he stood up and I stood up too

We walked in silence and soon we got to the front of my dorm

“Good night” he said

“Good night” I managed to reply and I walked into the dorm

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I got to the apartment and Jason was the only one in the sitting room

“Where’s Michael?” I asked

“He’s asleep” he replied

I sighed as I sat down beside him

“Bryan came by, he asked about our new song, he said we are being slow with the recording” Jason said

“It’s better if we delay it, rather than releasing a single again, it’s better we release a full album” I said

“Do you have other songs you are working on?” He asked

“Yeah, though I’ve not been working on it lately but I’ll try to finish it up soon”

“Okay, so where are you coming from, I didn’t know you went out”

“I went to meet someone” I replied and he nodded

“What should I do Jason?” I asked

“About what?” He asked

“Am afraid am falling for her”

“For who?”

“Dummy” I replied

“You mean Emily? That’s great, you should date her, she’s an amazing girl” Jason said with a smile

“What of Naty?” I asked

“Break up with her, I still don’t know why you asked her out back then when you never loved her”

“But I made a promise, I promised her that I’ll always stay by her side, I told her she could always lean on me, I don’t want to break her heart Jason, she doesn’t deserve that” I said

“What are you going to do then, are you going to forget about Emily?” He asked

“I’ve already tried to, it doesn’t work”

“I know Naty really supported you in the past but you can’t spend your whole life repaying her Aiden, you can’t keep sacrificing your happiness for her, you should break up with her now” Jason said and I sighed

He is probably right but how do I bring myself to tell Naty, how?

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️


I woke and started getting ready for class

It’s almost 10am and I’ll be having a guitar class soon

I took my guitar and walked out of the dorm

I saw a car parked outside the dorm and Aiden came out of the car

“Get in, I’ll take you to class” he said

“How did you know I have a class now?” I asked

“I got the time table for your classes from the academic secretary” he replied and I chuckled

I got into the car and he drove off

“You really didn’t have to do this, the class isn’t that far from here” I said

“Am doing this because I want to spend more time with you”

“But people are definitely going to gossip if they see you drop me off for my class”

“What’s wrong with me dropping you off for your class, maybe you have forgotten but we are childhood friends and everyone knows that” he said

“I guess you are right”

“Are you free this evening?” He asked “Let’s go for dinner”

“Like a date?!” I asked wide-eyed

“Call it whatever you want, I just want to eat with you” he said “I’ll pick you up by 4pm today, be ready and don’t keep me waiting”

He dropped me off in front of the lecture hall and everyone kept staring at us as soon as we came down

“See you later dummy” he said

“Aren’t you coming in? Or you don’t have a class today?” I asked

“I don’t have a class and I have to be at the studio now, the others are waiting for me there” he said and I nodded

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“Later then” I said with a wave

He got inside his car and drove off

🎙️ Naty’s POV 🎙️

I laid on the bed as I kept staring at the blank space

I don’t feel like going to class today

The door suddenly opened and Nicole barged in

“Naty! Naty!” She called

“What’s it Nicole?” I asked grumpily as I sat up

“You won’t believe what just happened” she said

“What happened?”

“Aiden just drove that blue-eyed girl to class”

“What! Why on Earth would he drive her to class!” I yelled

“I don’t know Naty but that girl and Aiden are getting closer, you should be careful” Nicole said

Nicole is right, I have to do something about this before it gets out at hand

🎙️ Isaac’s POV 🎙️

I finished my class and I was about going back to the dorm when I saw Emily

I’ve been trying to avoid her but it’s obvious that it’s not working

I walked up to her and called her


“Hey, Isaac” she said as she turned to face me

“Are you done with your lectures?” I asked

“Yeah, am going back to the dorm” she replied

“Can we have lunch together now?” I asked

“Am sorry Isaac, I’ll have loved to have lunch with you but I have somewhere to be by 4” she replied

“Okay then, lemme walk you to your dorm” I said and she nodded

We walked together in silence and I didn’t know what to say

This silence is too awkward

“About what I said to you yesterday, forget about it, be comfortable with me just like you used to be, let’s just continue to be friends” I said

“Will you really be okay with that?” She asked concerned

“Yeah, am okay with being friends with you, we don’t always get what we want after all”

“Thanks Isaac” she replied and I smiled

“So where are you going by 4?” I asked

“Am….. Am going out with Aiden”

“Ooh, that’s great” I said awkwardly

“Am sorry Isaac”

“You don’t need to be sorry”

Her phone ranged and she picked it up

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” I asked

“No, Aiden just called me, he won’t be able to pick me up as planned cause he’s really busy at the studio so he sent me the address of the restaurant, I’ll have to go there by myself” she said

“I can take you there if you want” I said

“Oh no Isaac, there’s no need for that”

“Come on Emily, I do love you but I’ve already accepted the fact that we can’t be together, so let’s not be awkward with each other okay?” I said and she nodded

“Perhaps, I don’t even have a car, I’ll just help you stop a cab”

“Thanks Isaac”

“It’s almost 4pm, quickly go in and get ready, I’ll wait for you”

“Okay, I’ll be back soon” she said and walked into her dorm

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I got to my room and Lucy was in

I quickly went to my closet and started changing into a short blue gown

“Why are you in such a hurry? Are you going somewhere?” Lucy asked

“Yeah, am going to have lunch with Aiden though he called that he won’t be able to pick me up so I have to go to the restaurant alone”

“Will you be okay, you don’t really know anywhere in New York” Lucy said concerned

“Come on Lucy, am not a kid, I’ll just enter a cab there it’s not like am walking there, perhaps Isaac is waiting for me outside, he’ll help me stop a cab and see me off” I said

“Okay, be careful and don’t stay out too late”

“I won’t, thanks” I said as I quickly took my purse and phone and rushed out of the room

I met Isaac outside the dorm and he kept staring at me

“You look great Emily” he said

“Tha…thanks” I stuttered

We walked to the roadside where we could easily see a cab out of the school

Isaac helped me stop a cab and I showed the driver the address Aiden texted me

The driver drove off and I waved at Isaac

I feel thankful but at the same time I kinda pity him

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We finished recording the song and I checked the time, it’s already past 4

I took my keys and rushed out of the studio, she must be waiting for me now

I entered my car and I drove off to the restaurant

I got to the restaurant but she wasn’t there

I guess she’s being late too

I sat on the table I reserved and I waited for few more minutes but she still wasn’t here

I took my phone and called her but she didn’t pick up

Why isn’t she picking up

Time passed and soon it was 5pm

Where is she?
Why isn’t she picking my calls

I have a bad feeling about this

I called Jason and he picked up

🗨️”Why are you calling, aren’t you supposed to be having a lunch date with Emily?”

“She isn’t here Jason, do you have her friend’s contact, so you’ll help me confirm if she’s still at the dorm”

🗨️ “I don’t but I think Michael has Lucy’s contact, I’ll ask him to call her immediately”

“Okay, thanks” I ended the call and I waited for Jason to call back

Minutes later my phone rang but it was Michael that called

🗨️ “I spoke with Lucy, she said she left the dorm more than an hour ago”

“What! But she isn’t here, could she have gotten lost?” I asked

🗨️ “I don’t think so, she said Isaac stopped a cab to the restaurant for her”

“Isaac! Umm, can you get me his contact?”

🗨️ “Sure, I’ll ask the Chancellor’s secretary for it and I’ll text it to you”

“Thanks” I said and ended the call

I stood up and walked out of the restaurant

I entered my car and I drove off

Where are you dummy? Where?

………to be continued…….