Musical Fairytale

Musical fairytale episode 30



🎶 EPISODE 30 🎶
🎸 Love comes with a price 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

“What are you doing here? What’s going on?” I asked confused

Evan still looks the same except for the long scar that ran across his face

“What do you think am doing here Emily, isnt it obvious? I kidnapped you” he said with a smile

“But….but why?”

“To get revenge of course, on you and Aiden”

“But we didn’t really do anything to deserve this, why will you go to such an extent to get revenge?” I asked

“You didn’t do anything to deserve this?” He scoffed “Look at my face, take a good look at my face, this scar happened when your stupid boyfriend battered up my face on the street and you both left me for death in the rain, do you have any idea how I survived?!”

“Am sorry Evan but you caused it, you cheated on my friend and you were going to beat me up too, Aiden just did what he had to do to save me” I explained

“Yeah and he’s going to do alot more to save you this time”

“What are you planning to do Evan?” I asked

“I plan on getting revenge and money, I told Aiden if he wants you back then he should give me 20 million dollars and also disband the music fairies, that’s they should quit music”

“What! How can you ask them to do such a thing!!”

“Your dear boyfriend will definitely do it Emily and guess what, after he has done it, am still going to kill you and send your dead body to him, so whether he agrees to my conditions or not, either way you’re going to die! That’s the price you and your boyfriend are going to pay for messing with me”

“Evan please let me go, you can’t do this”

“I can and I will!!” He yelled “You both left me for death that day and if not for the passerbys that called an ambulance I’ll have really been dead, Aiden gave me a scar on my face and thanks to him no girl will ever agree to go out with a man that has such an ugly scar. You guys messed with the wrong person Emily, am a gangster and I have many underlings at my command, for messing with me am getting my revenge, I’ll kill you and I’ll make Aiden wish he was dead. You’ll be dead in the next 24 hours Emily, enjoy your time while it last” He said and walked out

“Evan no!! Let me go please!!!” I yelled but he didn’t turn back as he walked away and locked the door

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I looked at my watch, one hour gone already, 23 hours left

“What are we gonna do?” I asked

“We have to do whatever he says to ensure Emily’s safety” Mia said

“I agree with Mia, give him the money and disband the music fairies” Lucy said

“You girls don’t understand! I can’t just disband the music fairies, this isn’t just about me, I can’t be so selfish”

“If it’s the only way to save Emily, then we’ll have to do it” Jason said

“Yeah, you don’t have to feel guilty because of us” Michael said

“Will you guys just shut up!!” Bryan yelled “Disband the Music fairies Disband the Music fairies, you all say it like it’s a piece of cake! We are talking about a World known band, we are talking about our sweat, hardwork and sacrifice for the past 4 years, we talking about a band that has millions of followers over the globe, no one is disbanding anything!”

“But we have to save Emily, we have to save her Bryan” I said

“And we will save her Aiden, we just have to do it before the next 24 hours” Bryan said

“It’s 23 hours now” Jason said

“What should we do then?” I asked

“For now we think and sleep” Bryan said

“Sleep?! We don’t have much time, we’ve only got a day!” I said

“It’s already nighttime Aiden, there’s nothing we can do now” Bryan replied

“I can’t just sleep when I know am wasting time and that kidnapper guy could kill her at any minute, I can’t Bryan, I can’t just sit down and do nothing”

“I think Bryan is right Aiden” Jason said “Even if you go out now you won’t be able to do or find anything, it’s almost 10pm there’s nothing we can do now, we have to wait till morning”

“You guys don’t understand, I can’t just wait till morning!!” I yelled “Her life is at risk Jason, I need to find her and I need to start doing it now! Cause I don’t know what I’ll do if she dies, I definitely can’t loose her!”

“And you won’t” Mia said “I also want to go out right now and start looking for her but there’s nothing we can do now Aiden, nothing, we have to wait till dawn”

“Mia is right Aiden” Michael said “You should rest for now cause tomorrow is gonna be a long day and you are of no use to Emily if you collapse in the middle of the road cause of too much stress”

“We will find Emily, we will find her tomorrow so just rest for now Aiden please” Bryan said and I sighed

I walked to my room and jammed the door

I sat on the bed and sighed frustrated

“Ahhhh!!!” I yelled as I threw a tumbler that was on my bedside table on the wall

I hate being helpless

I hope you are alright dummy
Just wait for me, I’ll definitely find you tomorrow, no matter what

I won’t let you die


It’s morning and we are all seated in the sitting room

I didn’t sleep at all last night, I just couldn’t

Mia and Lucy are still here

“Give Michael the kidnapper’s contact Aiden” Bryan said and turned to Michael “You and Lucy will go to the security company and see if you can track the kidnapper’s location with the contact”

“Okay Bryan” Michael replied

“Jason, you and Mia will go to the station and see if they’ve made any progress in finding Emily, if they haven’t then get her picture and ask people around if they saw her yesterday”

“Okay” Jason replied

“Which part of the school did Emily take a cab from?” Bryan asked

“I don’t know” I replied

“Isaac should know, he was the one that took Emily to enter a cab” Lucy said

“Then he should be here, call him here” Bryan said

“But what if he’s behind this Bryan, Isaac has always hated me, maybe that’s why he kidnapped Emily to compel me to quit music and loose my band if not what will the kidnapper gain by making me disband music fairies”

“That’s a good theory Aiden but we aren’t sure about that and until we are, you won’t make any rash decision so just call him here” Bryan said and I sighed

I called Isaac and asked him to come to the apartment

🎙️ Isaac’s POV 🎙️

I quickly wore my jacket and walked out of the dorm

I’ll do anything to help Emily, even if it means forgetting about the past, cause I love her that much

I got to the band’s apartment and everyone looked at me immediately as I entered

“Hi, am Bryan the music fairies’ manager, you must be Isaac” he said and as he came forward and we shook hands

“Yeah, nice to meet you” I said

“I heard you were the last person with Emily before she got kidnapped and you were the one that took her to enter a cab” Bryan said

“Yes but it’s not what you are thinking, I know you all don’t trust me but I swear, I didn’t kidnap Emily, I’ll never do such thing”

“Yeah right, can you just tell us where Emily took a cab from?” I asked

“It was just before the main gate” I replied

“And around what time?”

“It was almost 4pm, it should be around 3:55pm or so”

“I’ll go to the school security office and check their CCTV cameras and see if I can get the license of the car and track it” Bryan said

“What about me?” Aiden said finally speaking up since I came in

“Go to the bank and withdraw 20 million dollars from the band’s joint account and go straight to the address the kidnapper sent, after you’ve dropped the money in the bin, hang around there discreetly and see if you can follow back whoever comes to take the money” Bryan said

“Yeah, I’ll do just that” Aiden said as he stood up and took his car key “I’ll text the kidnapper’s contact to you Michael” he said and he began to walk out

“Wait Aiden, lemme go with you” I said

“What! You should know I’ll never allow that, I don’t trust you Isaac, you know that, I still think you are the kidnapper and you’re are playing all of us” Aiden said

“Am not the kidnapper Aiden, so please let us work together and find Emily cause that’s all that matters to me right now, am sure I’ll be of help if I go with you”

“Just forget it Isaac, am going alone”

“Go with him Aiden” Bryan said

“No I won’t!” Aiden said

“Yes you will, I know you don’t trust him but that’s exactly why you should go with him cause you’ll be able to keep an eye on him then” Bryan said

“Fine, let’s go” Aiden said as he walked out and I followed him

We were about entering the car when someone called

“Aiden” Naty called as he walked up to us

“What’s going on, you acted all weird yesterday accusing me of being the one behind Emily’s disapearance” Naty said to Aiden

“Am sorry Naty, I was confused and I didn’t know what to think, am sorry I suspected you, I should have known you can’t do such a thing and it won’t happen again I promise” Aiden apologised and I scoffed

He has no idea what Naty is capable of

“It’s fine, at least now you know am not the one behind Emily’s disapearance. Are you going somewhere?” She asked

“Yeah we are going to look for her” Aiden replied

“You and him?” Naty asked pointing at me

“Yeah, and am sorry Naty but we have to go now” Aiden said as he walked to the other side of the car and entered

Naty walked up to me and whispered

“You love her don’t you? This Emily of a girl” Naty said but I kept quiet

“Just because you are going out alone with Aiden doesn’t mean you can spill anything about the past to him, if you do something like that I’ll kill Emily myself and then I’ll come after you, am sure you know I ain’t joking cause you are the only one that knows exactly what am capable of” she said

“What are you doing Isaac, get in, we don’t have time to waste” Aiden said from the car

“Go on, get in and good luck though I pray Emily dies before you find her” Naty said and walked away

I got into the car and Aiden drove off

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

“What was Naty talking to you about?” I asked as I drove to the bank

“Ooh it’s….it’s nothing, she just wished us good luck” Isaac said

Why can’t I bring myself to trust this guy, I just have this feeling that he’s hiding something from me

“I just want to clarify something, I still don’t trust you Isaac, you are only here because I want to keep an eye on you” I said

“I don’t really care what you think or do Aiden, I don’t care as long as we get to save Emily”

“And why are you so concerned about Emily? Who is she to you?” I asked

“She’s….. she’s the only one that understands me, she’s the lady that makes my heart beats faster, I love her Aiden and unlike you, am not afraid to say or show it” Isaac and I glanced at him

He’s in love with Emily?

We got to the bank and I withdraw the money and left for the address the kidnapper sent

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

We waited outside the security room while they tried to track the kidnapper’s phone number

“Are you alright?” I asked Michael as I sat beside him

“Yeah am fine” he replied

“What are you thinking about then, cause you seemed to be lost in thought”

“I just….. What if all this turns out fruitless and in the end we have no choice but to disband the music fairies?” Michael asked

“I pray it won’t have to come to that” I said

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“I was 18 back then and we were in the grade 12 in high school, I really loved music and I’ll always go with my guitar to school. Aiden scouted me, he heard me playing the guitar one day and he said it was amazing, he also met with Jason and we decided to form a band, months later we had our debut and it was a big hit and that’s how we started. I’ve come to love the band Lucy, I’ve come to love the music we play, if we get disbanded that means the music fairies will be no more, we won’t be able to make music for the whole world again, am really trying to be strong cause there’s someone’s life at stake but I don’t know if I’ll be able to bear it if that happens”

“It won’t happen Michael, we’ll find Emily” I said as I hugged him

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We were almost at the place the kidnapper mentioned in the address and I stopped the car

“Get out” I said to Isaac

“Why?” He asked

“Whoever the kidnapper is, am sure he’ll expect me to come alone, so get down and hide around, it won’t be good if he knows I’ve brought company” I explained

“You are right, thanks Aiden, for trusting me” he said

“I don’t trust you Isaac, you said you love Emily, am trusting that love” I replied

He nodded and got out of the car

I sighed as I watched him walk away

Isaac doesn’t seem like a bad person but he did maltreat Naty back then, I can’t just forgive him

I drove towards the place and saw a bin

I got out of the car took the bag of money and went to drop it in the bin

I looked around and I saw no one but am sure he’s watching me somehow

I walked back to my car and drove a bit far away

I parked my car there and I went back discreetly and hid around

I took my phone and I called Isaac

“Did you see anyone suspicious?” I asked

🗨️ No, do you?

“Not yet”

🗨️ Let’s keep waiting then

I ended the call and I sighed as I continued staying in my hideout

It’s already 11am, we really need to find Emily fast

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

Evan came into the basement with three of his men

He’s holding a plate of food and he walked up to me

“Though you’ll be dying soon, am not that devious to let you die on an empty stomach so eat” he said as he dropped the plate on my laps

“Just let me go Evan please”

“Shut up and eat Emily or I’ll take back that food, I was just being kind after all, I wanted you not to die on an empty stomach” he said

“Fine, I’ll eat but my hands are tied behind the chair, can you please untie me so I can eat?” I asked and he slowly walked up to me, bent down and looked me in the eye

“You are smart Emily but even if I untie you, you still won’t be able to escape, you are outnumbered, there’s nothing a weakling like you can do, so let me do the honor of feeding you” he said as he shoved a spoonful of food into my mouth forcefully and I spit it at his face

“How dare you!” He yelled as he gave me a hard slap and I felt my lips bleeding

“Sir we just got message that Aiden has dropped the money in the bin” one of his men said and he stood up and walked up to him

“He just dropped it and left?” I asked

“No, our men followed him, he’s hiding in the vicinity probably waiting to see who comes for the money and to follow him” Evan’s man said

“My phone” Evan said and he handed him a phone

“Bind her mouth” he said to one of his men and they taped my mouth

He dialled a number and put it on speaker

“I see you’ve dropped the money on the bin” Evan said

🗨️ Yes, I did exactly as you asked

It’s Aiden’s voice!
It’s him, I miss him so much

“You didn’t do as I asked Aiden, I asked you to dropped the money there and leave, I never said you should hang around”

🗨️ How…. How did you know

“It doesn’t matter how I know, leave there now or I’ll kill Emily immediately and remember, you’ve only fulfilled one of the conditions, if you still don’t do anything about the other condition, it’s useless, Emily will still die” Evan said

What is he doing!

He’s using me to threaten Aiden, how could he do such a thing

🗨️ I need proof, I need proof that Emily is really alive and is with you before I do anything else

“You both think you are smart right? I’ll let you talk to her then” he said as he walked up to me and removed the tape

“Careful of what you say Emily, trust me you don’t want to get me angry” he whispered

🗨️ Is that you dummy? Are you there?

I tear rolled down my face when I heard ‘dummy’ it feels like it’s been years since I heard him call me that, I miss you so much Aiden, I miss you

“Ye….yes it’s me” I stuttered

🗨️ Oh thank God you are alright, did he hurt you?

“No am perfectly fine Aiden but please don’t disband the music fairies, he’s going to kill me even if….” Evan quickly covered my mouth with his hand and took the phone

“You got your proof now leave there and get the other condition done or this will be the last time you’ll ever hear her voice” Evan said and ended the call

He dropped the phone and released his hand covering my mouth

He walked up to my front and gave me a hard slap again

“I warned you not to get me angry!!” He yelled and he bent down and gripped my chin

“Or have I been too easy on you” he said as he pressed my chin harder and I yelped in pain

“You are hurting me Evan” I managed to say

“Maybe am keeping you alive for too long, I should just kill you off right now cause you are no longer needed!!” He said as he brought out a gun from his pocket and pointed it at me

I quickly closed my eyes as tears rolled down my face

Am I really gonna die now? It feels so unreal

My only regret is I wasn’t able to say goodbye to the people I love

Mom and Dad, Kevin, Mia and Lucy, Isaac and….and Aiden

In the end, I wasn’t able to tell him just how much I love him and now, am going to die and he’s never gonna know

I guess we weren’t meant to be after all

I heard Evan click his gun and I shut my eyes tighter

Then I heard a gunshot…..

……….to be continued………

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