Musical fairytale episode 31



🎶 EPISODE 31 🎶
🎸 Worst day of my life 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I slowly opened my eyes as I didn’t feel anything land on me

Evan didn’t shoot me, he aimed at the ground, he shot the ground!

Am not dying yet!!

“Am only letting you live cause I don’t want to take any chances, Aiden might call again demanding for more proof that you are alive, everything will soon be over and trust me, the next time I point a gun at you, I’ll shoot the bullet through your heart” Evan said

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I looked around as I stood up from my hiding place and began to walk away

How did he know that am hiding here?

I don’t see anyone watching or following me and the only person that knows where am hiding is Isaac

Is he really the kidnapper or are the kidnapper’s men just good at tracking and trailing people?

My phone ranged and it was Isaac

🗨️ I saw you walking away, where are you going?

He sounds so innocent but all evidence am seeing points at him

“The kidnapper knows am hiding here, so he asked me to leave, it’s up to you now Isaac to remain hidden and follow whoever comes to carry the money, am trusting you with this, do not let me down, you said you aren’t the kidnapper right? Then find out where the real kidnapper is and I’ll believe you”

I ended the call, walked to my car and drove off

At least I heard her voice today, don’t worry dummy, am going to save you no matter what I have to do, I won’t let you die

I called Bryan and told him what happened, he told me everyone’s already at the apartment, that I should come there

I checked the time on my car, 1pm

I drove into the school to the apartment

“Did anyone find something? A clue or just anything that can help?” I asked as I walked in

“Lucy and I got the kidnapper’s number tracked but it was useless, he’s using a burner phone it’s got no ID so we don’t know anything about the user, it can’t be tracked” Michael said

“What about you Jason, were you and Mia able to find anything?” I asked

“We went to the police station and those guys are as slow as a snail, all they did was send patrols out to look for her. We started our own searching and asked anyone we saw if they’ve seen Emily but no one saw her” Jason explained

“And Bryan?”

“I checked the CCTV footages, I saw the moment Emily entered the cab, I got the cab’s plate number and I tracked it but the car was a rentage car, he rented the car just to kidnap Emily and he returned it”

“What about his face, did you ask them if they saw his face?” I asked

“There was no need for that cause I already know what he looks like, I got a picture of his face from the camera footage, though it’s not that clear cause he was wearing a face cap” Bryan said as he brought a picture from his pocket

“I printed it out” he said and all got closer to look

The face is not that visible but still, it looks familiar, am sure I’ve seen that face somewhere

“That’s….. that’s Evan” Mia stuttered

“Evan?” We asked

“Yeah, am totally sure, I’ll recognize his face anywhere cause…..cause he’s my ex boyfriend” Mia said

“But why will your ex boyfriend kidnap Emily and want to disband the music fairies?” Jason asked

And then it all occurred to me, Mia’s ex boyfriend, the one I beat up in the rain for trying to hurt dummy

“Oh no” I said as I slumped on the couch

“What’s wrong Aiden?” Bryan asked

“I know, I know why he’s doing all this”….

🎙️ Evan’s POV 🎙️

“I received a call from our men, Aiden just drove away” one of my men reported

“Great, tell them to get the money come straight here but he should be discreet, if anyone follows him to our hideout, I’ll kill him myself!”

“Okay, I’ll tell him that” he said and left

“I can’t believe Mia ever dated you” I heard Emily say

“Why won’t Mia date me” I said as I started walking towards her “Before your boyfriend gave me this scar on my face I was a very handsome guy you know, anyone would fall in love with me but as you found out that day am a player what you didn’t know is am a gangster too, I only pretended to be a timid introvert just to get Mia”

“Why Mia? Why did it have to be her, am sure you have many other girls at your disposal but you still went through all that trouble just to get her” Emily said

“Because she’s innocent, she’s so beautiful and innocent too and that’s a rare combination”

“You are so evil! Because she’s innocent so you wanted to destroy her?!!” Emily yelled

“No, I went for her because I felt complete with her, I’ve lost all my innocence but she still has hers, it felt like she was the missing part that makes me whole, I wanted to make her mine, even if you won’t believe me Emily, I truly loved her, if I was ever going to settle down with a woman it would be her but because you poked your nose into my business, I lost her, I lost the only lady I ever felt connected with and you will pay for that, you’ll pay with your life Emily”

“Then just kill me” she said “Leave Aiden out of this, don’t make him disband the music fairies, I know what music means to him, it’s his life Evan, music is like his sanctuary, taking it away from him will be like killing him, Aiden only beat you up back then cause of me, so your revenge should be with me and only me, just kill me, end this and leave Aiden alone”

“Wow, you do have your way with words Emily, to be honest you almost convinced me” I said with a smile “Did you say Aiden will really be hurt if he disband the music fairies? Will he have no purpose of living again?”

“Yes Evan, you’ll be ruining his life please don’t do this”

“Amazing! That’s exactly what I want. I want to ruin his life, I want him to be devastated, I want him to live a meaningless life, I want him to spend the rest of his days regretting that night, that’s exactly what I want Emily, he will disband the music fairies and I will kill you, there’s no going back”

“Why are you this evil Evan? Isn’t this too much? All this just because he beat you up? This is too much, Aiden doesn’t deserve this” she said as tears rolled down her face

I went close to her and slowly wiped off her tears

“No one touches me and live to tell the tale Emily, am actually being merciful to Aiden by letting him live, you should be thanking me. If you continue speaking nonsense, I’ll just change my mind and kill you both” I said with a smile

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I told them what happened that night, how Evan chased Emily in the rain and how I ended up beating him up badly

“Is that really why he’s doing all this? Just because you beat him up?” Lucy said

“Some people can be very revengeful Lucy” Michael said

“Am sorry everyone, this is all because of me, I should never have dated Evan, I should have waited to know the kind of person he is, now this is happening because of me, it’s my fault” Mia cried

“It’s not your fault Mia, you didn’t know the kind of person Evan was” Lucy said as she hugged her

“Since we know who the kidnapper is now, we can start trying to track him down again” Bryan said

“How?” I asked

“We can ask around if anyone has seen him” Bryan said

“That barely holds a chance of success and we don’t have enough time, it’s almost 4pm” I said

“We still have try Aiden”

“It won’t work!!” I yelled “Everything we’ve been doing is not working! Don’t you see? He’s got all this planned out, there’s absolutely nothing we can do. Am sorry guys but I can’t loose Emily, organize a press conference immediately Bryan, we are disbanding the music fairies” I said and walked into my room


We rode to the place the press conference was to hold

Everyone was silent

This is it, the end of music fairies

Mia and Lucy came with us but they stayed outside while we walked in

Immediately we walked in, cameras began clicking

They are so many reporters

We stood in the platform in front of the reporters

Bryan started moving forward but I held his hand

“I caused all this, I should be the one to announce it” I said as I moved forward and stood in front of the microphones

🎤 What’s the reason for the sudden press conference?

🎤 What is it that you want to tell the world

The reporters asked

I felt a tear escape my eyes and I quickly cleaned it

I can’t cry, I won’t be weak

“Good day everyone, am Aiden the lead singer of the….”

My phone beeped and I quickly took it

It’s Isaac

💬 They came to take the money and I followed them, am in front of their hideout, I’ll wait for 5minutes, if you aren’t here then am going in alone

He sent the address too

“Am going to forward and address to you, call the police there” I said to Bryan as I ran out of the conference room

🎙️ Michael’s POV 🎙️

🎤 What’s going on

🎤 Why did Aiden run out

🎤 Is there something wrong

🎤 Why did you call for this press conference

“What are we going to do?” Jason asked

“Should we just leave too?” I suggested

“We can just leave after calling a press conference, we have to tell them something” Bryan said

An idea occurred to me but I waved it aside

Bryan will take care of this, I don’t need to do such crazy things

“For the first time, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to tell the press” Bryan said

I looked at the reporters, they were still yelling and asking what’s going on

I sighed

“Am definitely gonna regret this” I said

“What’s it Michael?” Jason asked

“Do you have a ring there?” I asked and Bryan gave me the ring on his finger

It’s big but it will do

“What are you going to do?” He asked

I walked forward to the microphones

“If you want to know why this press conference was called, follow me” I said as I walked out of the conference room

I saw Lucy sitting with Mia and I walked up to her with the reporters following me

She stood up immediately she saw me

“What’s going on Michael? I just saw Aiden run out and why are the reporters behind you?” She asked

I sighed, you can do this Michael

It’s for the band, you have to do it for the band

I slowly went on my knees and looked at Lucy

“All my life, I’ve never seen someone that captured my heart like you did, you make me whole Lucy and am asking you to continue making me whole forever, will you marry me Lucy?” I asked as I brought out the ring Bryan gave me

The cameras began flashing as the reporters started taking pictures

“What….what is going on?” She stuttered

“Just say yes please, we’ll take care of this later on” I whispered and she hesitated a bit

“I’ll….. I’ll marry you” she stuttered

I slipped the ring in her finger and I stood up

‘Dont do it Michael’ my subconscious mind told me but it’s already too late

I brought her closer to me and I kissed her and the reporter’s camera lights flashed like crazy as they took pictures

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I drove like a crazy person on the road

The car was at it’s highest speed and I barely avoided crashing on some cars

I got the address Isaac texted me and I saw him hiding behind a van

I quickly ran to meet him, panting

“Are you okay?” He asked and I nodded

“Then let’s go save Emily”

🎙️ Evan’s POV 🎙️

“Damn!!!” I yelled as I threw away the TV remote

“He was about to announce it, he was about to disband the music fairies, why the hell did he stop!!” I yelled

“Are you sure no one followed you when you were coming?” I asked Richard, the guy that brought back the money

“Yeah, I made sure I wasn’t followed” he said

“Then why didn’t he make the announcement!!”

There was a sudden knock on the door

“We are not expecting someone are we?” I asked and they shook there head

“Jackson and Owen, both of you should go to the basement and guard Emily, don’t come up unless I tell you to and if by any chance someone comes to the basement to try and get Emily or if Emily tries to escape, shoot her” I said and they left for the basement

I was left with Richard

“Get the door” I said to him

Richard slowly went for the door and I brought out my gun

He opened the door but no one was outside

“There’s no one here” he said and I walked to the door to have a look

“Then who knocked?” I asked

We suddenly felt a punch on our faces which left Richard and I sprawling on the floor and my gun fell from my hand

I looked up and saw Aiden with one other guy

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I quickly took the gun beside Evan and pointed it at him while Isaac beat up Evan’s partner that tried to fight

“Take me to Emily or I’ll blow out your head!” I yelled

“Calm down Aiden, let’s talk this out” Evan said as he started moving closer to me and I quickly shot the ground close to his leg and he flinched

“Stay back!” I warned “I’ll really shoot you if you try anything funny”

“Don’t shoot, don’t shoot, I’ll take you to Emily” he said

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I heard a gunshot and I flinched

“What’s happening outside, why’s there a gunshot?” I asked but the two men didn’t answer

“Please let me go guys please, I promise I’ll give you whatever amount you want, you could be your own boss, no need to be ordered around by Evan, just let me go and I’ll give you whatever you want”

One of them turned and looked at me “you stupid fool, how dare you think you can buy our loyalty” he said as he gripped my neck tightly

“Stop it Owen” the other guy said but he didn’t listen, his grip on my neck was still very tight

“You heard the gunshot Jackson, it’s seems like we’ve been found out so just let me kill her!” He said as his grip tightened and I gasped for air

“Let her go or I’ll kill your boss!” I heard someone say and he finally released his grip

I breathed heavily as he let go

It’s Aiden!
Aiden is here!!

He’s here with Isaac and he has a gun pointed at Evan

“Are you okay?” Aiden asked and I nodded

“Step away from her you too” Aiden said to the two guys standing in front of me but they didn’t move

“Do what he says, he’s really gonna kill me if you don’t” Evan said and they moved away

“Untie her Isaac” Aiden said and Isaac move towards me and started untying the rope

“Am so happy we found you Emily, you don’t know how worried I was” Isaac said as he untied me

We heard the police siren and I sighed, they police are almost here

“You called the police?!” Evan asked surprised

“Should I have called a model?” Aiden retorted

Isaac finished untying the rope and I stood up and started walking towards Aiden

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

My gun is still aimed at Evan’s head

Emily stood up from the chair she started walking towards me

Then suddenly, I saw one of the men standing beside her take a chair to hit Emily but Isaac got him on time and they began to fight

The other man brought out his gun and was about to shoot Emily

“Move away dummy!!!” I yelled as I ran to push her out of the way and bullet hit my wrist and I fell to the ground

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

“Aiden!!!” I yelled as I held him on the ground

His hand is bleeding badly

“Someone please call an ambulance!!” I cried

“Not a chance” Evan said as he took the gun Aiden dropped on the ground

“I was merciful, I was only going to kill you Emily and let Aiden live but you guys didn’t want my mercy, now am going to kill both of you” Evan said as he pointed the gun at Aiden and I while his other man pointed the gun at Isaac

“Good bye Emily” Evan said as he was about shooting the gun and I closed my eyes

“Drop your weapons!” I heard people say and I opened my eyes again

The police are here

Jason, Michael and Bryan are here too

“Aiden!!” They yelled as they all ran towards us

“He…. He got shot on the hand because of me, he’s bleeding so much please save him” I cried

“He’s gonna be fine Emily, Everything’s gonna be fine now” Jason said

“There’s no time to wait for an ambulance, get him into my car, I’ll drive him to the hospital” Bryan said

Jason and Michael lifted Aiden up and carried him out of the house

I slowly stood up as I tried to stop my hands from shivering

“Stay back!” I heard Evan yell at the policeman

His men have already been handcuffed but Evan is obviously proving stubborn

“You won’t win Emily” he said turning to me “I won’t go to prison, I won’t loose” he said as he pointed the gun at his head and shot himself

He laid lifeless on the floor as blood flowed from his head and I just stared

“Let’s leave this place Emily” Isaac said as he held my hand and dragged me out of the basement and out of the house


We sat outside the operation room waiting for the doctor come out

I stood by the door as I stared at my hands covered with Aiden’s blood

The door opened and the doctor came out

“How’s Aiden?” We asked as we rushed to meet him

“He’s fine, we removed the bullet successfully, there’s no lasting damages, though he has a fracture on his wrist but with time, it will heal” the doctor said and I sighed

Thank God

“Can we see him now?” I asked

“He’s being transferred to the VVIP room the manger requested and he’ll should be awake soon so of course you can see him” the doctor said

We thanked the doctor and we started walking to Aiden’s hospital room

Naty suddenly walked angrily into the hospital

She walked straight to me, held my hand and dragged me out of the hospital

“Where are you taking me to Naty?!”

We dragged me outside the hospital and let go of my hand

“Who the hell do you think you are Emily!!” She yelled “How could you let Aiden take a bullet for someone as worthless as you!”

“Naty please, I can’t argue right now, I don’t have the strength to”

“You don’t have the strength to argue?” She scoffed “Aiden is in the operation room battling for his life and you’re telling me you don’t have the strength to argue?!!”


“Just shut up!!! Haven’t you done enough Emily, haven’t you caused enough troubles? Since you came into our lives it’s been troubles after trouble, didn’t you stop to think once, what if the bullet had hit his heart and not his wrist, then Aiden would be dead and it will be your fault!! You love Aiden right? Well if you really love him, you’ll stay away from him cause you are a danger to him!!” Naty yelled and walked back into the hospital

I slowly sat down on the bench outside the hospital as I stared at the night sky with tears rolling down my face

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

“Will you stop treating me like am handicapped, it’s just a fracture, it’s not a big deal and I assure you I can feed myself” I said to Bryan who was forcefully trying to feed me

“It’s a big deal Aiden, you just got shot, do you know how worried all your fans are? You have millions of people worrying about you now” Bryan said and I scoffed

“Where’s Emily? Is she not back from the washroom yet?” I asked

I asked where Emily is immediately I woke up but Naty told me she went to the washroom

It’s been almost an hour now and she’s still not here

“She should be here by now” I said

“I’ll go look for her” Isaac said and walked out of the room

Moments later, the door opened and I thought it was Emily but turned out, it’s Mom!!

She looked so worried and her eyes were all red like she’s cried alot

Did she cry because of me?
For the first time in my life, is my Mom worried about me?

“We’ll give both of you some privacy” Bryan said and they all left the room

“Aiden” she called with a broken voice as she walked towards my bed

I saw a tear fall from her eyes and my heart melted

She is worried about me
For the first time ever, she’s worrying about me

I felt a kind of joy I’ve never felt before

“Mom” I called as she stood beside my bed

“I…. I really need your help Aiden, my daughter is ill, she’s got a heart disease, myocardial infarction, she needs to be operated soon or she’ll die, the cost of the surgery is too high Aiden I need your help, I’ll do whatever you want just sponser my daughter’s surgery please, I can’t loose her, if she dies I die too so help me please” she cried

I tried to blink back the tears forming in my eyes

But I can’t drive back the hurt in my heart, it really hurts

I thought she cared but I was wrong, she isn’t even bothered about me, she didn’t even ask how I ended up like this

I am the fool, to think that she cared, that was really foolish of me

“I’ll…. I’ll send some money into your account” I managed to say

“Thanks Aiden, thank you so much, please be fast with it okay? the surgery needs to be done urgently” she said as she cleaned her tears and walked out of the room

I closed my eyes to stop the tears from falling but my heart bled in pain

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I finally stood up from the seat after crying my eyes out

“Emily!” Isaac called running towards me

“Where have you been, I’ve been looking for you, why didn’t you come to see Aiden?” He asked

“Am going to see him now” I said as I walked into the hospital

I got to Aiden’s room and luckily he was alone

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I couldn’t bare to look at him with what am about to say so I just fixed my gaze on the floor

“Dummy” he called immediately I walked in and I tried hard not to run into his arms

“Where have you been?” He asked

“Am sorry Aiden, am really sorry” I apologized

“For what? And why aren’t you looking at me, you aren’t looking at my face”

“Because am afraid if I see your face now, I won’t be able to say what I came here to say”

“What do you want to say?” He asked

“Am a danger to you Aiden, I need to disappear from your side from now on”

“What nonsense are you saying?”

“Am really sorry Aiden, I’ve been a constant danger to you, bad things has always been happening since I came into your life and you almost died today, it’s all my fault, I need to stay away from you Aiden, I can’t risk you getting hurt again”

“You are kidding right?” He asked and I slowly shook my head

“No am not” I replied

“It has to be a joke!!” He yelled “My heart was already bleeding before you came and now you want to shatter it too?!! You don’t have the right to this dummy, you have no right to play with my emotions this way”

“Am sorry Aiden but this is the only way out. You don’t know how I felt when that bullet hit you, I can’t risk that again, you always seem to get hurt when am with you, you almost quitted music and you almost died, I can’t continue to put you at risk anymore”

“You are right, I took a bullet for you and I almost disbanded the music fairies for you! Do you know how hard it was making that decision? I was going to quit what I’ve been working on for the past four years for you dummy and I finally got you back but why do you have to say all this, why do you have to dissapoint me so”

“Am really sorry”

“You aren’t going back on your decision?” He asked and I slowly nodded

“Am sorry Aiden, it’s really for the best, it’s best we stay apart, then no one will ever be able to use me to hurt you again. Don’t acknowledge me whenever you see me, let’s just forget about all that happened till now” I said

“You weren’t worth it dummy, you weren’t worth all my sacrifices, leave, I don’t want to see your face” he said and I nodded

“Thanks for everything Aiden, am really grateful” I said as I slowly turned and walked out of the room

Immediately I closed the door, the tears ran down my face and I ran

I saw Jason coming and he called me but I couldn’t answer, I ran out of the hospital with tears in my eyes and I bumped into Isaac outside

“What’s wrong Emily?” He asked

“I…… I…… I…..” I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth

“It’s okay” Isaac said as he hugged me and patted my back slowly

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

The door opened and Jason came in

“I just saw Emily and she was in tear….”

“I don’t want to hear anything about her” I said

“Did something happened? You look really bad Aiden, you look hurt and….and broken” Jason said

“If only she had looked into my eyes, she’ll have seen it too but she didn’t” I said

“Are you okay Aiden?” Jason asked

“Can you get me a guitar?” I asked

“You want to play?” He asked and I nodded

“But you can’t, the doctor clearly warned you not to stress your wrist till it heals and playing guitar will be stressing it” Jason explained but I didn’t care

“Get me a guitar!!” I yelled

“Fine, have it your way then” he said as he walked out

Moments later, he came in with a guitar and handed it to me

“I want to be alone” I said and Jason went out

I tried playing the guitar

“Ouch” I yelped as I felt pain in my wrist but I continued anyway cause more than the pain on my wrist, it really hurts more inside and I need to get the pain out

“🎼 I’ve felt pain in my life so far
🎼 A fractured wrist and a broken heart
🎼 This is sure to leave a nasty scar
🎼 One that might not heal; So I said
🎼 This is the worst day of my life, it’s the worst, it’s the worst day of my life
🎼 And I don’t know how I’ll survive, it’s the worst, it’s the worst day of my life
🎼 I’ll admit it’s a struggle, finding light in the tunnel
🎼 This is the worst day of my life, it’s the worst, it’s the worst day of my life…”

…… be continued…….



Song credit; Worst day of my life by Alec Benjamin