Musical Fairytale episode 32



🎶 EPISODE 32 🎶
🎸 When words fail, Music speaks 🎸

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I woke up and slowly stood up from my bed

I checked the bedside clock, I still have like an hour before class

I bathed and dressed up, then I took my guitar and walked out of the room

I walked out of the dorm and I heard some girls talking as I walked

“The music fairies has released a new album and it’s amazing” one of the girls said

“Yeah, I listened to all the songs yesterday and it was so cool” another girl said

“My favorite among the songs is the one tittled Let Me Down Slowly, Aiden sang it with so much emotion that it always melts my heart whenever I listen to it”

“Yeah, the song was so realistic and with the backup from Jason and Michael, it was really amazing that it touched my heart Amy” the other girl said

I walked past them and I couldn’t hear them anymore

It’s been like a week since I last spoke to Aiden. We do see each other in some of the classes we have together but he always passed me by as if I don’t exist

Am grateful that he’s doing exactly what I said but….. but am not happy

I don’t like how he always ignore me, he doesn’t even call or text me anymore but I asked for it

I asked him to stay away from me and he’s doing just that so I have no right to complain

The Chancellor got us back into the competition and the second round will be holding a week from now

I’ve been spending almost all my time singing, playing the guitar and practicing with Mia and Lucy, it helps me forget how much I miss Aiden sometimes
Now I am understand why he always sing and play the guitar whenever he’s sad

“Emily!” Someone called and I immediately knew who it was


Over this past week, he’s being the one keeping me company, always accompanying me to classes and back to dorm

He’s an amazing friend and sometime I think what if I hadn’t met Aiden first? What if he was the one I met first?
Would I have loved him? Would things have been different now?

“Good morning Isaac” I greeted

“Were you going to class without me again? I told you to wait for me, I’ll always accompany you to class” he said

“Am sorry, I just didn’t want to stress you”

“You aren’t stressing me Emily I’ve already told you that, I want to do this, I love hanging out with you” Isaac said and I smiled


🎙️ Jason’s POV 🎙️

“The turnout of our new song is really great, it has more than 20 million views but most of the comments says they like Let me Down Slowly the most, they say it’s one of our best songs so far” Michael said holding an iPad

“Of course the song was amazing, it’s one of the best song Aiden ever made, right Aiden?” I asked turning to Aiden

“Am going to go get a drink” he said and walked to the kitchen

“Is Aiden going to continue being like this? I mean he hardly talks to us unless necessary” Michael said

“He’s going through a lot, give him time, he’ll be back to normal soon” I assured Michael

“I hope so” he said

“How is you and Lucy doing?” I asked

“Don’t remind me of that girl, she’s always at my neck whenever she sees, asking me to clean up all this mess I’ve caused”

“Just date her for real” I said

“What?! That’s…. that’s not possible”

“Why?” I asked

“She obviously wants nothing to do with me, I can’t force her to date me” Michael said

“But do you want to date her?”

“I…. I….. No” he stuttered and I smiled

“Don’t say anything in haste and think about it, Lucy is a great girl and you guys will make a perfect match” I said as I stood up and went to the kitchen

Aiden was standing by the cabinet and holding a drink

“Something happened that day at the hospital with you and Emily right?” I asked

“Do not speak her name!”

“Come on Aiden, what’s going on? Talk to me”

“There’s nothing to talk about” he said curtly

“The new song we just released, it’s about Emily right?” I asked

“I said do not speak her name!” He said and walked out of the kitchen

I need to do something
If Aiden is left like this, then he will never come back to his normal self

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

We finished our classes and I walked with Isaac back to the dorm

“I came back home a few days later and you needed to see how my Mom looked at me like she’s seen a ghost” Isaac said and I laughed

“You sure had a fun childhood” I said but I noticed he was staring at me

“Is there something on my face?” I asked

“I love it when you smile or laugh. Since the incident at the hospital, you lost your smile Emily, am happy I brought it back today and just like how I made you smile today, am going to make you forget about Aiden too cause I don’t want to see you crying because of him anymore” Isaac said

“No Isaac, I don’t want….”

“Emily” someone called and I turned to see Jason


“Am sorry for interrupting but can I speak with you for a moment?” He asked and I nodded

“Thanks for everything Isaac, I’ll see you tomorrow” I said and he smiled and left

“Been a long time we spoke” Jason said and I nodded

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked

“What happened that day at the hospital?”

“I don’t wanna talk about that” I replied

“You have to Emily, I need to know what happened”

“Then ask Aiden”

“I already did but he barely talk to anyone, he always lock himself up in the room most of the time, he’s not himself any more and it all started from that night at the hospital. I want to help Aiden and for that I need to know what happened” Jason said and I sighed

Aiden is suffering so much and it’s because of me

It’s probably for the best right? At least no one will ever use me to hurt him again

“Am sorry Jason, after everything that happened then, I didn’t want Aiden to get hurt again because of me so I…”

“You asked Aiden to stay away from you?” He asked and I nodded

“I suspected it, how could you do such a thing Emily, how could you?!” He said raising his voice

“It was for his own good!” I defended

“His own good?” He scoffed “You decided to hurt him for his own good? That guy cares for you Emily don’t you know? He’ll scarifice everything for you and this is how you repay him? I never expected you to behave like this Emily” He said

“I know, I know he really cares for me and will sacrifice everything for me and that’s exactly why I need to stay away from him, so that no one will ever use me to threaten him again”

“So you think you are doing the right thing? You aren’t going back on your decision even though it’s slowly killing Aiden?” He asked

“This isn’t easy for me too Jason, there’s nothing I want more than to go hug Aiden right now but I can’t, not if I want him to be safe, so stop talking as if I hurt Aiden on purpose and am enjoying it”

“It seems to me like you are really enjoying it Emily, I saw you laughing with Isaac moments ago, do you know Aiden never once smiled since that day at the hospital” Jason said

“I…. I…..” I stuttered not knowing what to say

“Am sorry but I need to go, I have to go practice with Lucy and Mia, we have a competition next week” I said as I stood up to leave

“The battle of the bands? I heard Aiden is the reason you guys got back into the competition. Don’t you think you are being ungrateful Emily, Aiden did so much for you”

“I don’t deny that Jason and you don’t know how grateful I am to Aiden but I think Aiden is okay with the way things are now, he never tried to reach me again and I think it’s for the best” I said

“You are wrong Emily, he did reached out to you, he called out to you, the whole world heard but you didn’t, you should listen to this whenever you are free” Jason said giving me an iPod

“Running from a problem doesn’t solve it Emily, it only worsen it, I hope your decision will change after listening to that” he said and walked away

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

Gosh, am so tired

I had a lot of classes today and I just finished for the day

I was going back to the dorm when I saw Micheal sitting by a tree and I walked up to him

“Why are you sitting here alone?” I asked

“Just came out to get some air” he replied

“And while you are here relaxing, people are asking me on my SNS account whether am going to give birth before the wedding or I’ll have the wedding right away, someone even asked if I’ve done a scanning on the baby to know if it’s a male or a female!”

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“Am sorry Lucy, we’ve been so busy with the new album we just released that I haven’t really come up with a way to clear everything up” Michael said

“My Dad called me again this morning, he still believes am pregnant and he’s still very angry, when you proposed back then in front of the media, you said you will sort everything out, why aren’t you doing anything now, why do I have to be the one to suffer this way?!” I yelled

“Come on Lucy, I promise I’ll do something soon and as for the proposal, I only did that to save the band from humiliation”

“Yeah and in the end am the only one being humiliated” I said

“Am sorry and I just remembered, where’s the ring I gave you that day? Bryan has been asking for it, it’s his wedding ring”

“Oh am sorry Michael, I don’t know where the ring is, it fell off my finger that day cause it was too big for it!”

“What! What am I going to tell Bryan then?!” He exclaimed

“That’s your problem to deal with, not only was the ring lame, the proposal was also lame, I just pity whoever ends up being your girlfriend” I said

“The proposal wasn’t lame” he said

“All my life, I’ve never seen someone that captured my heart like you did, you make me whole Lucy and am asking you to make me whole forever now, will you marry me Lucy?” I mimicked and he scoffed “Who says that nowadays it was so lame!”

“It was an emergency, I never planned on proposing to anyone that day!” he defended

“But at least you could have still come up with something better!” I yelled

“Are you getting angry at me right now because you didn’t like how I proposed?” He said and I huffed

“No am not, am just correcting you for whoever happens to be your girlfriend in the future. And you kissed me too? How could you just kiss me like that!!”

“I…. Well people usually kiss after a proposal” he said

“It was absolutely not necessary, you took advantage of the situation, tell me have you been longing to kiss me all this while, is that why you quickly made use of that opportunity?” I asked

🎙️ Michael’s POV 🎙️

“What!! No!” I exclaimed

This girl is going crazy

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking of this the wrong way, you do love me, that’s why you proposed to me, that’s why you kissed me” she said

“I promise you Lucy, that’s not the reason, I just did what was necessary”

“So you don’t love me, you just used me?” She asked

“No, I…. I…” I stuttered

What does she want me to say?
Oh Lord please save me from this girl

“Do you know how many people asking me for the wedding date, even forget about the wedding, it’s not a big deal, what are we gonna do when it’s nine months and I don’t have a big tummy and there’s no baby?” She asked

“We’ll just have to make one then” I said

“Make what?”

“A baby” I said as I moved closer to her “If you want we can get started right away, the apartment isn’t far from here”

“You…. you are crazy” she stuttered and quickly walked away and I sighed in relief

Thank God she left, I already got a headache from all her yelling

“But she looked kinda cute too” I said with a smile

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I went to the room and sat on my bed

I took my earphones and plugged it on the iPod, then I played the song on it

The song started and my heart skipped immediately I heard Aiden’s voice

“…. 🎼 Don’t cut me down, throw me out, leave me here to waste
🎼 I once was a man with dignity and grace
🎼 Now am slipping through the cracks of your cold embrace
🎼 So please, please
🎼 Could you find a way to let me down slowly?
🎼 A little sympathy, I hope you can show me
🎼 If you wanna go then I’ll be so lonely
🎼 If you’re leaving baby let me down slowly…”

I couldn’t bare to hear the rest the song so I took off the earphones

I cleaned the tears that rolled down my face

I made a big mistake
I only thought about myself and I didn’t care to think of the pain am making Aiden go through
Am sorry Aiden, am so sorry

I stood up from the bed took my phone and ran out of the room

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I laid on my bed with my eyes closed but I wasn’t sleeping

I tried to sleep but I couldn’t, I don’t know why

I wish I could just fall asleep cause sleeping is the only way I escape this nightmare am living

There was a knock on my door

It’s probably Jason, he’s being bothering me to know what’s wrong

I wish he’ll just let me be

He knocked again and I sighed, he just won’t let me be

I stood up to open the door and I was dumbfounded at who I saw

“What are you doing here Emily?” I asked

“You aren’t calling me dummy anymore” she said

“We aren’t close enough anymore” I replied

“Am sorry Aiden, am really sorry for everything, I was selfish and ungrateful and I only thought about myself, please forgive me”

“You are right, you are selfish, I regret ever knowing you Emily, you left me alone after promising to always stand by me, you messed up my life and left, how could you!”

“Am sorry Aiden” she said


“Aiden please”

“Leave!!” I yelled

She turned to leave but she turned back again

“Am not going anywhere, out of my foolishness I already left once, am not repeating it again, I’ll continue pleading till you forgive me” she said

“Then you are gonna be pleading forever, cause am never forgiving you. Why are you even here Emily? You wanted me to stay away and I did even though I was hurt by it, I respected your wish but why are you here to hurt me again?” I asked

“I made a foolish decision back then and I swear I regret it Aiden, I promise to always stand by you from now on, just take me back please. Am sorry for hurting you, I don’t want you to stay away from me anymore” she said as a tear rolled down her face and my heart fluttered

I moved closed to her and slowly cleaned her tears with my thumb

“Stop the tears, I hate seeing you cry” I said

“I…. I can’t stop it Aiden, am sorry” she cried and my heart melted

How are you so powerful over me Emily? How could you change my mind just with your tears

I hugged her and slowly patted her

………to be continued……..


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Song credit; Let me Down Slowly by Alec Benjamin