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Musical fairytale episode 34



🎶 EPISODE 34 🎶
🎸 When am with you, I forget the pain 🎸

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

…………. FLASHBACK…………

I was in my room when my phone beeped, it’s a message from Isaac

💬 Am outside your apartment, come out we need to talk

Why is he asking me to come out this late in the night

I stood up, wore my jacket and went outside

“Be fast with whatever you want to say, it’s pretty cold and I have to go inside soon” I said

“Do you really love Emily?” He asked

“Why are you asking?”

“Just answer me Aiden, I need to know” he said

“I do love her, with all my heart”

“Then follow me, there’s something you need to know” he said

“Follow you where?” I asked

“You’ll know soon and when we reach there just hide behind the door and don’t come inside or Naty will see you”

“Naty?” I asked surprised

“Yes, it’s time for you to know how evil she is” he said and I scoffed

“Naty isn’t evil Issac you must be mistaken, I know she’s quite unpredictable and has done some little bad things but Naty isn’t as evil as you are trying to make me believe”

“We’ll see, just do as I’ve said, you’ll hear everything yourself tonight” Isaac said


I stood transfixed and lost for words

I can’t believe this is happening, I must really be dreaming

“Aiden” Naty called as she moved closer to me “Don’t believe him Aiden, all you heard was a lie”

“Was it?” I asked

“Yes, it was a lie I swear, you’ve known me right from childhood Aiden, you know I can’t ever do such a thing” Naty said

“Am beginning to doubt if I do know you Naty”

“Come on Aiden, don’t believe Isaac it was a lie!!” She yelled

“You played me Naty, you totally deceived me”

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“No, I’ve never deceived you, never Aiden” she said as she made to hold my hand and I moved back

“Don’t touch me!!” I yelled “You knew my Dad was my only support, you knew how much I loved him yet he was dying right in front of you but you just watched, all you had to do was hand him his inhaler but you didn’t, you let him die!!” I yelled

“Come on, do you really believe that, how can you believe Isaac’s words over mine, I swear all he said isn’t true”

“Enough! You’ve fooled me enough Naty, I won’t be fooled again, you said Isaac lied? Well if he really was lying you would have defended yourself right away but you were more concerned in making sure no one heard him talking” I said and she kept silent

“All my life, I hated my Mom especially for what happened that day, Mom was in the kitchen and she didn’t care to check on Dad, if she did she’ll have known he was having an asthma attack and she would have helped him but you, you knew he had an attack, if only you came out of your hiding and gave Dad his inhaler he’ll still be alive today and I’ll still have someone to call father”

“Am sorry Aiden, forgive me, please forgive me cause I love you very much, I won’t be able to live without you” Naty pleaded in tears as she tried to hold my hand again

“Stay away from me!!” I yelled “Did you say you love me? What kind of person let’s the father of the person she loves die? Is that really love Naty?”

“I was desperate, I wanted to get you by all means, am really sorry Aiden”

“You made me do things Naty, you made me hurt Isaac who was innocent, you made me into a bad person and he lost his Mom because of me and you still had the guts to stay by my side all this time!” I yelled but she just continued weeping

“Stay away from me Naty, I don’t ever want to see you again, we are done Naty, from now on you aren’t part of my life anymore, avoid me whenever you see me cause I might just strangle you if I set my eyes on you again” I said and walked out of the place

🎙️ Isaac’s POV 🎙️

Aiden left and I was about leaving too when Naty sniffed

“I told you to keep your mouth shut Isaac, I told you I’ll kill you if you ever said any word and now cause of you, my Aiden won’t even look at me anymore” she cried

“He deserved to know the truth”

“To what extent is your foolishness Isaac?! Don’t you see, don’t you see that you just brought Aiden closer to Emily, I was the only thing holding Aiden back before but now, he’s definitely going to date her!” Naty yelled

“I know”

“If you knew why did you still went ahead and do such a thing!!”

“Because I didn’t want to become a monster like you, the heart is free Naty, we should be able to love whoever we want, we have that choice and I can’t take that choice from Emily and force myself on her, I can’t” I explained

“You are a fool, you just ruined my life Isaac cause of your stupid sentiments, watch out for me, I’ll keep to my promise, I will kill you” she said and walked away

I walked out of the piano room and I saw Aiden sitting on a bench outside

“Are you okay?” I asked as I walked up to him

“Am sorry Isaac, am sorry for everything I did to you” he apologized

“It’s okay, we were both victims of Naty” I said

“I was totally stupid Isaac, I could have chosen not to believe her but I trusted her blindly and did crazy things for her and because of that, you lost your Mom, I might not know what a Mom really stands for but I’ve heard she’s supposed to be an important person to her child, am sorry you lost her because of my stupidity”

“It’s fine, it’s Naty’s fault not yours” I said

“Why are you so good Isaac? You could have worked with Naty and separated Emily and I but you didn’t, why?” He asked

“Am not that good Aiden, I did consider working with Naty, I actually concluded that I was going to work with her but I kept thinking of Emily, I care about her happiness and am sure she won’t be happy if she’s separated from you and I didn’t want to be selfish”

“Thanks” Aiden said

“You should go to your apartment, it’s cold here” I said

“Thanks but I’ll be fine” he said and I shrugged

“I’ll be leaving then”

I walked towards my dorm but I wasn’t comfortable

My conscience kept bugging me

“Forget it Isaac, you’ve already done enough for them, you sacrificed your happiness for them, that’s enough” I said trying to convince myself but I couldn’t

I took my phone and texted Emily

💬 Aiden is probably crying out his eyes outside the piano room right now, go meet him before he freezes to death

I sighed as I sent the message, conscience cleared

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I ran out of the dorm with my phone and still struggling to wear my jacket

I got Isaac’s message and am worried sick

I ran to the piano room and I saw Aiden, head down sitting on a chair

I slowly walked up to him and I sat beside him

“Are you okay?” I asked but he didn’t reply he just turned to me and hugged me as tears flowed down his eyes

“She could have saved him Emily, she could have saved my Dad but she chosed not to and he died right in front of her” Aiden cried and I just continued to pat his back


Aiden walked me back to my dorm and he told me everything that happened

I knew Naty was not good news but I never imagined she could do such a thing

“You should go inside, it’s cold” Aiden said

“You should have let me accompany you to your apartment instead, how will I know if you really go back home now?” I asked

“I’ll be fine Emily, just go in”

“I will go inside but am going to call Jason in the next ten minutes, if he says you aren’t still at home then…”

“What will you do then?” He asked

“You wanna know?” I asked and he nodded

I slowly walked closer to him

“This” I said as I pulled his nose and he yelped

“That was not good, I just went through a heartbreak dummy now you are giving me physical pain too” he said

“Heartbreak? So you really loved Naty?” I asked

“No no, that’s not what I meant”

“That’s why you kissed her this morning right, cause you love her”

“Come on dummy, stop making stupid assumptions” Aiden said

“Then what am I supposed to think?!”

“You are the only girl I’ll ever want to kiss” Aiden said and I blushed

“Stop blushing, it makes your cheek look like tomatoes, doesn’t suit you at all” Aiden said and I hit him on the shoulder

“Ouch!” He yelled “It’s seems you’ve forgotten dummy but you just hit a big time celebrity!” He said and I smiled

“What’s with the smile?” He asked

“You’ve started calling me dummy again”

“Ohh I did? It has become a habit” he said

“It’s fine, I actually missed hearing you call me that” I said and he smiled

“It’s really late you should go to your apartment now, remember ten minutes or I’ll just cut off your nose” I said but he just kept smiling at me

“What’s it now?” I asked

“Am getting addicted to you dummy even though you drive me crazy sometimes”

“Yeah right, you are just saying this so I won’t tell you to go”

“Come on Emily, you are breaking my heart” he said faking a sad face

“If it’s just a heartbreak it’s fine since I’ll be saving you from freezing to death, now go, I’ll call in the next ten minutes” I said as I made to go inside the dorm and he held my hand and pulled me closer to him

He gave me a light kiss on the lips and moved some strands of hair from my face

“Thanks for everything Emily and goodnight” he said with a smile and walked away

……….to be continued………

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