Musical fairytale episode 35



🎶 EPISODE 35 🎶
🎸 Love / Hatred 🎸

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

Its morning and I bathed and came back to bed

I don’t have classes today so I logged into my SNS account

My followers and friends have increased alot since Michael proposed to me

I have hundreds of messages

“Wow, I might just become a celebrity at this rate”

I started checking through my messages and one of them caught my attention

💬 What about your pregnancy? It’s already 4 months gone and no bulge is seen

They were also a few more messages that talked about the pregnancy

I’ve really dragged this out for too long, it’s high time Michael cleans this mess

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I’ve had a class today and I won’t have another till evening so I went on a stroll round the school with Aiden

“This place is so beautiful, let’s take a picture” I said

“That will cost you 10 thousand dollars ma’am”

“Are you kidding me?”

“You are asking for a picture with a celebrity, of course it can’t be free” Aiden said

“Ooh, I guess I shouldn’t be talking to you then since you are celebrity cause that might cause me a fortune and poor me won’t be able to pay it” I said as I began to walk away but he held me back

“Come on dummy, I was just joking, let’s take the picture, we’ll take as many as you want” he said and tried hard not to smile

I noticed Aiden kept staring at me

“What’s it? Do I have something on my face?” I asked

“No, I just love looking at it” he replied still staring at me

Everywhere was silent and we just continued to stare at each other

He moved his face closer to mine and I knew he’s gonna kiss me again so I quickly closed my eyes

Moments passed but he didn’t kiss me and I heard him laugh and I quickly opened my eyes

“You look really funny with the way you made your lips ready for a kiss with your eyes closed” Aiden laughed

“How could you make fun of me, am going to kill you Aiden!” I yelled as I tried to hit him but he ran and I ran after him

🎙️ Michael’s POV 🎙️

I had a class this morning and I was back to the apartment when I Lucy called me to meet up

Oh God, am not really ready for a headache right now

“What’s up Lucy” I said as I walked up to him

“Nothing good Michael, it’s been 4 months already that you told everyone am pregnant now people are starting to ask like why I don’t have a bulge on my stomach, you need to tell them the truth Michael, you need to tell them all this is a lie, we aren’t really dating, that proposal was fake and am certainly not pregnant!” Lucy said and I sighed

She’s right, this has gone far enough

“But what am I going to say to them? What should I tell them?”

“Just tell them it was all a lie” Lucy said

“And if they asked why I lied for so long?”

“I don’t know, make something up” she said

“Okay, if in the end am able to come up with something and I’ve cleared all this misunderstanding, what’s gonna happen to us?” I asked

“We’ll…… we’ll have to go our separate ways, they won’t be a need for us to meet anymore”

“And you’re okay with that?”

“I….. I think so or aren’t you okay with it?” She asked and I hesitated a bit

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“Of course am okay with it, you’ve already given me enough headache as it” I said

“So what are you gonna do?” She asked

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it, I’ll call for an interview but I need to talk to Bryan first and I’ll get back to you”

“Thanks Michael, I’ll leave now” she said as she began to walk away

“Lucy” I called and she turned back

“Have you had lunch?” I asked

“I think it’s a bit too early for lunch” she replied

“Then just eat with me, there’s a good eatery nearby and am famished” I said

“Sure, let’s go then”

🎙️ Naty’s POV 🎙️

“You aren’t going for classes again today?” Nicole asked and I nodded

“Come on Naty, you can’t continue like this, you have a life to live” Nicole said

“My life is Aiden and he’s gone”

“So you are just going to continue like this?” Nicole asked

“My life is meaningless right now Nicole, I’ve loved Aiden all my life and it took me alot before I finally got him to date me but now I’ve lost him. I can’t ever let someone else have Aiden, he is for me and me alone, no one else, if I can’t have Aiden then no one will have him”

“So what are you planning to do?”

“Before I do anything to them, I have a promise I must fulfill, someone I must kill” I said

“What do you mean kill Naty, you can’t be serious” Nicole said

“Let me be Nicole, I want to be alone” I said as I laid down and and closed my eyes

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

We sat on a bench panting

“Were you an athlete in your highschool days? Cause you definitely run like one” Emily said

“Told you am good at many things” I said and she smiled

“Are you thirsty?” I asked


“Then let’s go get something to drink” I said standing up

“A perfect gentleman will tell the lady to wait while he go get the drinks” Emily said as she stood up too

“Ohh am not a gentleman so let’s go together, I don’t wanna leave you here alone, who knows what kind of guy will make advances towards you if I leave you here alone”

“Look who’s been overprotective” she said with a smile

“It’s your fault that I have to be this protective”

“My fault? How?”

“You are too pretty and am sure lots of guys have eyes for you” I said

“Oh so it’s now my fault that am pretty?” she asked wide-eyed

“Yes it is, sometimes I wish there’s a way I could cover up your face to keep people from staring”

“You are so unpredictable Aiden” Emily said shaking his head

My phone ranged and it was a call from Bryan

“What’s it Bryan?”

🗨️ “Are you watching the CelebNews right now?”

“No am not, why?”

🗨️ “There’s a video of an interview your Mom did thats going viral, you should watch it”

I ended the call and I quickly went to the news site Bryan called

“Is there something wrong?” Emily asked

“I don’t know yet”

I got the site, saw the video and I played it

And what the hell is my Mom doing on the news?

“Is that not your Mom?” Emily asked and I nodded

What’s this woman up to now

🎤”My name is Laura and I am Aiden’s mother. You all know Aiden as the lead singer of the music fairies but I know him as an unfilial son and am here today to reveal Aiden’s true self” Mom said

🎤”How has Aiden proven to be an unfilial son?” The news anchor asked

🎤”At first, Aiden denied me to the world and he made everyone believe that his own mother is dead. All this while I’ve been leading a poor life while my own son who is a very popular celebrity lead a life of luxury forgetting his mother”

🎤”Why did Aiden do such a thing?” The anchor asked

🎤”Aiden has never loved nor care for me, when his father died he totally left me behind, he didn’t care for me nor his half sister” Mom said

🎤”Aiden has a half sister?”

🎤”Yes, and she’s currently in the hospital battling for her life and her brother hasn’t visited her even once. My daughter has a heart disease known as myocardial infarction, I begged Aiden to help me with the surgery fees and he did send money but it was barely enough, my daughter’s surgery has been done but there’s still lots of hospital fees that’s still unpaid but Aiden doesn’t care, he doesn’t even care about his own mother talkless of a half sister”

I turned off the phone frustrated

“This absurd! What on Earth is this woman trying to achieve! Why the hell does she hate me so much!!” I yelled

“Calm down Aiden” Emily said

I began to walk away and Emily held my hand

“Where are you going?” Emily asked

“To meet the woman that claims to be my mother and ask her what I’ve ever done to deserve so much hatred from her”

“Then take me with you, let me go with you” Emily said

…………to be continued………..