Musical fairytale episode 36



🎢 EPISODE 36 🎢
🎸 A mother’s hug lasts long after she let goes 🎸

πŸŽ™οΈ Aiden’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I took my car and drove to the hospital Mom’s daughter was admitted in

“You’ll have to calm down Aiden, don’t do anything rash when we get there and let me do the talking” Emily said but I didn’t answer her

I just focused on the road

We got to the hospital and we walked to the reception area

“Please we are looking for a woman…” Emily was saying

“You mean Aiden’s Mom?” The receptionist asked looking at me and I nodded

“She’s expecting you, come with me” she said and we followed her to a garden beside the hospital

“There she is” she said pointing at Mom who was just standing and staring at the flowers

The receptionist went away while Emily and I walked up to Mom

“Good day ma’am, my name is Emily, Aiden’s friend” Emily introduced but Mom ignored her and faced me

“I knew you will come Aiden, like a begger grovelling at my feet just for me to retract the words I said to the media” Mom said

“I didn’t come to beg, I’d rather die than beg a hideous monster like you”

“Leave then” she said

“With all due respect ma’am…” Emily was saying but I interrupted her

“Stop talking to her with respect Emily, she doesn’t deserve that!”

“Calm down and let me do the talking please” she said calmly and I sighed

“Why did you do such a thing? Why did you tell the media such lies?” Emily asked facing Mom

“Because I hate him” Mom said

“I assure you mother, I feel the same towards you” I said

“Aiden!” Emily called

“Let me be Emily, I can’t just keep quiet I need to talk”

“There’s no point in saying anything, I won’t be retracting my statements to the media” Mom said

“You said you did this because you hate me but that’s not a new thing, you’ve hated me since the day I was born now tell me, why the hell did you do this?!” I yelled

“I was starting to get tired of the way people loved and praised you to be the perfect celebrity, it was sickening” she said

“So you did this?” I scoffed “What have I ever done to you mother, why do you hate me so much? Why do you hate seeing your own son prosper?”

“You think you are suffering? Well it’s nothing compared to what I’ve went through Aiden” Mom said

“And what would that be? Hours in bed with different men everyday offering yourself to them like a cheap thing!” I yelled and a slap landed on my face, Mom slapped me

“You know absolutely nothing and all you do is rant about like a little baby yearning for my attention!”

“You said I know nothing? Well by all means enlighten me, what is it that I do not know, what justification could you possibly have for being the worst mother the world has ever known” I said

“I was once like you Aiden, very young, eager, inquisitive, innocent and ambitious but everything was taken from me the day I was forced to marry your father at a young age!”

“Forced?” I scoffed “From what I heard you married Dad cause of his money”

“That was not what happened Aiden, I was forced. I was just 18, my Dad’s company was going bankrupt we needed a meager with your father’s company to save my family and what better way to merge families together than marriage” Mom said

“Oh so you rushed into a marriage with my Dad but later got tired of him so you now went out with any man you came across?” I said and Emily held my hand and shook her head

“Will you just shut up and listen Aiden?! Your rudeness is starting to get on my nerves, you wanted to know why I don’t care for you so listen” she said and I kept quiet

“I didn’t agree to the marriage cause I…. I had my own dreams, I wanted to become a model you see but my Dad forced me and in the end I got married to your Dad, I was just 18 and your Dad was 39! He was more than twice of my age and we didn’t match at all, we never did. I grew tired of him, wanted to go out and achieve my own dreams which was to be a model but alas, I found out I was pregnant with you and no company was willing to accept a pregnant model so that was first thing you did while growing in my belly, you robbed me off my dream”

“So you blame me for your unfulfilled dreams? That’s so pathetic mother” I said

“I was devastated Aiden, wanted to take you out of me to fulfill me dream, I took some drugs to flushed you out but when I woke, I was in a hospital which your dad brought me to and you were still growing in my belly, refusing to die! But that wasn’t the most annoying part, I was locked at home after that, your Dad never let me out of his sight cause he was afraid I’ll tried to kill you again and while he was distracted with keeping you safe, his company was slowly going bankrupt too, what I sacrificed my life for went bankrupt and it was all because of you, you were a bad omen even before you were born” Mom said and I scoffed


“The companies slowly went down and I gave birth to you, when I first saw you, when I held you in my hands, instead of joy what I felt was pure hatred cause your coming took everything away from me. Your Dad ended up with asthma and the young me was left to look after you and your Dad and I tell you Aiden it was no easy task. Seeing my mates out pursuing their dreams while I was stuck with a baby and an asthmatic old man. Years passed by and you slowly grew and so did my hatred for you and your Dad cause you both took everything away from me. I grew tired and then I decided, since I can’t go back to being a model cause am not as young and pretty as I used to be, I may as well enjoy what’s left of my youth, I deserve some happiness after all” she said with a smile

“I get it that you suffered ma’am but this is no justification for how you’ve hurt Aiden” Emily said

“I hate him and yes I went to the media cause of money, you see I didn’t lie about my daughter, the money you sent wasn’t enough Aiden”

“But you could’ve just asked like you always do, even though you definitely do not deserve it I always give you what you want whenever you asked for it so why all this drama now?” I asked

“Cause am tired Aiden, how long am I going to continue asking and begging from you? The very sight of your face disgust me Aiden cause when I see you I see all I’ve lost, so I decided to take matters into my owns hand, if I go to the media and tell them a little story, you’ll be left with two options, either you start sending me daily allowances to prove to the media that you are caring to me and your half sister or you get your reputation ruined forever, either way is fine by me”

“I don’t even know what to say anymore mother, why are you bent on always breaking my heart, you’ve broken me over and over again but is that not enough for you? Now you are trying to rob me of the one thing that always healed me when am broken, just when will you be satisfied with the pain you’ve already caused me mother when?!!” I yelled

πŸŽ™οΈ Emily’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

“You should stay calm Aiden, go to the car, I’ll meet up with you soon” I said

“Am not going anywhere, am not leaving you alone with this hideous woman!”

“Aiden please!”

“Fine but do not keep me waiting” he said and walked away and then I turned to Aiden’s Mom

“I still can’t believe you are doing this to your own son just because of money” I said

“Don’t judge me girl, you have no idea what I’ve been through”

“But he’s your own son, someone you carried for nine months, your own flesh and blood, why do you hate him so much?”

“Am sure you aren’t deaf cause I can clearly remember stating my reasons few minutes ago” she said and I chuckled

“Now I see where Aiden gets the rudeness from, since you are going to be rude then forgive me for dropping all courtesies, I won’t speak with respect from now on”

“Suite yourself, I don’t give a damn” she said and I smiled

“You claim Aiden is the reason of all the misfortune that befell you but all I see is a depraved woman trying to unleash all her anger on anyone she can find cause no reasonable human will blame her unborn child for her failed dreams”

“You little wench, you do have some guts” she said

“My name is Emily not little wench”

“Well Emily, why are you so interested in Aiden’s personal business?” She asked

“When I first met Aiden, he was the rudest and most obnoxious person I’ve ever known, I actually despised him at first but I slowly got to know him and I got to know the kind of person he is. He is kind, amazing, dependable and innocent, despite all the scars you gave him, he still managed to grow up into a fine young man. He has already suffered alot in your hand and I won’t let him suffer anymore”

“You call what Aiden is going through suffering? I went through a lot more”

“I still don’t know how you find it rational to blame Aiden for all your misfortunes. Please answer my questions sincerely, was it Aiden that forced you into marrying his Dad?” I asked and she kept quiet

“Was it Aiden that made you get pregnant with him which made your modelling company to reject you? Was it Aiden that made your husband’s company fail even though he was still in your stomach? Was it Aiden that caused his dad’s asthma? Answer me please” I said but she kept quiet still

“All that happened was circumstances but you blame Aiden for everything when he was actually the victim of all this, because of your low sense of reasoning you denied Aiden of a mother’s love while growing up and you and I know how important that is for a child”

“What’s your point? Are you trying to make me feel guilty?” She asked

“Again, you try to blame things on people, am not trying to make you feel guilty but you already feel guilty, we all have a conscience after all”

“I don’t care what you say Emily, my 4 year old daughter is currently in the hospital room fighting for her life and I will do anything and everything to ensure her wellbeing” she said

“And when she’s finally well what will you teach her? If something bad happens to you don’t work it out yourself blame it to an innocent person and hate that person, is that what you will teach her? And what will you tell her when she asks about Aiden one day? Am sorry dear but your half brother was the cause of all the bad things that happened to me even though I haven’t given birth to him then, is that what you will say too? Does that even makes sense to you cause it doesn’t to me”

“You talk as if Aiden is the only one that went through pain, even my daughter is in pain right now…”

“But at least she has her mother to support her!!” I yelled “Aiden never had any of that”

“He doesn’t need it, he’s just too arrogant” she said

“And who did he take that arrogance from?” I asked “You know nothing about Aiden, he is more than you could ever be, you crumbled in hardships and look for people to blame for your misfortunes but he endured and worked hard and he succeeded, that’s the difference between you and your son”

“Enough of this talks, am going back to the hospital room to stay with my daughter” she said as she turned to leave but I stopped her

“All you’ve been saying is your daughter, your daughter but isn’t Aiden your son too? Didn’t you give birth to him just like you gave birth to that daughter of yours? Inspite of all the things you’ve done to Aiden, all the hurts you caused him, he never once refused you whenever you come asking for help and this is how you repay him?” I asked and she kept silent

“If at all you still have a shred of conscience left, you will clean up this mess you caused. I’ll take my leave now and I’ll make sure to pray for you and your daughter, I’ll pray to God to give you wisdom cause it’s obvious you are lacking it and I’ll also pray to God that your daughter shouldn’t grow up to be like you, one that seeks the downfall of her own son” I said and began walking away but I stop and turned back

“For your daughter’s sake I hope you stop this madness” I said and finally walked away, back to Aiden’s car

“Took you long enough” he said as he started the car and drove off

He drove straight to their apartment but it seems no one was in

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“I guess Bryan is still at the office trying to solve this mess my own mother caused” Aiden said as he sat on the couch

“Hey” I said as I sat beside him and held his hand “it’s gonna be alright, everything will be fine”

He smiled as he stared at me

“What’s it now?” I asked

“When you asked me to go wait in the car, I didn’t, I hid around and I heard everything you told my mother” he said and I was surprised

“Aiden! Why didn’t you leave? I…. I really spoke rudely to your mother”

“Come on Emily you didn’t do anything bad, she totally deserve that and more” he said and I smiled

“Thanks for standing by me Emily, it really meant a lot” Aiden said

“I will always stand by you Aiden” I said and he kept quiet for some moments

“You are staring at me again” I said

“You are eye’s are so enchanting Emily and your voice so intoxicating, when am with you I seem to forget about everything else, it seems this rude brat has fallen for you Emily, I love you with all my heart” Aiden said and then kissed me…

πŸŽ™οΈ Lucy’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

I took my phone and purse as I walked out of the dorm

Michael asked to meet up

“Have you talked with Bryan?” I asked as I sat beside him

“You didn’t even greet, are you that eager to get separated from me?” He asked

“I really don’t have the strength to start arguing with you Michael, I just came back from classes and am pretty tired so just answer me”

“Well, I spoke with Bryan and he’ll be organising an interview for us in the next two days, we’ll reveal everything there, that none of this is real” he said

“Okay, till then” I said as I stood up

“After we’ve revealed everything what then, what about us?” He asked

“Us is a lie Michael, a lie started our relationship and when that lie is gone, I guess our relationship will be too” I said but I felt kinda bad

“And that’s what you want?” He asked

“I….. We need to clean up this mess Michael, we can’t postpone it any longer”

“Yeah, you are probably right, see you on the day of the interview then” he said as he walked away

He looked sad

πŸŽ™οΈ Aiden’s POV πŸŽ™οΈ

Days passed and the scandal grew stronger

Aiden is disrespectful
Aiden is a bad son
Aiden is rude
Aiden has no human feelings
Aiden is a brat
Aiden should be punished
Aiden this, Aiden that

I’ve heard a lot of bad comments about me but there is one positive thing in all this, Emily is always by my side

“Change the channel Michael, you are past the age of watching cartoons” Jason said

“You might know Jason but cartoons are the perfect remedy for a grieving heart” Michael said

“And is your heart grieving?” I asked

“You won’t understand, just change it, I’ll continue the cartoon on my phone” Michael said and he gave the TV remote to Jason who changed it to a news channel

Mom was on the news again

What the hell is she up to again?!!

πŸ–₯️ “Am here to retract everything I said before, they were all false, I lied and am sorry about that. I painted Aiden as a bad son whereas I was actually the bad mother. Aiden has always helped me even though I’ve hated him my whole life and blamed him for the things that werent his fault at all. I lied against my own son for my selfish gains and am sorry about that. Since I’ll be leaving soon and I won’t have a chance to meet you again Aiden, I’ll like to apologise in front of everyone, am sorry for all the pain I’ve caused you, I know you can’t ever forgive me so I won’t ask for forgiveness, I just wanted you to know that I deeply regret everything” Mom said

My phone rang and it was Emily

πŸ—¨οΈ Come meet me outside the girls dorm and come with your car

I took my car keys and drove to the front of the girls dorm and Emily got in

“Did you watch the news?” She asked

“Yes, why did she suddenly change? That was the first time she has ever said kind words about me”

“On the news, she said she’s leaving, I figured you should see her before she leaves and maybe you can ask her yourself why she suddenly changed and how what she said on the news meant a lot to you” she said and I nodded

I started the car and drove straight to the hospital

We went to the receptionist and asked about Mom

“Her daughter has been discharged and they left for the airport some minutes ago”

Emily and I quickly ran back to the car and I drove to the airport

We got there and there were lots of people around

How are we ever going to find her

Where are you mother? I need to see you before you leave

“There she is” Emily said pointing to the right and I saw her
She’s holding a little girl, probably her daughter and we ran up to her

“Aiden, what are you guys doing here?” She asked as she saw us

“Were you really just going to leave? You said you regret everything you did but your pride couldn’t let you apologise to my face?” I asked

“It’s not pride Aiden it’s shame, I couldn’t bring myself to come see you but I really do regret everything, am sorry” she apologized

“Why now? What changed?”

“My heart changed, after you guys visit to the hospital, I couldn’t get Emily’s word out of my head and then my baby woke up and she asked about you, she said she heard the other patients saying you were her brother, she asked me what kind of person you are and I realized that I don’t know because I never cared to know. Am sorry Aiden, I was blinded with grief and anger cause I wasn’t able to fulfill my dreams and I blamed everything on you cause you were the outcome of the marriage I was forced into, am really sorry” she said with tears in her eyes and I moved closer to her and hugged her as a tear rolled down my face

I moved back and squated in front of Mom’s daughter, my half sister

“What’s your name sweetheart?” I asked

“Amanda” she replied in a small cute voice

“Hi Amanda, my name is Aiden your brother”

“I know, you are very popular, you are a Musician and everyone talks about you” she said and I smiled

“And you very smart Amanda”

“Mom is taking me to Chicago, will you be able to visit us there?” She asked

“I will Amanda, I promise” I said and she smiled

The plane for Chicago was announced to be leaving soon and they had to go

I kissed Amanda on the forehead
“Be a good girl and obey your Mom okay?” I said and she nodded

I stood up and faced mother

“I forgive you mother” I said and she hugged me

“Thanks” she said

“I’ll make sure to be sending some money to you frequently” I said

“No you don’t need to Aiden, I’ve already taken much from you” she said

“I insist Mom, use it to take care of Amanda” I said and she smiled

“Be careful, don’t get hurt, and it’s getting colder here in New York so make sure you always were thick clothes and stay safe my boy” she said as she hugged me again and I tried to fight back the tears

I’ve waited all my life to receive this kind of affection from my Mom and now my dream is finally coming true

“Thanks for everything Emily” Mom said turning to Emily “Without your words, I don’t think I’ll have realized the errors of my ways”

“You are welcome ma’am” Emily said

“Come on, you can call me Mom, that’s if you want”

“Of course, thank you…. Mom” Emily said with a smile

It was time for them to go and we bade them farewell

For the first time in years, my heart feels so light and free

I held Emily’s hand

“I love you Emily” I said

“I love you too Aiden” she replied

……….to be continued……….