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Musical fairytale episode 38



🎶 EPISODE 38 🎶
🎸 Love is magical 💫 🎸

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

I paced outside the operation room with an anxious heart

Emily is currently being operated on

Everyone is here; Isaac, Bryan, Jason, Michael, Mia and Lucy

Lucy had being out of control when she came but Michael calmed her down

I continued pacing as I looked at the blood stains on my shirt and my hands, Emily’s blood

Be safe for me Emily, please

The door suddenly opened and the doctor came out and we all rushed to him

“How’s she?” I asked

“Emily had a pretty nasty fall, an x-ray has been done and she had a crack on her cranium, her nervous system is all messed up, she bled a lot, her red blood cells count are low…..”

“Will you just get straight to the point!!” I yelled at the doctor

“We stitched up all the injuries and we did what we can but Emily is in a state of coma” the doctor said


“We have no idea when she’ll wake up, she might wake up tomorrow or next week or next month or next year and there’s even chance that she might never wake up at all” the doctor said

“This must be a joke” I said “You guys are supposed to be doctors, you are supposed to heal her!!”

“We tried our best” he said

“Well your best wasn’t enough!!!” I yelled and Bryan quickly held me

“Hey, look at me Aiden, I know you are hurt and you have a really bad temper but yelling at the doctor won’t help Emily recover any faster!” Bryan said and I calmed down a bit

“Can we see her?” Isaac asked

“Not yet, my assistant is still stitching up her minor wounds but you should be able to see her when she is transferred to the intensive care unit” the doctor said and left

I knelt on the floor as I tried to hold back the tears that were fighting their way into my eyes

Emily is in a coma
Oh God, please save her

This is Naty’s fault, she did this

I stood up with anger and started walking out but Bryan held me again

“Where are you going?” He asked

“To end the devil that did this to Emily, am going to make her pay dearly” I replied

“I can’t let you go anywhere Aiden, not like this, you are obviously not in your right state of mind” Bryan said

“I assure you Bryan, am in the right state of mind and my thinking couldn’t be more clear, am going to kill Naty, she needs to pay for everything she’s done”

“And how will you find her?” He asked

“I’ll call her, if I call her she will meet up with me now get out of my way!” I said as I pushed Bryan aside

“Stop this Aiden” Jason said as he held my arm back

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“I can’t just stay put and do nothing while the person that did this to Emily runs freely!” I said

“She won’t” Bryan said as he came back to my front

“I’ll go find out where she is right now and she will be arrested” Bryan said and I sighed

“Let’s go Jason, I’ll need someone to go with me” Bryan said

“Then let me go with you!” I said

“You will stay here Aiden and you won’t do anything other than staying at Emily’s side. I need someone with a clear mind to follow me and it’s quite obvious it’s only Jason that has that right now. Let’s go Jason” Bryan said to Jason and they left

I slowly turned back and found my way to the washroom in the hospital

I stared at myself in the mirror

Emily’s blood is all over me

I put my hand on the wash basin and on the tap as I tried to get the blood of my hands

Emily is there fighting for her life and there’s nothing I can do to help her

I feel so helpless and it’s so annoying

“Ahhhh!!!” I yelled as I threw a punch on the mirror thereby cracking the mirror and tearing my hand

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

I sat on a chair alone in the hospital’s reception

Emily has come to mean so much to me, we’ve gotten so close and I was so happy when we were among those that qualified for the last round of battle of the bands, Mia and I ran out of the building looking for her but we only found her unconscious body

Please wake up Emily please; I cried


I looked up to see Michael, he was handing out a handkerchief to me

“Thanks” I said as I collected it and used it to clean my tears
And he sat beside me

“You can continue crying, I won’t stop you just feel free and think as if am not here” Michael said

I tried to hold back my tears, it’s embarrassing for him to see me cry but I couldn’t hold it back anymore and I burst into tears

Michael moved closer to me and hugged me

“Emily will wake up soon” he said

🎙️ Isaac’s POV 🎙️

I went outside the hospital for a bit and came back but I only met Mia sitting alone

She had her face covered with her palms

“Where’s everyone?” I asked and she looked up at me

Her eyes looks so puffy, she’s been crying

“I don’t know, look around am sure you’ll find them” she said and placed her head back on her palms

I was about leaving but I turned back

“Emily will be fine, she’s a strong girl” I said and she nodded

I wanted to leave but I decided not to and I just sat by her side…….

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

Emily was moved to a VVIP room on my request and we are allowed to see her now

I sat beside her bed with tears in my eyes

She looks so peaceful but pale

She has a big bandage around her head and her face is all swollen

You shouldn’t have to pushed me out of the road Emily, it would have been better if the car had hit me cause I can’t bear to see you like this

The door opened and I turned to see who it was

Emily’s parents and her brother, Kevin

“Oh my God! Emmy!!” Her Mom exclaimed as she ran to Emily’s bed

I stood up and walked up to Emily’s Dad

“Am sorry I didn’t call to inform you” I apologized

“It’s fine, we watched the news and we came to New York as fast as we could, how’s my Princess?” he asked

“She’s in a coma, the doctors have no idea when she’ll wake up” I replied and he sighed sadly

“Am sorry I wasn’t able to protect her” I apologized

“Do you know who did this to Emmy?” Kevin asked and I nodded

“Then what are we waiting for here, let’s go find her, she has to pay for this!!” Kevin yelled

“There are already many people looking for her and am sure she’ll be found soon” Michael who has been silent all this while said

“You aren’t supposed to be sitting here, you are supposed to be looking for her too Aiden, I never knew you were such a coward!!” Kevin yelled

“Stop this nonsense Kevin” his Mom said but he just kept staring at me

“I won’t ever forgive you if anything happens to Emmy” he said and walked out


Minutes turned to hour, hours turned to day and days turned turned to weeks

It’s been two weeks already but Emily still hasn’t woken up

I hardly leave her side unless am going to the apartment to just freshen up

Naty has been arrested, Bryan and Jason were able to track down Naty with the license number of the car she hit Emily with and now she’s been thrown into a jail to rot!

Emily’s Mom has been the one staying overnight with Emily all this while but last night, I convinced her to go along with Dad and Kevin to a hotel suite I lodged for them

I checked my time, it’s just a few minutes before 7am

I sighed as I stared at Emily

Please wake up, you’ve stayed unconscious for too long

I can’t loose you Emily, if I do I won’t ever be able to love again

“Please save her God, please!” I prayed

I brought my guitar with me so I took it and decided to play

“🎼 Yelling at the sky
🎼 Screaming at the world
🎼 Baby why’d you go away, Am still your man
🎼 Holding on too tight
🎼 Head up in the clouds
🎼 Heaven only knows, Where you are now
🎼 How do I love? How do I love again?
🎼 How do I trust? How do I trust again?…”

“So touching” I heard someone say and I quickly looked at Emily

She’s awake!!

“Emily!” I called as I quickly moved closer to her

“Miss me?” She asked with a smile and I hugged her with tears in my eyes

……… be continued………..


Song credit; Dancing with your ghost by Sasha Sloan

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