Musical fairytale episode 39 – end



🎶 EPISODE 39 🎶
🎸 Life is a song, Love is the music 🎸

🎙️ Aiden’s POV 🎙️

“How are you feeling?” The doctor asked Emily

“Am good” she replied

“You aren’t feeling any pain anywhere?” The doctor asked

“Just my head”

“Well that’s expected considering the fact that you cracked your cranium” the doctor said and then turned to me

“I told you she could wake up at anytime, I guess your prayers were answered early” he said

“Yeah thank you so much doctor” I said

“We’ll continue to monitor her to see how fast she’s recovering meanwhile she should rest alot and there should be no source of any loud noise near her” the doctor said and left

“Am so happy you are awake Emily” I said as I sat beside her “I’ve called your parents and also your friends, they’ll be here soon”

“Thanks” she said with a smile

“Why did you do that Emily, why did you push me out of the road and got yourself knocked down instead of me?”

“It was just instinct, I didn’t want to see you get hurt” she said

“And did you think I’d like to see you get hurt? I almost went crazy Emily, I don’t know what I’ll have done if I loosed you”

“But you didn’t, am here now and am never leaving you again” she said and I held her hand

“Promise?” I asked

“Promise” she said with a smile

“Now, please tell me Naty has been arrested” she said and I smiled

“Yes, she was taken to court, charged with attempted murder and she was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment”

“Wow, 30 years is a really long time” she said

“Yeah, I told the lawyer to get her the maximum punishment possible” I said

“Well, I guess she really deserves it”

“Emmy!!” Kevin yelled as he ran into the room to hug Emily while his parents followed from behind

“Careful Kevin, do not hurt your sister” Emily’s Dad said

“You gave me such a scare Emmy, thank God you are awake now” Emily’s Mom said

“Are you totally fine princess? Do you feel any pain anywhere?” Emily’s Dad asked

“Am fine everyone, am totally fine” Emily said

“Have you eaten?” Her Mom asked and she shook her head

“I’ll go get something for you then” she said

“No let me go get some food for her” I said

“I’ll go with you” Kevin said and I nodded

We went out of the hospital to the restaurant nearby to order some food

“Am sorry I shouted at you the first day I came” Kevin said

“It’s okay, you were just being worried about your sister and that’s what a brother does”

“You really like Emmy don’t you?” He asked

“I love her” I replied

“Emmy is a great girl, you are really lucky to have her and if she ever gets hurt on your watch again, I’ll never forgive you”

“I’ll always protect her Kevin” I said with a smile

“And don’t tell her I told you this, if you do I’ll kill you” he said and I laughed

“I guess I’ll have to keep my mouth shut then, that’s if I want to keep breathing” I said

“Are you still gay?” I asked

“I would’ve been but Mom has washed the gay out of me, after you guys left that day you need to see the prayer session she organized cause of me and she didn’t allow me to have any close male friends again” he said

“So you like girls now?”

“Yeah and I just realized what I’ve been missing, I mean girls are amazing”

“What do you mean girls are amazing? And what have you been missing in girls?” I asked

“No no, it’s not what you are thinking Aiden, I’ve only kissed a girl nothing else”

“Kissed? How many girls have you kissed then?” I asked

“Come on Aiden, I don’t just kiss any girl, only my girlfriend”

“So you already have a girlfriend?” I asked wide-eyed

“Well, no girl can resist this charming face of mine” he said with a smile and I scoffed

“And don’t tell Mom and Dad that I have a girlfriend, especially Mom, she thinks am too young for it” he said

“She might be right, you are just 15 and am already seeing a player in you”

“Just don’t tell them, you’ll be my brother in-law soon, it’s only normal for us to have some secrets between” he said and I smiled

“Fine, I won’t tell anyone”

“And be fast and propose to Emmy, in case you don’t know, you aren’t the only one that finds her beautiful, there are other guys out to get her so hurry and put a ring on her finger cause I’ve already told you my secret so I’ll only accept you as my brother in-law” Kevin said

“Thanks for the advice Kevin” I said with a smile

🎙️ Isaac’s POV 🎙️

I took a cab straight to the hospital after I finished my class

I still have another class soon but I just need to quickly check on Emmy
Aiden had called me that she is awake

I got to the hospital and I went to the room she was hospitalized in

Her parents were already there and I greeted them

“Am so glad you are awake Emmy” I said as I hugged her briefly

“Thanks Isaac” she said

“How are you feeling?”

“Definitely better than yesterday” she said with a smile

“Where’s Aiden?” I asked

“He went out with Kevin to get some food for Emily” her Mom replied

“Okay, well I have to leave now, I only managed to squeeze out time to check you when I heard you’ve woken but I must leave now cause I have a class”

“Okay, I guess you have to go since you have a class” she said sadly

“Don’t worry Emmy, I’ll come back to check on you in the evening” I said and she smiled

I walked out of the room and I met Mia outside the hospital, coming down from a cab

“You went to see Emmy?” She asked

“Yeah, where’s is your other friend, Lucy?” I asked

“She’s not done with her classes yet but she’ll be here soon. I just finished my classes and I rushed here immediately, am just so overjoyed that Emmy is awake” she said with a smile

“Yeah, am happy too, lemme not keep you from seeing Emmy then” I said as I moved a bit backwards making way for her to pass

She smiled and began to walk away

“Mia” I called and she looked back

“Smiling suits you much better than crying” I said and she laughed

“I’ll take that as a compliment” she said

“It’s is a compliment, you look beautiful when you smile, am not saying you aren’t beautiful without smiling am just saying smiling makes you more beautiful” I said hastily

What the hell is wrong with you Isaac!

“Well, thank you Isaac” she said with a smile and began walking away

“Well done Isaac, she probably thinks you are weird now” I said to myself

“Isaac” I heard Mia called and I turned back

“You look great too” she said and left

“Yes!!” I said bumping a fist in the air

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

I finished my classes and I quickly rushed out

I should go to the hospital immediately to see Emmy

I got to the roadside and I tried to stop a cab but there was barely any cab

“Stupid cabs, you hardly see them when you need them” I sighed

A car stopped in front of me


“You are going to see Emily right? Am going there too so we can go together?” he asked

“No, you can go, I’ll take a cab” I said and I walked away

I should stop getting close to Michael, there’s nothing between us now, staying close to him will only get things more complicated

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Someone grabbed my hand from behind and I quickly turned back

“What are you doing Michael, let go of my hand!”

“I can’t” he said “I can’t let go of your hand neither can I let you go, I’ve tried my best but am unable to let you go” he said

“What are you saying?!”

“I don’t know! I have no idea what am saying cause am not able to think clearly when am beside you, whenever am with you all I can think of is how much I want you to stay by my side forever, I think I’ve fallen in love with you Lucy” Michael said and I was taken aback

“You love me?” I asked surprised

“Yes, yes I do and it’s not fake this time, what I feel for you is very much real Lucy and I really wish you feel the same”

“I…. I do feel the same way you do” I managed to say

“Really?” He asked and I nodded

“I’ve tried to ward it off or keep it hidden but it’s obviously not work…” I was cut short as Michael kissed me

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

It’s been a week since I woke and I’ll be getting discharged today

Mom, Dad and Kevin have gone back to Georgia after I spent hours convincing them that am really fine now

Mia, Lucy, Isaac and Aiden are here with me

“Thank God you are getting discharged today Emmy cause last round of battle of the bands is 3 days from now” Mia said

“Yeah and we can’t compete if we aren’t complete” Lucy said

“Of course we’ll compete, this is the last round, there’s actually a chance for us to win” I said

“And if we win the school will sponser our band and we could become just as famous as the music fairies” Mia said and I smiled

“Well sorry to burst your little fantasy girls but Emily won’t be competing” Aiden said

“Why won’t I be competing?” I asked

“Maybe you’ve forgotten Emily but you cracked your cranium and it hasn’t completely healed, the doctor sternly told you to stay away from from places with loud noise and now you’re saying you want to go to a music competition where everywhere is booming with music on speakers!” Aiden said

“But I can’t just give this up, I’ve worked hard for this Aiden, we all have and I can’t just let it go”

“I can’t allow you to go too, it’s too risky” he said

“Well am not asking for your permission” I said

“Come on dummy….”

“And he’s back to calling me dummy again” I said interrupting him

“Well you were behaving like one” he said

“Okay, keep on calling me dummy, rude brat!” I said and he shook his head

“All I know is you aren’t going anywhere, I care for you too much to allow you to take that risk”

“Oh Aiden, please” I said

“I promised your parents I’ll keep you safe and I don’t plan on going back on my words”

“Maybe you don’t have to, there’s a way Emmy can compete without hearing all the loud noises” Isaac said

“How?” Mia asked

“I have a friend, he’s a professional shooter and he always wear some electric earmuffs that blocks off loud sounds whenever he’s shooting, we can get the same thing for Emmy too, then she will be able to compete”

“That’s a great idea Isaac, you could get something like that for me Aiden, then you won’t have to worry about me hearing the loud noises” I said turning to Aiden but he didn’t say anything

“Aiden please! I really want to compete” I pleaded and he sighed

“I’ll get the electric earmuffs tomorrow” he said and I hugged him

“Thank you Aiden”…..

The doctor later came by and I was discharged


Aiden got me the earmuffs and I’ve been practicing alot with Lucy and Mia for the past few days and we decided to sing the song I wrote for the music composition assignment

We are at the backstage now, we’ll be called to stage anytime soon

We were called up to stage and I wore my earmuffs and sighed

“We can do this, let’s give them our best” I said

We got to the stage, Mia sat beside her piano, Lucy sat beside the drumset while I stood in front of the microphone with my guitar

“….🎼 Think about the time it took for our paths to cross
🎼 Read me like an open book, I was found and lost
🎼 Now am all caught up in the highs and the lows it’s a shock to my system
🎼 I know our love was fate, so I stayed
🎼 My head gets messy when I try to hide
🎼 The things I love about you in my mind
🎼 I don’t really know alot about love, alot about love, alot about love
🎼 But you’re in my head, you’re in my blood and it feels so good to hurt so much
🎼 And it feels so good to hurt so much….”


The competition ended and it was time for the judges to announce the best 3 bands

The 2nd and 3rd position will be given a cash reward while the 1st position will be sponsored to be an international band plus the cash reward

All the competitors were asked to come on stage so we went

Then one of the professors on the judges table stood up to speak

“You all have performed greatly today and I assure you there’s no loser among you but in every competition we must have a winner so after consulting all the judges present here, we’ve gotten our best 3 bands” he said and my feet went cold

Please let us be among, God please

“The band that took the 3rd position is the New York Revival!” He announced and the audience cheered

“The 2nd position goes to the the Amazing Squad!”

I quickly closed my eyes in anticipation for the first position

“And the best of the bands here today that have dazzled us with their performance today, the first position goes to The Pink Pixies!” He announced and everyone cheered loudly

“Oh my God, we did it, I can’t believe we did it” I said while Lucy and Mia jumped and screamed with joy


“We’ve talked with the Chancellor and they are going to sponsor Pink Pixies, he said we’ll have our first debut next month” I said to Aiden

It’s evening and we are sitting in the school garden

“That’s great, you guys deserve it after all the hardwork you all put into it” Aiden said

“Yeah, and soon we’ll be famous as you guys are” I said and he laughed

“Why are you laughing, you think we can’t do it?” I asked

“No Emily, don’t get me wrong but being a world famous band is much more than winning just one competition. Okay lemme ask you, how many song have you ever composed?”

“Well…..just one”

“See? To be a very famous band you’ll have to be composing songs really frequently and I don’t mean just any songs, you’ll have to compose hit songs that would capture people’s hearts” he said and I nodded

“I guess am lucky then since I have you here to guide me all the way” I said

“I assure you my guidance won’t be free” he said

“Are you really going to charge me?” I asked and he nodded “Fine, what’s the pay?”

“A kiss” he said and I blushed

“You want me to kiss you?”

“Yeah” he said with a nod “You can’t do it, are you shy?”

“Why on Earth would I be shy!”

“Then kiss me”

“Fine, close your eyes” I said

“Why should I?”

“Because I say so now if you want me to kiss you, close your eyes” I said and he huffed

“Fine” he said as he closed

I sighed as I slowly moved my face closer to his

My heart is already racing as it is

I closed my eyes too and landed my lips on his

I quickly moved back after some moments

“Hey, that was too short” he said

“You just said a kiss, you didn’t say it must be long” I said sticking out my tongue and he shook his head

“You are really a dummy” he said

“I just remembered, you are still owing me 500 dollars Aiden”

“500 dollars? When?” He asked

“When we first met, you broke my phone’s screen cause you were so rude and you couldn’t give me just 500 dollars even though you were so rich”

“Wow! I can’t believe you still remember that”

“Of course I do” I said

“And if I remember clearly, I have you a cheque of 100 thousand dollars but you refused so I don’t owe you”

“Admit it Aiden, you only gave me that cheque to show off your riches” I said and he just smiled, staring at me

“What’s it now?” I asked

“Am just wondering how I ended up loving such an amazing girl” he said and I blushed

“I love you Aiden, with all my heart” I said and he hugged me

“I love you too Emily, with all my heart”





🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

It’s been two years since Pink Pixies’ first debut and it was amazing

We graduated from Rochester musical academy last year and we are slowly climbing up the ladder of fame

Aiden had suggested we make a song together, that’s the Music fairies and Pink Pixies in one song. We succeeded in making it and the outcome was superb, everyone loved it and it made us more popular, it was really a success

And today we organised a party to celebrate that success

The makeup artist was done with our makeup and we left for the party in our van

We got to the venue and we were welcomed by the press and lots of fan

Aiden walked up to me and took my hand

Everyone knows we are dating now

“Welcome milady, you look gorgeous” he said and I smiled

“And you look dazzling Aiden, am beginning to get jealous with the way all the ladies here are giving you a seductive eye” I said

“A pretty flower is admired by many but only belongs to the owner of the garden, am only yours sweetheart” he said and I chuckled

“You’ve surely improved with your sugar-coated words”

We got to the banquet hall and we sat down

Lucy sat with Michael, they are also dating and for real this time
When the media found out they were dating, everyone thought it was fake again but it’s been more than a year and they are still together

Jason also brought a date, Jessie, he has finally given up his play boy life and chosen Jessie and she is a very lovely lady

Isaac came to the party too, he works at a music industry now

I stared at Isaac as he spoke with Mia
There’s obviously a connection between those two and with time they’ll figure it out, and they’ll really make a cute couple

“Excuse me Emmy, I have to address everyone” he said

“Sure” I said and he pecked me and left

He got to the podium and everyone focused on him

“Good evening everyone, thank you all for honoring our invitation. This party is being hold to celebrate the successful alliance between The Pink Pixies and The Music Fairies” he said and everyone clapped

“In the mood of celebration, I’d also like to announce something today, well it’s more like a request cause I don’t know if I’ll be accepted yet” he said and I stared at him, wondering what he is up to

He stepped down from the podium, walked to the banquet and the spotlight followed him

He walked towards me and knelt in front of me

“I can’t imagine growing old with someone else nor do I want to, I know you are the only one I want to share the rest of my life with so will you marry me Miss Emily Brown? I don’t really know what I’m supposed to do if you say “no,” so could you save us both the trouble and say “yes?” He asked and I couldn’t help but smile

I never expected this

“Yes” I said with a smile and he slipped the ring into my finger

Then he stood up and kissed me while everyone cheered

…..And they lived happily ever after…..