Musical Fairytale episode 9

🌹🌹🌹 Musical Fairytale 🌹🌹🌹
🎸 #BullyAiden 🎸

🎙️ Lucy’s POV 🎙️

He withdrew from the kiss and then collapse on my shoulder

What just happened?!!

I managed to get him on the chair in the room and I stood confused

“What should I do?”

I just got kissed by Michael!!

What should I do
Should I go back home or should I wait for him to wake up?

But he’s drunk

Will he remember when he wakes up?

He has to remember, he can’t just kiss me and forget about it!

I brought my phone and I took a selfie of the both of us

I need a prove in case he denies it later on

I should probably go home, it will be embarrassing if anyone sees me here

I walked out of the room and found my way out of the building as I took a cab back to the school

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I ran out of the building to a nearby coffee shop and quickly bought a cup of coffee

And he didn’t even give me the money to buy it, such a rude brat

He claims to be rich but can’t afford this little amount of money

I ran back in to the building to Aiden’s dressing room

“You are 3 minutes late” he said immediately I entered

“I had to run across the street to get this you ungrateful being!” I yelled

“What did you just say?”

“No…..nothing, I was trying to say that am sorry for being late”

“Gimme the coffee” he said as he brought his hand and I gave it to him

Then he poured everything to the ground

“What are you doing!!” I yelled

“Oops, it slipped from my hand, clean it” he said as he dropped the empty cup to the ground


“There’s a mop stick in the washroom, get it and clean this, I hate dirty places”

“Do you know how hard I ran to get that coffee!! How can you be so evil!!” I yelled

“Am evil, I know, it’s not a new thing now clean this place or…”

“I’ll do it” I said trying to keep in my anger

I wish I could just tell this rude brat to the whatever he wants but sadly, I can’t

I really don’t want Jason to know that I like him, if he does, he might start to keep his distance from me and I really don’t want that

I went to the washroom and took the mop stick and came back to mop the floor

“Mop it well dummy” Aiden said and I sighed

“You stupid rotten headed brat” I mumbled

“Did you say something?” He asked

“I said you look handsome” I quickly said with a fake smile and he sneered

“Took you long enough for you to know” he said and I almost scoffed

Did he really believe that I think he’s handsome!

He totally looks like the devil to me

I finished mopping the floor and I returned the mop stick to the washroom

“I’ll be going now” I said as I turned to leave

“I never asked you to go” he said and I turned back

“I feel so tired, massage my shoulders” he said and I was dumbfounded


“You heard me right, do I need to repeat myself?”

“I don’t know how to give a massage, I’ve never given anyone a massage in my life, my hand is as strong as a rock, trust me, you won’t like it” I said hoping to convince him to let me go

“There’s a first time for everything and I don’t care how strong your hand is, just give the massage and stop making me repeat myself!”

I huffed as I walked and stood behind him

“I’ll start the massage now master” I said sarcastically and I heard him laugh

You’ve got the nerve to laugh huh, I wish I can just strangle you right now

“Hey hey, your grip is too strong, someone will think you want to break my shoulders” he said I smirked

“I told you I have strong hands” I said as I continued pressing his shoulders really hard

“Stop stop” he said and I brought down my hands

“What is it master, I was just getting started with the massage” I said with a smile

“My shoulders might actually break if I allow you to continue, just go away”

“You should have let me continue and I’ll have broken your bones” I mumbled

“You said something didn’t you?” He asked

“No I didn’t, I’ll take my leave now” I said as I turned to leave

“Hey dummy” he called and I sighed angrily as I turned back

“Make sure you come running whenever I call you”

“Of course” I said and then left the room

I got to my dressing room and slumped on the chair

What has your feelings gotten you into Emily

I can’t continue to endure this

Aiden is just too rude that I might just die if I continue acting as his servant

The door to the room opened and one of the crew members came in

“Is the rude brat calling for me again!” I yelled

“Ummm…..the manager just sent me to tell you that it’s time to leave” he said and then went out

Geez Emily, why did you have yell at the innocent guy

I stood from my seat and went to the washroom to change into the cloth I wore before

I walked out of the room I entered the elevator down and walked out of the building

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I saw Bryan standing in front of the van and I walked up to him

“Hey Emily, you did well today” he said and I smiled

“Where are the others?” I asked

And then I saw them coming

It seems Michael was unconscious and both Aiden and Jason were carrying him to the van

“When did this guy become so heavy” Aiden said in a strained voice

“Is he really unconscious” Bryan said as he went to help them

“How can he just pass out with just a few glasses of wine” Bryan said as they carried Michael inside the van

Jason turned back and looked at me

“Let’s go Emily” he said and I smiled

“Okay” I said as I climbed into the van

The driver started the car and drove off

And throughout the ride to the school, I kept staring at Jason, couldn’t keep my eyes off of him

“I think you need to start wearing masks Jason, cause there might be a certain someone always staring at you” Aiden said and I looked at him wide-eyed

What’s he trying to do!

“What are you saying?” Jason asked

“Nothing, forget about it” Aiden said and I sighed

This rude brat might actually give me a heart attack

We got to the school and they dropped me off in front of my dorm

“See you tomorrow Emmy” Jason said I felt my heartbeat increase

Did he just call me Emmy!

“Go….. good….. goodbye” I managed to say and I heard Aiden laugh

“You are really a dummy” he said and I looked at him with anger

Does he always have to ruin everything

They drove away and I walked into the dorm to my room

Lucy was on the bed with her phone but she wasn’t sleeping

“You… are back” she said Immediately I entered

“Yeah, I sent you a text to come over, you didn’t see it?” I asked

“I saw it but I was really busy that’s why I couldn’t come” she replied

“Okay, I’ll go take a shower now, i’m so tired thanks to a certain devil”

“Devil?” Lucy asked

“It’s nothing” I said as I walked to the bathroom


🎙️ Michael’s POV 🎙️

I slowly stood up from the bed as my head ached badly

I knew this was going to happen, I always blackout whenever I drink

But it’s strange, I feel like there’s something i’m forgetting

Did something happen yesterday?

I just can’t remember

I decided to shrug it off as I went into the bathroom to have a nice long bath since we aren’t having early morning lectures today

🎙️ Emily’s POV 🎙️

I walked out of the dorm with Mia, I have a music class with her this morning

“Why did you take your guitar with you?” Mia asked

“I have a guitar class later” I replied

Two girls suddenly came in front of us and I recognized one of them

Naty, Aiden’s girlfriend

“You are blocking our path Nicole and Naty” Mia said

Ohh, the second lady’s name is Nicole

“Shut up Mia, don’t get yourself involved in this” Nicole said

“But she’s right, you guys are blocking our path and we have a class to attend” I said

“Really?!” Naty huffed “the guts you have Emily, you dare cause problem in my relationship but you still dare to talk so arrogantly”

“How have I caused any problem in your relationship?” I asked

“Are you really going to act innocent right now, you disgusting fool!” She yelled as he brought her hand to slap me and someone stopped her


“Hello Naty, longest time” Isaac said as he let go of Naty’s hand

“I….I…..Isaac!” Naty stuttered looking surprised “how….. how are you here?”

“Am a new student here” Isaac said with a smile

“Why are you here, didn’t I tell you not to ever show your face to me or Aiden!!” Naty yelled

“I can’t believe you are still yelling at me after all you did, I guess you still don’t have any conscience” Isaac said

“Don’t do anything stupid Isaac or I won’t let you off easily” Naty said and walked away with Nicole

“You guys know each other?” I asked

“She’s just a past acquaintance, are you both going for the music class?” Isaac asked and I nodded

“Great, let’s go together then” he said as he walked upfront and we followed him

………to be continued……..