My Gay Husband

My g-y husband episode 14 – end

MY G-yHusband 🀡

(made me nymphomaniac.)



( Written by author Karo loveβ™₯️)

Chapter 14πŸ’—


James POV


yeah am wicked,I know.why did I abandon tess after eaten her up.but it for my own good after all, at least now that am still healthy and fit I shouldn’t made myself sick.

Tess husband isn’t trying at all, He’s the cause of Tess problem being addicted to s*x,i pray she finds help and become the good woman she has always been.

I think I will have to remarry.there’s this girl I like in my neighborhood and she looks difficult to get but I think she will be a good wife material.


Desmond POV😍


Mr Sylvester is coming to my friends house and I wouldn’t want him to see Tess so I told her to stay in the room and don’t come out, I also discussed the problem of my patient to Tess but I didn’t disclose the name to her

“u see we need privacy”I said

“oh what a pity”she said

“his wife will be going through a lot Right now”she added

“yeah”I said

“Thank God my husband isn’t g-y.but is the wife aware that her husband is a g-y?” she asked

“Nope”I said

“oh that will be worst for her,I pray she doesn’t die of heart break and distrust when she finds out,poor woman.anyways that’s their own problem,so tell me about ur wife and kids”she said

“not now dear after the meeting with my client,I will take u home to meet them “I said

“okay”she said

she’s such a pretty lady.

I k-ssed her on the forehead and left the room to go meet mr Sylvester.

“good morning sir”I greeted

he responded and we started our discussion for the day.

“Tell my wife? No no I can’t do that”he said

“u know in order to overcome ur fears u have to face it”I said

“But…..she might leave me because of it and I don’t want her to go,I love her”he said

“then if she loves u she wouldn’t leave u instead she will help u”I said

he took a deep breath

“OK I will try and tell her when she comes back,I haven’t seen her since last night and I don’t know her were about”he said sadly

“it all my fault anyway”he added

“I don’t think so,but u don’t have to worry urself too much she will be fine”I said


Tess pov


The room is becoming more boring for me and am tired of sitting in one place.let me just take a little walk around the house but i wouldnt let desmond or his client see me.

i locked the door siliently And walk round the house till I get to the sitting room and I saw

Desmond with a man that looks like my husband oh my God

“Sylvester!”I shouted.

Chapter 15πŸ’—

(final )


Tessy POV


I still can’t believe this,is he the g-y patient Desmond told me about?”

I walk to them

“wait Desmond is this the………….”I couldn’t complete my sentence

“What? Tess what are u doing here and how? what’s going on? I think am gonna explode”Sylvester said

“I don’t get this can someone please tell me what the hell is going on “Desmond said

“how did u know each other?” he asked

everywhere was silent for a while

“He’s.. He’s my husband”I said breaking the silence


“she’s my wife”Sylvester said

“No way, OK…..,Am Tess childhood friend we just met each other after years yesterday so she spend the night over cause she was heartbroken and I think I need to give the both of u some privacy to talk.”des said and left

I waited for des to go out of sight

“So u are g-y ?” I ask tearfully

“how did u..? oh he told u”he said already

“that’s because he didn’t know am ur wife”I shouted in tears

“Am sorry,I have been trying to tell u”

“oh please spare me that,u starve me of s*x and made me nymphomaniac all in the name of being a g-y”I cried

“Made u what?”he ask

“please don’t look at me as if it was my fault,u made me become a s*x addict, u made me almost lost my mind, i almost became crazy for s*x,I hate u Sylvester,I hate u.u married me to make me suffer,I don’t want to see u in my life again”I said

“please…..Tess,am trying to change myself because I love u,it wasnt my intention not to have s*x with u,it wasn’t my choice to become a g-y, please I love u Tess”he said

he looks genuine though but I can’t live with him anymore

“U will hear from my lawyer,am divorcing u” I said

I ran to the room,pick up my bag and rush out to go home without telling Desmond.


When I got home,I packed all my things and left the house although he followed me and was begging me to please stay with him that he wants to change because he love me,I didn’t even give him time I pushed him away from me and put my things on the boot

I can’t believe this man did all this to me,he made me suffer while he enjoyed him self.

no wonder I think Rex must be his partner in this, Gross!

I drove out of the compound and went to my elder sisters house to live there till I get a job,

he try calling me but I blocked his number and blocked him on Facebook and WhatsApp.

He’s all in my past now


I started going to church and trying to pray hard so that my urge for too much s*x will die down .


Sylvester POV


I can’t believe I couldn’t save my marriage,it all my fault, although it hurt me when I found out that Tessy has been sleeping around but I love her and I know it all my fault.I still want her back in my life and I promise to be a good husband this time.but I think is already too late.

I believe God can change her mind so I became a devoted member and also close to the pastor in other to be free from the spirit of homos€×ual and also make Tess come back to me.




Sorry guys that wasn’t the end


1 year later…….

Tessy has gotten a job and she is now free from the spirit of nymphomaniac,shes no longer obessed with s*x And now a decent woman but she still misses Sylvester and want him back cause she love him.

But since she left him she Hasn’t heard from him.

Being close to God has made her learned how to forgive and leave the past behind.


Sylvester on the other hand is now a true born again brother,no longer a g-y and he has also learned to forgive and put the past behind.let bygones be bygones.

he still wants his wife back and will be a good husband to her if only he finds her.


on Sunday afternoon Tessy was driving home from church and she saw Desmond with his family

she parked her car and walk to them

Desmond was so happy to see her and they went to Desmond house.

he told her how Sylvester has changed and how he wants her back.


Sylvester was at home listening to music when he heard a knock on the door

he walk to the door and open it and was surprised at who he saw.

“Tess”he called

“Am so sorry,I haven’t signed the divorce paper yet,I still love u Tess please forgive me” he begged

“Am so sorry too”she said in tears

they happily hug each other and Tessy promise to come back


five years later……


” Honey please help me check on karen in the room “Tess said

“alright dear”he said

Tessy and Sylvester was blessed with a beautiful baby girl

u see guys the day Tess came back to the house, Sylvester had his first s*x with her and it was amazing.

Sylvester walk back to the kitchen and wrap his hands round Tess weight and k-ssed her neck.

“arghh” she mo-n

“Baby I want to feel u”he said

“I want to s**k u “she said

he put off the gas and carried his wife to the room and lay her on the bed.

he k-ssed my neck and pull off my clothes making me unclad in front of him and fasten his lips on my p***y

“Hmm mm”I mo-n

this feels so good

am not feeling guilty cause he is my husband and he’s so good

He lick my p***y for some mins before unclading himself.

his d**k was as hard and huge as ever

I ins**t it into my mouth and s**k the hell out of it.

he mo-n and my mind became blowed up

I gave him a wonderful blow job and it feels so good.

he lay me on the bed and finger f**k me for 5mins before s-cking my n*pp*e for few mins.

Slowly and mind blowing my husband d**k was inside my hot w*t p***y

he was going slowly and I was becoming tired

“Faster baby “I cried in pleasure

“calm down love,am all urs”he said

“argghh……..f**k my w*t p***y “i mo-n

this moment was always what I wanted and thank God am back to my home.


They live happily ever after


What God can’t do doesn’t existπŸ˜‰

Thanks for reading,thanks for ur time guys

I love u all ❀

(Karo love❀)

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  1. we love u too πŸ₯Ί…..this was amazing… couldn’t believe I read the whole episode a whole day…it was really interesting

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