My Alpha Mate

My alpha mate episode 15 – 16

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✨✨✨✨CHAPTER 15✨✨✨✨.



Today I woke up so early ,I took my shower slowly but steady I went to my closet and picked up a jumpsuit I wore it,with my white sneakers.

I sat on the b£d thinking about what happened last night.

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“What, like seriously you are being detentioned tomorrow,I can’t believe this” my dad said as he ruffled his hair In anger.

“Dad it’s not such a big deal,” I said.
“Not a big deal ,huh..”
“mmmh”i said looking at the direction of my mother to find her looking at me in Anger.

“Do you know How Alpha Ezra is ruthless,am sure you will be back with wounds all over your body, him detentioning you is like playing with an inferno.”

“like I said its not a big d….” before I could finish my statement my dad already cut me short.
“Shut.The.f-ck.Up.Klara.” he said with gritted teeth.

He slammed his hands on the wall and I could see a dent.
I have never seen my dad this angry.I was scared for my life till I started $h¡verying.

“Honey, calm down,you’re scaring her” my Mom said as she noticed I was shaking in fear .
” I can’t control it Mel,I need a run but I can’t do that” he said looking at me his eyes were blood sh-ot red.

“D..a..d am so..rry ” i managed to speak and I saw him coming to my direction.
I didn’t know how I got up from the chair running to my room but I halted midway with what I heard.

“Come back and eat or else even if you are my daughter I will have no choice but beat you.”my dad said
What’s wrong with him today ,just a simple mistake and he is jammed like a door”
“Sorry, am not hungry” I said fighting back my tears and ran to my room closing the door with a heavy slam , I locked it and slumped on the floor as I cried my eyes out.

#Ãt Thê Dìññîñg .

“What have you done Ricardo, is this the way to solve a problem with her, she’s now angry and scared at the same time because of you” Melinda said to his husband who was trying to calm his anger down.

“its all my fault ,if I knew I would not have told you about her being detentioned,am not hungry anymore,dinner is yours happy now.”

Melinda said and went to their room and left his husband standing there.

“Its my fault Mel,I have to pay my price ,let Klara hate me ,I deserve it I want nothing from her but hatred.” he said to himself as a black smoke appeared with a person covered with a cloak only his orange eyes could be seen.

“Well,well,well,I can see you completed my first task,Ricardo,prepare for the next one old friend” the person said.

“You sc-mbag, you have used me enough,I don’t want to hurt my family.”Ricardo said as he rushed to the person with his claws but he vanished as his voice echoed in the dinning room.

“Family,hahahaha, think about the sin you committed 17years ago ,old friend”

Ricardo stood their frozen as tears ran down his cheeks.

#End of flashback.

I looked at my watch and saw it was time to keep going as I had to meet the Alpha.

I walked downstairs and met my mom had already prepared breakfast for me .

I greeted her and sat to have my breakfast when I heard footsteps approaching .I knew it was my dad
I didn’t have the courage to face him after what happened last night.I stood up and took my bag back wanted to leave.

“Klara,have your breakfast you have not eaten anything since yesterday,you look disheveled” my mom said looking at me worriedly.

“am ok ,i will have it on my way to school”I said and left.
“Klara,wait I have something to tell you”my dad said.
I didn’t even look at his face..

“later,after school”I rushed out fighting back the urge to cry.
I didn’t mean to make or hurt my dad but I was hurting like hell,

I went to a coffee shop and had my breakfast before I boarded a taxi that dropped me at school.

I met Sera was already waiting for me on the hall way.
“Morning Bestie ”
“Morning to you too”I said smiling and hiding the fact I was sad.

“Let’s get going” she said pulling my arm towards our class’s direction.
“No,am being detentioned by The Alpha,I will see you later”I said.

“Ooh, I forgot,better get going before you piss the Alpha even more.”
we bid each other goodbye and went to the Alpha’s office.
my palms were sweaty,I knocked at door.
“Come in” I heard a cold and husky voice .


✨✨✨✨CHAPTER 16✨✨✨✨




I went in looking down to avoid eye contact with him.
“What kept you long,Klara” Ezra asked.
“I am sorry”I said I didnt have a best explanation.
Nevertheless I saw that I came early today but he is saying I came late.

“What are you thinking Little Beauty?”
“Nothing Alpha.”
“Look at me ,Klara like I said I won’t and I will never hurt you.Trust me” Ezra said.

Why does he has to say that way,I think.
“Come here” , he said stretching his hand out for me.
I walked towards him and he held my hand as tingles ran down my body making me shudder.

“Do you like the tingling s£nsation on your body ” he said pulling me to his lap.
I liked it but I can’t tell him that he will think am a pervert.

“Say it loud Beauty” he said inhaling my hair.
I forgot he can read my thoughts since I pledged to him and drank his blood.
“I..I…I like it” I said hiding my face which was crimson red from blushing.

“Yeah baby but say it well with my name in it ” he said pulling me to his h-rd chest .
I took a deep breathe before saying it.
” I like the tingles Ezra”. I said and heard him gro-n .

“Now its time to detention you”
Oooh shit, I cursed I even forgot what brought me here in the first place.
I tried getting up but his firm hold on my [email protected]¡$t didn’t budge so I didnt have a choice but to keep cool.

“My detention with you is quite easy Beauty,only what you have to do is submit to me baby”he said carrying me and placing me on his table he pushed the stationary that was on the table making them fall on the floor.

“why, did you have to do that” I asked at him surprised by his sudden action.
“I want you to be ‘comfortable’ ” he said smirking.

He looked at my eyes and I was lost in them I looked at his facial features, he was damn h-ot and handsome.
“Thanks for the compliment Beauty, you’re beautiful too”he said .
“Ooh ,f*ck stop reading my thoughts Ezra” I said looking on the floor.

“Don’t be shy around me I like hearing your thoughts they are quite interesting” .
“Its not right doing that”
“you Can read mine too if you want or I can teach you how to hide and cover up your thoughts ” I stiffened first at his statement but I managed to cover it with a smile.

“Sure” I said looking at him.
He crossed the space between us I looked at him for sometime drooling at his h-ot l-ips how I wish I could taste them I thought.

wake up Klara, when did you start having dirty thoughts.
.just like I thought he held my chin and k-ssed me ,wow,he tasted minty I liked the k-ss till I found myself k-ssing him back.

His hands were roaming around my body. I can’t deny the fact that it was my first time but I liked it though.
He k-ssed me down my neck and biting my earlobe.
I bit my l-ips to stop myself from mo-ning out loud.He continued his assault as I bit my l-ips stiffling my mo-ns.

He reached for my jumpsuit and tugged the zip making it fall down my shoulders.
“Ezra, what are you…?” I couldn’t finish my words.
“I just want to make you feel better beauty ,like I said submit to me ” he said as he pulled the jumpsuit down making me remain in my lacy p-nt and bra..

His eyes never left my body, I tried covering myself but he reached for my hands ,holding them firm.
“You don’t have to be shy, you look beautiful.” he complimented making me blush so much.

He k-ssed me again ashe fondled my bre-sts making me gasp as he slid his t0ngue into my mouth.
He rained k-sses down my body and stopped at my cl-avage.He tugged my bra and took one of my er-cted n-pples into his mouth as he played with the other one.

“mo-n for me Beauty, the room is sound proofed not a single werewolf can hear us ” he said as he blew a h-ot breath on my bre-st.
“Aaaah,” I mo-ned
“Yeah baby, just like that” he said as his t0ngue did magic .

He parted my legs as he tugged my p-nt to one side.
I felt him rub my swollen pu**y with his f-ngers and I mo-ned out loud.
“Please Ezra ,this is too much ,Aaaaaah.”
I can’t imagine this is how am being detentioned.

He pushed me and made me lie on my back at the table. He k-ssed me on my stomach trailing down to my pu**y ,he s-cked and nibbled my cl!t like a pro.

“ooh Fu*k this is too much I can’t take it anymore, please” I begged this torture is too much for me.
“I wanna hear my name Baby” he said as he blew some air making the torture increase as my walls clenched.

I have never felt this way what’s this.
“Ezra this is too much,” I said between my harsh Breaths.
“ok Beauty here we go” he said and I felt his index f-nger slide into me in one go as it move in and out in a slow pace ..

“Aaaah, please”
“Say it baby,” I heard Ezra say in between my harshed breathes.
.”I…I….f*ck I want more please”
“your wish is my command baby ”
he increased his pace as my insides clenched and boom I finally found my release ,I slumped on the table ,tiredly.

I never thought I could get this kind of torture and pleasure at the same time.

Is this what we call detention ,not bad Imp. I smiled at myself.


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