My arranged marriage episode 1

(He is arrogant and mean💯)


GENRES: Romance, Comedy,
Action, Thrilling

TAGS: Home Affairs, high school,
Love, Hate, body shaming
Courage, heartbreak,
R0mance, Office



She is nice
She is pure
She got a good heart
She got a pretty face
Her family is wealthy
But one thing is her problem…
She is dealing with obesity
She is fat
Yes “fat” that’s what people calls her figure.

One time she confessed her feelings to her high school crush
But the outcome wasn’t nice
The hot popular guy in school embarrassed and rejected her scornfully

“Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror huh?” Jasper asked as he scanned her from head to toe he chuckled mockingly

“You aren’t my type, I don’t date elephants ” he hissed and walked away leaving Emmett stunned and embarrassed
The students started laughing and mocking Emmett calling her “Elephant”

He is hot
He is arrogant
He got the money
He got the looks
He is the heir to Cullen’s family business
He is every woman’s dream
But there is one thing about him, he doesn’t give a damn about girls
Because they kept throwing themselves at him.
He uses and dumps them the way he wants
Who doesn’t want the hot looking Jasper Cullen’s.
**What will happen when Jasper and Emmett found out that they are been arranged by their parents to get married?

**Will Emmett accept to be with the man who embarrassed and body shamed her during her high school days?

**Will Jasper agree to be with the woman whose shape doesn’t match with the girls that keeps throwing themselves at him?

**Will these two ever blend together?


★★Body shamed ★★

I can feel the morning sun shine across my face

What!! Morning sun?, I don’t think so, how long has it been since i shut my eyes close to sleep

I don’t think is morning already!!

I smiled in-between my sleep and continued my journey to the sweet world

“Emmett!, Emmett!, Wake up is already morning dear” Maa J called slightly knocking at Emmett’s door

Damn, why? I thought I was just exaggerating

Is already morning!!, how long has it since I closed my eyes to sleep

And maa J can’t allow someone to sleep in peace and enjoy the morning sweet sleep

I better get up from here, before she knocks again.

I know by now my parents are on the dinning table having their break fast

I immediately sprang up from the bed and flicked my eyes open

I yawned and my stomach growled seeking for an attention

Getting down from my bed, I walked towards the standing mirror

I observed myself from head to toe, well that’s what I do every morning when I wake up, you can call it my morning rituals

I usually check myself on the mirror if by a miracle that I have lessened

Yes lessened , am what they call chubby, but not all that chubby

People calls me a fat girl, why because I don’t have that slim figure, straight legs, nice curves, a shape for a model, well that’s the shape ladies are dieing to have these days

I observed myself again in the mirror, am still the way I am, no changes

When did I start checking myself in the mirror?, Well I know that’s what you will be asking now

Well I don’t usually check myself out like this, am a free going person, that doesn’t mind about people body shaming me, calling me all sorts of names

Saying where did I even get my body from, because my mother is a beauty, her shape is wonderful, my father in the other hand is also perfect, am the only child, so I have no siblings

Back to the reason why I started checking myself out in the mirror

Years back in high school, I got the most heart breaking and embarrassed moment of my life

I usually cursed that very day

Guess the reason, because I got body shamed by someone, I don’t usually get hurt by peoples opinions about my body but this one was different because

It came from a guy I liked, a guy I felt something for, I guy I crushed on so much

I have never felt the way I felt for the guy before for anyone

But the problem is that the guy is the most handsome, hot and intelligent guy in school

That reason was really kicking me off the hook, it was draining me off my courage to walk up to him and tell him how I feel about him

“Emmett this is your chance, he is coming this direction” Bella said to me during lunch time

We were outside the school garden, having our snacks

I look over at my back and saw Jasper walking towards our direction

My heart started beating so fast, I became so nervous

“Go talk to him, you can’t keep hiding does feelings within you and be complaining to me all the time that it hurts alot” Bella persuaded me

“Bella are you sure about this, am so nervous right now” I said to Bella, my hands were literally shaking

“Take a deep breath Emmett” Bella said to me holding my hand

Bella was my best friend, the only one who understands and comes near me, she doesn’t play with me, neither do I

I took a deep breath like Bella said and let it out

“Now go” Bella said because Jasper has passed us, his hands were in his pocket

He was walking so elegantly, he is full of perfection, a guy that is every woman’s dream

I got up from the seat and dust my skirt, as if there was dust on it

Well that is the work of fear and nervousness

I turned and looked at Bella, she gave me a wink and told me to go ahead

I started walking towards him, I took a deep breath and say to myself that I can do this

“Hi!!, Jasper wait!” I called running towards him

Jasper halted and turned towards me with questions all over his face, omg that face nearly took my breath away

I look down trying to avoid looking at his face, by now students have all been gathered around

Imagine a girl like me stopping the almighty hot Jasper, well that calls for attention

I became nervous again due to the students, I turned to look at Bella who gave me a smile and nod to go ahead

She is my encouragement now

I slowly walked over to Jasper with my head down

“Hello Jasper” I greeted but got no response

This isn’t going well

“What do you want?” His excellent but calm voice ranged in my ears

“My name is Emmett” I said now looking at him but still avoiding his gaze

“I didn’t ask for your name, but I asked what do you want?” Jasper asked getting impatient

“I have something I have been meaning to tell you” I said, still didn’t get a reply

“I …I have a … I… I”

“You like me” Jasper took the words out from my mouth

He smiled and took few steps forward he stood before me

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My face became so red with shyness, he smiled!!, is he going to accept me, thank goodness I confessed my feelings

“Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror?” He asked me, I Immediately stiffened where I was, what did I just heard now

He scanned me from head to my toe, as he chuckled, well that’s not a nice chuckle, is a mocking one

He looked at my face as he said

“I don’t date ELEPHANTS” he hissed and walked away

I was so damn stunned and embarrassed to the extent I felt that the ground will open and swallow me up, he called me Elephant!!

I felt someone hold me from behind, it was Bella, she was pulling me away to a safe and better place

Because students were now mocking and laughing at me calling me Elephant!!

Saying what gave me the audacity to tell the hot guy in school that I like him

Since then I started checking my self out in the mirror every day, to see if there was changes in my body

Pardon my manners I have not introduced myself, I was still in grossed in the worst day of my life

My name is Emmett Jacobs, am a 22 years old young lady, done with my college education, am the only child of my parents, we the Jacobs family live at the big city in America, my family are wealthy, yes very wealthy, we are one of the rich families in the city

I have a light skin, black hair, about my body, you all already knows about it, but am not really that chubby, but am not the class of girls with nice shape, my parents will always tell that am beautiful, that I shouldn’t mind what people says about me, well I got a pretty face, but my only problem is my body

“Emmett!!, Come down stairs and eat” MaaJ said knocking at my door again

“I will be there in few minutes” I said looking at my door

Well I really have to go now, because my stomach can’t stop growling, I have to go feed it up

One thing about me is that I love food

Emmett Jacobs doesn’t play with her stomach…

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