My Arranged marriage episode 10 – 11




(He is arrogant and mean)


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I stood at the door and banged on it with all my strength

I didn’t know where I got all the courage that am using to stand before this door now

Well is not courage, rather is anger

I was about to bang on the door again when it suddenly pulled open

“And what is the meaning of this Emmett?!” Jasper thundered

I instantly cleanched my fist in anger

Is he seriously asking me this question

“Babe who is that nuisance that is banging on the door like that” Jasper’s girlfriend asked leaning behind him

She had a white robe on, immediately she saw me, she instantly smirk

I feel like smacking her face now, but I have to control myself

My gaze shifted towards Jasper’s solid own

“Don’t you have shame at all?” I asked and continued

“If you can’t respect me, at least respect yourself Jasper, imagine you brought a woman in this house at the same day we got married, who does that, am not stopping you to be with your numerous girlfriends, but please you people are disturbing my sleep!!!” I yelled angrily

Jasper who had his eyes slightly opened let out a chuckle wanting to talk but I caught him off again

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“And you, you don’t have shame at all, if you two disturb my sleep again, I swear to God. Am gonna break down this door” I warned them and walked away entering my room

I shut the door with a loud bang

I went straight to my bed and falled on it breathing heavily

Omg what did I just did now?!!

Is it really me that talked to Jasper in such a manner now?!!

Well they are the ones that caused it, they actually crossed the boundaries

“Emmett calm down okay, is gonna be fine, you gonna win this battle” I muttered to myself hugging my body together as if am catching a cold

After some minutes I felled asleep

I didn’t hear Jasper and his girlfriend’s stupid noises again



I flicked my eyes open and found out through the brightness that it was already morning

I sighed and turned towards the other side of the bed closing up my eyes

I can’t believe is morning already

Just then all the drama that happened yesterday flashed across my mind

I signed again and opened my eyes

So am now married?, living in another man’s house, who is not my father

A man who brought another woman home on our wedding night

At least I didn’t take it lightly with them last night

Well I have come to a conclusion last night

That am gonna level up, I will no longer be the Emmett that people use to know before

I will now change to the Emmett that people won’t take for granted even Jasper himself

What happened last night, really got me angry

Just because am one naive Chubby girl, that’s the reason why Jasper did what he did last night

He treated me like some log of wood that had know value and respect

I have to rise up and show him that he can’t joke or mess with me because am” EMMETT JECOBS”

Am gonna go on a long journey, a journey which I have never dreamed on going before

A journey which will take alot from me

Yes!!, In other for me to achieve my goals and the main reason am embarking on this journey

I have to sacrifice alot

Yes alot of things

I have to show alot of people that am not just an ordinary girl!!

I have to show them, that am unique and I have worth!!

This journey that am about to embark on, there is only one person that is gonna help me and be on my side and I know she will be of good help to me on this journey of mine

Let me even call her, I don’t wanna waste time again

I got up from the bed and pick my phone to call bella

📞Hello girlfriend” Bella said

📞Good morning Bella , how are you?” I asked

📞Am fine, what of you?, this one you are sounding like this, are you just waking up?, was last night really that hot?, Gist me bae how was it” Bella asked

I can’t believe she was really asking me this, well Bella is a crazy and naughty type

📞Bella please…, Stop been like this…well am just waking up, okay Bella can you come around the mansion today, I wanna discuss something important with you, I really need you Bella” I said sounding serious

📞 Something important? hope everything is fine, are you okay?, Is he bullying you?” Bella asked

📞Am fine Bella, just come around okay” I said

📞Okay Emmett…hm…am really nervous now to know what you wanna tell me, can’t you tell me over the phone” Bella demanded

📞No Bella” I said

📞Okay girlfriend, see you in few hours” Bella said

📞Bye, see you soon” I said

📞Bye…am really nerous now…did he…you know…” Bella said

📞 Gosh!! Bella, am hanging up” I said and hanged up the phone immediately

I looked at the time on the wall and is already 8pm

” Gosh!!, How did I slept this long” I muttered to myself getting down from the bed

A knock came at the door

“Who is that?” I said

“Ma, is me Cleo” the person said

“Okay Cleo come in” I said

She opened the door and entered inside

“Good morning ma” she greeted smiling

“Good morning Cleo, how was your night?” I asked returning back the smile

“It was fine ma, thanks for asking…and…and you ma, hope you slept well” she asked stammering small, I definitely knew the reason behind that her stammer

“It was a pleasant one Cleo” I replied

“Okay ma, am happy to hear that, I came to inform you that breakfast is ready” Cleo said

“Alright, will be down there in a few minutes, let me freshen up” I said

“Alright ma” she said and walked out of the room, shuting the door behind her

I walked up to the mirror and did my morning rituals

After my morning rituals, I went inside the bathroom to freshen up

When am done, I walked out of my room

My eyes flewed towards Jasper’s door

‘has he already left’ I thought to myself

And why do I care !

Just then the door clicked open and Jasper walked out of the room , he was wearing a black suit and tie

He looked at my direction and my eyes widened

Why am I still Standing there, looking like a zombie!!!

I immediately walked away desending the steps

I noticed that jasper was behind me, but it never bothered me

I walked to the dinning table which was already set up with breakfast

“Good morning sir and ma” the chef greeted

Good morning sir??!, oh! seems Jasper is also having breakfast

“Hm” Jasper hummed walking over to the head table

I just sat down the other side to have my fill of the morning

Will I really eat this breakfast to my fill, since Jasper is also having his on this table

Well I don’t care

I was served my breakfast by the maids, Jasper has already been served and he was quietly eating while going through his tablet

No table manners at all, he is full of arrogance and no manners at all!!

Main looking at him now, he looks so responsible and Good, When seen by someone

But they did not know he is actually a wolf

Talking of a wolf, I haven’t see his girlfriend, maybe she has already left

After my own plate was served, I started eating so quietly

Few seconds later Jasper left

I checked his plate and his breakfast was not even touched

Why is it that everyone like having mercy on food, food is meant to eat not to be pitied

Well my own case is different, I show no mercy when it comes to food



“Mam” Cleo knocked on my door

“Yes cleo, come in” I said pressing my phone while lying on the bed

Cleo opened the door and came inside

“Mam a lady is here to see you, she said her name is Bella” cleo said

“Bella, omg bring her here” I said sitting up

“Here?” Cleo asked slightly surprise

“Yes Cleo” I replied

“Ok ma” she said and left

Few seconds later the door opened again and bella entered inside closing the door behind her

Seeing her I climbed down from the bed immediately

“Oh Bella” I said hugging her

“Missed you girlfriend” Bella said rubbing my back

I brake free from the hug and observed her from head to toe

My girlfriend is a pretty lady, slim body, long black hair, fair skin, everything about her is perfect

“You missed me?, is just been a day” I said pulling her over to the bed to sit down

“I know” she said her eyes scanning the room

“Is this you guys masters bedroom?” She asked her eyes slightly opened with wonder

“Silly you Bella, we stay separate, you don’t expect us to be in the same room?” I asked hitting her slightly

“Ouch!, of course I should expect that, because you two are lawfully married couples” she said

“Lawfully married cat and rat” I said rolling my eyes

“But you used to be really crazy about him before” she said

“Used to like you say, not now girlfriend, come on you of all people should know how this arrogant man called my husband embarrassed me during high school days, and come to think of it you can’t believe what happened here last night” I said

“What happened?” She asked with curiousity

I went ahead and told her everything about Jasper and his girlfriend

“Take a high five!!” Bella said as I took her hands

“I love the way you handled it, can you imagine, I don’t blame Jasper, I blamed the useless girl…who came into another woman’s home to sleep with her husband…women are so shameless, she doesn’t have shame at all!!, one day now…she will get married and be expecting her husband not to cheat on her” Bella said angrily

“You are right babe, some girls are stupid” I said

“well bae I want to go on a journey… after that journey I want to fully start working at my father’s company, because I can’t just sit at home doing nothing, doing such will make my life miserable and Jasper will be rejoicing on my misery, I want to wake up and show him that am not weak and naive, not only him but everyone around me” I said smiling slightly

“O.M.G, Emmett are you traveling?” Bella asked with surprise

” kind of, that’s the more reason I called you here, I need your help to go on this journey of mine” I said

“What sort of journey is that?” Bella asked


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