My Arranged marriage episode 13




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫

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Elephant” Jasper gasps

Emmett turned around

“Hi” she said with a grin sitting down on the couch crossing her flawless long legs

📞Hello…Jasper are still there?”

Eric asked

📞Yeah, yeah am with you” Jasper said blinking his eyes as he turned around

📞Did you suddenly went deaf, I have been talking since but you aren’t replying” Eric complained

Jasper moved his legs ascending the stairs but not without looking back again

📞Am I hallucinating Eric?” Jasper asked

📞Whats wrong?” Eric asked

📞What the f**ck did I just see now?” Jasper asked as he opened his door and entered inside

📞What did you see?” Eric asked

📞Does Emmett has a twin?” Jasper asked

📞What are you talking about, if your wife has a twin sister you should know not me” Eric Said

📞Yeah I know, but the Emmett I just saw here now is so damn hot and beautiful, words can’t describe the beauty I just set my eyes on now, infact Eric I think I just saw a goddess” Jasper said

📞 Emmett a goddess…pardon me Jasper but Emmett is always the chubby naive girl we all know, when did she turned into all this you are mentioning, maybe you are actually hallucinating” Eric said

📞Do you know what? just come over to the house and see for yourself damn!, maybe to actually confirm if am hallucinating or not” Jasper said

📞Deal, am coming over now” Eric said

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The pasted four months was a really long journey for me

It was such a long painful journey for me, but I have made up my mind to go on that journey because it will surely yield alot of things for me

I called it a painful journey because, I watched my favorite dishes been taken away from me

Such thing was like a sucide mission to me

Also the early morning exercise was not an easy game for me

I woked up very early every morning, put on a sport wear and jogged off the house

Jogging around the street, from this part to this part

Doing squatting and all other modes of exercises I did that I can’t remember

I remembered the first time I jogged I nearly fainted that very day but Bella came to my rescue

But still I never gave up, I kept going on and on

I told Bella to come stay with me

So she stayed with me through out all the process of my weight loosing journey

I remembered one night like that, I dreamt about enjoying all manners of delicacies

Waking up from the dream

My mouth watered and I was tempted to eat some food I was told not to eat that night

I checked bella who was lying beside and she was so deep in the sleep

I smiled and sneak out of the room

Going to the freezer which was stocked up with foods

I brought out as many I want and was about to dig into the joy world

“Bravo, hahaha” I heard bella’ s voice behind me

I turned around immediately seeing disappointed her face, my face felled down

“Should I join you girlfriend?” Bella asked

Ouch this wicked friend of mine, is she trying to make me feel more guilty here

“I hate you” I said and walked away

“I love you so much” Bella said following me up

Thank goodness Bella came to my rescue that night, what would I have done without her

She was indeed more than a friend to me, she also helped me on learning how to doll my self up with nice make ups, nice hot cloths, how to cat walk and how to be fierce and all

And I also learned some from the internet, well all the credits goes to Bella

Am now working fully at my father’s company, as the upcoming chairlady of the company

My father will fully hand over the company to me but not without my arrogant big headed husband besides me

He says i cant handle the company all alone, but with Jasper beside me every thing will work out

Why is it always Jasper this Jasper that, why can’t he hand it over to me and see if I can’t handle it

Well that’s by the way, I will know what to do about that because I can’t allow that to happen never!!

Today I didn’t go to work, I was just at home relaxing because yesterday was such a busy one for me

I didn’t rest, so I decided to use today to rest and watch some zee world movies

But I regretted doing that because I didn’t know Jasper was coming back home today

The front door opened and Jasper came inside but he was making a call

How long has it been since I last saw this arrogant dude

I just rolled my eyes and continued watching my movie

I had a remote on my hand and was about to change the channel just then the remote fell off my hand

“Damn” I muttered and got up

I bend down to pick it up, getting up with the remote on my hand

I moved my long hair to one side

If I knew i would have packed it on a pony tail because it was actually disturbing me

I turned around to sit down, when I noticed some one looking at me

I looked up and saw Jasper looking at me with a shock written all over his face

I smile inwardly, the look on the almighty Jasper’s face was a sight to behold

And needed to be captured on camera for future purpose

“Hi” I said with a grin

While slowly sitting on the couch crossing my leg over to the other one




Bella was along the express waiting for a taxi

Her car broked down while going to Emmett’s place, so she decided to go with a taxi while her mechanic work on the car

Just then a car pulled over at her front and a man alighted from it smiling widely

“Hi bella”

“Hello Eric” Jasmine replied looking away

“Come on Bella don’t act so indifferent” Eric said

But Bella didn’t say anything

“Where are you heading to” Eric said

“None of your business” Bella said

“I know you are going to your friends house and that’s where am definitely going to because Jasper is back, so can I have the honor of riding with you” Eric said like a gentle man

“Thanks I will just wait for a taxi” Bella said

“Come on Bella, we are going to the same direction please” Eric begged

Bella heaved a sigh and decides to go with him because she knew he will never give up and she doesn’t want a scene for people to be watching

“Alright let’s go” Bella said

“Thank you” Eric said smiling

Bella never returned the smile

She walked pass Eric, walking towards the car

Eric turned around and his eyes caught Bella’s dancing butts that were shaking while she walked

Eric was immediately tempted as he licked his lips

“Nice butt you got there Bella” Eric said as his hands moved and pressed Bella’s butt

Bella’s body frozed up instantly with her eyes widened in shock

She turned around her face red with anger as she clenched her fist in anger

She moved her hand and gave Eric a great blow on the face

The rest that happened was a story

The scene Bella avoided later took place and it was wonderful show to the viewers





“Ouch easy Jasper” Eric groaned in pains as Jasper applied ice block on his bruised face

“Did you say is Bella that did this to you, that little bird?” Jasper asked

“Yes” Eric muttered

“Is she a holigan?” Jasper asked

“No, she is not just a holigan but undertaker the wrestler” Eric said


“If she applied to wrestle at the heavy weight championship league she would be accepted immediately without any interview at all” Eric said in pains

“Easy man” Eric groaned in pains

“Sorry dude, but what did you do to her?” Jasper asked

“I only pressed her soft butt” Eric said

“Hahahaha!!, What!, When did you start pressing butts Eric, I thought you are always that gentle man while am the opposite, now look at you…you are even worst than me” Jasper laughed

“I don’t know what pushed me to the walls Jasper, all I can remember was my hands already on her butts” Eric said

“So fascinating, hm…so interesting” Jasper said with a smirk as he applied more pleasure on the pressing of the ice on Eric bruised face

Making Eric to groan in a loud painful voice

“Ahhahhhhh, f**ck you Jasper”





I woked up very early in the morning to go for a jog

I changed into a sport Wear with my sneakers on

I plugged in my ear piece in my two ears which was playing of music

My phone was inside the side pocket on my sport white leggings

I jog out of house along the street which was so dry and quiet

I can also see one or two people jogging

I jogged happily as the music played in my ears and mind

I jogged backwards just then my eyes saw someone who who looks familiar and was also jogging coming at my direction

I couldn’t actually see the person’s face because it was still very early in the morning

So it was a bit cloudy

While jogging backwards the person’s face was coming in view why he jogged forward

Coming more near, I was able to see the man’s face

I turned around immediately jogging away more further

“When did Jasper starts doing early morning exercises?” I muttered to myself jogging even more faster

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