My Arranged Marriage

My arranged marriage episode 14 – 15




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy

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“When did Jasper starts doing early morning exercise?” I muttered to myself jogging even more faster

After sometime I slowed my pace

I drifted my head to the other side in other to stretch it, just then I saw a guy jogging along the opposite side

He immediately flashed a smile to me, I looked away immediately because that smile can easily make a woman’s knees to crumple

I looked at my back and saw Jasper at a far distance

Just then the guy crossed the distance between us jogging along with me

What this, am not really in for some early morning flirts

I looked away immediately and increased my pace, but to my surprise the guy increased his pace too

“Hi” he said

“Hello” I replied not looking at him

“Am Jerry and you are?” He asked

“Is for me to know and for you not to find out” I replied with a serious face

“And what if I really wanna find out” he said

“Then good luck with that” I replied

“But I wanna find out through you” he said

Omg this Jerry or whatever his name is really getting me tight this morning

Because he is good looking doesn’t mean he has the guts to approach any woman he wants

I stopped immediately with a serious face wanting to burst

“Listen to…” I pursed immediately turning just to find Jasper not really far away from us, he was seriously doing push ups

I turned back again slightly smiling at the novice beside me

Why am I doing this, am I actually gonna play this game

“Am Emmett” I said

“Wow nice name, it actually suits you, thanks for telling me your name Emmett, actually I have been seeing you for sometime now…I meant around here” Jerry Said

“Okay, can I jog in peace now” I said

“Sure finding out your name only feels really good, I have been trying to approach you all this while but…”he couldn’t finish his words because I cut him off immediately

“Am not in for that now, if you will excuse me I wanna continue from where I stopped, I have an office to attend to” I said jogging away immediately

“Wait” he ran after me

I heaved a sigh of frustration and stopped

What sort of mosquito is this

“Emm please one more request” he said

“What again?” I asked

“Can I at least jog along with you” he said

But I didn’t reply as I set off jogging away

He ran after me again

“So this is a yes right?” He asked and I didn’t reply nor look at him but I definitely knew from the corner of my eyes that he was smiling


1 hour later I came back home feeling so exhausted

The sky has already cleared and it is definitely 6:30 am and I really have to leave for work at 7:30 because I have a load of works to so at the office

I walked towards the fridge to take a bottle of cold water to cool off my burning self

Jasper was beside there drinking a bottle of water

I just opened the fridge to take water when I heard

“A married woman flirting with another man, such a disgrace” Jasper walked away muttering these words enough for me to hear

Did he just say those words out of his mouth, how does it concerns him if am flirting with a man or not

Even if I slept with another man, is never his business

But am not as shameless as him

I have my own dignity

Am a lawfully wedded woman

And I don’t wanna bring a disgrace to my family

Even if my marriage was a stupid and senseless one

I just took out the bottled chilled water and dranked to my satisfaction

Heaving a relieved sigh

“Good morning mam” Cleo greeted

“Good morning Cleo, how was your night?” I asked

“It was good mam, hope you had a nice jog today?” Cleo asked

“Yes” I said

“Am relieved to know you are already used to it” cleo said

“Yeah” I said smiling

“Mam your delicacies will soon be ready” she said

“Okay, remember enough vegetables” I said walking away towards the stairs

“Sure mam” she said


“O.M.G” Eric muttered his mouth forming an O

He stood not far away from the front door as he watch Emmett decend the stairs

He couldn’t believe his eyes could see such a glory desending the stairs elegantly

Well dressed in an excellent Savage office wear, she wore a black Google which made her look like a mafia’s wife

“Good morning Eric” Emmett greeted and walked pass him leaving through the door

Eric turned his back and was about to fill his eyes with the back view

Just then someone hit him hard on the head

“Are you done looking?” Jasper asked shutting him a deadly glare

“Who was that?” Eric asked not minding the way Jasper hit him

“Who else…? is elephant” Jasper said as they walked outside entering inside the car

Emmett has already left, she had a driver who drives her around because she can’t really drive

“Did I hear you very well, how can you be calling such a goddess Elephant, did you see her goo…” Eric couldn’t finish his words because Jasper shut him a deadly glare

“Please no more glares, focus on the road please… but while those glares,,, can’t I compliment someone in peace again, but I can’t believe she is really Emmett… wait !!,,,did she under go a plastic surgery?” Eric asked with his eyes slightly open

“Is not a surgery. A knife didn’t go through her body.. that her transformation is natural” Jasper said

“Then what happened?” Eric asked

“I don’t really know am yet to find out, but I noticed she has changed her eating methods and delicacy…and she is also doing exercise every morning” Jasper said just then his mood changed immediately as he remembered the moment Emmett was flirting with some guy in the morning

Jasper doesn’t know why but he felt angered that moment

He felt like to punch the guy smiling face but he held himself by doing countless push-ups

“Morning exercise?!!.And you also did exercise this morning, is it because…” Eric eyes widened at realising something

“Don’t even go there, I was feeling glumpy In the morning so I decided to jog it off because I don’t want it to disturb me in the office, why am I even explaining, don’t I use to jog before” Jasper said

“But not anymore , you usually go to the gym not jogging around the street…is there something you aren’t telling me dude?” Eric asked with a smirk

“Something like what ?” Jasper asked

“I don’t really know, but the Jasper I know can’t be living in same roof with such goddess without making a move” Eric said

“Haha” Jasper said

“Who is a goddess, is it elephant?” Jasper asked

“You should stop calling her that, I never support you calling her that…! talkless of now she is hot…she is a human not some sort of animal” Eric said

“Eric listen…Emmett will always be the Elephant I used to know, even if she turns out to be the most beautiful woman in the world…”

“Actually she is” Eric cut in

“I don’t care, she will never move me” Jasper said

“Well we will see about that”

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Jecobs company is a well known progressive company that deals with all sorts of business

Both modeling, cosmetics, fashions e.t.c

Emmett’s car droved inside the mighty story building

The driver came out and opened the door in which Emmett alighted the car gracefully

She catwalked inside

All eyes were on her

🗣️Who is she?*

🗣️Is she an international model, no she is more than a model, I haven’t seen a model with those features”

🗣️Omg look at that shape, so much energy”

🗣️Omg our C.E.OS daughter is such a beauty to behold”

🗣️ I know her as a chubby type, when did she changed this way, she has probably under go a surgery, even though she is hot now, she will always be the chubby Emmett jecobs”

People gossips all around, some for good and some for bad

Emmett went to her office and kept her things

She later came out again going straight to the modeling agencies to supervise there

“Good morning mam” the head female worker at the modeling agency greeted EMMETT with a smile immediately she saw her approaching

“What’s going on there?” Emmett asked seeing two young girls arguing

“They are the new models mam” the head female worker said

“I see” Emmett said and turned to leave when she heard something that actually boiled her up with anger

“You can’t be accepted here…do you know why? because you are shapeless and a little chubby… just look at me…do you think they will choose you over me… never!, So better start buckling yourself up to be sent away, i don’t even know why you are been allowed to enter in here in the first place…you don’t belong in this world girl” the tall young girl bullied the slightly chubby girl

The chubby girl hanged her head low, if one was close enough…they will notice that she is crying silently

Emmett’s heart swelled in so much emotions and anger

She felt as if she is the one that the girl is talking to

She cleanched her fist as she walked over to the two girls

The slim girl scanned her from head to toll rudely

If not for one thing Emmett would have given her a sound slap to give her some manners since she lacks one

She was not even pretty, rather she had a load of make up on her face making her look like a b**tch

The other girl without any make up on was even more beautiful than her

“Who are you?” The girl asked rudely seeing the way Emmett was looking at her

The head female worker eyes widened in shock as she wanted to approach the rude girl

But Emmett raised up her in the air, indicating for her to stop

“Who am I?,, like you asked… hmmm I don’t know” Emmett said

“Then get lost” the girl said

The head female was already trembling on behalf of the girl

” Don’t you know that the words you tell to someone can actually kill the person but wait emotional and especially, you may say you haven’t killed any one before but actually you have killed someone through your words,,,but wait!!..Has anyone ever tell you how b**tchy and ugly you look?” Emmett

“How dare you!!” The girl flared up

The head female had already had enough of the girl as she wanted to approach again

But Emmett held up her hand in the air again indicating for her to stop

“Do you know she is ten times more beautiful than you little girl” EMMETT said looking at the chubby girl who had her head down

“Li…little girl!,,, do you know who I am?, do you know who my father is?” The girl said

“Oh!, You are daddy’s girl I see, well I don’t have time to deal with a chicken” Emmett said as she turned towards the head female who had her breath held up since

“Disqualify her and make she is isn’t accepted in any modeling agencies all over this world!!,,, You know what I meant right?” Emmett asked

“Yes…yes mam”

” Employ that pretty girl…put her in the most highest agencies where she will be payed well and given nice treatment” Emmett said before walking away

The chubby girl who had her head held down since why crying silently felled on her knees immediately with tears falling down her eyes uncontrollably

The people around were immediately moved and felt happy for the lucky girl and was raining curses on the b**tchy slim girl

The head female walked over to the b**tchy girl with anger

She immediately regretted ever letting the b**tchy girl enter in there at the first place

Even if the C.E.Os daughter didn’t tell her to fire the girl, she would use her hand to disqualify her

“Who is…is she to command you to disqualify me huh?” The b**tchy girl asked

“She is the C E Os daughter” the head female replied her

“What?!” The b**tchy girl said with shock çovering her mouth

Just then two abled men in Black suit came immediatey and carried her away disgracefully

“Let me go oooo!!” She cried trying to free herself from the men but she is like a mosquito to them

“Get up pretty girl, don’t cry again” the head female said to the crying Chubby girl who was kneeling down


Emmett walked inside her office and slumped on the chair with her face upwards

She heaved a sigh sitting up very well

“I am EMMETT JECOBS…nobody plays with me”

T. B . C

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