My arranged marriage episode 16




(He is arrogant and mean)


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I walked into my office and slumped on the chair with my head upwards

I really understand what that chubby girl went through back there

Not even back there, but all the time

Why is that chubby and fat people are always bulied and body shamed in the society

Are they not humans like others?

I heaved a sigh why sitting up well

“I am EMMETT JECOBS…nobody plays with me” I said with an authority that I never knew was in me

“You are no longer Emmett JECOBS rather you are now Emmett Cullen’s” I turned immediately towards the other side to know who was talking

“Dad!” I said to my dad who was coming out from the restroom

“You startled me when did you come” I asked my dad who walked towards me and sat down

“Earlier, but I didn’t see you in here, your secretary said you went to the modeling agencies” my dad said

“Oh yes dad, I decided to go there to supervise some certain things” I said smiling

“I can see dear, you doing very well now… am proud that you found yourself and walked towards the destination you wanted…I love that Emmett” my dad said.

“Thanks Dad…” I said

But am a little curious on the main reason my father came to my office today

It can never be only to tell me all this he is saying now…he is such a busy and calculative man who uses a method to reach the goal he want

So I knew very well he has a main motive

“And EMMETg yourself by your husband family name which is the Cullen’s,,,I don’t know whyh you still addressed yourself as the JECOBS” my dad said

“But am your daughter right?,,, And I was born and brought up in the JECOBS family” I said

“Yes I know,,,but now you no longer of the JECOBS in full.

You are now of the Cullen’s,,, you are now part of that family,,,am not saying that you are not my daughter,,, but am trying to make you understand as a woman when you get married you bares and belong to your husband and his family”

I heaved a sigh,,, am never gonna accept that

“I have heard you dad” I said trying to cut the conversation short, but I definitely knew in my heart that I will never accept that I belong to the Cullen’s now

As far as Jasper is concerned

“Emmett I hope you and Jasper are getting along now?” He asked

But I didn’t reply him, rather I looked away

Is he really asking me this

What does he expect

After giving me off to a marriage and a man I never wanted

“Emmett like I have said two months ago that am about to hand over one part of this company to you but unless your husband is with you” he said

“Dad Jasper has his father’s company and why can’t I handle this one alone without involving him?” I asked

“Because he is your husband,,,if we and the Cullen’s joins together to build up this company the more,,,then it will really be a bomb” he said

I heaved a frustrated sigh and was about to talk when he continued

“We will be having dinner tonight with the Cullen’s” he Said

“Okay” I said nodding my Head

Am already used to having dinner night with the CULLEN’S

When Jasper travel past four months ago I had dinner at the Cullen’s family also my parents were among

The next time we had dinner at my family house,,,so it seems like it is Cullen’s we are having dinner tonight together with my family

“There we will discuss on how to go on a one week trip at a mountain side near an ocean,,,we all including the Cullen’s will be going” he said

“Alright so I will be taking care of the company untill your return right?” I asked

“You are tagging along including your husband,,,we are going on this trip especially because of Jasper and you,,,we want you two to get along and give us grand children,,, me and the Cullen’s has already talked about this,,,so dinner tonight at the Cullen’s,,, come with your husband,,,I want to see you two together” my dad said getting, he fixed his suit and walked away

I felt as if I lost my voice

Did I hear grandchildren!!

“What!!” I scoffed finding my voice at last

But my dad has already left and that means his decision is finally

“Damn!!” I cursed standing up from my sitting

Slowly walking from this corner to this corner

Thinking of a way to escape that mountain trip of a thing


Jasper was in his office seated on his chair working in his laptop with a cup of coffee on the table which he normal took a sip from time to time

Just then a knock came in

“Come in” he said his face engrossed on his laptop

The door slightly pulled open

“Baby” Ann called smiling as she catwalked over where Jasper is

Jasper hearing a woman’s voice looked up immediately

“Ann,,,what are you doing here?” He asked

“I came to see you of course,,,don’t you miss me?, Is been four months since I last saw” Ann said

Jasper watched her as she walked over where he is

She slowly sat on Jasper’s lap straddling him

She slightly kissed him on the lips

“Don’t you miss this chick” she asked bitting her lips seductively

Jasper who has been mute all the while watching

Heaved a sigh inwardly

‘What sort of early morning temptation is this?’ he thought to himself

Before he can recollect what to do

Ann kissed his face then to his lips

Jasper who has been turned on couldn’t help himself but give in to the early morning temptation

He started kissing her back

He was to slid his hand under her skirt when a knock came in

“Gosh!” Jasper cursed breaking the kiss

Before he can say anything the door pulled open

“Dad” Jasper said

Ann immediately climbed down from Jasper’s body arranging her skirt why looking down embarrassed

Mr Cullen’s didn’t say anything

He just walked over the seat and sat down crossing his legs

“Good morning sir” Ann greeted but Mr Cullen’s didn’t reply her nor look at her

Ann just picked her purse from the table and walked out of the office

“Dad you just interrupted my priva…”

“Is this what you suppose to be doing now?” Mr Cullen’s asked cutting Jasper off from completing his words

“Huh?” Jasper said confused on where his dad is heading to with his words after interrupting the food he was about to eat now

“Yes Jasper,,,you should be more focused on the mission I gave you , you aren’t doing anything. Don’t you want to avenge your mother?” Mr CULLEN’S asked

“Of I do” Jasper said his face turned sore immediately at the mention of his mother

“How Jasper?,,,Jecob is about to give his daughter half of the company” Mr Cullen’s said

“Then the job is about to be carried out” Jasper said

“No is not” Mr Cullen’s said

“How?” Jasper asked

“Because she hasn’t agreed on it because you are been involved,,,she is telling her father that she can handle it without you been involved,,,she hates you,,,and this makes our vengeance been delayed” Mr Cullen’s said

“Get along with her, make her to fall inlove and have trust in you,,,this will make it more Easy” Mr CULLEN’S said

“No!, I can’t do that, I hate her” Jasper said

“I know you can,,, My daughter In-law is now very beautiful and appealing in the eyes especially my son’s eyes” Mr Cullen’s said with a grin

“What do you…you mean,,,she isn’t appealing to me…I don’t like her” Jasper said blinking his eyes

“Whatever Jasper,,,we are having dinner with the JECOBS today,,,so come with your wife, be nice to her for now,,,and be mindful don’t fall inlove,,, remember you are on a mission Jass” Mr Cullen’s said

Jasper nods his head knowing fully well that when his father calls his name in a short form

That means he is in for no plays

Mr Cullen’s went ahead to tell JASPER about the mountain trip at Mexico

Jasper didn’t like the idea at all but decided to give in into it, because is a family trip



***In the evening***

Am all dressed for the dinner at the Cullens

I stood at the mirror looking at the perfect creation infront of the mirror

I can’t still believe am the person standing before the mirror

I wore a golden V shape gown which hugged my body showing off all my curves

My hair was perfectly packed in a bun, I did a little makeup touch on my face ,,, till now I don’t really like much make ups,,,I also painted my lips with a red lips gross

To be honest I was stunning

I never had fatness in me ,,,the doctor who introduced me to the nutritionist that took care of my diet said that my obesity is from the wrong food intake and diet

After checking out myself at the mirror once again seeing that am perfectly cool

A knock came in

Cleo came inside

“Omg you look stunning ma” Cleo said with his mouth forming an O

“Thanks” I said smiling

“Mam,,, sir Is done and is waiting for you down the stairs” Cleo said

“Okay am coming” I said,,,

I can’t believe am driving with that arrogant fellow

Well that’s what our family want


Jasper was sitting at the cushion with his leg crossed while reading some magazine to kill time

From time to time he will look towards the stairs

He can’t believe that one day he will seat down while waiting for a woman to get ready or doll herself

Women are such a difficult being

Imagine they will use more than 3 hours or more to get ready

Jasper looked up again towards the stairs but still there was no sign of Emmett

He heaved a frustrated sigh shaking his head

He was about to look back at the magazine when he saw the beauty desending the stairs

Jasper couldn’t help but found himself looking at the perfect creation decending from heaven

Emmett who had her head down raised it up, her eyes immediately caught Jasper’s own

Jasper spranged up from the cushion looking away

He walked towards the door and left


I looked up and my eyes met with Jasper own, I don’t know why but I couldn’t find myself looking away

Jasper immediately spranged up from cushion walking away as if he was in a haste or something

I just rolled my eyes

Is he not the one that was waiting patiently before,,, while been in a haste now

Oh I almost I caught him looking at me

Did I caught his attention or what

Hahaha, Emmett baby you are doing a great job!!

I walked outside and Jasper was already inside the car

Mannerless man, he can’t even open the door for me

I almost forgot I got married to the most arrogant man in the world

Why am I expecting him to be a gentle man

I opened the door and entered the car, after I have finally settled well putting on my seatbelt

I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Jasper took a glance from me before accelerating away

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