My arranged marriage episode 17




(He is arrogant and mean)


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I noticed from the corner of my eyes that Jasper took a glance from me before accelerating away

The ride to the Cullen’s mansion was a quiet one

I just took out my phone to keep myself busy



I heaved a satisfying sigh because we have finally arrived at the Cullen’s mansion

A short ride to the Cullens turned out to be a very long annoying ride because of this big arrogant headed fellow

I alighted the car

And walked inside the mansion with Jasper

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We entered inside and saw that the whole family is already there chatting

Is like they are waiting for us

“Omg my daughter in law is such a beauty,,,she took after you Mary but this beauty called my daughter in-law is extra” Mrs Cullen’s said to my mother as she hugged me

“Of she should be Rebecca” my mother said smiling

We all greeted ourselves

“Alright let’s go and eat before our food turns cold,,, you are on diet right Emmett?” Mrs Rebecca said

“Yes ma” I said

“Okay dear, don’t worry we made what will suit you” she said smiling

We all walked over the dinning table to eat

The men sat beside their wives

And of course Jasper was to sit beside me

I walked over my chair to seat but immediately Jasper pulled the chair out me

My eyes slightly widened

What just happened is he playing gentle man infront of the whole family!!!

Such a Sneaky wolf!!

“My son inlaw is such a gentle man” my mother said smiling

“Of course he took after his father” mrs Rebecca said

We all had our meal smoothly

After eating we discussed about the one week trip to Mexico and many other things





When arrived at the Mexico very late

And we only have small time to set up our tenth in other to lay our heads down and sleep because it will soon be twelthlight

And also we had a stressful journey and everybody is so damn tired and needed rest

We had dinner and set off to sleep

“Am wondering why we set up three tenths instead of two, one for the men and one for the woman?” I asked,,

we have all finished eating and was about to retire to our various tenths

“What do you mean one for the men and one for the men,,, listen Emmett the white tenth is for me and your father, the blue one is for your father in-law and his wife and…” My mother said the “and” with a smile

I swallowed hard looking intently at her

“The red one is for you and your husband,,,good night every one” my mother said as she walked away with my dad going into their tenth

“What!!” Me and Jasper said together

I looked towards him and he too looked at me

When our eyes met I frowned immediately looking away

“What?, You don’t wanna be together?,,, Please we want grand children,,,so you both should do the needful” Mrs Rebecca, Jasper’s mother said with a wink

I scoffed at what she said

It was as if my breath is about to hitch

Omg this woman is so shameless!!


Me and Jasper led at our small matress inside the tenth

I can’t believe am lying on the same matress with Jasper

I never expected things to turn out like this

I thought the women and men will stay in different tenths

But here am I with this big headed arrogant fellow

I was at the other far end of matress likewise Jasper

We had our back against each other

The space between us at the mattress can serve another person

I was uncomfortable at where I am

My heart was beating rapidly

it was if it was gonna burst or be heard by some one else

I was turning around from this side to this side

“Why are you nervous?” I heard Jasper’s voice

My eyes widened immediately

“Do you think am gonna touch you?” He asked me

I was alerted immediately

What if this pervert take advantage of me here!!

We are the only people inside this tenth and any thing can happen!!

I immediately spranged up sitting up while facing him

“Listen and listen good, don’t even try…try to…to…” I stammered

“To what huh?” Jasper asked me now sitting up facing me

“Don’t make any silly move or act funny inside this tenth,,,am fully in alert and my eyes are watching you” I said using my two fingers to point in my eyes then towards his

“Hahaha,,, haven’t I told you before you aren’t my type huh,,,while would I make a move on a wood,,,you are like a wood to me. You aren’t moving me,,,as we are here now nothing is triggering in me”Jasper said

What the hell!!

He called me a wood!!

This big headed arrogant fellow called me a wood!!

Am no longer an elephant but a wood now!!

“And you too… you big headed monkey,,, you don’t move me at all,,,as a woman who is beside a man, at this time should be feeling some thing,,,but guess what??!,, I don’t feel a thing,,,are you sure you are a man or you are just a big headed stone!” i fired back and laid down immediately facing the other side

I felt Jasper move and laid down again but not without me hearing him let out a chuckle

That mocking chuckle of his!!

I closed my eyes to sleep but sleep was far away from me

Shit,,, I hate this!!


Few minutes later

Jasper noticed that Emmett was now fast asleep

Because the matress was not moving again

He was awake because sleep was very far away from his eyes

He turned the other side in other to relax maybe he may catch some sleep

Turning around he met Emmett’s beautiful face, as she sleeps soundly

Jasper never expected her to face his side

JASPER found himself staring at the perfect pretty face facing him

She was like a sleeping beauty

A woman who was stunning even when she was sleeping

“Hm ELEPHANT” he muttered silently with a chuckle

He doesn’t know why but he found himself studying her pretty face

Her long natural lashes, her pointed nose, then his eyes landed on her pink full lips

Jasper doesn’t know when his hands started moving toward s her lips

His hands was inches away from her lips

Hee immediately withdraw it turning the other side

“What’s wrong with you Jasper” he cursed


I woked up immediately smiling in my sleep

Wow it felt so good where am laying now

It was so comfortable and nice

Am I on top of heaven or what

I slightly flipped my eyes open and when I saw where am laying

I almost fainted

Am on top of Jasper’s body!!!!

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