My arranged marriage episode 22 – 23




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


“Jasper you have to fight okay” I said again holding his hand while silently praying for God to save him



Mr Cullens squeezed the phone in hands so damn tight …if the phone was an egg…it would have cracked into many pieces

“How dare that their witch,,, not only my wife who died because of their wickedness but now they want to take away my son too… No I won’t allow it!!” Mr Cullens said as he threw his phone on the wall which made a loud sound

His wife was seen rushing down from the stairs with questions filled on her face

“What’s wrong Cullens?” She asked approaching him

“Jasper had an accident and was rushed to the hospital” Mr Cullen’s said

“Omg” his wife said covering her mouth with her hands

“The Jecobs has done it again not only taking away his mother but they also want to take him away” Mr Cullen’s said

“What are you talking?”

“Are you really asking me,,,the Jecobs were the reason his mother left this world,,,they refused to help me in other to save his mother,,,now that their daughter is in his life now,,,they want to take him away too” Mr Cullen’s said with a cleanched teeth

“Don’t say that Cullen’s it was never their fault,,, Jecob said he never got the message then and I thought you both have talked this out,,,why are you using the past against the future now huh?” His wife asked

“Enough of your preaching Rebecca,,, whose side are you on now?” Mr Cullen’s asked

“Am not on anybody’s side ,,,what we have to do now is to go and see our son Jasper,,,wait let me quickly get dressed” his wife said and dashed off immediately

“This is the reason why Jasper never accepted you as his mother because you are never on the right side,,,nonsense!!”




Jasper has been rushed into the emergency room

“Mam can you sit,,,you have been standing for so Long” a nurse to me

I have been standing for over 2 hour,,, not just standing but walking from this corner to this corner praying silently for nothing to happen to Jasper

I never knew I can get so worried about him like this

What is this feeling?

Is this the feeling of,,,you don’t value what you have until you

lose it?

I was so much terrified when I saw him on that bed unconscious with blood all over him

Or is it that the feelings I have for him when we are in high school is still left in me,,, like there is a little one left in me?

No that can’t be never be!!

Am just been scared,,,I don’t wanna be a widow

Am still young to mourn a husband

I turned and looked at the bench behind me

Maybe am over reacting here,,I really have to calm myself down

“Thanks” I said to the nurse while I quitely sat down

I have already informed my parents and Jasper’s parents about this accident

They will soon be here

As I was sitting down my feet was slightly shaking out of fear and nervousness

Many thoughts were running through my head

What if he doesn’t make it?

What if one of his hands or legs got fractured?

What if he losses his memory,,, because they said he hit his head hard on the car steering

No it cant happen,,, am not ready to deal with a husband that has a memory loss

“Just calm down Emmett you will be fine” i said to myself breathing out air

Just then I saw a little tiny hand stretch out towards my face with a bottle of chilled water

I looked up immediately and saw a little girl smiling at me

Her face was pale, she is about 5 years old,,,she was wearing a patient clothe

“Here” her tiny little voice ranged in my ears as she stretch her tiny hand towards me even the more

I blinks my eyes to be sure of what am seeing

Is this little girl offering me water

“Here” she said again pouting her lips,,,I smiled slightly at her cuteness and immediately took the water from her hand

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I don’t wanna stress her any longer because it seems the bottled water is weighing her down

“Thanks” I said holding the water

“You don’t want to drink it?” She asked

“Sure I want to” I said and opened the water drinking it

I almost finished it because I was really tasty

But who this little angel in a hospital clothe

“Thanks dear” I said smiling

“You are welcome unni( big sister)” she said and sat beside me

“Unni?” I asked

“Am a Korean” she said smiling

“But you don’t look like a Korean” i said

“My mom is an American while my dad is a Korean” she said

“Ohh,,,but am not your unni” i said wondering while she is calling me unni because I definitely knew what it mearnt

“You are my unni,,, because I like you” she said

“Really?” I said with a creased brows

“Yes,,,I saw how restless you were so I like you and decided to bring water for you” she said

My heart immediately swelled up immediately

“Thank you so much little one,,, because I really needed this water,,,can I know your name?” I asked

“My name is Inna,,, and what’s your own name unni?” She asked

“My name is Emmett ,,,your name is beautiful just like you” I said patting her hair

“You too unni emm,,,you came to see someone here?” She asked me

“Yes,,,he is in there ,,,they are attending to him” i said pointing towards the emergency room Jasper was taken to

“Don’t be sad unni,,,he will be fine” Inna said smiling

“Thanks little Inna,,,you are a patient here?” I asked

“Yes” she said,,,her expression changing to a sad one with her head lowered down

“Do you wanna talk about it?” I asked patting her head


“Mom” Inna said raising up her head

“I have been looking for you”

“Sorry Mom,,, meet my new friend Emmett” Inna introduced me to her mother

“Hi” her mother said

“Hello,,, you have a nice daughter” I said

“Thanks,,, sorry if she disturbed you” her mother said

“No,,,she is such an Angel” I said

The woman smiled

“Let’s go Inna,,,you have to take your medicines” her mother said

“Okay,,,good bye unni Emm” Inna said waving at me as she walked away with her mother

“Good bye Inna” I said waving back at her

Wow this little girl is so pretty and nice

Am wondering what her condition was

Because her face was a little bit pale white,,, showing she is sick

‘I wish you quick recovery Inna’ I thought

I looked at my left side and saw Jasper’s parents approaching

Worry was written all over his step mother face but his father,,, he was worried and angry

His face was so cold

“Emmett!!”Mrs Cullens called as she approached and hugged me


“How is my son?” Mr Cullen’s asked with a cold voice

I immediately disengaged from the hug

“They are still attending to him” I replied him

“Let’s pray nothing will happen to him or…” He said and sat down hitting his foot on the ground

I looked at Mrs Cullen’s with a confused face

What’s wrong with Mr Cullen’s,,,why is he acting like this

“Let’s sit Emmett” Mrs Cullens said as she made me to sit down

**30 minutes later**

We were all quietly sitting down and was waiting for the emergency room to open up

My father and mother are here also

They arrived few minutes ago

Just then the emergency door pulled open as the doctor came out

I stood up immediately

Including others

“How is he?” I asked walking towards the doctor

“Calm down Mrs Emmett” the doctor said

“Doctor how is my son?” Mr Cullen’s asked

“He is fine and he will wake up in two or more hours later” the doctor said

Hearing that I heaved a sigh of relief

“Is just..” the doctor said halfway

“Just what…?” Mrs Cullens asked

“His left leg had a little fracture,,,so even if he waked up,,,he won’t walk for some time” the doctor

I sighed with frustration immediately


It has been more than four hours now and Jasper is not yet awake

The doctor said he will woked up in two hours time

Two hours has passed and he hasn’t opened his eyes

I thought as I watched him,,,his head was wrapped with a white bandage

“Emmett dear” Mrs Cullen’s Called as she stood up from where she was sitting and walked towards me

Placing her hand on my shoulder

“You must be tired,,,go home and take care of yourself,,,I will take over from here” she said

“Sure I will go home ma, but not until I see that he has woken up” I said

“At Least go and put something into your stomach” she said

“Don’t worry ma,,,am fine” I said smiling

“Are you sure?” She asked

“Yes” I replied nodding my Head

Just then my stomach growled

“No you are not,,,let me quickly get you something to eat” she said to me walking away

But not without winking at me

I looked down at my stomach and heaved a sigh

“Are you happy now that you have so much embarrassed me” I said rubbing my empty stomach as my eyes flewed back to Jasper’s face


The whole place was so quiet,,,only the beep of the oxygen was heard

Emmett had her head against Jasper’s bed sleeping

Just then Jasper moved his hand

He slightly opened his eyes,,, but it was blurry and he couldn’t see very well

He closes and opened them again,,,he vision became clear

His eyes wandered around thinking of where he was

Just then the memory of the accident flashed on his memory

It then hit on him that he was in the hospital

He thought he would die from the accident,,,he never knew he would survive

He turned his head to his left side and noticed someone who led her head against the bed sleeping

He blinks his eyes realising who it was

He wanted to sit up but felled back as he groaned in pains

Waking Emmett up immediately

I woked up hearing Jasper’s pained voice

Omg he is awake

I was mearnt to watch over him but here I am sleeping like a log

I spranged from my sit immediately

“You are awake”

“Are you okay?” I asked seeing that he was groaning in pains

“Let me call the doctor” I said trying to dash off but I was immediately held by him on the hand

I quietly turned around and looked at his hand that held mine

Then back to his face

He quickly withdrawed his hand

“Am fine don’t worry” he said with a hoarsed voice

“Okay” i said sitting down slightly looking away

“Were you worried about me?” He àsked

Why is he asking me this,,,who isn’t worried over an injurieed person



“Of course,,,I should be worried over a patient” i said

“Me too,,,I was worried when i was about to hit that pole,,,I was thinking on how I will leave my elephant behind,,, like who will be calling you elephant if I have left this world” Jasper said

I immediately rolled my eyes at him

This ungrateful arrogant man

He still has mouth to call me an elephant

“Me I was worried on whom I will be calling a big headed monkey if you haven’t survived” I said rolling my eyes

“Me,,, monkey??, How can you you call a handsome hot looking guy like me a monkey?” Jasper asked with a grin

“Hahahaha” i laughed

“You hot looking??” I said pointing at him

“Do you need a mirror now,,,so that you can see what you look like dude,,, you are so damn messed up,,,hot looking my foot!” i said

“Huh” Jasper slightly said touching his head

He gapes immediately realising he had a whole lot of bandage on his Head

“Wait!!!,,, let me snap you and post online,,,so that your crushers could see what you actually look like now” i said taking my phone

“No o” he said stopping me with a slightly widened eyes

I smiled inwardly immediately

“I won’t snap you Under one condition” i said

“Okay what condition?” Jasper asked

“Call me mam Emmett” i said smirking


“Oh you don’t want to” I said trying to snap him

“Wait!,,,wait!…i will call you that,,,can you just drop the phone”

“Sure” I said and dropped the phone

He slightly clears his throat blinking his eyes

“M…m…ma…mam… Em… Elephant” he said grinning

“Seriously!!!, You monkey!”

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