My Arranged Marriage

My arranged marriage episode 30 – 31




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


The two men entered inside too

Sitting side by side with her

They tied her hands, legs and also blinded folded her

Emmeth struggled to free herself even though they have blinded folded her

She wanted to free herself and ask them what they want from her

“Keep quiet!” The first guy scolded her with a deep voice

By then their car has zoomed off with full speed

“Mute her!”the second guy said

Emmeth’s heart felled into her stomach immediately on what ‘muting her’ mearnt

Before she can recollect what they mean, she felt something hit her hard on the head Making her to black out


Emmeth’s driver was lying flat on the ground shaking all over

The very minute they told him to come down from the car he thought his end has come

His believe high up the moment he heard the gun shot but they didn’t shoot him

When he noticed that they have left he immediately stood up from the ground hitting his hand on the car

“They took her,,,they took ma’am Emmeth,,,I have to go and inform the boss now” he said as he immediately hopped inside the car taking a revise back home

He almost hit someone with the car because of his nervousness



Jasper stood before his large mirror brushing his black silk shiny hair

He buttoned his white shirt leaving one button open

He sprinkled himself his expensive cologne

He walked towards his bed and picked his black suit jacket and all other necessary things he needed for the office

He is resuming work after two weeks of been absent while been hospitalized in the hospital

Just then his phone started ringing

“Who is this?” He checked the caller ID to see who was calling but the number is an unsaved one

Picking up the call he walked towards his door

📞Hello sugar” A feminine voice said from the other end

📞Who is this please?” Jasper asked

📞Come on sugar,,,you don’t recognize my voice again,,,is Ann,,,” Before she can say any other thing Jasper hanged up the call

“B*tch” he muttered blocking the line Ann used to call him

He doesn’t know why the woman won’t just let him be

Jasper walked outside as his driver opened the back door for him

He was about to enter inside when Emmeth’s car droved inside

“Did she forgot something?” Jasper halted on his tracks of entering the car

Emmeth’s driver immediately alighted the car and rushed towards him breathing heavily

Jasper gave him a look of ‘what is it?’

“Boss,,, they,,,she,,, ma’am Emmeth” the driver stammered

Jasper’s brows furred up confused on what the guy is trying to say

“What is it Skyler?, have you already dropped her?” He asked

“No sir” Skyler the driver shooked his head, he was confused on how to break the news to his boss

But he have to,,, because the earlier he spoke the better for him

“Is she inside?” Jasper looked towards the car

“No sir,,,she,,,we,,,as we were heading to the company a black car doubled crossed us, well armed men alighted the car and…and they took ma’am Emmeth away” Skyler said

Jasper’s eyes widened up immediately, his eyes turned cold

He cleanched his fist so damn hard

His aura darkened,,, Skyler hanged his head low

He dare not look at his face

Jasper immediately snatched the car key from his driver’s hand

He opened the car and entered inside driving away

Skyler Exhales immediately Jasper droved out of the mansion

He ran his fingers through his hair

He was glad they didn’t shut him but on the contrary he had wished they had shoot him

Because if anything would happen to emmeth he will experience something more than a gun shot from Jasper because he was the last person with her and he couldn’t even protect her with his life


Jasper drived with full speed, he hit his hand on the steering wheel

“F*ck” he cursed

He needed to contact the police immediately so that an immediate research will be carried out

He immediately plugged in his earpod his eyes were on the road and also on his phone as he dialled a number

📞Hello this is F. B. I, how may we help you” a man said

📞My wife is been kidnapped by some random men”



Jasper droved into his father’s mansion as he alighted the car immediately forcefully closing the door making it leave a loud thug sound

He ran towards the entrance door and pulled it open

“Dad!” He shouted walking into the house

“Where is she?!” He asked the man who was sitting on the large couch reading a news paper

Mr Cullens seeing his son in so much rage immediately dropped the paper he is reading

“Where is who?” Mr Cullen’s asked with a confused expression

“Dad don’t make me repeat myself,,,where is emmeth?” Jasper asked with a low calm voice but in that calmness of his rage and anger is widely visible

“I still don’t get you” Mr Cullen’s said still confused on what Jasper is saying

“Stop the pretence already,,,where did you keep her,,,you sent some bunch of men to kidnap Emmett on her way to the office today!” He cleanched his fist

“This is serious,,,your wife was kidnapped and you came to the conclusion that I have a hand on it?” Mr Cullen’s asked with a creased brows

Jasper closed his eyes in anger he was really holding himself from blowing off

“Quit it already and tell me where she is!” Jasper shouted with his eyes slightly opened in anger

Mr Cullen’s who have had enough of Jasper’s ranting got up from the couch as he stood infront of Jasper

“What has come over you?!!,,, instead of you to find a way to look for your wife, you are here accusing your own father of a kidnap,,,have you ever seen me do such a thing before!!!?” Mr Cullens asked raising his voice

“You made me to believe you are able to do it,,, your words at the hospital made me believe you have a hand on her kidnap” Jasper said with a calm cold voice

“Taking a revenge doesn’t mean I will soil my hand with blood or some mischief” Mr Cullen’s said

“If,,,if anything happens to her,,, Dad you will have me to contend with,,,better release her where ever you have kept her because the police are on a search for her and you don’t wanna end up in prison because I personally will make that happen” Jasper shut him deadly glare as he walked away towards the exist door

“What’s going on here?” Mrs asked decending the stairs

“Is Jasper” Mr Cullens said

“Yes I heard his voice”

“His wife has been kidnapped and he is accusing me of that”

“Omg!! did you..”

“Even you Rebecca,,,you think I will do that!”

“Who knows,,, Jasper!!” Mrs Cullens rushed towards the exist door

“Who could have kidnapped her?” Mr Cullens asked himself as he took his phone from the couch dialing a number

📞Hello D.P.O, this is mr Cullen’s”

📞Good morning sir Cullen’s”

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📞What!!” Mr Jecobs looked at his wife who was sitting beside him on the couch

“What is it?” Mrs Jecobs asked her husband alerted immediately at his expression

“Jasper said our daughter has been kidnapped this morning while going to the office” Mr Jecob said

“No!!” Mrs Jecobs covered her mouth in shock




In a large beautiful well decorated room

Emmeth was seen lying on the bed unconscious

Just then she slightly opened her eyes

She was still on her office attire

Her eyes wondered around the room

“Where am I?” She asked herself realising she didn’t know where she is

She sat up immediately looking around the large room again

She tucked her hair behind her ears thinking on how she ended up in the strange room

Just then the memories of the men on Black who took her away flashed on her memory

“Oh No I have been kidnapped!” she said as she got down from the large bed,,, rushing towards the exist door

“Is anybody out there!!!” She shouted as she banged on the door

“Somebody help me!!”

“Someone is in here please let me out!!”

She screamed and shouted with all her strength untill there was no more strength left in her

Her stomach was empty

She didn’t eat before leaving in the morning

And the worst part of it is that she didn’t know what time is it

“Somebody help me out!!” She shouted with the last strength left in her before slumping on the floor breathing so heavily

Nobody replied her nor opened the door

“What have I done to deserve this?”

“Who did I offend?”

“Is this how am gonna die?”

“Jasper please save me?”

She cried as she struggled to got up from the floor

She sluggishly walked towards the bed and slumped on top of it

She started sobbing silently

She had no more strength in her because her stomach was empty

She could have looked for a routine to get herself out of the room but couldn’t because she is so weak

**One hour later**

The door opened as a man shoe came into view then his full tall figure

Emmeth hearing the clicking sound of the door sat up immediately

Heaving a sigh that Someone has come to rescue her

But what she saw nearly blind folded her

‘maybe am seeing things’ she thought as she rubbed her eyes to be sure of whom she Saw

“Hello beautiful woman” the man said as he walked towards the bed

“Jerry!!” Emmeth called with shock

“Even the sound of my name from your mouth gives me joy and chills” Jerry said as he sat on the bed trying to touch her face

But emmeth shoved off his hand immediately

“Don’t try it,,,Jerry you kidnap me?” She asked

“Let me think,,,mmmm, Is not kidnap beautiful,,, I just wanna have you by my side love” he said with a smile showcasing his perfect white teeth

“You are insane!” Emmeth yelled

“Language love” Jerry said as he tucked her hair behind her ears

“Don’t touch me!”

“You are mine already so I have every right to touch you love” he said with a dreamy lustful eyes

“Jerry are you okay?,,,how could you kidnap me?,,, did you ever thought of the implications of what you have just done?!!” Emmeth asked with a weak voice

“You gave me no choice,,, having you here with me is all I care about,,,I love you emmeth,,,just be mine” Jerry said looking at her intently

Emmeth licked her dried lips

She have to talk sense into him

“Listen jerry I…”

“Those lips I have been meaning to taste them,,,would you mind if I have a taste of it” he drewed his face closer to hers his eyes glued on her red lips

“Don’t!!” Emmeth warned with widened eyes as she tried to push him away

But Jerry caught her hand with his holding it so tight

“Just a teast love” he muttered his face more closer to hers

Before emmeth can protest against it his lips has clasps against hers

Her eyes widened up in shock as she felt his cold lips against hers

He was about to suck on it when emmeth gave him a deep bite

“Ahhhhhhh!” His eyes widened as he released her lips

He licked his lips as he felt his own blood touching his mouth

Emmeth weakly crawled towards the other end of the bed

“You b*tch!!” He thundered as he gave her a loud slap across the face

“Ahhhh” Emmeth screamed as she felled flat on the bed

Her whole world spined around

“Seems am going easy with you,,,that gave you the audacity to misbehave,,,I Will show you want am made of now,,,I will put you in your place so that you won’t misbehave again !” He said with a cold voice his eyes bloodshot

Emmeth opened her eyes and saw him removing his shirt

“No no!!” She said weakly as she tried to climb down from the bed in other to escape

But Jerry caught her as he threw her forcefully on the bed

He immediately hovered over her

Before emmeth can struggle

He had already tored her gown exposing her full bare skin

Jerry seeing her full flesh licked his lips

“Such a nice sight to behold” he said as he touched her bare skin

Emmeth shuddered immediately she tried to cover herself with her hands but Jerry held her hand up

“Please… plea… please don’t do this” emmeth cried

“Why shouldn’t I,,,you are mine after all” Jerry said with a hoarsed voice as he glanced on her body

He can’t wait to have her,,,this is the very moment he has been dreaming about

“Wait don’t tell me he haven’t touched you,,, wait,,,are you still a virgin?” Jerry asked with a widened eyes seeing the way emmeth is reacting

But emmeth didn’t reply as she cried weakly

“Oh am such a lucky man to have you,,,I love you darling” Jerry said as he captured her lips forcefully

Emmeth struggled and bite him again

Jerry break free from the kiss as he gave her another resounding slap

Emmeth went completely numb and weak as hot tears poured down like a river from her eyes

Jerry immediately tored off her undies

She was now lying fully naked under him

Emmeth was weak she couldn’t even move or look again

Jerry took the opportunity and removed his clothes remnants

He hovered over her again as he spread her legs wide

Emmeth opened her eyes weakly

She looked into his lustful eyes shaking her head

Saying a loud NO in her mind

Jerry smiled at her as he dived inside of her tightness

Emmeth screamed so loud in pains

Jerry didn’t mind her screams and cries as he start moving his waist so roughly

Emmeth cried as she pushed and bite him with her last strength

But the man didn’t move nor stop his painful tortures

The world started spining around emmeth

Her vision started becoming blur

She couldn’t talk again because she had lost her voice and last strength

‘Save me Jasper’ she thought as darkness took over her


**T. B. C

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