My Arranged Marriage

My arranged marriage episode 33 – 34




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫



Inside a slightly dark cave

Lulu was seen sitting on his rug as usually

His legs curled together with his eyes closed

But his eyes were slightly shaking and also his body

‘SAVE ME JASPER!” These words ranged like a loud bell in his ears

He immediately opened his eyes

He has seen it!

The traumatic situation!

She won’t survive it if something is not done quickly

He needs to do something before what he saw comes to reality

He sees things and tell people about it but he have never taken action by himself before

But on this situation he doesn’t know why but he has to do something

“She called his name to save her, they are binded together not the other way round, her soul and body is a good one and needed not to be lavished by a demonic beast” He disappeared immediately





The siren of the police cars are been heard as they packed their cars beside the very road emmeth was kidnapped in the morning and the time is already 4pm

Jasper is seen talking with the police men

He wasn’t himself,,,his voice and attitude was so damn cold

He felt frustrated and weak

He won’t give up, he must find his wife

Emmeth’s parents and the Cullen’s are also there

Emmeth’s mother was losing it but her husband is giving her hope and assurance that nothing will happen to their daughter

The police has intoreagated and suspected Skyler because he was the last person who was with her before she was kidnapped

The police suspected and took his into custody because the kidnappers not hurting him was suspicious

So they kept him at the station untill emmeth is been rescued

“D. P. O Seems I have to take actions on my own?” Jasper asked getting fed up by the whole situation

“Is been hours now and nothing is been done” he ruffled his hair

“Calm down Mr Jasper we are trying our best,,,we will find your wife” the d.o.p said

“Really I should calm down,,,of course am calm,,,am really really calm” Jasper hit his hand on his car angrily

“Dude,,,be a little more patient” Eric tried to assure him

“Excuse me sir” A teenage boy walked up to them where they are standing including some police men and the d.p. o

“Yes” the d.p.o answered facing the boy

“I have something to show you” the boy said

“Hm” the d.p.o said holding his waist

“Actually when I was going to school this morning,,,I came across a car that doubled cross another car, just then I immediately went into hiding taking a full video of them with my phone,,,I could have reported since but was scared” he brought out his phone from his pocket

“Where is the video!?” Jasper rushed towards him

“Here” the boy played the video of emmeth’s kidnapped

Jasper’s heart dropped to his stomach seeing how they dragged her away

“This is the must nutorious dangerous men in this city,,,let’s go now with this video we can find them” the d. P . O said as he rushed inside his car

Jasper and Eric also followed suit

Others wanted to follow but the police couldn’t allow them saying that it is too dangerous

“Why can’t they allow us to follow them huh?!, I want to see my daughter” Mrs Jecobs cried shaking her husband

“Let’s go honey Jasper is with them nothing will happen to our daughter,,,the place they are going to is too dangerous” Mr Jecobs said

“And that same place is where they have taken my daughter to” she cried

“Dear nothing will happen to her,,,she is also my daughter” Mrs Cullens consoled her ,,,she knew what they poor woman is going through

Everyone left remaining the teenage boy

They police has taken his contact information before leaving for their rescue mission

Just then the boy shivered as he immediately looked around his surroundings

“What am I doing here, how did I end up here!!?” He ran off immediately




I was lying on the bed feeling so weak and dried I haven’t eaten in the morning

I have used my last strength to scream and shout for help but no one came for my rescue

Who could have done This to me?

Why would someone kidnap me?

Am so blood drained

Am thirty,,,my throat is so sore

Just then I heard the clicking sound of the door

I immediately sat up

Omg someone is gonna save me now

A tall man came inside the room

I couldn’t believe my eyes on whom I just saw now

I slightly rubbed my eyes to be sure of what I just saw

“Hello beautiful emmeth” he said walking towards me





The police men surrounded a small mansion

Jasper and Eric entered inside the mansion with two police armed men who were on alert their guns pointed forward turning from this corner to This corner

Jasper and Eric were at their back

The D.P. O has told them to wait at the car but jasper insisted with finality that he must follow suit

The D. O. P had no other choice but to allow them

So he guarded their backs with his own gun

They pushed the entrance door open as they entered inside it

Music was playing so loud on the background that the people inside it didn’t know of their arrival

“Freeze!!” The police pointed their guns at three huge men who was having fun with their girls

The girls immediately covered their naked bodies

The men rushed to pick their guns

“Don’t or I will pull the trigger,,, your hands on your head now!!!” The police commanded

Jasper rushed and turned off the music

The men surrenered immediatey seeing that they are been outnumbered

“F*ck!” They cursed

The police immediately handcuffed them

Dragging them away

“Emmeth!!” Jasper called searching the whole corner of the room

But he couldn’t get a glimpse of her

The other police men were also searching for her

“We can’t find her sir” the police reported to their D. P. O

“Have you searched thoroughly?” He asks them

“Yes sir!” They replied

Jasper clenched his fist as he calmly walked towards the kidnappers

He stood infront of the one who seems to be their leader

“Where is the lady you kidnapped this morning?” He asked with a cold calm voice

The huge kidnaper chuckled

“Which lady?,,, Oh! that hottie,,,guess what?, She is getting f**cked by someone just as we are doing to those b*tches in there before you Id*ots interrupted us”the huge man said with his masculine deep cold voice

Eric gasps at his words

“Really”Jasper said calmly as he smiled turning around to leave

But on the contrary he turned again and gave the guy a great punch on the face

The huge guy felled on the ground immediatey

Jasper jumped on him and started giving him great punches on his face

“Don’t you ever!”

“Don’t you ever make such statement again!!”

“Where is she?!!

Jasper continued punching him nonstop

The others tried to stop him but they couldn’t

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“Can I have a teast? Just a teast?” Jerry asked as he drewed his face near emmeth’s own his eyes glued on her lips

Emmeth widened her eyes in shock

She can’t allow him to do this

She has to do something

“Don’t come any closer” she warned him

Jerry was about to kiss her when emmeth pushed his face away scratching her nails on his face

“You b*tch!” Jerry thundered as he gave her a loud slap

Emmeth felled on the bed as her world spined around

Jerry hovered over her wanting to pill of her clothes

But emmeth refuses as she pushed him but Jerry was stronger than her

But emmeth never gived up as she struggled with him making Jerry to hit her face again

Emmeth stopped struggling as she immediately went numb

“You think you are stubborn huh?!” Jerry asked breathing so heavily while holding her hands up

“You…you…are …are a beast” emmeth said with her last strength

Jerry didn’t say anything as he tored her clothes

“DON’T YOU DARE!” The door flipped open immediately

Jerry turned around immediately with a widened eyes

He saw Jasper standing at the door step with a cold face and anger zooming out of him

Jerry looked at the almost unconscious Emmeth

“Guess what darling,,,your prince in shining armor is here but don’t worry I will take care of him” he climbed down from the bed

“Handle him” Jasper said to Eric who was at his back

He walked towards the bed without looking at the insane man standing before him

His eyes was glued on the figure lying on the bed

Eric chuckled slightly

“Oh you came with a comrade,,, ahhhh!!!” Jerry yelled as he rushed towards Eric in other to pounce on him

Eric didn’t move nor shake as he watch him run like a mad man towards but he just shifted one side making Jerry to hit hard on the wall

Jasper calmly climbed on top of the bed

He removed his jacket as he used it to cover her already tored cloths up

Emmeth slowly opened her watery eyes

“Sorry am late” Jasper said with a sad tone

“Jasp…” She went unconscious

Jasper immediately hopped her in his arms so gently as he climbed down from the bed



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