My Arranged Marriage

My arranged marriage episode 39 – 40




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


”I hate you!!” I yelled as I ran into my room shutting my door behind me as i leaned my back against it

”Gezzz he is so shameless”

”Well done you ended up embarrassing me today” I rubbed my stomach as I pouted my lips

”I better put you in your place now before you embarrass me even the more” I went into the bathroom with the necessary things I needed to take of my monthly dues

”Must we always go through this kind of pains every month” I cursed as I took care of myself

”Gosh!!…seems this one came with alot of pains” I whimpered rubbing my stomach

Jasper leaned back at the cushion his legs crossed while twirling his glass of wine

‘thank goodness she isn’t crying and nibbling throughout tonight after what happened to her today, that beast… I knew he is up to no good the very first day I saw him’ he thought as he sipped his glass of wine

~~In the morning~~

” Why are you acting like a bird that is been beaten up by a heavy rain”the chef observed the quiet Cleo

”You won’t believe what I did last night”cleo cursed

”Whats that?”The cheff asked

”I don’t even know how to say it” Cleo covered her face

”Just let it out” the cheff stopped what she was doing completely

”I barged into sir and ma last night when they were about to…”

”About to do what?” the cheff caught her off with a widened eyes

”When they were about to kiss…sir and ma lips were like this about to clash” Cleo demonstrated with two of her index fingers bringing the tip towards the other

”What!” the cheff covered her mouth as she hits Cleo

”You nuisance!!… what we all have been waiting for all this while was about to happen but you rubbished everything with your recklessness…what were even going to her room to do by that time?”the cheff cursed Rolling her eyes

”l never knew sir Jasper was in there…I wanted to go check-up on mam because her friend asked me to do so…the problem is that I didn’t even get myself to knock” Cleo covered her face

”You” the cheff rolled her eyes as she continued what she was doing


”O.M.G is sir Jasper he is calling me…am done for…what to do?” she bits her finger with nervousness

”Go face your punishment…don’t even allow him to come here himself” the cheff warned

”You are such a bad friend”cleo pouted

”just go” the cheff pushed her off the kitchen

Cleo ran towards the sitting room with slightly shaking legs

She saw Jasper standing with his hands in his pocket

The fear in her increased the more

”Sir good…good morning” she greeted with her head down waiting for the unknown

”Get me a well cooked medicine for period cramps” Jasper turned around

Cleo eyes widened…she lifted her head up seeing the seriousness on Jasper’s face she immediately looked down

”Ye…yes sir” she stammered

”Be fast about it… when is done bring it to my wife’s room” he left going towards the stairs

”What did I just heard now… period cramps medicine…is mam emmeth on her period…wait he said my wife’s room…omg I love this”She smiled

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”Thank goodness you weren’t scolded for the crime you committed last night…better go get yourself busy now” she heaved a sigh of relief walking away

***Emmeth’s room

Jasper was watching Emmeth’s sleeping face, sometimes she will squeeze her face in pains

His face was filled with worry

Just then a knock came

Cleo quietly opened the door and walked inside, closing the door behind her

She was carrying a small tray in her hands with a small rug plate on it which was covered but was steaming hot

”Here sir” she gently gave it to Jasper

Jasper took it from her

”Is there any other thing I will do sir?” Cleo calmly asked as if counting her words not to misplace another with another

”No you can go” he said

Cleo with her head down left the room closing the door behind her

‘oh God!! give me a man like sir Jasper that will take care of me when am on my period’ Cleo smiled walking away

”Hey wake up…have some” Jasper gently waked emmeth up

”Hm” she hummed in her sleep as she gently opened her eyes

Her eyes met with Jasper’s worried own then it landed on the small plate he is holding

”Whats that” she asked with a hoarsed voice

”Is a medicine that will calm down the pains” Jasper replied as he helped her to sit up

”thanks” she took the plate from him

”Wait” Jasper took it from her as he opened the cover blowing air into the steaming hot liquid

Emmeth’s eyes slightly widened at his gestures

‘Weried’ she thought

”here” he gave it to her

Emmeth took it from him flicking her lashes she looked inside the plate with a bored expression

”Do you want me to feed you?” Jasper asked wondering while she is just looking at it instead of drinking it

”No!” she shooked her head with a slightly raised voice

She took one sip from the medicine as her face frowned

”what?” Jasper asked

”Is bitter” she pouted

Jasper chuckled because her expression amazed him

”That makes it work better…go on have it all” he said

Emmeth pouted again as she dranked the whole liquid

”Ahh” she held her stomach squeezing her face

”Sorry,,,lie down” Jasper help her to lie down but the next action of his made Emmeth’s eyes to widened

”What…what are you doing?” she blinks her eyes at him

”It will make the stomach pains to stop combined with the medicine you have taken…just close your eyes” Jasper said

His hands were under the duvet rubbing Emmeth’s flat stomach gently

Emmeth’s face flushed red with embarrassment

She can’t get herself to stop him because she too was enjoying it

She closed her eyes in other to enjoy it the more

”Why are you been nice to me?” she asked

Jasper stopped his mission but later continued

”Because I care about you” he replied her with a heart warming smile

”Why do you care about me?” emmeth asked her eyes still closed

Jasper watched her face

He has once told her that his heart beats for her

Something he couldn’t get himself to stop

Doesn’t she understand anything

”Because you are nice and also a better person” he replied her

”Really” she asked

”Really” Jasper replied her

Emmeth smiled

After sometime she felled asleep while Jasper rubbed her stomach


”Are you serious girlfriend” Bella asked with widened eyes

”Am serious babe…am confused why is he doing all this…those words he said me… taking care of me while am on my period” Emmeth said with a confused expression as she sip her wine

”Gezzzz…Come on bae don’t you understand the handwritings on the Wall” Bella rolled her eyes at her friends naivety

”No I don’t… please help me to bring this puzzles together” emmeth pouted

”The dude is inlove with you” Bella smiled

Emmeth watched her for sometime as she Burst out laughing out loud

”Whats wrong?” Bella asked with a confused expression

”Haha…you can’t be serious girlfriend… Jasper inlove with me…that’s the most stupidest thing I have ever heard before” Emmeth laughed

”The stupid person here is you Emmeth” Bella said with a serious face

”huh” Emmeth stopped laughing

”read my lips…he…is…in…love… with… you” bella said the words one by one

Emmeth was tongue tied immediately

She couldn’t form the words to say again

After a few minutes of silent she started laughing again as the words bella said was never for her

She is the one who cant get herself to accept it

No she can’t!!!

“Stop all this girlfriend,,,I know you also like him…forget about how he bulied you and accept your feelings and him” Bella said as Emmeth stopped laughing again

She instantly went into a deep thought





”What?” Jasper said to Eric who was staring at him with his hands in his pocket as if he wanted to rip off Jasper’s head

”Why aren’t you telling me anything?” Eric asked as he sat down

“Tell you what?” Jasper asked with a bored expression

”You are really pissing me off Jasper” Eric said

”Are you gonna hit me or what…what are you trying to say?” Jasper said

”You like her” Eric said


”your wife of course…your reactions on the day she was kidnapped nearly outsighted me…I have never seen you react in such a manner before” Eric said

”oh you want me to watch a woman that was given to me to look after die in the hands of some unknown men?” Jasper pinched the space between his brows

”Not that”

”Then what?”

”Your reaction was out of my own imagination…dude…gosh…I can’t believe this” Eric said with excitement and amazement

”Believe what?”

”Congratulations my man” Eric clapped his hands

Jasper creased his brows at him

”You have finally found love at long last…I know you don’t wanna believe…but you don’t have any other choice but take what is been given to you” ERIC laughed wholeheartedly





**later that day**

Jasper stood at Emmeth’s door step

He Exhales deeply as he slightly knocked at her door

After some seconds the door opened showing Emmeth

”Hey” she said with a surprised look

”hey” Jasper said

”you are back already” she said

”Not really…em…is just that you have always been in doors for almost one week so I decided to atleast you know take you out so that you can see the outside world…I know you are already home sick…you can say no if you don’t want to” Jasper scratched the back of his head

”Am interested” Emmeth said with excitement,,, is true she is really home sick


”yes…let me quickly change” she said smiling

”sure” Jasper smiled at her


Emmeth was in the car as Jasper drived

The two will occasionally take a glance at each other

Jasper doesn’t know where he is even intending to go

Well he came to the conclusion of stopping at any restaurant where they can eat and have a nice talk

”please stop…I just wanna watch the water and feel it’s freshness and fresh brezze… please” Emmeth pouted with two of her hands together

”Sure” Jasper chuckled at her cuteness as he pulled over at the bridge side

Emmeth smiled as she alighted the car and ran towards the seashore

She stretched out her two hands with her eyes closed as she felt the freshness she has been waiting for

Jasper just leaned at his car as he watched her

The brezze blew her hair and her gown

She was wearing a sleeveless simple flare milk gown

Her hair was lossed as they falled on her back

And also the breeze did more wonders on her making her look like a moon goodness

‘Gosh she is so alluring’ Jasper thought as he watched her

Emmeth’s eyes was still closed as she felt something cold on her skin

She immediately opened her eyes

”omg is snowing” she said smiling as the snow falled on her

She brought out her hands as the snow felled on them

Jasper immediately walked towards her smiling

”Is snowing” emmeth said smiling

Her smile almost took his breath away

It was such a heart warming smile

Someone like her doesn’t deserve pains…she is such a nice beautiful soul

”haha” Emmeth laughed slightly as the snow felled on her hands

Is been long she have experienced this type of happiness

Jasper immediately removed his jacket

He walked near her as they stood face to face with each other

Emmeth looked at him as she smiled

”Dont get cold” Jasper covered her body with the jacket

Emmeth’s heart melted at his kind gestures

This man is really getting in her head

”Thanks for everything Jasper I really appreciate… You have been so nice to me” she said with gentle heartwarming voice

Jasper didn’t say anything as they both stared at each

Just then brezze blew emmeth’s hair covering her face

Jasper moved his hands as he removed the strands of hair from her cute face

He watched her for sometime

Emmeth too was looking at him

He moved his hands and caressed her face

”You are beautiful emmeth” he said with a gentle voice

Emmeth didn’t say anything

She was just looking at him as if he has cast a spell on her

Her heart was also beating so damn fast

Jasper trailed his hands from her face down to her slender neck making emmeth to shudder at his cold hands

“I want to kiss you” he said

Emmeth instantly swallowed her spit

She can’t resist him

She can’t resist this tempting hot devil who is standing before her

”Can i?” he asked looking deeply into her emeralds Golden eyes

Emmeth slightly nods her head as her eyes landed on his gorgeous alluring lips

Jasper started leaning down towards her face

He tittle his head one side with his hands on her neck the other on her waist

His eyes not leaving her red small lips

Emmeth seeing that their face are now inches away from each other immediately closed her eyes

Just then she felt his lips against hers

Jasper too also closed his eyes in other to enjoy and have a full taste of her lips

Emmeth who doesn’t have any experience about kissing just stood mute without moving

Jasper started kissing her slowly from her upper lips down to her lower one

Emmeth moved her hands as they rested on his back

She ached herself up even the more as she enjoys her first kiss from the man whom she has always wanted to have her first kiss



**T. B. C

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