My arranged marriage episode 49 – 50




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


“I want to propose” Jasper said

After a few seconds of silence

Eric burst out into a loud mocking laughter

Jasper who was looking out through the glass view turned around

“What’s funny?” He asked

“Oh my God. Oh my God, am I dreaming?, Are you sure you are Jasper?” Eric asked in-between his laugh

“Am serious here Eric, you should be also serious” Jasper said as he walked over to his seat sitting down

“But is funny, like dude you just made me laugh now after a long day of sadness” Eric said as he stopped laughing realising the heart break he has just went through that morning

He wanted to go cool his mind off at bar when Jasper called him sounding so urgent

So he decided to rush over to the office just to find out he actually called him because he wanted to propose

Damn dude wants to propose!

“Have you forgotten?” Eric asked

“Forgotten what” Jasper asked

“That you won’t go down on your knees to propose to any woman” Eric creased his brows

Jasper instantly lowered his head

Yes he has always said he won’t go down on his knees to propose to a woman, a fragile being

Well that’s because he hasn’t felled inlove before but now things has changed

“Hahahaha” Eric laughed seeing the reaction and the look on Jasper’s face

Jasper shut his eyes closed then opened it again

He wanted to punch Eric

Well he deserved the laughter from Eric

“Damn Eric, can you stop now” Jasper pinched the space between his brows

“Dont… don’t tell me to stop laughing, i should be doing more than laughing now, hahaha” Eric laughed

“I didn’t know how it happened Eric, i couldn’t control it, i did everything to run away from it but i couldn’t take a step away from it because it kept starring at my face,,, am inlove Eric, i really love Emmeth, i will do anything to be with her and that is by proposing, yes i will propose, so please help a brother” Jasper voiced out without taking a break

All the while Jasper was talking Eric slightly widened his mouth, he even rubbed his ears to be sure of what he is hearing

“Shot me Jasper” He fainted

“Dude stop all this” Jasper sighed

“Am i still alive” Eric opened one of his eyes


Emmeth walks towards the elevator

She was going to have lunch because is lunch time

She pressed the numbers to the floor she was going

When the elevator opened she was surprised on the person she saw

“Jasper, what are…” She couldn’t finish her words because Jasper has pulled her inside the elevator

Immediately it closed up

Jasper smirked and carassed her cheeks

He was looking deep into her eyes, while Emmeth was also looking into his eyes

It was as if they were exchanging some unknown words through their eyes

Emmeth blinks her eyes, her cheeks turning crimson red because of their position

“What… what are you doing here?” Emmeth asked

“I missed you bunny” Jasper said with a smile as he was still carassing her cheeks

Emmeth looked down

The butterflies in her stomach was dancing so damn well

“Look at me bunny” Jasper said with romantic voice

As if been under a spell Emmeth did as he said

“Don’t you miss me?” Jasper asked with sparkles in his eyes

“Do you want me to say it?” Emmeth said looking down her face turning more crimson red

Which is so visible that Jasper can notice and see

Gosh this woman is driving him nuts

“Yes say it, i want to hear it escape your lips” Jasper said as his fingers trailed from her cheeks down to her lips

His eyes glued on the soft red cherry

He just wanted to consume them

Emmeth instantly shivered when his fingers touched her lips

“I miss you Jasper” emmeth said with a gentle voice

Jasper smiled as he started leaning down towards her face

His eyes not taking a blink away from her lips

Emmeth bit her lips as she closed her eyes

Their lips were about to blend together, just then the elevator opened

Jasper leaned back cursing inwardly

Emmeth opened her eyes as she smiled at Jasper’s expression

His face was like a baby whose candy has been snatched away

“Damn elevator” Jasper cursed as they left the elevator

“Lunch?” emmeth asked looking at Jasper

“You haven’t taken lunch?” Jasper asked as he looked at his wristwatch

“Was busy” emmeth said

“This is 3pm babe, please don’t overwork yourself okay, try to be making out time for lunch okay” Jasper said with a concerned look

“Got it” emmeth smiled

Just then Jasper held Emmeth’s hand

Emmeth looked at him surprised

“We are at the company Jasper, the workers…”

“Shhh” Jasper put his index finger on her lips

Emmeth’s eyes widened

Is this monkey trying to play silly in the public

She immediately looked around and heaved a sigh because nobody actually saw them

“Aren’t we married?” He asked but got no response

“So that’s a yes if i may guess” he said as he held her hand again



“Mother please you have to get me out of here” jerry said with seriousness in his eyes as his mum rubbed his hand

“I will son, your father and i are trying our best” mrs Watson said

She was looking so intently at her son

Her son was never the type to involve into trouble talkless of kidnapping someone

He had zero criminal records

He never looks for people’s trouble

He isn’t a womanizer

It really baffles her on why he would be interested in a married woman

Jerrry never had any woman in his life because he was never interested in them

He is the type that minds his Business

Even though she hadly spends time with him because of her modeling career

She absolutely knows that her son wasn’t a troublesome type

“You love her?” She asked

Jerry lowered his head

“Yes, yeah i had a thing for her, i don’t know how it happened, i don’t know what came over me, i don’t know why i kidnapped her mom, i dont know what came over me, i…i could…i could have. . .” jerry stammered with a broken tone

He doesn’t know how to express his inner most self

He didn’t know what came over him that very day he payed those men to kidnap Emmeth

Yes he loves her

But he would never hurt her

If he wanted to hurt someone is Jasper

Which he had tried but failed

“Is okay son, i promise you that i personally will take you out of here okay” mrs Watson said

Jerrry sniffed as he raised up his head

He looked at his mom

She was in disguise as always

But that doesn’t mean the reporters and paparazzi won’t recognize her

Of course they knew she was here and are absolutely outside now

Been in disguise won’t save her this time

Been a public figure isn’t a child’s play

“How are you mom?” Jerry asked with a concerned look

Mrs Watson smiled, actually its a sad smile

He is in a terrible situation and here he is asking how she is

Of course she isn’t fine

“Am fine, but not really, i wanted to come back in other to be with you and your father, in other to make up for the years i have been absent in your lives”

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~~AT A BAR~~

Eric was in a not so crowded bar

He was on his own table with bottles of drinks on it

He has taken two bottles already since the few minutes he entered

“Lets break up!”

“Let’s break up!”

“Lets break up!”

These words kept ringing in his ears as he drinks

His girlfriend ended their three years relationship with him this morning

He is broken, he has sacrificed alot in the relationship

“Gosh, women are mean” he muttered as he drinks

Just then he saw someone he knew who has just entered the bar

“Is that not bella?” He asked himself

“Two bottles for now” Bella said with exhausted look as she walked to a table to have her seat

She was looking so exhausted

“Is that not Eric?” Bella asked herself as she sat down

Eric was also looking at her direction

Bella slightly rolled her eyes

‘She definitely saw me, she might be a good company to go with these drinks, i pray am not getten beaten today’ Eric thought as he signalled bella to come over to his table

“This perv*rt should just mind his business, am not here for him” bella muttered as she sip her alcohol

After a few seconds she rolled her eyes, getting up

‘I will just kick his a*ss if he acts silly’ bella walked to Eric’s table as she sat down drinking

“Hi” Eric said with smile but bella didn’t reply him

The two continued drinking with no one raising up a topic

After bella was done with her two bottles

She called on the bartender to bring more bottles for her

Eric also ordered for more bottles


Eric’s eyes was shaking as he held on a bottle

His other hand was on his jaw as he stared on bella whose head was lowered

She was also holding a bottle of liquor in her hand

Empty bottle’s were filled up on the table

Just then bella raised up her head as she sipped her liquor

“I…hate…him” she said with a tipsy voice

“I…hate..her” Eric also said with a tipsy voice as he lowered his head

“Men… are …scum” bella said as she sipped her liquor

Eric looked up at her as he made to get up but he falled back on his chair

“Women …are…scum” Eric said

“All .. .men… are… cheaters, they… are all bags of a**sholes,,,i caught…him again…i caught him with… same damn girl” bella said as she lowered her head

“All… women…are…are gold diggers…, I will… never give a…a damn woman my heart again” Eric raised up his head as he lazily looked at bella

Bella chuckled as she stood up

She staggers back walking to Over Eric

She sat on his laps

“Do… you…know you are handsome?” Bella asked

“I… I know” i laughed

“Lets…ha…have fun… tonight” bella said, her hand trailed from Eric chest down to his groin


Eric pulled bella to himself as they started kissing so roughly

Their hands all over their bodies

Bella’s hands moved as she started unbuttoning Eric’s shirt

While Eric’s hands were on her zipper unzipping her gown while they kissed

After two minutes , they were done pilling off all the layers of clothes on their bodies as they both falled on the bed all over themselves

Eric hovered over bella as he took her bombs into his mouth

Sucking and nibbling on them both

Bella moaned as she held on his head pulling him closer

When he is done with her bombs and kissing all over every path of her body

He went inside of her

Making bella to scream in so much pleasure

They both rocked on each other severally that night



“Emmeth are you done?” Jasper asked as he knocked on Emmeth’s door

“Yeah” emmeth smiled as she opened the door

Jasper scanned her from head to toe

She was wearing a sweater and trouser

“What?” Emmeth asked feeling shy on how Jasper’s eyes were peeling on her

Jasper didn’t say anything as he covered her head with her hoodie

“I don’t want my bunny to catch a cold” Jasper said as he hopped her in his arms

“Put me down, i can walk!” Emmeth slightly yelled

But the man smirked as he started decending the stairs

“Now!” Emmeth yelled

“No” Jasper smiled

“Yes” Emmeth Said

“No” Jasper said

“Yes!” Emmeth said

Just then Jasper halted on his tracks as he looked down at her

“Are you actually going to say YES,,,well i love the sound of it?” Jasper said as he continued walking

“What are you talking about, bring me down monkey!” Emmeth yelled as jasper put her at the car front seat

“Do you know what Elephant, i don’t want you to break in my arms rather there is a better place you will break ” jasper said looking into her eyes

“Huh” emmeth said confused

Jasper leaned towards her ears

“The better place is on my bed,,, beneath me” he whispered

Emmeth’s eyes widened in shock

“You… you pervert!” Emmeth blinks her eyes realising what he meant

“Just for you” Jasper licked his lips as he closed the door even before Emmeth can react

Or can digest what he had said

Jasper took emmeth at the city high tower

Emmeth stood on top of it as her mouth went wide agape at how magnificent the whole city was at night

“Wow this is so beautiful” Emmeth’s mouth formed an 0 as she admired the whole city from on top of tower

Just then she felt a hand around her waist

Emmeth stiffened at the sudden back hug

Jasper snaked his hand around her waist through the back as he leaned his face on her shoulder

He gently kissed her cheeks

“You like it?” Jasper asked gently his breath carassed her cheeks sending shivers to her skin

“Yes i love it, is so beautiful” emmeth smiled

Jasper smiled as he gently turned her around making her to face him

He pulled her more closer to himself

“Just as this city is beautiful and is shining, that’s how you are Emmeth, you shun in everywhere, you shine in my life” Jasper said as he hugged her

“You are the most precious gift given to me in disguise” he disengaged the hug as he looked deep into her eyes

‘Do it now Jasper, she will agree’

‘bring down your pride and do the needful’

‘No dont do it, she may not accept you’

‘Do you think this is necessary, you both are already married’

‘just do it, use it to prove your love to her’

All different thoughts were running on Jasper’s head as he stared at emmeth

Just then he shooked his head

“What’s wrong?” Emmeth asked

Just then Jasper went on his knees

He looked up at emmeth

She was wearing a confused look on what he was doing

Just then Jasper looked down immediately as he started tieing up her shoe laces

He smiled as he got

“Your shoe laces were losssed” he said as he turned Emmeth around

They went back to their former position as they watched the beautiful city night

Emmeth bit her lips

She couldn’t held up all the emotions that has built up inside of her

The way he is holding her now

The way he went on his knees just to tie up her shoe laces

She just wanted to scream and thank God for giving her such a darling husband

‘Gosh this is harder than I thought’ Jasper cursed within himself



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