My arranged marriage episode 53 – 54




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫

“Thank you so much for accepting me, I LOVE YOU EMMETH” he said as he hugged her so passionately while the romantic instrumental played on the background

The couples disengaged from the hug

Jasper looked down at Emmeth, he pulled her More closer to himself

“Lets dance” jasper said in a whisper

He held her waist while emmeth’s hands were on his shoulder

“Shall we?” He asked

“Hm” emmeth smiled as they started dancing so slowly

There eyes never leaving each other

“You are so beautiful wifey” Jasper said with a smile

Emmeth’s heart skipped a bit at the way he called her wifey

Gosh she is now officially his

“You are so handsome hubby” Emmeth said looking down

Jasper nearly screamed at the way she called him hubby

“Damn” he muttered as he pulled her more closer to his body

There was no longer space between them

They were still dancing to the instrumental music that was playing on the background

Jasper leaned down towards her ears, he slightly bite on it making emmeth to shudder

“You are mine Bunny” he whispered

“You are mine too” emmeth whispered, she couldn’t believe she is saying all this things

Well is the power of love

It can make you do the undoable and say the unsayable

Jasper smiled inwardly as he whispered again

“The whole of you is mine, your body and everything”

Emmeth hearing this bite on her lips

She doesn’t know how to respond to this

Jasper seeing that she didn’t reply him, leaned away from her ears

He looked down at her

Seeing the way her face has turned crimson red, a smirk played on his face

“I want us to go on a honeymoon” he said

Emmeth immediately looked up at him

Her joy there knew no bonds

She was more than bewildered and happy

She never knew that jasper will bring up going on a honeymoon with her

She immediately withdrawed her hands from his shoulder as he hug him tight

“I would so much love that Jasper” she said as tears drop down her eyes

Jasper hugged her back

“This is so adorable, gosh, where is my own prince charming?” Cleo and others admired the couple from afar

“Am here with you but you keep been stubborn” Skyler said at her back smirking

The others burst out into laughter

Cleo rolled her eyes at Skyler

“Goodness Lord, Cleo please give our dear Skyler a chance” the cheff said

“Dude wants to cry” a guard to the other

“Please baby give me a chance and i promise to make you happy” Skyler said to her with all sincerity

“Skyler …Skyler stop the embarrassment” cleo warned

“I cant get myself to stop” Skyler said

“Why?” Cleo asked

“Because i love you” Skyler said Making cleo to blink her eyes

“Awwwwwwww” the others said

“Cleo can i have this dance?” Skyler stretched out his hands towards her

Cleo rolled her eyes at him as she walked away

“Ewwwwww, so painful” the others pitied Skyler

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Jasper was lying on his bed with an opened eyes

He was turning from this corner to this corner

He couldn’t sleep, emmeth was all in his mind

He wanted to have her on his bed

He wanted to have her sleep beside him while he held her waist

He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to place kisses all over her body

But he doesn’t want to force her, he want her to come to him on her own

He want her to make the decision of moving into his room on her own

“Damn” he cursed as he turned the other side

“I should have told her, no i want her to move in on her own, i dont want it to look as if i forced her to do so” jasper to himself

“But this is torture, i can’t get her off my head, what have you done to me wifey”


Emmeth too was restless in her room

She couldn’t sleep

‘Am i doing the right thing, husband and wife suppose to be in same room, they suppose to …to be intimate with each other, yes am now his, he has every right to have me on his bed, he has every right to do with me whatever he wants’ emmeth thought to herself as she bite on her lips

‘The look in his eyes when he said goodnight to me shows me that he wanted me, he wants me, emmeth get yourself outta here and go be with your husband’ emmeth thought as she get down from the bed

She stood before Jasper’s door as she inhaled deeply

She quietly knocked on it before pulling it open

There on the bed was Jasper

His eyes was allover her, as if he wanted to divour her

“Uh hi” emmeth said looking down as she played with her nightie

“Emmeth” Jasper said in a whispered as he gulped down

Emmeth raised her head up, just then Jasper came down from the bed as he strode towards her

His eyes not leaving her face

He gently pulled her away from the door locking it up as he pinned her on the wall

Before Emmeth could know what was happening Jasper has captured her lips kissing her so hungrily

Emmeth couldn’t met up to his ravage kiss

He has never kissed her like that before

All Emmeth could do is to surrender to his kisses while he ravage on her lips

Three minutes later Jasper released her lips while Emmeth breath so heavily

Jasper looked down at her face, her eyes was still closed, the way she was breathing turned him on the more as he captured her lips again even before she can catch her breath

Releasing her lips again emmeth has become weak because of the intense kiss

Her knees has turned weak

“Such a weak bunny” Jasper muttered as he carried her up going to the bed

He dropped her on the bed as he hovered over her

Emmeth opened her eyes as she looked deep into his

Jasper leaned down as he kissed her already swollen lips, he kissed her forehead, her nose, her eyes, all over her face

He then started trailing kisses down to her neck, making Emmeth to weaken the more

Jasper stopped at her slender neck as he started kissing her there untill he left a hickey

He moved his hands from her smooth legs up to thighs, his eyes was on her face

Emmeth had her eyes closed enjoying his sensual torture

He moved his hands upwards as it touched her laces

His hands didn’t stop there, he moved more further, he penetrated his hands inside her laces as his hands touched her inner flesh

Emmeth immediately shuddered as she flipped her eyes open

Before any other reaction from her Jasper captured her lips as he kissed her deeply while his hands were still under her

He kissed her neck then down to her bumbs, he bite on her n*pples

Emmeth shuddered again

Her reaction made Jasper to worry

He looked down to her face

He didn’t want to believe it but he decided to ask, because her reactions all the while he was touching her showed she was inexperienced in intimacy stuffs including kissing

“Baby, is this your first time?” He asked so gently looking deep into her eyes

Emmeth’s already red face flushed red even the more

“Yes” she nodded

Jasper eyes widened up, he couldn’t believe his ears and eyes

“You are still a virgin?” Jasper asked again to be sure

“Yes, why…don… don’t you like it?” Emmeth asked because of Jasper’s reaction

“No is not that babe, am just surprised” he carassed her cheeks

“You are the first man in my life Jasper and i love you so much, so take me am all yours” emmeth said with a gentle sober voice

Jasper’s heart swelled up in so much emotions

“I love you too Emmeth, i promise not to hurt you, i will go easy with you” Jasper said as he captured her lips again

Emmeth kissed him back

She curled her legs around his waist

Jasper break the kiss as he removed his clothes

Emmeth seeing his full chest gulped down

He was so breathtaking, his abs and everything was a sight she won’t never get used to seeing

Jasper seeing the way she is gasping at his body smirked

“Drooling?” He asked as he started removing his pants

Emmeth immediately looked away feeling shy

Who would blame her for drooling over her husband’s body

“My red bunny is shy, Don’t worry you can look as much as you want because am all yours” Jasper said as Emmeth looked at him again

She moved her hands as she placed it on his masculine chest

Jasper inhaled deeply at the way his bunny just touched him, she was driving him nuts

He can’t wait to go inside of her

“Lets get rid of this” Jasper said as he removed her nightie

Emmeth immediately felt shy been naked

She doesn’t have anything on her upper body, just only her pants on her lower body

She has not exposed herself like that before anybody before

Jasper gulped down at the sight before him, she was so breathtaking, her skin was flawless like snow

“Such a cute red bunny, look at me baby” Jasper leaned down towards her face

“You are so beautiful, your skin is so flawless” he said as he started kissing her again

Emmeth Once again curled her legs around his waist

Jasper started placing kisses all over body, he stopped at her well rounded bombs as he captured it into his mouth sucking on them

He moved his hands downward as he slid his finger inside her flesh down there

Emmeth Moaned as her feet curled up in so much pleasure she has not felt before

After Jasper has given her so much attention with his finger and mouth

He now moved onto the next stage he has been waiting for

He spread her legs

“Are you ready for me baby?” He asked with a hoarsed voice

Emmeth who was not yet back from the pleasure she has just received recently nodded her head while looking deep into his eyes

She couldn’t wait to be his in full

“I promise to be gentle” Jasper whispered as he rubbed his hardness on her cl*t making Emmeth to shudder in pleasure wanting the whole of him

Seeing her reactions he smirked as he rubbed on her cl*t again

Emmeth moaned as she looked at him, he was torturing her

This damn husband of hers wants to make her beg

“Please Jasper” emmeth begged as she bite on her lips

Jasper smiled, he doesn’t want to keep his wife hanging anymore

He gently started going inside her tightness

His eyes never leaving her face to see her reactions in other not to hurt her

Slowly slowly he was now fully inside of her

“I will start moving baby, i promise to be gentle” he said before he started moving his waist slowly

“mmm” Emmeth closed her eyes both in pains and pleasure

Seeing that she was widening up and getting used to his largeness, Jasper started moving his waist more faster

“Ahhh” Jasper groaned in so much pleasure

“Mmm, hmmm, ahhh Jasper, please don’t stop i love you so much, ahhh, hmmm, oh oh oh” Emmeth moaned in so much pleasure

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