My Arranged Marriage

My arranged marriage episode 55 – 56




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫


I can’t believe it happened

It was as if am dreaming, but No am not dreaming

It finally happened, i was intimate with Jasper through out last night

He had me three times last night

It was such a wonderful excellent love duration

I thought to myself as i slowly opened my eyes

A wide smile spread on my face

I felt a huge hand around my waist

My face light up the more knowing fully well who held my waist possessively

I turned the other side and what met my smiling face was Jasper’s sleeping face

He was so good looking even when he sleeps

He was such a perfect creation

I was instantly triggered to touch his handsome innocent sleeping face

I moved my hands as i gently touched his eyes, his nose

Then my fingers trailed down to his lips as my eyes glued on it

These lips actually dealt with mine last night but honestly i enjoyed it

I was still lost in admiring his face and also touching him when Jasper moved

I immediately withdrawed my hands as i closed my eyes immediately pretending i was fast asleep because i absolutely know that he has waken up

Few seconds later i became nervous

Gosh i cant act for goodness sake

So i carefully opened one of my eyes

And it was met with Jasper’s smirking face

Seeing that, i immediately closed it up

Just then i felt movements from him and my heart was beating rapidly anticipating what he would do

Because i definitely knew he caught me the time i peeked at him

I felt his fingers tickles me under the duvet

“Hahahaha” i laughed as i opened my eyes

“Has anyone ever told you that you can’t act?” he asked with a smirk as he tickles me again

“Hahaha, stop, it tickles a lot” i laughed again as i held his hand

His face drews closer towards mine

“Good morning” i said as i bite my lips

“Good morning angel, hope you slept well?” He kissed my lips

I didn’t say y as i nods my head, he was actually giving me butterflies making me to remember our love making durations last night

“Are you hurt anywhere, do you feel sore?” He asked as his eyes scanned my face seeking for immediate answer

“No, am okay” i said smiling but i kind of feel a little bit sore down there but i dont wanna make him worry

I don’t want him to feel bad about not going on easy with me last night but i enjoyed every bit of it

Am feeling a little bit sore because it was my first time and is natural to feel sore but still i don’t want to get him worried

“Are you sure babe?, Dont lie to me” he said with a gentle voice as he removed strands of hair from my face

“Hm” I nodded my head


“Shhhh… Jasper am fine okay, actually…i …i…”

“What?” Jasper asked scanning my shy face

“I enjoyed it” i said as i bite on my lips

“Damn…” Jasper said as he drawed me more closer to himself his eyes locked on mine

Before i know what was happening he was all over me again and we ended up making love that morning


“What has come over you Jasper?” Mr Cullens asked with a slightly raised voice

“Nothing is wrong with me dad” Jasper replied as he twirled his glass of wine while his legs was crossed over the other

“Then why are you taking this step? or is this part of the plan” mr Cullens asked

Jasper didn’t say anything, he just stared at his glass of wine for some seconds

He uncrossed his legs as he took a sip from the glass of wine

Taking a look at his father, his face turns serious

“There is nothing like plan dad, actually am taking the right step here dad, this is the decision i made and that’s finally” Jasper said

“And what is the decision?” Mr Cullens asked

“That i will be with her till death drew us apart, i took a step that my heart wants, she stole my heart and i don’t think i will ever take it back from her” Jasper said

“Huh” mr Cullens face was written with confusion and surprise

“I love her dad, it beats only for her” Jasper touched his heart

Mr Cullen’s eyes was wide open in shock, he wanted to talk but words couldn’t form on his lips

Jasper smiled seeing his father’s reaction

“Surprise huh?, Me too i was surprise when i found out that i can’t live without her” Jasper stood up as he walked over his father

He lowered himself as he held his shoulder

“Am going on a honeymoon with her and…” Jasper chuckled as he leaned towards his father’s ears

“Get prepared because sooner or later you will be a grandfather” Jasper whispered as he leaned away

“Have a nice day father” He said as he started walking away




Mr Cullens called but the man has already left

He fumed in so much anger as he cleanched his fist tight

“How dare you disobey your own father, you will end up regretting this son”


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“This is so wonderful” i said as i admired the huge beautiful hotel

This the most well known hotel in Australia

“I know you will love it, actually am good at choosing things, can’t you see i choosed a perfect beautiful diamond for myself” Jasper said proudly as we strode towards the receptionist holding hands

I didn’t say anything as i just rolled my eyes at him

“Welcome to Goldstar hotel” the receptionist said to us smiling

But not just us but only jasper

Her eyes was all over him,she does as if i wasn’t even with him there

Cant she see that the man is with his wife

And also she was slightly blushing

“Where is your manager?” Jasper asked

“Our M.A has already informed us about your arrival, welcome sir, you are Mr Jasper Cullen’s…”

“Actually is Mr and mrs” i interrupted her immediately

Gosh i was already getting annoyed already

“Sorry mam, here is your room card” the receptionist said as she stretched out her hands giving us the card but before jasper can collect it from her, i have already collected it

Jasper smirked at Emmeth’s reaction

We stood at our room door as i sid in the card

Just then the door opened

“Babe” Jasper called but i didn’t answer as i walked inside

“Babe” Jasper called again as he pulled me into his arms

He looked into my eyes as he caressed my cheeks

“Even when you are jealous, you are still beautiful” Jasper said as he peck my lips

“Je… jealous…i wasn’t jealous” i said looking away, gosh was i over reacting

Well any other girl could have done that if some other woman drooled over their husband and on top of that the woman in question was beautiful

“Are you sure?” Jasper asked as he drewed me towards the bed until my back hit ontop of it making jasper to hovered over me

I gulped down

” Yes, I wasn’t jealous” i said looking into his eyes

“But it is written all over you, i called you but you didn’t answer” he leaned his face more closer to my face

His breath brushing on my face

“Babe… You are the only one for me, even if other women drooled over me they can never move me because you own my heart, you own everything about me Emmeth”Jasper said as he leaned more closer to my face, his nose was against mine and our lips was so much close

“Actually…” Before i can talk any further his lips has clashed against mine… He kissed me so slowly as if he wanted to pass a message through the kiss

I kissed him back in same passion wrapping my hands around his neck

After what seem like for forever

He broke the kiss as he looked deep into my eyes

“I will always love you bunny” he said as he captured my lips again

This time the kiss wasn’t slow, it was like fast and furious

And i understand what it mearnt

“I want you baby” he whispered into my ears as he kissed my face down to my neck

Gosh this feelings, i cant just control it

Jasper gently removed his clothes and mine

And what Happened next was a story for the moon light fairy


“Good morning angel” Jasper said to emmeth who smiled as she opened her eyes

“Good morning handsome” emmeth said smiling

“Ahhh” Jasper twisted his face as he held his heart

“What’s wrong?” Emmeth immediately sat up

“Babe your smile nearly gave me a heart attack” Jasper smirked

“You monkey” emmeth slightly hit his shoulder

” Got you…How was your night?” He asked as he pecked her lips

“It was perfect and yours?” Emmeth asked

“It was fantastic, words can’t express how it was” Jasper said as he pecked her lips again

“Gosh” he pecked her lips again this time he kissed her so deep but before emmeth can kiss him back

Jasper withdrawed back immediately

‘Get yourself together Jasper, this is early morning’ he thought to himself as he shooked his head

“Breakfast is here babe” Jasper said as he opened the plates of food that was on a small tray which was placed ontop of the bed

“Wow, hmmmm, yummy” Emmeth licked her lips making Jasper to shudder as something which he was trying to suppress woked up again

“Don’t do that again” Jasper warned

“What?” Emmeth asked as she licked her lips again, her eyes glued on the steaming hot food

Jasper immediately dropped the food on the floor as he held emmeth on the back of her head kissing her hungrily

He disengaged from the kiss as he looked deep into her eyes, emmeth was breathing heavily because of the intense kiss

“Don’t try to seduce me again, this is early morning babe” Jasper said

“But…” Emmeth tried to talk but Jasper placed his finger on her lips stopping her

“Shhh, let’s eat, we will be going on a tour around the city later today” Jasper said as he took the tray from the floor placing it back to the bed

“Really, am so excited” emmeth said

Jasper smiled as he gently feed her, only God knows how he is holding himself from ravaging her there and then


Jasper was in the swimming pool

He watched as Emmeth approached the swimming pool

She had a white robe on and Jasper cant wait to see what was inside that very robe

Emmeth smiled at him as she started removing her robe

It was like a slow mo movie for Jasper

Finally Emmeth removed her robe, she was wearing a pink bikini

Jasper gulped down as his eyes scanned all over her body

Thank goodness the swimming pool wasn’t outside because outsiders could have seen his very well endowened beautiful flawless bunny

Gosh he wanted to pounce on her

Jasper held her hand as he guild her into the water

Emmeth has told him earlier that she can’t swim

So he has promised to teach her

When Emmeth has finally been inside the water

What she did surprised Jasper

Emmeth swimmed away

“Hahahaha” emmeth laughed as she continued swimming

Jasper smirked

Gosh his wife has tricked him

“Really Elephant” Jasper said as h he pursued her

“Yes monkey” emmeth flicked out her tongue to him but before she can swim away Jasper has caught her

He pulled her closer to himself making her body to clash against him, even her bombs was rubbing against his chest

“You can’t run away from me, i will so much punish you for tricking me” Jasper said as he leaned down towards her face but before he can kiss her, emmeth smashed her hands against the water

Making the water to splash against Jasper’s face

“Hahahaha” emmeth laughed as she slipped away from him

“You asked for this wifey” Jasper said as they both started splashing the water on themselves

Emmeth has finished her bath

She stood before the mirror drying her hair

Just then Jasper came into the room

He stood as he watched his wife

She was wearing a transparent milk nightie

Emmeth who was drying her hair didn’t know he has entered inside the room

Just then she saw him approach her from the back

She smiled, Jasper stood at her back as he held her waist

He slowly kissed her bare back

Making emmeth to shuddered as the butterflies in her stomach danced

Jasper gently turned her around to face him

He kissed her lips, then down to neck, he went more down as he kissed her bombs

“Hmmm” emmeth moaned

Jasper gently carried her to the bed as he made so much love to her that night



It has been one month since we came back from our honeymoon

I really had mad fun at Australia

I also missed there, i wish me and Jasper could stay there forever with no disturbance

Just the two of us but it won’t be purpose because we have to come back and face our real world

It was such an awesome honeymoon, it even passed what i imagined it to be because i was with the man i love so much

Since we came back everything has been lovey dovy for us

And we have been taking care of ourselves including the companys

What bothers me now is that Jerry has been released

It surprised me because he apologized to me including jasper

He said he didn’t know what came over him that very day he paid the guys to kidnap me, that it was the most selfish thing he has ever done

Well i kind og obelieve him because there was sincerity and repentance in his eyes

Gosh i have to get up now for work, but i don’t know why my body feels heavy and am having a small headache

And am also feeling nauseous

I have been feeling this way since two days ago but today it felt even worst

Maybe is the food i ate last night

Gosh i want to puke!



**T. B. C

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