My arranged marriage episode 6 – 9




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫



Music was playing so high in the background, different colors of light shun one after the other, people were walking about and some were dancing at the stage

“Yo, you are getting married!” Eric said sipping a glass of acholo

“To an elephant” Jasper blurted out his eyes wandering around

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“Come on dude, stop calling her an elephant, have some manners, she is gonna be your wife soon” Eric said

“The reason why am agreeing on this marriage is because my father is gonna hand over the company to me immediately after my marriage with that Elephant, so I won’t take long to divorce her” Jasper said

“Really, so you are finally gonna be the C .E. O !?” Eric asked with his eyes widened

“Of course do you have a problem with that?” Jasper asked

“Of course I got alot of problem with it because the whole pretty girls there are so much in trouble, I pity them” Eric said with a serious but teasingly tone

“No Eric, they are in for no such, am their boss, so I won’t misbehave” Jasper said

“Are you not the jasper that I know or are you another person, the Jasper that I know doesn’t get his eyes off something that is under a woman’s skirt” Eric said pouring himself another glass of acholo

“Are you different from me?” Jasper asked

“The distance between us two is very long, am much more different from you, at least I don’t change women like cloths, I have a girlfriend dude” Eric said

“But you cheat…”

“Hello handsome, can I join you guys” A tall beautiful girl in a short red sleeveless gown asked smiling

Jasper scanned her from head to toe, checking if she did fit in with them

“Of course you can” Eric said with a wink before Jasper can even reply the girl

The girl smiled and sat beside Jasper whom she is interested in

“Hope you guys are having fun tonight” the girl asked but her question was mostly directed at the handsome dude beside her

Who did as if she wasn’t there

“Of course we are” Eric replied

“Hey handsome” the girl said trying to touch Jasper but he immediately caught her wrist and shut her a deadly glare

“Don’t” Jasper warned

But she doesn’t seem threatened, as she continued with her journey of touching his face

“Are you guys in for a threesome?” The girl asked bitting her lips seductively





Today suppose to be the happiest day of my life but it turned out to be my worst day

Guess what, today is the day am gonna be joined together with the man I hate so much in life

The wedding will be a small one because is an ARRANGED MARRIAGE, both the groom and bride never wanted it

So much people aren’t invited

“Oh my gosh!, Look at you, you look beautiful girlfriend” Bella said looking at me

I have been all dressed up, wearing my beautiful wedding gown, my make up has also been done

I can’t deny it, I look awesome, but it would have been so good if am getting married to the man I love not the opposite

“Come on, don’t give me that face, smile okay, this is you D day” Bella said trying to cheer me up





“Man you look great” Eric complemented the man on blue suit

Jasper wore a well nice blue suit, his hair was well combed, he was even more tall with his blue suit on Making him more handsome, his face was so flawless, his well carved jaw was glinting, his golden eyes, his red lips, masculine chest, every thing about him speaks of perfection

“If am a girl I would have jump on you by now” Eric teased

Eric is Jasper’s best buddy and also his best man today

“If I haven’t seen you with a woman before, I would have pushed you out of this room, I don’t do man dude” Jasper teased

“Hahahaha, really” Eric laughed

“Of course, you don’t look bad yourself dude, Jasper complimented his best man that was also on blue suit

“Thanks dude, congratulation in advance, I can’t believe you are getting married before me” Eric said as they both walked out of the dressing room

“Dude your girlfriends are gonna dig a mighty grave for you today” Eric teased




My heart is beating so fast now, am about to walk down the Aisle with my father

Thank goodness my father is with me or else I know am gonna definitely trip and fall

“Are you ready?” My father asked me with a smile

I can’t believe he is actually smiling at me, knowing fully well that am not happy about this, well whose parents doesn’t smile doing their child’s wedding

“Yes” I replied not returning the smile

A disapproving look played on his hard face immediately

“Emmett you got to be happy, smile dear, people are out there and you don’t want them to see that your pretty face holds of no smile, come on dear Jasper will take care of you, am hundred and one percent sure” my father said encouraging me

“Dad hundred and one, really!” I said smiling at his unknowing joke

“Yes dear, now let’s go” my father said

He brought out his hands and I gently slide my hands into his ankle

The large door pulled open and we started walking inside

Many eyes were on us, some were smiling, why some were shutting me deadly glares, if eyes could kill I would have slumped and died

They are shutting me those glares, probablily thinking why someone like me is getting married to Jasper

I slowly raised my head and my eyes caught Jasper standing near the priest looking at us, he was wearing a nice blue

I won’t deny it but this arrogant man standing there is looking so breath taking

They way he looks at me at that moment made me feel so damn uncomfortable

What type of look is that, it kinda make me want to run and hide away from everybody

But I can’t hide anywhere, because this is my faith and I have to face it

When we came near to where Jasper was standing, my father released my hand, he smiled to Jasper and Jasper returned the smile, which doesn’t seem genuine

Jasper too doesn’t want this, he is also been forced

Jasper gently took my hand and led me where we will take our marriage vows

So this is it, this is how am been sold out to my worst night mare

We exchanged rings and took our marriage vows

The priest didn’t smile, how can he smile when the two people he is joining together wore a sore face

“The groom may now kiss the bride” the priest voice ranged on my eyes like a bomb

Why can’t they skip this part!!, how can I allow this dude to take my first kiss, I have always dreamed of him taking my first kiss but not anymore

Jasper turned towards me and I swallowed hard

Wait!!, Is he really gonna kiss me!!

He gently opened my veil

I gently looked up at his face, and giving him the look of don’t even try it

He leaned forward to my face

And I immediately shut my eyes closed.

I felt his noise brushed against mine, and he whispered something in my ears

“Welcome to HELLFIRE on earth Elephant!”




(He is arrogant and mean)


By, Authoress Fãvy💫




“Welcome to HELLFIRE on earth Elephant!”

I slightly shuddered at Jasper’s words or is it a threat

Just then the whole congregation started clapping for us

Their loud claps immediately snapped me out of my thoughts on Jasper’s word’s

Jasper leaned away from my face and turned towards the congregation smiling me too turned forcing out a smile

Thank goodness he didn’t kiss me!!

Well about his threat or whatever it is, can never move me!!

I hate him as much as he hates me, so if am gonna live in hell, he too will live in hell with me


Am in the car now with Jasper we are going to our new home or is it hellfire like Jasper said

Well I have been their before, his father has showed us around the house saying we can’t live with them

That we need to live alone in other to have our privacy

I was kinda worried about living with Jasper all alone in the house, but guess what we have maids in the house, so am not much bothered

And also the mansion is stationed at the city, so Bella can visit me and I can also visit my parents whenever I want to

The journey to our new home was a silent and quiet one, nobody looked at each or talked throughout

At last we finally reached our destination, the car pulled up infront of the white mansion

Jasper opened the door and alighted

Just when I was about to open the door at my side

Someone opened it for me

It was the driver, I alighted the car

Slowly walking, my small luggage has already been carried by the maids

I entered inside

“Where should I keep the bag mam” the maid asked

“Just keep it in that room I kept my other things” I Said

“But mam that’s not the Masters bedroom, that’s just a guest room, I was even planning to move it with your consent” the maid said with a surprise look

I won’t her Blame for that though, which couples live in different room, well in me and Jasper’s case we aren’t couple but cat and dog living in the same roof

“Just do as I say, is dinner ready?” I asked

“Yes mam, the chef will soon serve it” the maid said walking away with my luggage

I followed suit ascending the stairs


Immediately Jasper entered his room, he slumped on the bed looking exhausted

It was such a long day for him, he never knew this day will actually come on his way

But it actually came on a wrong way and wrong Time

He got married to his enemy, a woman he despise so much

He can’t wait to get his revenge for his dear mother, whom he didn’t even see

Thinking about this sorrow instantly filled his heart, he looked up at the ceiling

“Sorry Mom, you died why trying to save me, but the people who would have saved you felled because of their wickedness, am am here now living in the same roof with their fruit, don’t worry mom is just a little time” Jasper said slightly clenching his fist

“The Jacobs deprived me of a mother love and they now wish their daughter to be loved and be happy under my roof, well they are wrong, I will make her suffer in such a way she will run away from here seeking for refuge” Jasper said his golden eyes darkling

He instantly ran his fingers through his hair

He needed to calm down, he needed to do something!!

He gently slid his hands into his pants and brought out his iPhone

He dialled a number and click on the ear pod that is on his left ear

🤳Hello Eric” Jasper said

🤳 Jasper, how is your new home, you should be on your honeymoon now not calling me” Eric said

🤳Spare me that Eric, can we hang out I need two or three bottles of acholo to cool myself down” Jasper

🤳Come on man, today was your wedding day not your drinking day, if you wanna cool off, cool off with your new wife” Eric said

🤳 You are useless Eric, seems I have to look for another routine” Jasper said

🤳Don’t even try…” Eric couldn’t finish his words because Jasper immediately hanged up the phone

He wanted to dial another number but a call came in immediately

“Speaking of the devil” Jasper said and picked the call

“Hello Ann” Jasper

“Hi Jasper, am coming to your house now, atleast to wish you happy married life, since I didn’t make it to your wedding” Ann Said

“Nice Ann” Jasper said

“Hope your ‘ WIFE’ won’t kick me out” Ann said stressing the WIFE

“Ann I don’t have a wife, see you soon” Jasper said hanging up the phone

He spranged up from the bed, walking towards the bathroom to have a nice bath


I pilled off all the layers of clothes on my body

I took the white towel on my bed and wrapped around my body walking into the bathroom to have a nice bath

After taking my bath and drying my hair with the hair drier

I rubbed my cream on my body

After rubbing the cream, i went to my closet to look for a cloth to put on

I took out a baggy nice trouser and a sleeveless white top

Just then a knock came at my door

“Mam” the maid knocked

“Come in” I said

The door pulled and the maid that took my luggage in earlier walked inside

“Mam the dinner is set” the girl said, she is about my age or lower

“Okay, what is your name?” I asked

“My name is Cleo ma” she said

“Okay, you can go” I said

“Thanks ma, do you need any other thing” Cleo asked

“Nothing as of now Cleo, but if I need anything I will let you know” I said smiling

“Okay ma” Cleo said and left the room

I walked over the mirror and looked at myself

“Welcome to your new home and new world Emmett, just eat enough food like you always do and wait for the battle that awaits you, so that you can have enough strength to fight it” I said to myself smiling

I walked out of room, just as I was about to walk away I saw the other room beside mine as the door was pulled open and Jasper walked out from it

He had a grey sweater pants on and a red t-shirt

Immediately he saw me his face darkened and I also frowned at him looking away

He walked pass me desending the stairs

Wait his room is beside mine!!?

I just don’t want to be seeing his face, talkless of his room been beside mine!!

I walked down the stairs walking towards the dinner to have a nice meal

Wow the aroma has already filled my nostrils and head

I sat down on the chair why the maids served my plate

I just point on the ones I want why they dish out the food for me

Why watching the mouth watering food been dished out for me

I slightly turned my head and saw Jasper with a lady walking inside through the front door

A pretty lady, whose body is like a model, her skin was flawless, her blue hair was long, her lips was painted red and she also had a whole hell of makeup on her face

She wore a short hot mini blue sleeveless gown which almost showed her cleavage

Immediately my eyes caught Jasper’s own, he slightly snaked his hands around her tiny little waist, the lady smirked at me while they ascended the stairs giggling and laughing

I just rolled my eyes at them and continued with my eyes survey on the food that is been dished out for me

Inspecting on how it will enter my mouth and then to my throat and finally to my stomach

The moment I picked the spoon to devour the goodies staring at me my mind immediately flewed on how Jasper snaked his hands possessively around the lady’s waist

I lost my appetite instantly, I became bitter

How dare him bring a woman home the same day we just wedded, even though we are enemies he should respect me atleast, after all am his lawfully wedded wife!!

Wait why is all this bothering me and depriving me of all the appetite I have!!

“What’s wrong with you Emmett, just leave that arrogant man and enjoy yourself” I cursed within me hitting my head


“I can’t believe you allowed me in your matrimonial home” Ann said sitting on the bed as she seductively crossed her legs

“Do you have a problem with that?” Jasper asked leaning on the wall

“Of course not” Ann Said

“What are you doing here Ann?” Jasper asked

“Come on darling you know what I want, why then did you allow me here?, why are you even asking such unanswerable question huh?” Ann asked as she stood up from the bed walking towards Jasper with a slow steps

As if she was counting her steps

Jasper just glued his eyes on her

Ann stood infront him with her body slightly against his, she gently carasss his hard chest

“I missed you Jasper, even though am angry with you, but still I want you, do you miss me too huh?, Don’t you want me” Ann asked bitting her lips as she leaned forward to Jasper face slightly raising up her legs to reach him

She brushed her lips against his, just as she was about to lean away Jasper held her waist, claiming her lips, kissing her so roughly like a hungry wolf

Ann smiled in between the kiss, she really got him, she knew Jasper can’t resist her


I walked into my room like a log of wood feeling so damn exhausted

Exhaustion from the food I ate, Exhaustion from all that is happening around me

And another Exhaustion which I can’t really understand what is it

Let me just sleep, maybe after waking up tomorrow morning

I will feel a little better

I slumped on the bed and tugged myself inside the pink duvet

I have managed to get something inside my stomach

I didn’t allow Jasper and his mistress or girlfriend whatever she is to get in between me and my food

“Omg this bed feels good” I muttered silently smiling sheepishly

Just then sleep started knocking at my eyelids

I closed my eyes and was about to drift away to the other sweet world

when I heard some werid noise not just werid noise

I knew definitely where it is coming from

“Oh… Jasper…oh…mmmm, I love you” the sound kept coming from the other room

What is this huh?, when I was about sleep

Is sleeping a forbidden thing in this house

What is this?

The moaning of Jasper’s girl friend kept ringing in my ears

I used the pillow to cover my ears but it became even louder

“Ahhhh, Jasper” Jasper’s girlfriend screamed louder

“No!!” I yelled and spranged up from the bed

My eyes were so damn red from anger

This people doesn’t have shame and respect for themselves

I got down from the bed and walked towards my door

My heart was heavy as I pulled the door open and closed it behind me with a loud thug

I walked towards Jasper’s door with a heavy foot steps

I stood at the door and banged on it with all my strength

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