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My billionaire husband episode 10

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Chapter 10 ā˜€ ā˜€

By Jennifer Owens ā˜€ ā™„

~ Damon ~

I smiled as I slowly opened my eyes, knowing Katharine would be by my side.

I turned to my side and furrowed my brows at the empty space beside me.

“Katharine ” I called, getting off the bed.

She’d be in her room.

I went to the bathroom and freshened up, grinning widely.

I put on a short nicker and a shirt.

I headed to Katharine’s room with a smile.

I stood at her door, feeling nervous.

I summoned courage and knocked.

“Katharine, are you in there ” I asked when I got no response after the 3rd knock.

I pushed the door open and went in.. Her wardrobe was open and empty.

Her cosmetics were gone too.

Just because her wardrobe is empty doesn’t mean she left, right?

Maybe she packed all her things to the laundry.

*and her cosmetics?* my subconscious asked.

“she probably threw them in the bin to get new ones ” I blurted out.

But hell! Who was I kidding?

I couldn’t help the rate at which my heart beat.

“Katharine ” I called.

I checked the bathroom and the balcony but she wasn’t there.

I ran downstairs and searched everywhere but couldn’t find her.

She left! She left me!

It occurred to me then and there that I loved her.

I love her. I’ve always loved her but I was too busy being a d*ck to realize it.

And now I’ve lost her. It’s OK. It’s f-cking cool.

Everything will just be fine.

Hell no! Nothing will be fine if I don’t get her back, nothing!

I picked up my car keys and drove to Olivia’s apartment.

That’s the first place she’d go. That’s where she is.

I arrived there and alighted.

I pressed the doorbell repeatedly but got no response so I kicked the door open with force.

I got more furious when I saw it was empty.

I brought out my phone and called Katharine but it wasn’t connecting.

I called Olivia instead and it was ringing but that bitch wasn’t picking up.

“pick up bitch” I muttered under my breath.

Where the hell should I start looking for Katharine?

I can’t believe she left me.

What am I saying now? I’m the one she left so yeah I have to believe it.

If I hadn’t been such an assh-le, I wouldn’t have lost her.

I checked the time and it was 9:10.

I’ll just track her location using her phone number.

I got in my car and headed to a mobile detect center.

~ Katharine ~

“OK Damon has called for the nth time now, are you sure you want to do this ” Olivia asked and I rolled my eyes.

“I’m trying to get rid of my feelings for him cause he’ll never learn to love me and you should support me ” I seethed and she chuckled.

“5 minutes more “she announced and I sighed.

“I’m really gonna miss you ” I pouted and Olivia hugged me.

“stop being a baby and go live your dreams ” Olivia said, still hugging me.

“I’m gonna hug you for the next 4 mins before you leave ” she said and I chuckled.

We stayed like that, waiting for the final announcement.

We heard the final announcement and disengaged from our girly hug.

“bye ” I said as I took my luggage.

She blew me a k-ss and I left for the plane.

I boarded the flight and sighed.

“here I come California ” I said with glee as the plane moved.

~ Damon ~

Loress hotel was the place tracked down.

I got in my car and drove there.

I arrived and alighted.

I ran into the hotel and went to the lady at the reception or whatever it’s called.

“Katharine Eve Pearls” I said to the lady and watched as she went through her book.

I know Katharine will never use my last name as hers.

“none sir ” the lady blurted out, smiling.

I felt like plucking those eyes of hers out when she gave me flirty looks.

If she didn’t use her name then what….? Olivia, yes Olivia.

“and Olivia ” I asked.

“Olivia what ” she asked back.

I searched my brain for her last name but arrived at nothing.

“just check any Olivia that checked in this morning, bitch” I blurted out and her eyes widened at my foul language.

“I’m sorry, I can’t…. ”

I hit my fist on the table and she flinched.

“do you know who the f-ck you’re talking to “I asked and she gazed at me.

Her jaw dropped with wide eyes.

“Da…. Damon Saltz… ” she stopped, picked up the book and peered into it.

“there was an Olivia who checked in early this morning ” she blurted out.

“keys ” I demanded and she went through some bunch of keys.

She handed me a key with the number 51.

“but they… “she was saying but stopped when my eyes met hers.

“nothing ” she shook her head and I turned to leave.

“they already checked out ” I heard her mutter under her breath.

No no no, it can’t be.

I took the elevator and went up to room 51.

I opened the door and went in.

The room was neatly done and I s-cked in a breath.

They already left.

I sighted something on the floor, beside the bed and I picked it up.

It was a sim card and sure it was Katharine’s that’s why the hotel was the last place tracked down.

What a… Ah I don’t know.

I’m gonna murder someone and it’s none other than Olivia. That bitch!

I slumped down on the floor and buried my face in my palms.

My palms got wet from the tears I spilled.

I really don’t wanna loose Katharine.

Not now that I’ve started understanding my feelings for her.

I’ll go wait for that bitch at her house.

I got up and headed out.

I threw the keys to its rightful place, boarded my car and drove off.

~ Olivia ~

My jaw dropped at the sight in front of me.

My door was broken.

Did robbers come in here or what?

I examined the broken door with dropped jaw.

I heard tires screech and I turned to see Damon.

A furious Damon to be precise.

I should’ve known.

Who the hell could do this if not him?

“where’s she ” he asked and I arched an eyebrow.

“who ” I asked, feigning innocence.

“don’t play dumb with me, bitch, where is she ” he yelled and I flinched.

More like growled cause I’ve never seen anyone so furious like this.

“I don’t know what or who you’re talking about ” I said and turned to enter my apartment.

“not another step “he commanded and I didn’t know how but I stopped.

I wanted to ignore him and go in but my legs wouldn’t move.

Perhaps, because of the authority in his tone.

He came to my front and stared deep into my eyes.

“now for the last time, “he asked sternly, breaking his words.

My mouth wanted to betray me but I bit my lips gently to prevent me from blurting it all out.

I s-cked in a breath and let it out as a sigh then looked straight into his now dark eyes.

“I.don’t.know” I blurted out, breaking my words too.

He looked deep into my eyes, his dark eyes piercing deep into my brown eyes.

I was trembling real bad and I almost thought I could see smoke coming outta his ears.

He raised his hand and I closed my eyes, expecting a hit but felt nothing.

I opened an eye to see his hands glued together, in a pleading manner.

“Olivia, please tell me where Katharine is ” he begged.

Wow! Damon Saltzman, begging me?

I feel like the most important person on earth.

“I know I’ve made mistakes but I’ll make it all up, so, please tell me where she is ” he begged and I felt something for him. Pity.

But I can’t betray my best friend, not for anything.

Especially, if that’s what makes her happy.

Well well well, you don’t value what you have till its gone Huh?

“I don’t know where she is Damon, but I can help you look for her ” I blurted out.

“if Katharine left you, she must have her reasons ” I said but he said nothing.

I blew out a breath and went into my apartment.

I need to get this door fixed.

I watched from my window as Damon fell on his knees.

I heard his quiet sobs and almost ran out to tell him where Katharine had gone.

I closed my windows and closed the broken door.

Does this mean, he loves Katharine now?

No way! That guy is so mischievous.. He acted real and in love the day he proposed to Kathy only for her to find out, he just wanted her for a contract.

I shouldn’t fall for his tricks again.

~ Damon ~

I got off the ground and drove home.

I went up to my room and slumped down on the bed.

She left me.

I buried my face in the sheets and cried.


I stared at my reflection in the mirror and sighed.

I adjusted my tie and was good to go.

I took my briefcase, went out and drove off to the office.

I packed my car and entered into the building.

Everyone bowed as I passed them but as usual, I acted like they never existed.

“good morning sā‚¬Ć—y p-nts ” Piper said but I walked straight into my office.

I sat on my chair and tried switching on my laptop to commence work but the image of Katharine flashed in my mind.

I shook my head to regain myself and switched on the laptop.

This was one of the reasons I never wanted to fall in love, heart break.

I tried erasing my feelings for her but couldn’t.

The love I have for Katharine is uncontrollable.

A knock came on my door and I didn’t respond before Piper walked in.

“you look hot with unshaven jaw ” she commented but it sounded like shit, coming from someone like her.

“get out “I commanded and she was taken aback.

“you mean…. ”

“now” I yelled.

She gave me a blunt look and walked out.


I tried focusing but I couldn’t stop thinking of Katharine, our first night together, her touch.

I banged the desk with my fist and rested my head on it.

~ Piper~

I sadly walked back to my post and sat down.

There were murmurs everywhere.

“Mr Saltzman is back to his old self ” I heard a girl say.

“he was a bit nice the last few months but now, his back to his cold self “another worker said.

I sighed and rested my head on the headrest.

I wonder what’s up.

I’ll still get him under my claws again.

~ Katharine ~

I sat on the floor with a bowl of pop corn in between my thighs and a juice beside me.

I finally left Damon. No one to order me around, to yell at me and make my heart skip.

I’m a free bird and that’s why I’m celebrating with pop corn.

I’ll finally live my dreams.

I need to look for a job.

I’ll start next week cause I just got here last night, got an apartment this morning and my stuffs are still unpacked.

I need to buy my bed, couch, TV and all necessary things.

I finished the pop corn, gulped down the juice and disposed them in the bin.

Time to get to work!

~ Damon ~

I laid on my bed, staring at Katharine’s photo that I plastered on the wall.

It’s been 3 weeks since Katharine left me but I still can’t erase her off my mind.

I still can’t stop thinking of her.

~ Katharine ~

I paced back and forth in my apartment, tears streaming down my cheeks with a f-cking dried throat.

What am I gonna do?

I picked up my phone with shaky hands and called Olivia.

~ Olivia ~

My phone rang and I was happy it was Kathy.

“hey Kathe “I said into the phone.

“Olivia “she called, her voice hoarse and barely above a whisper.

She’s in tears!

“what happened? Why are you crying? “I asked.

“Olivia, I’m pregnant “she blurted out, sniffing over the phone.

“jeez! Katherine, you’ve only been to California for few weeks and you already screwed someone and got pregnant “I asked.

“no! ” she cried out.

“it’s Damon’s child ” she blurted out.

Oh God, kill me!

Just when I thought everything was going well.

what do we do now?

“I don’t know ” she said.

Did I say that out loud?

Katharine is an emotional freak and she’s new to all these.

I’m very sure she’s in panic mode now.

“Katharine, what do you want “I asked calmly.

“I don’t know ” she answered.

She’s so naive.

“do you want to go back to Damon and…. ”

“no! ” she exclaimed, cutting me off in the process.

“I don’t wanna go back to a man who feels superior over everyone, a man who wants to control and treat me like shit ” she cried out.

“then abort the pregnancy ” I blurted out.

“have you lost it “she yelled.

“look Kathy, you have to stop being over emotional and be strong ” I said and waited for her to speak but she didn’t so I continued.

“just do it and live your dreams” I added.

“complications will arrive later in the future when the child starts asking for it’s father” I said and she sniffed.

“be strong okay, the decision is yours ”

“yeah thanks” she hung up and I let out a breath I didn’t realise I was holding.

My world!

~ Katharine ~

I sat opposite doc Renae with a determined mind.

If I want to abort this pregnancy, I have to undergo an operation to flush out the foetus and I’m ready.

They’ll fuse a pipe inside me and through that, they’ll flush out the foetus.

“are you sure ” doc Renae asked for the nth time and I nodded.

I changed my clothes and laid down on the theatre bed, waiting for the operation.

T. B. C

By Jennifer Owens ā™„ ā˜€


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