My Boss

My boss episode 13 & 14


Sub tittle:Julia and Ethan
Author Jenny
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Chapter 13
I crawled out of where i was hiding gently with my heart pounding fast
i cant believe he caught me
“What the hell are you doing in here”mr chris yelled ,which send shivers down my spine
“Am so sorry sir ,,i was looking for the batbroom and …and …I promise to pay for the damages “i replied in fear
He starred at me for some time in anger and disgust while is stood there nervously playing with my fingers
“Get out”he yelled and i ran out of the room or what ever its called
Well that ended well ,,way to go julia
Soon the plane landed and we were in Africa
That is one hell of a journey ,,,it seems i have been there for days
We were taken to a hotel and i was taken to my room
Thank God am not close to mr chris if not i would have died of nervousness
I took a shower ,changed and started working on my laptop ,,an email popped on my screen it was from the boss , i kept working because we have to present it to the investors tbe following day
Finally our work is done ,and we headed back to NY
“Take a day off and my driver will drop you off “mr chris said and slammed the door of his car
“So rude”i muttered angrily
But at least i have a day off
Since i have day off ,,i decided to go shopping and then later hang out at sofias place
“Must we always go to club”i asked sofia who starred at me smiling
“Dont worry i have a surprised for you “she said and dragged me into the club
“Hey Julia” i heard a familiar voice and turned
“Hey ethan “i called back faking a smile while sofia kept giggling and i gave her the “your so dead look”
“So how was your trip to africa”he asked
“Well it went perfectly well”i replied ,,if only he had any idea of what happened
“Care for a drink”he asked
“Yeah sure”i replied and collected the drink for him
Alright i must confess ,,this wasnt as bad as i thought ethan is really fun to be with and it was now i know the resemblance between him and my boss but my boss is more handsome
Dont get me worng….His just cute and

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nothing more than his cute face and lips and body and
“JULIA “i hears ethan called waving his hand to my face
“Are you okay “he asked and i nodded gently
“Lets dance “he said and dragged my hand to the dance floor
“that was the best dance i
ever had even if you kept stepping on me “ethan said and i chuckled
“Yeah i had a great time too “i replied
“Should i drop you off ? “he asked while i nodded gently
we bade sofia and max goodbye before leaving the club
Ethan drop me off while i noticed a black van drove off behind him
I recognized the van from the other night ,,I wonder who that person might be ,,i locked up my whole apartment properly before replying emails on my laptop and sleeping off
Its another wonderful day
I woke up and prepared
for work , soon i arrived and everybody was doing their daily duties and it was lively
I guess mr chris is not yet here
I went to my office settled in and began working
Hours pass by and mr chris isnt here yet,,some how i was worried ..well i should be his my boss
Its was lunch time and Ethan came to my
“Hey do you want to eat lunch with me “he asked smiling while i nodded
“Yes and why is your face close to mine ,and why are you looking at me that way”i asked nervously
“I just love your face”he said drawing his face more close to mine as if he wanted to kiss me when the door opened
“Mr Chris”
Chapter 14
I just love your face”he said drawing his face more close to mine as if he wanted to kiss me when the door opened
“Mr Chris”
“Good morning sir”i said nervously and standing up
“Ethan i my office immediately”he half yelled and walked out
“Hey calm down okay,,i will handle him ethan said and kissed my fore head
Omg what the hell is going on in my life ,,why is ethan trying to complicate things for me
Wait was he about to kiss me , arrrh he wouldnt dare
i kept walking about nervously in my office and then i cant take it anymore
So am going to pretend i want to give mr chris files and then evesdrop on their conversion
i quickly took some files from my desk which obviously i saw suppose to give to mr chris and went to his office
On reaching the office door i heard loud noise ,,i quickly leaned on door and the noise died down immediately
I leaned closer and the door opened
,i was about falling when a firm hand held me from falling
We starred at each other for seconds
“Mr chris”i said nervously and i felt my butt landed on the floor
“Dont be clumsy next time” he said and left me on the floor
Can you guys imagine?who dose that for christ sake
How can a grown ass man help a lady from falling down and then leave her to fall again
Ethan held me up and i arranged my skirt
“are you okay”he asked and i nodded gently
“Dont mind him okay ,his always like that”ethan added
“Yeah am use to it” i replied rolling my eyes
Ethan kissed my cheeks and left the office,i gathered the files and dropped them on mr chris table
well i guess that didnt end well
Soon i was closing time and mr chris is about leaving his office
I waited for him to be at my front before walking behind him
Broad shoulders,huge and tall ,,omg see the way he walks
Gezz i need to stop thinking stuffs
Mr chris stopped walked and i almost collapsed ,its too late to turn back now
He held his phone to his ears ,its obvious he was answering call
I walked pass with my jelly legs
I wonder what his thinking right now,,is he looking at my ass?
Omg my skirt is very tight am sure his clearly looking at them
Maybe he thinks i have a small ass and cant cat walk like a lady
I quicken my footstep and hurried to the elevator like someone who is being chased
Now i have to find a solution to ethan
He must not see me ,,that guy is beginning to freak me out ,,acting all lovely lovely arround me
I hide behind the door in the lobby and scanned the whole environment before trying to make a move
I was about to leave my position when ethan popped out of nowhere and an elevator door close to me opened which i ran into immediately
That was close i thought
“Miss daniels what are you doing in my elevator”i heard the most husky voice ever and turned like a robot
“Errrm sir ,,i wanted to ask if you saw the errm errm new coffee shop down the street” i shuttered
Really ,,,coffee shop? of all things i could think of its coffee shop
“No miss daniels how about you get coffee from there tomorrow morning”he said and my eyes popped out like a socket
“Huh”i muttered and he left the elevator immediately
Oh great just great now i will find a way to get another coffee
It another bright and not so great day that i have been battling just to make a cup of coffee
finally i was able to make a cup of coffee that dosent taste so bad
I went to my chris office ,greeted him nervously and dropped the coffee on his table
He asked me to wait and i did,,after taking a sip ,,i couldnt read the expression on his face
Soon he glumped the remaining coffee down and then ran to the bathroom ,,in a twinkle of an eye the almighty mr chris is vomiting his stomach out in the bathroom
To be continued

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