My Boss

My boss episode 19 & 20


sub tittle:Bounding / sleep over
Written by Author Jenny
Not Edited
Chapter 19
While i was thinking of how ruined my life is someone knocked the door and guess who was at the door?
“who is that”i yelled nervously
“its me”i heard my chris voice
my legs felt like jelly instantly
I opened the door a little and popped my head out ,,thereby hiding my body behind the door
“i thought u might need this” he said handing me a small shopping bag
“Thank you”i replied back shyly
I was about to close the door when he stopped it from closing
“Here” he said removing his suit jacket and giving it to me
“thank you”i muttered and slammed the door instantly
“Well that was something else “i muttered to my self
this moring he was super angry at me and now his acting nice
I did all the necessary and soon i was ready to go home
I put on the jacket mr chris gave me and got lost in it ,,,But i dont have an option
I kept praying and praying not to see mr chris ,, immediately i opened the door
“Behold the boss himself ”
I walked pass him as we both passed the lobby and all eyes on us
“let me take you home”he offered and i nodded because i wasnt in the mood for any talk
I sat down in his car and enjoyed the air condition
Everything happened today like magic ,i couldnt believe ,,i have soft spot for her and to top it all i was nervous arround her which has never happened before
i turned to her direction and saw she was already asleep ,,she look so beautiful and i could watch her like that all day
I turned off the ac immediately i noticed change in the weather and soon it started raining heavily
I tap her gently and she opened her eyes
“It kinda raining heavily ” i said breaking the silence
“yeah would you errrm like to come in for coffee before the rain stops”she offered which i almost screamed yes but i have to keep it cool
“Sure”i replied
We both came down and as expected we were soaked before reaching the house
She brought me towels to clean up and left
I pulled off all my clothes and tied towel arround my wait
“Ohh sorry i had ….No idea you … I brought you

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my PJ its really big for me am sure it will fit you”she said handing me the clothes in her hand
She kept looking at my exposed chest till i cleared my throat
“i will get you coffee”she blurted out and walked to the kitchen
Funny girl am sure saw
drolling ,,i am who would’nt
she came back with a cup of coffee and left
i forced myself in her PJ and i totally looked like an Adult Baby
She came back some minutes later ,,started laughing like someone who saw a clown
“Sorry “she muttered in between her non stop laugh
“You look ridiculous “she finally said laughing
I did not know why but seeing her laugh made me laugh to,in a blink we were both laughing like crazy people
Chapter 20
I woke up to see my body wrapped arround someone
It was my boss ,,i managed
to set myself free and went to the bathroom to freshen up
Somehow i kinda felt good and nervous by all that happened last night
After laughing our ass out ,,we decided to watch a movie
The movie was actually scary to me “Slender Man”
I couldnt help but jump at him body at every little thing that scared me
We watched till midnight and i didnt know when i slept off
I was done bathing so i wore my clothes and head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast
“Hi” i heard someone called and i almost jumped out of my skin
“Sorry i scared you “chris said
“Its nothing ,,am just not used to having anyone arround”i replied with a smile
“i will serve breakfast in a sec”i added while he nodded
Soon we had breakfast in silence
“Thanks for the breasfast ,,i will see you at work”chris said and stood up
“Okay bye “i replied back
Finally i was at work ,,truth to be i was actually anticipating him to come
i heard footsteps and sat properly ,someone knocked the door ,,i quickly looked up and it was ethan
“hi ethan “i called with a smile
“Hey julia”he replied with sad tone
“So whats up with the mood “i asked
“Noo am good”he replied but i knew something was up with him
“Errrm i wanted to ask are you and mr chris like an item”he asked
“Whaaaat no”i replied back
“Do you like him” he asked
“hahaha no wayyyyy”i replied back nervously
Ps :thats a big lie
“okay thats cool”he replied with a smile
“how about lunch later”he offered and i nodded
“See you later “and pecked my cheeks when mr chris walked in
seriously of all time he should walk in its now??
Ethan left
not without receiving a deadly glare from mr chris
“See me in my office mr daniels”he said angrily
“What is the meaning of what i saw in your office”he fired angrily
“Sorry sir”i replied
“If you must flrit with anyone ,,not in my company okay”he said and i nodded
I went out made his coffee and brought it back to him
I was about to leave when he called me back
“Miss daniels ”
“Sir ”
“What is going on between you and ethan “he asked
“Nothing actually sir ,his just a friend”i replied, mr chris stood up and walked towards me and now there was no gap between us
“next time if you need peck i will give you as much as you want”he said and began pecking my both cheeks while i only bite my lips ,,he stared at my lips for sometimes before he crashed his lips on my mine and we kissed passionately
” I dont know what your doing to me julia but i love it”he said causing butterflies in my stomach
To be continued

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