My Boss

My boss episode 21 & 22


My boss
sub tittle: surprise
written by Author Jenny
Not edited
Chapter 21
Day passed by and things have been going perfectly fine between me and chris
We talk more often ,,we now do lunch together in his office can you imagine that
Right now chris driver dropped me at the boutique so i could get clothes for the dinner meeting with some private investors from japan
I entered in and began trying dresses but none of them suite me
“That dress i perfect”i heard a lady voice say
“Thank you ma’am”i replied looking the lady who i guess must be in her 50’s
She looks so classy and beautiful i guess she must be rich
“i’ m Alicia “she said streching her hand while i totally ignored and pulled her in for a hug
“I’m julia”i replied while she chuckled
“So is the dress for a date “she asked
“I wish,,its for a meeting dinner” i replied back
“Well your so beautiful my dear you shouldnt be worried about dress”she said
“thanks ma’am sorry alicia”i replied and she smiled
“You welcome my dear ,have a nice day “the lady said and left
“Awwwn she’s so nice”i thought ,,she reminds me of my own family,,,but mum who i never got to see her dead body and my useless father
Tears dropped from my eyes ,,i quickly used my palm to clean them paid for the dress and left
I dressed up ,,did little touch of makeup and cross checked all the files before leaving
This contract really means alot to chris even if he dosent say it
The arrived at the venue ,exchanged greetings with the investors i was shocked to see Ray among them
i knew there was something about him
The meeting was going on and so far everything is bad,,,and yeah Ray isnt making things easier
I excused myself and went to the bathroom
“I can do this” i muttered to myself
I went back to my seat cutting chris off and facing the investors myself
I started by making the understand the reson why they should invest with us ,,all their gains , i tackeled all the question they threw at me to the best of my knowledge ,,i looked at their face nd they were all impressed even my boss was shocked while Ray kept looking at me with a no expression face
“we look forward to working with you guys and i must confess miss

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daniels i am impressed”one of the men said while i smiled and thanked him
“You not only a cutie but your smart,,impressive ” Ray said while i starred at him blankly
“I guess you will get to see me everyday”
ray said pecked my cheeks and left
I could see
anger written all over chris face
He ordered his driver to drop me off at home without a single congratulations or thank you
since the following day was sunday ,,i went home took my bath and slept off
Sunday came i hang out with sofia and max and it was really fun
By night they brought me home and left ,,the door bell rang and i was surprised who will be knocking ?
I opened the door and saw a white envelope with a car key ,,i read the note and it says
I Looked out and saw a black and beautiful car ,,words cant explain how happy i am ,,i started jumping and dancing crazy dance
when my phone began rining ,it was chris”
“How about you stopped your crazy dance ,,go dress up so i can take you out miss daniels”he said while my cheeks turned red
“like a date” i asked
“Yes a date” he replied
I looked arround and saw him leaning on his car
Gosh i cant believe he saw me dancing ,,i ran in dressed up and came out
“First official date night”
Chapter 22
The night went perfectly .
We talked ,laughed and did a lot of fun stuffs together
Finally he dropped off
“So good night”he said while i smiled
“Goodnight”i replied back ,,we starred at each other for seconds before engaging in a passionate kiss.
I took a warm bath smiling like someone who won a lottery ,,lets just say this is one of the best night ever
I layed on my bed and cuddled my pillow .
“STOP ” STOP PLEASE” i yelled loudly and woke up from my terrible nightmare
I checked the time it was 2:00am ,,i lay down back when i heard some noise
I jumped up from bed ,,i walked gently to the sitting room ,,the door was locked ,,i was relieved
I some noise in my kitchen,,i can swear there is someone there
“Who is that”i yelled
I walked to the kitchen in fear but there was still no one there
i quickly reached for my frying pan and knife
“Show yourself”i yelled but still no answer
I heard my flower vase hit the ground and fear gripped me
i couldnt take it anymore ,,i tiptoe there and
saw a note on the table
“You can run from me but you can never hide because you belong to me ” i read out and fear gripped me more
The door banged by itself i ran up to my room and locked the door ,,i dragged my reading table to the door also ,closed all the windows and sat down on the floor in fear
I quickly reached for my phone and dailed sofia’s number
“julia what the hell”sofia said in a sleepy tone
“Sof… sof …His back …His back sofia “i yelled crying
“Hold hold juls,,who is back “she asked
“His sofia ,,,stepfather ” i half yelled in fear
The call ended i heard someone trying to force the door open
At the point i was at the edge of breaking down any minute
I dragged more things and put there so he wont be able to open the door ,Just like i always did but he always finds a way to break in
The bad memories kept coming back in my head and i was going insane, uncontrollable tears were pouring down ,,i was sweating and finally everything went blank
” Julia ” someone called and i opened my eyes gently ,,my vision was blur at first but later everything cleared ,,,I looked arround and find out i was in the hospital
“Sofia” i called
“Are you okay”she asked
“How did i get here”i asked her
“Well we ran to your apartment when you called ,,your room door was locked so we called the cops and they broke the door down only to find out that you passed out “sofia explained as the event of last night played fresh in my head
“His back sofia” i said and bursted cry
“The cops couldnt find any trace of him ,,no fingerprint nothing are you sure of what you saw”sofia asked
“What? dont tell me you dont believe me”i asked sofia who starred at me blankly
“Gosh i cant believe you,,we have been friends like forever and now this is what you tell me huh?”i stood up from the hospital bed and made my way out
“Were are you going julia” sofia asked
“Home” i replied
I went home took a shower and prepared for work
My hair was not looking nice,,i had eyes bags ,,my lips were dry nd i look pale
I dragged my feet entered my car and head to work
I just have no idea whats going on in my life right now
I head to my office ignoring everyone who talked to me ,,i was lost and confused
I sat in my office lost in my own thought
“Miss Daniels” Chris yelled angrily while i jumped up in fear
“What is wrong with you,,i have called you ,,no answer,,you didnt bring my coffee or my files and i have been standing here since”he replied
“sorry sir ” i replied and hurried out to get coffee and he starred at me in awe
He spat the coffee out after taking a sip
“What the hell is this julia”he yelled angrily
“Are you okay “he asked while i nodded
“You can go bring me the file”he said and i nodded
“This is the wrong file miss daniels”he said starring at me
“Are you sure you are okay “he asked
“I am fine”i yelled angrily at him
I could see shock written all over chris face
What have i done
To be continued
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