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My boss episode 25 & 26



Sub tittle :Ameila

Written by Author Jenny

Not edited

Chapter 25


After making another breakfast

We cuddled each other and watched netflix
when someone knocked on her door

Who the hell is that i thought

I stood up and opened the door only to see Amelia

“What are you doing here “i asked her in awe

“Would you prefare if mom had come by herself”she replied back brushing off my shoulders and walking into the apartment

“omg are you julia”she screamed exictedly

“You look more beautiful in person” she said while i just scoffed and went to seat to

I could see julia blushing shyly at everything amelia says

Gosh what brought here in the first place but at least its not my mom

I saw amelia dragged julia hands and boom they were out of sight

Great she just had to ruin the moment and amazing film we were watching

I put off the tv angrily and lay down ,,i wonder what they are talking about

Are they talking about me? sh*t why did i even ask for amelia help i should have just used goggle instead


A Beautiful looking lady walked into the apartment and i felt embarrassed instantly because i was still wearing chris shirt

She looked so classy and all ,,her skin was flawless ,she is a photocopy of chris and that was when i knew she’s family

She kept complimenting me and i couldnt help but blush

She kept talking and talking and now i cant believe we were chatting like we have know each other for long

She told me little about chris horrible past and why he is the way he is

Amelia is a fun sponge ,,she was like a second sofia ,,so friendly

“I wanted to go shop for some clothes can you follow me “she asked with a puppy face

“I’m not properly dressed” i replied

“Dont worry i can take care of that”she replied and dragged my hand to a room

She opened the closet and gave me som female clothes

I put them on and soon we hit the boutique

Ameila and i kept shopping and shopping till we were tired and she bought a lot of stuffs for me that were pretty expensive

We went to an eatry go our stomach filled and headed back home

“Did you notice that car have been following us right from the eatry”amelia asked and my heart skipped

“Lets take this route and see”amelia said

We took another route and it still followed us

“Fasten on your seat belt “amelia said in a bossy tone and i did

she increased the speed of her car and i felt like my spirit was about to leave my body

“You can open your eyes now julia “she said laughing

“Where did you learn how to drive like that”i asked her

“leta just thank God we lost him/her”she said and i nodded

This isnt the first time someone is following me

I only have one person in mind

Ameila pov

Yeah yeah

I know you guys were waiting to hear my own point of view

Well i have been the one spying on julia from the onset

Infact i keep an eye on everyone who works with him because i dont want him to get hurt again

I have been sending people to follow her and i also did a background check on her and right now i know everything about her

When i noticed someone following us i knew it had to do with someone from her past but i didnt ask her anything

And yeah guys i know about her heartless stepfather i really dig deep in her past and thats why i approve of her with my brother

I was really happy when things were falling in place for him

But that person following us ,i must find out who is he

Chapter 26


Chris dropped me off at my apartment and drove off to work

I entered in ,,the whole place was dusty ,so i did a little cleaning prepared breakfast and got ready for work

We have a lot of stuffs to do

I entered my car and drove off


“Heyy can i come in”i heard ethan voice and chuckled

“your already in”i replied and let of a small laugh

“You were not here yesterday and today you came late and your not yet fired” ethan said and sat down

“Ohhh that”i replied

“And chris wasnt here yesterday too ” he added

“yeah we had work” i lied

“Hey babe “i heard someone called and i froze

“Ethan”chris called

“Boss” ethan replied back in a mockery tone

Gosh this is so awkward

Chris walked up to me and kissed my cheeks while ethan starred at us in awe

chris walked out with his hands in his pocket and ethan gave me a questioning look

“So you guys are now an item”ethan asked trying to stay calm

“Yeah” i replied

“Trust me julia you have no idea who your dealing with ,his going to break you beyound repair like he dose to other girls and your gonna run back to me and it will be too late then “ethan said and walked out of my office

i must confess ethan words have effects on me

I kept working and working but my mind kept going to ETHAN

“JULIA ……..Julia” i heard chris called waving his hands at my face

“are you okay? i have been calling you since”he said

“i’m okay …Just stressed ” i replied

“Oh okay ,,you wana go home”he asked

“Noo i’m good”i replied and he nodded

The day went by swiftly as chris kept coming into my office and stealing kisses

His so sweet and his just showing me side i never knew existed in him

soon i was ready to go home

Chris held my hands and we entered his private elevator

The whole lobby was surprised to see both of us together ,holding hands ,,i felt nervous instantly

My hands became sweaty ,,am sure chris noticed it because he saw holding my hands

He kissed me deeply before we both entered our separate cars

i arrived home and collapsed on the bed

I’m damn tired

i took a shower and i had little strength

I went to the kitchen and prepared what to eat

I was done cooking ,i carried the plate of food in my hand

“CHIQUITO”someone called and the plates in my hand fell down and broke into pieces

“stepfather”i muttered and turn arround

There he was sitting on my couch,leg crossed ,smiling to himself

The man who destroyed my life .

he stood up and walked close to me ,smelling of alcohol and cigarette

“How i have waited for this moment chiquito”he said and stroked my hair

At that moment my legs felt like jelly ,,i couldnt move its like i was glued to that spot

“you grown up so nice and pretty ,just like your mother”he said and his hands landed on my face

my face got red instantly ,,the slap was disorganizing ,,tears trickled down

He dragged my hair tightly and pushed me on the couch

He began tearing my clothes into pieces and hitting me and every chance he get

“How much i have waited for this moment chiquito,,your body are all fresh now “he said and kissed my lips roughly

I was a able to reach for a vase and landed it on his head as he groaned in pain

I struggled free and ran out of the apartment half naked

I was getting weak ,,bad memories kept flashing in my memory

When he was chasing me just like old times

But this time was different , i was weak and tired ,,my head began spining , heart beating so fast ,my foot hurts , tears pouring down and running naked in an empty street at night

i couldnt do it anymore ,,my vision became blur and i landed on the floor everything went blank

To be continued

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