My Boss

My boss episode 27 – 28


Sub tittle:caught
Written by Author Jenny
Not edited
Chapter 27
I opened my eyes gently
My vision was blur
my head hurts ,my whole body hurts
I closed my eyes back tighly when the memories flash back in my head and i screamed loudly
“Were am i” i tried to yell but couldnt
I felt somone hand holding me and stroking my hair it was calm
I managed to open my eyes again but this time my vision was clear
I looked arround and noticed i was in a familiar room
“Julia thank God your okay”i heard someone say
“Amelia ” i called and she gave me a sad smile
“Your gonna be okay “she muttered and hugged me
We broke from the hug and i looked arround the room
This is chris room why isnt he here ?
“Chris just went out with the doctor”she said and i nodded
“How did i get here”i asked
“Right from day one i have always keep and eye on you
Since you started working for chris and didnt get fired that same day or that week “she said and chuckled
“i had people to monitor you and since i learnt about your past i was bent on putting that man behind bars”she added and i starred at her in shock
“Some days back when we went for shopping and someone followed us ,i went and investigate and found out it was him ,so i assigned security to your apartment and they called me immediately they heard noise from your apartment ,turns out he ran away before we could get to him”she explained
What have i done to deserve such an amazing person in my life i thought
“thank you so much amelia”i said with tears in my eyes
“C’mon girl its nothing”she replied
“Dose chris knows” asked and she nodded
Gosh how am i going to face him when he already knows about my horrible past
“Dont worry its gonna be okay”ameila added and tapped me
“Wait how long have i been out”i asked
“Two days”she replied and i starred at her in shock
i was about to say something when chris walked in
“omg julia your up “he said and ran to hug me
“Too tight”i managed to say and he release me from the hug and looked away immediately
I guess he was embarrassed
“are you…feeling okay”he asked checking my pluse
“Yeah just some body pain”i replied and

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he nodded
“The doctor dropped some drugs for that”he replied
“Why didnt you tell me “he asked and i kept mute
i was preparing to go to bed when i saw an incoming call from Ameila
What dose she want i thought
She asked me to open the
gate immediately and call a doctor
I did as she instructed and her car drove in speedly
I almost went numb when i saw julia in that state
“what happened to her”i yelled at ameila and carried julia in a bridal style
” she got attacked”she replied
The doctor came in few minutes later and began attending to julia.
Ameila told me everything about julia and they were exactly that same thing max girlfriend told me
“Why didnt she tell me “was all i could think of.
And after two days she finally woke up
I couldnt help but
be really happy thank God shes okay .
I asked her the reason why she did not tell me and she kept mute
Maybe she dosent love me enough or she dosent trust me or shes scared
Like seriously i dont know what to think anymore
My phone rang and i excused myself
“Hello boss”one of boys said
“Anynews”i asked
” yes boss we caught him,,his with me now as we speak”he said and i smiled
“Good make sure you keep him ,,i will be there later”i replied and ended the call
Julia’s stepfather has been caught
How do i tell her now ?
Is it even a good idea?
Should i just hand him over to the cops?
Chapter 28
Its been two days now and i feel better now
All thanks to God
Ameila and Chris have been really wonderful
they did almost everything and treat me special ,,I’m really happy but there is something up with them
They are always talking about something and when they see me they change the topic and beginning to suspect them
i woke up earlier than usual because i wanted to make breakfast for everyone
I tied the apron arround my waist and began cooking
Soon i was done cooking
I dished out the food on the dining and went to call chris.
Approaching chris room i head noise coming from the room
What are they arguing about this early again
I placed my ear and my jaw dropped on hearing the conversation
“they caught him already’
“Why didnt they tell me?
I was about to open the door when amelia opened the door and saw me standing there
with the look on her face i could tell she feels bad
I made my way into the room and
they both starred at me
“How long have you guys kept him “i asked
“Like…Errm three days or so”chris replied
Gosh right now i dont know if i will be happy or angry or sad or to even yell at them for not telling me
“Were is he now” i asked
“With my boys”chris replied
“I need to see him” i said and they starred at me in shock
“Are you sure “amelia asked and i nodded
“i made breakfast for you guys”i added dryly and left the room
i went to another room and slumped on the bed
I couldnt cry i couldnt laugh
I was numb.
Since we held julia’s stepfather i havent got the mind to tell julia about it
What if she gets nervous and stuffs like that
What if she faints ,what is she run aways
Thoughts that makes no meaning have been clouding my brain
I just want her to be happy ,,ameila have been pestering me to tell her which i declined
until this very moment
we both starred at her waiting for a reaction but we didnt get any ,,we face holds no expression it was blank .
I just hope shes okay ,,Since the scene earlier she hasnt said a word to any of us
Right now we are on our way to were he is kept
We arrived at a buliding after about 30 minutes drive of total silence
All lot of things were going through my head right now
We entered the building and behold the demon himself
I’m surprised that they havent beaten hell out of him
I went staright up to him and landed a punch on his face and he spat out blood
I could tell they were all surprised at what i did
But he deserves worst than that
I sat down and faced him as we both starred at each other in the eyes
“Chiquito”he said with a sad smile
“Were is my mom “i managed to ask while he started laughing
“Answer me ” i yelled and stood up
“Were is my mom ” i yelled again
“Bring a pen and paper and i will give you the address of where she is “he said
After writing the address down
I asked chris to hand him over to the cops and makes sure he rots in cell
I held the paper he gave me tightly to my chest
Is my mom still alive?
After all this years ,why didnt she look for me
Alot of thing were going through my head
To be continued
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