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My boss episode 29 – finale


Sub tittle:Pain
Written By Author Jenny
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Chapter 29
It been hours now
Here am i seated close to chris ,in total silence
We were heading to the address given to us
Gosh this is one hell of a journey
Chris kept looking at me countless times ,my head was too full so i just kept quiet
Soon we arrived a small down
It dosent look that good but its okay
We came down and began asking people questions
They kept directing and directing us till we arrived at a particular house
Some how the house kept bringing back memories that i cant understand .
We knocked on the door and an old woman opened the door
“Hello please i’m looking for Rebecca Daniel “i said
“Who are you”the old lady asked
“I’m julia ,,her daughter”i replied and the old lady looked at me immediately
“Omg julia i that …you “she shuttered and hugged me really tight
“Come in”she said as she used the back of her palm to wipe her tears
we both entered and sat down
“I’m your mothers sister,,she do bring you here when you were little”she said and handed chris and i a cup of coffee
“Where is she”i asked and she kept quiet
“she died while giving birth”she said and my jaw dropped
“What”i yelled with total confusion and pain
“What do you mean during child birth”i asked
She was about to reply when a tenage girl opened the door and ran in
“Nana i’m back”she yelled
She was also surprised when saw us
I starred at her in awe,she looks like the mimi me
The resemblance was there
What going on
“This is your sister julia”nana said pointing at the tenage girl
Gosh i’m so confused right now
The girl sat down on the floor ,,confused also starring at us
“Your mother kept a lot of things from me “nana said
“One day she shows up here pregnant”i asked her to talk but she refused
It seems she was going through a lot all she did was cry and cry
Sometimes she have nightmares yelling your name
I asked her about you always but she was mute ,,the day she finally spoke she told me
“He killed you”
That was the only thing she said ,,i kept asking her who but she refused to talk
Months later she gave birth to your sister kiki and died ” nana explained as i was already in tears and so was my sister
That fool have been deceiving us all
she went through alot

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/> i walked up to my sister and hugged her passionately
i woke up feeling headache .
I quickly reached for the glass of water close to me and glumped it down
Before resting my head on the pillow
These past days have been really stressful ,i have
to stay strong for my sister.
chris and ameila have been the best people so far ,,they got nana and kiki new apartment and moved kiki into a new school
I couldnt help but feel really happy and last night we stayed up late watching movies and some other stuffs.
I stood up to go pee when i noticed the whole room
Gosh how come i didnt notice it in the first place
The room was nicely decorated with flowers and birthday stickers
Wait its my birthday ,,i quickly picked my phone and checked the date,it was actually my birthday
and i didnt even remember
The flowers led to the door and i traced it till i got downstairs
i saw a very huge cake with different gift box and the whole sitting room was nicely decorated with my name everywhere
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY” they yelled and came out of hiding
“Omg sofia,max,nana,kiki,ameila ” i yelled hugging them all exictedly
“Wait where is chris”i asked and the all starred at me with no expression on their faces starring at my back
I turned arround to see chris on his kneee with a small box and a diamond ring in it
i think this moment i was already crying a river
“Julia from the day you walked into my office i knew you were different ,,i stressed you so much so you could just give up but you didnt ,you thought me what true love ment ,,you put back the broken piece of my heart,,and i cant imagine spending the rest of my life with another person .So miss daniels WILL YOU MARRY ME”He said
“Yesss”i replied exictedly
“Really …Yes … You will marry me “he asked while i nodded
He slipped the ring into my finger and hugged me
I heard clapping and shouting ,Gosh i almost forgot they were here
Chris used his thumb to clean the tears on my face and kissed me passionately
congratulation they all said hugging me one after the other
“Lets cut the cake”kiki yelled and everyone laughed
The whole day went smoothly ,we had lots of fun with everyone arround and soon the whole house remain quiet
They were all gone it was just me and chris alone
we went to our room ,took our bath and lay on the bed facing the celling
We couldnt sleep it seems something was missing
you think we should start making babies”ethan asked and i chuckled
“Yeah sure “i replied
He kissed my lips passionately and bite my lips gently
soon we were both unclad making babies 😌
Who would ever believe that after all that happened i will be free and also have a man who love me so much
To all people suffering from different abuses please do not be scared of saying what is happening to you
The end
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