My Boss

My boss episode 7 & 8


sub tittle:confused
written by 💘Author Jenny 💘
👉Not edited 👈
Chapter 7
…..JULIA ….
The landline rang and i picked it up
“miss Daniels in my office immediately”with that it ended
I walked to his office and knocked his door trembling
“Come in”he said and i did immediately
“Give me one good reason not to fire you “he said
Sir ….I …..I….M mm…..I…”I kept stammering not knowing exactly what to say
“how can you go to a meeting and sleep off before i arrive miss daniels”he yelled and i flinch
Well at least he didnt talk about me entering his office yet
“am sorry sir”i replied and bow my head
“I am only letting this slide because you did well while i was away ,,i it repeat itself again then consider yourself fired “he said and i nodded
“Thank you sir”i replied with a small smile while he scoffed and ordered me out of his office
i walked out of his office with a relief ,,i think i need to go to church this sunday because God have been really saving me
The day went on pretty good and mr chris didnt get on my nerve that much or order me arround maybe because i did almost everything already and made sure they were 100% good even his lunch
It was closing time already,,i did all the necessary and left along side mr chris.he took his private elevator while i took the normal one
I arrived outside to see ethan talking with mr chris
I wanted to walk past them but ethan stopped me
“Hey julia “he said and kissed me cheek
I was already turning red tomatoes but i could feel my boss gaze on me and my legs felt like jelly
“let me take you home “ethan said ,before i could object he dragged my hand towards his car
“Bye chris “ethan yelled and waved at my boss who totally ignored him
I am so confused right now .Why did ethan pecked me and why was my boss starring at me that way ?
Ethan dropped me off and i thanked him
“Hey juls “sofia said immediately i walked in while i gave her a weary smile
“So whos the cutie that dropped you off”she asked giggling
“his just a colleague sof” i replied while she nodded and smiled
“Your crazy sof “i said inbetween my laugh
“so max birthday is tomorrow i am thinking of throwing a small party for him and invite all his friends “sofia said
“Great ,dont worry i wil help you with everything you need”I replied
“Thanks baby”she replied with a wide smile on her face
Here am i, in my office working on loads of files mr chris asked me to work on
The landline rang and i hurried into mr chris office
“What do people think about me”he asked immediately i walked in while i starred at him confused and suprised
“Answer miss Daniels” he said
“Sir ..Errrrm….I….I…”shit ! what do i say now?
“Answer miss Daniels or get fired”he yelled
“Sir they think you are a beast ,they think you are rude ,heartless and ruthless ,you care about no one but yourself and your” i stopped talking immediately i reasoned all i just blurted out
Mr chris kept starring at me with red eyes that can kill
“Leave my office miss Daniels”he yelled
Well dont blame me guys ,my job was on the line what did he expect
I ran out of his office like i was being chased and met my phone ringing and it was sofia
“Hey girl,,please help me invite your boss to max birthday party tell him its from me ,,kiss ,,muah” sofia said and ended the call befoe i could say anything
Great my life is soo messed up
Chapter 8
I kept thinking of what to do because there is no way am going back into that office
i quickly took my phone and texted sofia that mr chris already left the office so we should forget about inviting him
i went on with my work till it was time to go home ,,this time i didnt see ethan which made me kinda of happy because that guy is really weird
i stopped by the boutique and bought a cocktail black gown that i will be wearing to the party since i didnt have any outfit for such stuff
After all preparation was done ,,i dressed in my black gown and brushed my long blond hair ,,sofia applied little make up on my face and i looked really good i must confess
Sofia was putting on a black red gown that hug her curves perfectly and she looked stunning also
We both entered her car with max who kept asking where we were heading to
***written by author jenny
Soon we arrived at the venue sofia led the way while me and max followed behind
The light were off and immediately we stepped in the lights were turned on and everyone screamed “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX”
i could see how happy and supriaed max was ,,well who wouldnt be? unlike me i have never celebrated my birthday before neither do anyone wish me happy birthday before except for sofia and that was when we were little i dout if she would remember again
“Julia”i heard someone called me and i turned arround to see ethan in his grey tux look handsome
“Ethan” i called smiling and hugged him
“You look amazing”he said and kissed the back of my palm while i blushed
“Thanks,you dont look bad either “i complimented
“So i never knew you are close to max”i said
“Fortunately for me that ass is my bestfriend he said and i chuckled
Ethan and i kept talking about random stuffs while people were busy getting wasted and dancing
Soon the music died down and people began murmuring
I looked up to see the shock of my life
“Mr Chris” i muttered holding a gift in his hands
And geez he looked so handsome than ever and almost every girl was drolling
He walked passed me like i was invisible and went towards max ,,he greeted him handed him the present with that he turned arround and left and everybody resumed what they were doing
“Excuse me i need to use the bathroom”i said and left ethan
I really need some air right now
Unknown pov
“Hello ma’am we got our eyes on the girl”the boys i hired said
“great whats she like “i asked
“Shes slim ,good shape and very pretty”He replied
“Whats her name” i asked
“Julia daniels “he replied
“Anything on her background “i asked
“Not yet ma’am but i promise to search deeper”he replied
“Great make sure you do that and follow her and make sure you know were she leaves “i said ended the call
“Julia Daniels we will meet soon “i said to myself and smiled
To be continued

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