My Celebrity Crush

My celebrity crush episode 15 – 16


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌺Episode Fifteen🌺

(Tell my father you can’t find me)


I was still in my sad thoughts when a car suddenly halted in front of me snapping me out of my thoughts.

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Two guys in black suits walked up to me and I stood on my feet.

“You need to come with us ma’am” the first guy on sunshade said calmly and I cringe a little.

“Who are.. you?” I stuttered moving backward.

Oh my goodness!
My father sent them?
Without warning, I took my heels.

“Tell my father you can’t find me” I screamed still running.

I turned to look at them and they are running after me.



I ran for a long time and finally stop running-panting heavily.

I flip my hair backward still panting.

I notice a figure behind me but before I could turn to have a look, the two men had hook their arms with mine and they drag me along.

“Where are you taking me?” I shrieked.
“Who are you?” But they just make me sit inside their car.

“Please don’t take me to him” I pleaded tearfully and they smile.

“Be rest assured ma’am” they chorused and the driver ignited the car.

Oh Lord
Mara you are dead.


The car finally came to an halt and I could feel my heart beat accelerated.

The two men stepped out of the car and beckoned for me to also step out.

With my heart beating so fast, i sluggishly get down.

I look around and I could feel my heart stop beating.

Standing before me is one of the best hotel in the whole city.

“Let’s go ma’am” the second guy without sunshade said this time and I breathe in.


They guard me into the massive hotel as I look around in awe.

Who built this place?

We got to their canteen and I nearly faint but one of the guys hold me and I rolled my eyes at them.

It’s extraordinary breathtaking – I will definitely do anything to come here over and over again.

“Have your seat ma’am” I heard and I realized I’ve being lost in my fantasy thought.

I took my seat quietly and the two men also took their seat.

Minutes passed, a waiter walked up to my table and placed a plate of delicacy on it and my mouth become watered immediately.

Oh my!
She placed everything carefully on the table and finally left.

I meet the guys gaze and they smile at me-motioning me to eat.

That’s it.

I hungrily devour the food, smiling non-stop to the guys.


I gulped the remaining water and belched loudly.

“Sorry” I muttered quite embarrassed and they smile.

“Are you satisfied?” The first guy asked with a smile and I nodded.

I am more than satisfied right now.

“Now come on” the second guy said.

Where to again?

“Uhm..where are we going?” I asked in a low voice and they both smile.

I walk beside the first guy while the second guy trail behind us.

We took the elevator and I couldn’t help but look around.

So amazing!

We stepped out of the elevator and continue walking.

Someone should tell me where we are going already?

They finally halted their steps and I also did the same.

“Go in ma’am” I heard one of them say and I look up.

A room?

“To do what?” I asked trying to sound calm.

“You need to change your dress” one of them said and I swallowed.

“But why are you doing this?” I inquired calmly and they smile again.

Always smiling.

“You will get an answer soon, just go ahead” the first guy said and I breathe out deeply.

One of them unlock the door and I stepped in shutting the door behind me.

“Someone should pinch me” I muttered.

The room looks mesmerizing.

I walked up to the bed and saw a shopping bag on it.
I quickly pour the content on the bed.

It’s a fur white middlelength gown with a black sandal.


/> A set of panties and a bra.
Awwwn.. my cheeks heat up.

This guys are superb
When did they get all these?

I race to the bathroom and have a long bath.


I put on the gown and slide my feet into the sandal.


I sat on a stool as I neatly pack my hair to simple bun.

I was lost staring at my reflection in the mirror when a knock came by.

I walked up to the door and bent the doorknob.

I shut it and ran into the bathroom to rinse my face.

I opened the door again and yes..
He’s truly the one.

“Can I come in?” He says and I swallowed hard before paving a way for him.

Don’t tell my he’s behind these mysteries?


Rodney POV:

She shut the door to my face and I chuckle.

Of course I know that look- she’s damn surprised.

She opened the door again and she quickly brought her face down.

“Can I come in?” I asked calmly but she couldn’t say anything as she stepped aside and i walked in with my hands in my trouser pocket.

I sat on one of the cushion and motioned her to also take a sit.

I stare at her face as she play with the hem of her gown.

Speak up you idiot my subconscious mind scold and I feel like punching him.
I hate him at times.

“So what’s your name?” I decided to ask after a brief silence.

“Tamara” she muttered and I nodded.

“Why haven’t you being coming to work?” I inquired and she gasped.

“Well..I know everything” I told her.
“Your friend is really worried about you” I added she look up at me and I nodded.


were you doing with Jason at the city show?” I asked curiously and i watch as her eyes widened.

“You can tell me” I said

“I am her personal maid” she mumbled and my mouth open on it own.

“What?” I asked in disbelief and she nodded.
“What happened?”
“How did you meet him?” I added.

She adjusted on her seat and explained everything to me.

“Really?” I asked in utmost surprised and she nodded.

That son of a bitch!

“But i haven’t gone to his place after that day” she says and I face her.

“Why?” I asked inquisitively and she fiddled with her fingers.

“I was grounded by my father” she said in a quavering voice and I sat up immediately.

“What?” I half yelled.

“Please I don’t want to go back to him yet” she pleaded tearfully and I frowned.

Who does that to their child this days?

“You ran away from home?” I asked her and she nodded curtly.


“Where do you intend to go now?”
“To Jason?” I added

Rodney what’s your headache!

“I don’t want to go back to him” she replied ruefully and I nodded.

“Will you come with me then?” I blurted before I could stop myself.

Oh no
Shoot me!

💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌹Episode Sixteen🌹

(Home coming)


The driver drove into his mansion and halted in the parking lot.

So many cars.

He alighted from the car and I also did the same unable to look up.
Throughout the ride, I was nervous and I felt like becoming invisible.

I couldn’t hide my excitement when he had suggested I should come with him.

I mean any normal lady would kill to swap position with me right now.

“Holy crap!” I exclaimed immediately I glance up.
Is this a house or a castle?

I trail behind him as I keep looking around the whole place in awe.

I didn’t notice we have gotten to the main entrance door,and I almost trip.

So clumsy

I slowly stepped into the living room and I gasped at the sight before me.

This is indeed heaven in earth.
This place is hundred million times preferable to jackass house.

I was unbuckling my sandal when I heard him say.

“You don’t have to” and I embarrassingly look away.


“You are welcome to my abode” Rodney drawled but I just nodded taking my eyes to the tiled floor.


will stay in the guest room for the time being” he says and I nodded again.


“Now come with me” he ordered and I walk behind him as we ascend the stairs.

I couldn’t help but watch his back.
This guy was not created on weekdays – I mean how could he be so perfect!

We walked through the hallway and he finally stop walking.


“Here, now go in” he said as he pointed to a door and I shakily bent the doorknob.

“Wow” I mumbled as I slowly walk in.

A guest room is even prettier than my own room.

I turned to look at him and I caught him staring at my back leaning his back against the door with his arm crossed.

Now he would know I have a flat ass.

“Thank you so much” I told him looking down at my entwined fingers.

“You can call on a maid if you need anything” he says ignoring my gratitude and without sparing me a glance, he stepped out of the room.

Immediately I shut the door after him, I screamed happily and start jumping from one place to the other.

I can’t be more happy.
My wishes are finally coming true.

But why is he helping you? My subconscious mind asked all of a sudden and that got me.

I sit quietly on the bed and stare blankly as I think of an answer.

“Why are you helping me Rodney?” I muttered under my breathe.

I will have to ask him.

Gosh Mara!
You lose your senses at the slight sight of him so how do you ask him.

I am screwed!

Well.. you should enjoy your freedom while it lasts my subconscious mind says again and I nodded.

You are right!

With that, I stood on my feet and start checking out everything in the room


Rodney POV

(Michael Shaw mansion)

“How was your stay over there?” I asked and he smiled.

“It was fun son”he replied as he grabbed his glass of wine and I nodded-picking on my food.

I’m not hungry tho.

“Son” he called and I look up to face him.

“Don’t you think it’s high time you stop this your acting and singing stuff of yours so you can take over the company soon” he tutors and I look down at my food.

What’s he saying?

“Rodney” he called after the short silence.

“Dad what are you..?

“Hey fam” I was cut off and we both turned to look at the person.

Oh Sienna
And that son of a bitch

She stride seductively to the dinning while Jason walk behind her with a scowl on his face and I scoffed.


Sienna got to where Dad is sitting-she pecked his both cheeks and I look away.

“I miss you so much darling”she cooed and I huff.

She took her seat next to Dad and smiled at me.

“How are you Rodney?” She asked still smiling but I only nodded.

“Hi Dad” Jason says after taking his seat.

“How are you son?” Dad asks and he nodded with a light smile.

They both dished their meal and start eating silently.

“I hope you enjoyed your stay?” Sienna asked after a short silence.

“It was okay” Dad replied simply.

Jason keeps checking his phone probably waiting for an incoming call.

He stood up with his phone and scooted off the dinning room.

What’s up with him?

“I will be back” without waiting for their response I walk away.


I got to the facade of the building and saw him standing very close to the garden yelling on top of his voice at whoever he’s speaking to.

“You should look for her! You dimwits” I heard him thundered.

I tucked my hands inside my trouser pocket and slowly walk up to him.

“Hi brother” I called behind him and he turned to face me boiling with rage.

He turned to leave as he brushed his arm against mine but I dragged him back by his arm making him return to his position.

He swat my arm away and I grinned.

“I really want to meet your personal maid”
“Would you please help me” I told him with a smirk and he growled.

“Don’t mess with anything that belongs to me Rodney” he shot at me and walked away.

We are just getting started bro I thought and I also walk back into the building.

°Alicia POV°

I still can’t comprehend what that jerk was trying to say.

Today makes it the third day that dunderhead had came here but I still find so hard to believe.

I begged him to explain things to me, but he’s such a big jerk.
He just snubbed me and walk away.

Personal maid?

Could he possibly be saying the truth?

Oh Mara
I just hope you are not hiding anything from me.

Come to work already.
I’m missing you.

I wiped my tears as I slowly alighted from the bus.

Alicia you better don’t worry yourself too much🚶

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