My Celebrity Crush

My celebrity crush episode 19 – 20


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

☘️Episode Nineteen☘️

(She left me when I needed her the most)


“I’ve found the person -which is you” she pointed out and I could feel my heart thud.

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“Me?” I asked in disbelief pointing a finger to my chest and she nodded as she come closer to where I am standing.

“Dear, I need you to help me with something” she said in a tender voice and I swallowed.

“I need you to help me earn Rodney’s forgiveness” she continues and my eyes dilated.

What is she trying to say?

“I am Rodney’s mother and I’ve wronged him for the past few years and I know it” she paused fighting back her tears and I feel for her immediately.

“He’s very pissed at me, he doesn’t want to see me anywhere close to him, he’s so mad at me but I need my son back.. please” she busted out in tears as she hold my hands in hers.

I snuggled her into my arm stroking her scent filled hair.

Rodney’s Mum?

She finally disentangled from the hug and hold my cheeks tenderly.

“I know you can do it” she said as she sniffed the pending tears.

Can you really do this Mara?
Remember you don’t even go along well with this person in question.

But this woman said I can do it.

“Please stop crying, I will try my best” I assured as I smile at her.

✓Michael Shaw✓

“Rodney please I need to get this straight, are you trying to tell me Margaret has been coming to you for months now?” I asked with widened eyes.

“Yes” he replied nonchalantly.

“What’s wrong with you?” I bellowed but he didn’t budge as he turned to face me.

“She fvcking left me!” He snapped.

“She wouldn’t leave without a genuine reason” I retorted.

“And what could it be dad,tell me what could be the reason behind her disappearance for five years?” He asked calmly with tears building up in his eyes.

“Son” I called trying to hold his shoulder but he cringe.

“I will never ever forgive her” he said through gritted teeth and with that, he marched out of the building.

I breathe out deeply.

“Where are you Margaret? Just come to me already” I muttered as I facepalm my eyes.


I pace frantically in my room awaiting Rodney’s arrival.

It’s 10:00pm and he hasn’t return yet.

“Oh Lord..keep him safe” I pray silently.

And it’s like an answered prayer, I heard his car horn and without thinking I scurried off the room.
I climbed down the stairs the same time he stepped into the room-looking not so okay.

Is he alright?

He stand there rooted -boring hole into my whole body and I gulped nervousness.

I drew in a long breathe.
You can do this Mara.

I slowly walk up to him looking everywhere but not him.

“Hey clumsy girl” he called cheerfully and I raised my brows.

“You missed me?” He asked with a smirk and I smile.

He closed up the space between us and without notice,he crossed his arm behind my neck and I froze.

He snuggled me into his warmth embrace and I could feel goosebumps rise in my whole system.


I buried my face in his chest and he smells liquor.
What on earth is wrong with Rodney?

I wanted to disengage from the hug but he pulled me back – stroking my hair.

“Let’s remain like this for some minutes” he muttered and I could sense sadness laid in his voice.


“I miss her so much” he said sadly as he gulped the fifth shot.

He’s drunk already.

I sit next to him on the bar stool with my left hand on my chin as I watch his drunk state unhappily.


use to be my everything” he says and paused.
“She brightens my day with just her little smile” he continues staring at the alcohol bottle.

“You are my absolute fan right?” He asked as he glance at me with a smile and I nodded.

“Then you should know I am a private person”
“Aside for my career, no one knows nothing about my personal life”he says and I nodded.

It’s weird.

“Except Johanna though” he added and I grimaced.

Joanna of all people I thought with an eye roll.

“I met her when I went to the US some years back and I become her addiction” he continues.
“And she becomes my only female friend when my mum left me” he further said with a clenched teeth and I adjusted on my seat.

“Uhm..what makes you think she left you?” I asked curiously and he look away from my face.

“I had a car accident five years ago” he said dryly and I gasped as I covered my mouth with my left palm.

“It was a brake failure and according to investigations, someone was behind it.” He continues

“And till this moment, the culprit is still hidden” he added as he filled his glass.

This is serious.

“I’m so sorry to hear that” I said with a heavy heart and he smiles.

“I was unconscious for some month” he continues as he gulp another shot.

“And when I regained consciousness, I learnt my mum had left me” he paused and look into my face.

“She thought I was gonna die!”he yelled and I become frightened.

“She left me when I needed her the most!” he started to sob uncontrollably and I could feel my tears streaming down.

Oh my goodness
He has gone through a lot.

I got down from the stool and pull him into myself as I embrace him tightly.

I stroke his back as I keep whispering soothing words to his ear.


woman looks so nice to such thing and from my point of view, she also loves her son so dearly.

Something is definitely wrong somewhere and I will make sure I dig it out.

💏My Celebrity Crush💘

💕Episode Twenty💕


🖤 Rodney 🖤

I woke up with my head pounding very hard and I groaned.

I hate hangover.

How much did I drink last night?

I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” I groaned as I rested my head on the headboard.

I glance up to see her walking in with a tray in her hands.

What’s she doing?

She dropped the tray on my nightstand and the scent of the coffee filled my nostril.

“Good morning” she greeted with a smile but I just nodded.

I feel too weak to even utter a word.

“I hope you slept well” she said and I look up at her.
I just hope I didn’t do anything stupid last night.

“Here, have this” she stretched a bottle of pills to me.

“This would help” I slowly collected it from her and she smile.

“Breakfast would be ready soon” and with that,she walked out of my room.


I feel so much better now-all thanks to her.

I eat my breakfast slowly as I watch her eat hers with so much enthusiasm.

She looks so happy.

Why do I have this feeling that I did something stupid last night?

I should say something.

“Why didn’t you tell me Joanna came by?” I asked icily and she looked up at me with a frown on her face.

“I’m sorry but I forgot to tell you” she replied perfunctorily and I raised my brows at her.

What a nerve she has gotten.

I sip my water as I watch her from the glass still eating without sparing me a glance.



I stare at my own reflection in the mirror as I smile broadly.

I am the happiest being in the whole planet.

Rodney had slept in my arms for hours last night,and I couldn’t help but watch his irresistible look.

I held my cheeks when I remembered how long I stayed in his warmth embrace.

But I went through hell when I took him to his room-he’s so huge.

who would have thought Rodney would be so free-hearted to share those talks with me?


was drunk tho.

But I still feel sorry for him.
Why would his mum left without a solid reason?

I rubbed my hand on my temple as I breathe out.
I don’t really know what to think anymore.


I was climbing down the stairs – he ran into me looking handsomely ever in just a black polo and a jean short.

I guess he’s not going out today-its weekend though.

“Do you care to join me?” He asked snapping me out of my thought.


Join him where?

I nodded even if I don’t know where to join him.
He took the stairs ahead of me and I trail behind him.

We walked through the hallway-we have walked pass my room and his.
Then where are we going?

He finally stop walking and I feel so glad.

I glance up to realize we are standing opposite a door.

He bent the doorknob and stepped in.
I watch him from outside and he beckoned me to come in.

What’s this place?

“Wow” i mouthed immediately I stepped in.

“La musique, c’est la vie(music is life)” I read aloud.
It’s boldly inscribed on the wall.

I watch all the musical instrument in the room in amusement.

“C’mon” he beckoned and I slowly walk up to him.

“Sit” he said as he pointed to a chair next to him.

He place a guitar on his leg as he trail his thumb on it.

“How much did I tell you last night?” He asked all of a sudden without sparing me a glance.


“Uhm” I drawled not knowing what to say.

He broke the short silence.

“I know I was drunk last night” he reminded as he slowly returned the guitar and turn to face me.

“I’m sorry, if I had done something foolish towards you last night” he apologized and I smile.

“Not at all, infact I was glad you told me everything” I blurted before I could hold myself.

I quickly covered my mouth with my right palm looking elsewhere.

I heard him chuckles and I embarrassingly turn to him.

“I am the embarrassed one here you know?” He says.

“So you shouldn’t feel bad I told you something”he added with a light smile and I nodded.

“You wanna play?” He asks as he gestured to the piano.

“No no.. I don’t know how to” I replied with a shy smile.

He smiles and dragged his chair forward and I did the same also-beaming with smiles.

He pressed the black and white keyboard and the sound of the piano echoes in the whole room.

I watch him keenly as he expertly play the piano.

So perfect!

He stop playing after some minutes and I couldn’t help the happiness as I give him a round of applause and he grinned.

“Since when did you become my fan?” He asked still smiling and I scratch the back of my neck.

“Uhm.. right from teen” I replied bringing my eyes down to my laps.

“Wow..that’s very long” he said and I smile.

“So you know my first song right?” He asked and I look up at him still smiling.

“Of course, your first song was..” someone interrupted with a knock and I frown.

“Come in” Rodney says.
A maid comes in and bow lightly.

“Miss Tamara, someone is here to see you.” She announced and I sprang on my feet immediately.

To see me?

“Who’s it?” I asked curiously hoping it’s not my dad, but how would he find out I stay with Rodney?


Rodney also stood on his feet as he slowly held my hand.

He headed to the door after the maid had left and I could feel my heart beat racing.

Rodney notice how tensed I am -he turned to face me and smile.

“I am here” he assured and I nodded.

We walked down the hallway as we got to the stairs.

I tucked the loose strand of my hair behind my ear as we both counted our steps.

I could see the figure from where I am-
A Blondie?

The backside of the person really looks like Alicia’s..
the person slowly turned to face me on her seat and I gasped.

She stood on her her feet immediately she sighted me.

“Alicia!” I screamed happily as I run to her opened arms.


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