November 29, 2021

My celebrity crush episode 23 – 24


👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨My Celebrity Crush💘

🌸Episode Twenty-three🌸

(I need you now more than anything)

💫 Joanna💫

“What’s funny Henry?” I scowled behind them and they both turned to look at me with quizzical look.

“What are you doing here?” I asked the crazy blue eyes as I stride towards her.

“Are you deaf?” I questioned as I poke her entwined arms.

“Miss Joanna, you need to calm down” Henry coaxed behind me- trying to hold my arm.

“Just stay out of this Henry” I hushed him and move closer to blue eyes.

“You are not going to answer me huh?” I asked agitatedly and she scoffed.

What the?
Without warning, I grabbed her hair and started pulling it roughly and she didn’t hesitate as she pull my hair too.

fvck the gut she has!

Henry try pulling us apart but I didn’t budge and same with blue eyes.

I tried bringing bringing her head down so I can give her the beating of her life but I guess she’s so strong.
But nevertheless, I will still teach her some lessons.
No one messes with me.

She grabbed my white crop top and without thinking, she threw me inside the pool.

Oh my goodness!

“You are gonna die you scvmbag” I grunted inside the pool and she crouched down as she stare at me mockingly- grinning very hard.

“What’s going on here?” I heard his baritone voice and I flinched as we both turned to his direction.


eyes stood and her feet while I also crawled out of the pool-feigning tears.

I rushed to him as I hugged him tightly to my self crying non-stop in his chest.

Thank goodness I did just light make-up.

Rodney disengage from the hug and look down at me with a frown on his face.

“Why are you here Joanna?” He questioned and I wiped my tears with the back of my palm.


“I said why are you here?” He cut in hoarsely and I swallowed.

“You said we are going to talk about the reason you brought this scvmbag to your house” I replied pointing a finger to blue eyes.

“But you never call nor pick my calls so I guess you would be here” I added calmly as I breathe out heavily.

“What’s wrong with you Joanna?;” He thundered and I move backward.

“I’ve warned you times without number to stop being giddy” he added with a growl and tears are now dripping from my eyes.


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are now summoned watching the whole drama with interest- including blue eyes and Henry.

“Rodney look at me” I said ruefully as I pointed a finger to my drenched dress.

“She did this to me yet you are taking sides with her” I added aggressively and he shook his head.

“Henry explained everything to me, she did nothing; you started it first Joanna” he shot at me and I shook my head pathetically as I flip my w€t hair backward.

“It’s all good, I will take my leave now” I brushed my arm against his and walked past the jobless people angrily.


“I’m sorry about that” Rodney said for the second time immediately we stepped into the living room and I smiled.

“It’s okay Mr Rodney” I said to him as I bring my bring my face down.

“You should stop that” he cautioned and I look up at him with furrowed brows.

“Stop what?” I asked in confusion.

.”You should call me Rodney and not Mr Rodney” he corrected and I smile.

How sweet.

“Don’t pay attention to what Joanna did, she’s always like that” he said and I nodded in agreement.

Always a bitch that she is.

“You should go freshen up and come down for dinner” he instructed and I smiled and sauntered off.



came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around me and with a towel on my head.

I sat on a stool and dry my w€t hair with the white towel.

.*You should call me Rodney and not Mr Rodney* his word reeled through my mind and a wide smile ran across my lips.


“Forever you Rodney!” I said to myself – still smiling.

I put on my blue pjamas and slide my foot into my slippers as I use my right hand to brush my hair backward.


The food really looks appetizing and it made me realize how hungry I was.

I hurriedly grab a plate and spoon and dish my food.

Rodney is not here yet and I’m almost done with my food- I wonder what could be the reason.

I scoop the last spoon into my mouth and I heard the screeching sound of the chair.

He’s here.

“ didn’t tell me you were hungry” Rodney teases as he gestured to my empty plate and I look away embarrassingly.

“I hope you still enjoyed your day?” He asked as he grabbed his fork.

“It was nice” I replied with a light smile.

Actually, I’m still sad I didn’t get to meet some other actors all because of that bitch.

After the incident, the rest of the moment was not pleasant enough even Henry was really sad about it.

He told me he couldn’t believe Joanna would stoop so low; he further said he notices that what she feels for Rodney is beyond friendship but Rodney can’t see it.

Rodney would never choose her over other well-mannered models.
She should just back off.

We were still on our discussion when Rodney had walked up to us and said we should go home.

“Are you here?” I heard Rodney’s voice and I jolted from my thought and adjusted on my seat.

“Don’t worry, I will take you to someplace soon” he announced and I smile broadly.

“Really?” I asked happily and he nodded.


^Roman POV^

I brushed everything that comes my way angrily as I stormed into my room.

I can’t believe this;or was I mistaken.

I wasn’t mistaken, she’s truly the lady I saw with Rodney.

“Argh!” I groaned as I hit my feet against the wooden stool.

She has been staying with Rodney Shaw all this while; and I was here looking for her every day.

I need to act fast about this whole thing because even Jason is also after her which I don’t know the reason.

I wonder how she came across with someone like Jason I thought as I sank in the bed frustratedly.

I buried my face in my palms as I think of what to do.

“Think, think, Roman” I murmured.

“Tamara, I need you now more than anything” I said through clenched teeth.

“Even if I have to abduct you” I clamped my fist together as a smile lingered on my lips

💏My Celebrity Crush💘

💦Episode Twenty-four💦

(What else do you want?)

~Michael Shaw~

“You mean you couldn’t locate her?” I asked the two men I ordered to search for Margaret and they nodded.

“You can’t possibly tell me that you can’t find her, I mean this person comes to this city often so which means she’s still somewhere around this country.” I pressed on and they both exchange a look.

“You need to calm down Mr Shaw, we are trying our best” the leader stated and I breathe out.


try” I half yelled.

I rubbed my face lightly before turning to them again.

“Please, give in your possible best” i told them pathetically and they both nodded before standing on their feet.

“Be rest assured Mr Shaw” The second man assured with a smile.

I also stood on my feet as i shook hands with them and with that, they turned to leave.

I watch their car till it finally zoomed out of the building.

“Margaret” I muttered as I returned to my seat.

Just come back.


“Enough of this mum!” I yelled as I sprang on my feet.

“When are you planning to stop this silly game of yours?” I questioned more calmly both she only glare at me as she watches me.

“Haven’t you done enough?”
“What else do you want?”

“Just shut it!” She scolded as she also stand on her feet.

“What has come over you Jason?” She asked but I just turned my back against her.

“You are very much aware I am doing all this for you”
“I want you to possess all your father’s property, I want you to have them all and not Rodney” she stated and I huff as I turned to her.

“I don’t want my father’s wealth mum;and I am tired of being use” I pointed out.

“I want to stop” I almost yell.

“Rodney is my brother mum but you made me believe he was my enemy” I rasped and her eyes dilated.

I took a little step forward and look into her eyes.

“You take it or you leave it; I’m out of your game” I told her huskily and turned my back- she keeps calling me but I didn’t stop as I slammed the door behind me.

I wonder when she’s going to put an end to all these? I thought as I drive like a maniac on the highway.

She had enough already;
wealth, fame what else does she want?

I just wanna back off.

I hit my knuckles very hard on the gear.

I’m really pissed at her right now.

I fetch my phone from my shirt trouser and placed a call through that scvmbag.

He hasn’t given me any info till now and it’s so unlike him.

“Are you still alive?” I asked sarcastically on the phone as I use my left hand to take over the steering.

“Do not worry boss, I am still on it” he replied.

“Roman this is very unlike you, what’s wrong?” I asked impatiently and he laughed.


“You will hear from me soon” he answered and without hearing a word from me,he hung up o me.

What’s up with him?


“Wow” I heard her mumbled as I stood next to her with my hands in my pocket.

“You like it?” I asked her and she turned to me with all smiles.

“I love it” she replied happily and I smile.

I knew she would love it.

Aquaboulevard water park is one of the best water parks i love to visit.

I can roam the whole place countless times without getting tired.
So fascinating.

We stood rooted-watching the whole environment.

I watch her as she look around the whole place in awe;she looks so pretty and I am sure she isn’t aware.

We should go in I thought as I adjusted my blue facecap.
I wouldn’t want fans to ruin any moment.

I took her little hands in mine; and I couldnt help but stare at our entwined hands.

This girl is really doing something to me- I can’t believe I could bring a lady to this place.

She switch her gaze from our entwined hand look up at me and our eyes lock.

I could feel my heart gladden.

Oh Lord!
What are you doing to me Tamara?

Awwwn.. I’m blushing 🙈

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