My Celebrity Crush

My celebrity crush episode 25 – 26

💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌀Episode Twenty-five🌀

(You are beautiful)


I was lying on my bed- reading a novel when a knock came by.

“Who’s it?” I asked as I toss the novel aside.

“It’s me” I heard the only voice that’s capable of holding my breath.

What’s he doing here? I thought as I crawled out of the bed.

I adjusted my blouse and stride to the door.

I bent the doorknob and yes; he’s truly the one.

We stare at each other for what seems like forever and finally I heard him speak.

“Uhmmm.. are you busy?” He asked rubbing his temple.

“No I am not” I replied as I shook my head.

“If you don’t mind, will you come with me then?” He asked taking his gaze to the floor- no doubt he’s feeling so shy right now.

But why?

“Where?” I questioned and he look at me with a smile.

“Surprise” he says and my face brightens immediately.

Oh my goodness
I really don’t know that means.

“Right now?” I asked and he nodded as he turn to leave.

“I will be right back” I said aloud behind him and I could feel him smile as he walk down the hallway.

I quickly shut the door and rushed to the wardrobe.

I pulled it open and sought for what to wear.

I finally settled with a mid length yellow gown as I pull it from its hanger.


I glance at myself in the mirror for the last time and I finally stepped out.


Why didn’t I listen to my subconscious mind when she had warned me not wear this dress?

The driver has been driving for the past twenty minutes if I am not mistaken and believe me when I say I feel so uneasy from Rodney’s constant stares.

If he doesn’t like my choice of dressing, he should have tell me then I will go change.

I watch outside from the window as I place my sweaty hands on my laps and again, I could feel his eyes boring h0le into my wh0le body.

This is really not good.


The car finally halted and I breathe out deeply as relief washed my entire system.


We both alighted from the car and the driver drove away probably looking for a place to park or something.

“Wow” I mumbled as I look at the wh0le place with smiles.

It’s a water park and it’s so beautiful.

I was still looking around in amusement when I felt a huge hand hold mine ; I look down at our entwined hands and averted my face to my sideways to look at him and yes I caught him staring at me.

I could feel my heart beat tremendously as I equally keep the gaze.

Oh goodness!
What’s he doing to me?

“We should go in” he announced as he look away from my face.

He uses his free hand to adjust his face cap as we walk fully into the park.

I watch his face and our entwined hands with smiles.

I can’t believe I am really this close to Rodney; the only guy I’ve always love with my wh0le life.

He stopped walking and that brought me back from my thought.

It’s indeed a surprise.

“This place really looks beautiful” I confessed and he nodded.

“I know right” he says.

He let go of my hand and I feel sad immediately.
His hand felt so warm.

He headed to a metal swing as I walk behind him.


“It has been my comfort zone for the past five years” he says dolefully.

“My mum and I used to come here often” he continues.

“Fans would always rush to me for autograph, picture and all that but she would not mind” he looks at me and smiles.

“My mum would just watch me with smiles and that really pisses me” he paused and stare at the falling water.

“I would tell her countless times that I do not want to go but she really has my key and I would agree at the end” he continues and I sighed.

He really misses her mum.

“Just try to hear her out, she doesn’t look like a bad person” i said convincely and he arched his brows.

“Have you meet her before?” He asked with quizzical look and I smiled.

I really don’t want us to talk about it.

“Let’s have some ice cream” I said- standing on my feet and he frowned.

“You are not ten” he cautioned.

“C’mon Rodney” I pout and I caught him hiding his smiles.

He finally agreed and we both walk to the kiosk.

“You know;it feels so good to laugh” I tutor as he walk beside me with his hands in his pocket.

“I do laugh” he stated and I shrugged.


I collected the two icecream from the seller and turned to Rodney with puppy eyes.

I totally forgot I don’t have any money with me.

“You should stop that” he cautioned looking away from my face.

He paid for the icecream and we left for our previous seat.

“Why?” I asked as I proffered the second icecream to him and he grimaced.

“I don’t take that” he declared and I scoff.


This is more like a date and normal couples do things like this right?

Cut the crap Mara!

“Do you like Joanna?” I asked out of blues immediately we returned to our seat and he chuckled.

“I love Joanna” he said and I could feel my heart thud.



“So Rodney hasn’t call to apologise since then?” Ava asked as she chew her gum irritatedly and I shot her a glare.

“It’s none of your business” I retorted.

“Relax babe” she hushed me and I folded my legs on the couch.

“I am only concerned, I mean you and Rodney has never engaged in such a fight before so i am wondering why he hasn’t call to apologise not after what his girlfriend did to you” she said sardonically and I sprang on my feet.

“Get out Ava” I yelled pointing my left hand to the door.

“It hasn’t… I was only joki..”

“I said get out of my house bitch” I scowled at her and she hurriedly picked her shoes and rushed out.

I smashed the remote control to the floor and it shattered.

“Why Rodney?” I cried.
“Why would you take sides with her? Why”


I watch as her eyes dilated in shock and I bit back a laugh.

“Are you okay?” I asked as I nudge her arm.

“Uhmmm..of course.. I’m fine” she replied ruefully and I twisted my l-ips.

“I love Joanna but only as a sister” I confessed and she slowly turned to me.

“It’s the truth” I added.

“Is there someone you love?” She asked in a very low voice and I smile.

“Yes” I replied and her eyes w¡dened.

“Who is the person?” She asked curiously.

“Someone is jealous” I teases and she comes close to me and hit my arm playfully.

“Just tell me” she pressed on and I laugh.

“I won’t tell you” I said as I tuck my tongue out and she laugh as she keep hitting me.


She almost fall from the swing and I hurriedly caught her by the arm and pulled her to my chest.

I’m afraid my heart beats so fast against her hands on my chest as her blues eyes invaded mine and I couldn’t look away.

My eyes slowly ran down to her moist l-ips.

I tucked the loose strand of her hair behind her ear as I bring my face closer to hers.

“vous êtes belle(you are beautiful)” I whispered and she bit her lip.

I’m going crazy.

Unknown POV:

“Guys, I wouldn’t want you to miss this opportunity” I instructed.

“You should be able to strike anytime with ease” I added and they nodded.

“Let’s finish off this business soon, is that clear?” I asked.

“Yes sir” they chorused.


I ignited the engine and zoomed into the street.

💏My Celebrity Crush💘

📌Episode Twenty-six📌

(So Sweet)


I keep rolling on the bed-from one edge to the other.

Memories with Rodney in the park keeps hunting my sleep.

I place my both hands on my cheeks as I remembered that moment he almost place his l-ips on mine.

Why did he resist himself?
He should have done it; I’ve been dreaming my wh0le life how my first k-ss would be.

“I really can’t wait” I muttered ecstatically as I wriggle beneath my duvet.

I shut my eyes as I tried to get some sleep; still the same.

I should go get some water.


I’m really going crazy.

I can’t believe I keep imagining her in my arms.
She should stop invading my head already I thought as I shove a hand into my hair.

I crawled out of the bed and stood on my feet as I stride to the mirror.

I stare at my own reflection.
Are you really falling in love? I heard my subconscious mind asked and I shook my head.

I’m not even chanced for all that; I just have my way with those ladies that insist on having me in,side them.

She’s really going to make a good girlfriend my subconscious mind said again and I sighed.

“You are crazy” I muttered to myself as I stand on my feet.

I should take a walk around; that would help.


I got to the entrance of the kitchen to fetch a glass cup and I could see a figure backing me.

Not just a figure; it’s Tamara.
I can tell from her posture and long black hair.

I slowly leaned my back against the wall as I take in her perfect structure;she’s so pretty.

She hasn’t notice my presence yet.
But what’s she doing at this hour?

“Uhm uhmm” I cleared my throat and she flinched making the mug she was holding shattered on the tiled floor and that makes me panic as I rushed to her.

“Are you okay?” I asked alarmed as I held her hand and made sure she doesn’t step on a piece.

“You should be careful, I’m sorry for scaring you.” I apologized and she smiles.

“It’s not your fault” she said and I nodded- leading her to the living room.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” I asked her immediately we settled on a couch and her cheeks flushed.


“Nothing” she replied-fiddling her fingers and I arched my brows.

“Were you thinking about something?” I teased and she look up at me and I raised my brows at her.

She smiles as she look away timidly.

“Can I tell you something?” I asked her after a short silence and she nodded.

“Come closer” I instructed and she nervously move closer to me.

I tucked her loose strand of hair and look directly into her enchanting eyes.

“I can tell from your eyes that you are in love with someone” I stated and she averted her eyes from me embarrassingly.

“Should I guess the person you are in love with?” I added in a very low voice- she shyly lifted her face to look at me and nodded slowly.

Without thinking, I crashed my l-ips on hers and I watch as her eyes dilated in shock.

Yes; I’m also surprise but I don’t wanna stop.

I place my hands on her face as I bring her face more closer.

I delved deep into her mouth as I take charge of her upper lip; and it took her some seconds before she reciprocated perfectly.

So sweet.


☄️Sienna ☄️

I counted my steps into the living room and met him in his thinking state.

He should just forget her already but he wouldn’t listen.

I stride sed-ctively to where he’s sitting; he doesn’t notice me yet.

I slowly sit on his laps and that brought him back to life.


“What are you doing Sienna?” He snarled and I smile as i crossed my arms around his neck.

“What does it look like dear husband?” I asked sed-ctively as I bring my face closer to his neck.

“Are you sane?!” He flared and pushed me roughly as he sprang on his feet and I grinned.

“I am sane for you Michael” I said as I move closer to where he’s standing.

“I’m not in the mood to exchange words with you just get out of my house” he growled and that got me.

“When are you going to stop this hatred of yours? Huh I snapped at him but he just huffed.

“Maybe you have forgotten, I am also your wife!” I reminded.

“You gave birth to my child doesn’t make you my wife Sienna” he retorted and I scoff.

“Have you forgotten so soon, here’s the ring you fixed into my finger” I said as I pointed at my finger to his face.

“You promised to be my husband for the rest of your life” i continued
“You promised..”

“And that was because I was forced into the marriage” he cut in.

“You and I know that I never loved you, my heart belongs to Margaret alone” he said through clenched teeth and I nodded.

“Then let’s see, let’s see if you are going to find your loving Margaret” I said hoarsely and he glare hærd at me.

And with a last glance, I sauntered off.


I hop into my car and the driver ignited the engine immediately.

That good for nothing Margaret, I won’t stop until I kill her myself.

You will never get to meet her again Michael.
You belong to me and only me alone I thought as I clenched my fist.


Sienna you should respect yourself o😒

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