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🌸Episode Twenty-seven🌸

(He still doesn’t want to see me)


I slowly took my seat as I wait patiently for the maid to bring the food.

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So bad.. I am not allowed to do anything.

My eyes drifted to the stairs and saw him climbing down the last stair and I could feel goosebumps rise in my whole system as I tremble on my seat.

Oh goodness!
I thought he was not home.

I heard him dragged the chair backward but i couldn’t even glance up I just stare down at my feet.

“Good morning Beaubelle(Beautiful)” he greeted and I could feel my cheeks heating up.

“Good morning” I replied slowly with my eyes fixed on my feet.

“I could tell your night was awesome from a look at your cheeks” he teases and I smile.

I finally look up to meet his gaze on me.
Last night memory came burning in my head as we stare at each other.

Oh Lord
Who created this man?

The maid brought in the food and place it carefully on the table and that seems to brought us back.

The aroma filled my nostril and I smile widely.
I am never getting enough of this.

I grabbed a spoon to dish my food but Rodney beat me to it.
Is he serious right now?

“Uhm.. I can do it” I defended and he smile.
“Normal gentlemen wouldn’t sit back to watch their lady dish her food” he replied with a smirk on his lips and my eyes widened at the word ‘lady’.

I bit my lower lip as I look down at the food.

“C’mon my lady, you should eat” I heard Rodney says and I look up at him- he winked at me and I swallowed very hard as my cheeks flamed up.

“Hmmm.. Rodney” I called slowly as he stood on his feet adjusting his blue shirt.

“Do you have something to say?” He asked after he noticed how uneasy I look.

“I want to look for a job” I blurted and he chuckled as he turned around the table to come sit next to me.

“Why do you need a job Milady? (my lady)” he cooed and I place my both hands on my flushed cheeks.

He smile as he slowly remove my hands from my cheeks.

“I love to see that” he says and I look away.

Why is he doing this?

“Why are you acting all nice to me?” I asked shyly as I slowly look at him.

He interwined my left hand with his and place his right hand on it.

“I should be sincere with you” he says as he look into my eyes.

“I don’t know what I am doing anymore” he confessed and I gulped.

“I don’t know why I am doing all this but what I know is that I..”

“Rodney” someone called from the living room and we both turned to the direction.

He let go of my hands and stand on his feet to meet the caller.

I also sprang on my feet and follow him.

We got to the living room and I couldn’t hide my disappointed look.

What’s she doing here this early?

“Good morning Rodney” she greeted sweetly.

“How are you doing Joanna?” Rodney asked and she nodded.

“Can you excuse us?” She turned to me shooting me daggers with her doll eyes.

I think she still want some beatings.
I covered my mouth with my right hand to prevent me from laughing.

“Why should she excuse us?” I heard Rodney asked and she smile.

“We can’t discuss in her presence Rodney” she replied calmly.

Rodney sighed and turn to me and before he could say anything; I turned my back against them as I headed for the stairs.

|• Rodney•|


what’s it you want to talk about?” I asked her and she slowly turned around and seat.

“When is she leaving Rodney?” She asked calmly and I rolled my eyes.

“Joanna I really don’t get this, does her stay here has an effect on you or something?” I queried and she sprang on her feet.

“Yes it does, it really has an effect on me” she flared and I frowned.

“You should think about what people would think of you Rodney” she continued and I just watch her.

“You brought in a stranger to stay with you; a lady at that who doesn’t even worth to be seen around you”

“And what do you mean by that?” I asked her calmly but fuming inwardly.

“You are a figure Rodney, they might think she’s your girlfriend” she replied frustratedly.

“And what if she’s my girlfriend?” I snapped at her and watch as her eyes dilated.

“I want her and people should say whatever they want I do not care” i say more calmly but she just stood dumbfounded.

“Is that all?” I asked her taking my eyes to the stairs.

“Is this what I deserve from you?” She asked solemnly and I breathe out.

“For the past five years, I use to be there for you Rodney .” She continued as a tear drop from her eyes.
“Is this how you are going to treat me all because of her?” She said furiously.

“Joanna I am not treating you in an unkind way and you know that, no matter the circvmstances you will always remain my first female best friend.” I cooed as I move closer to her and wipe her tears.

“You should not compare yourself to her” I added as I pull her for a hug.


“You need to be more careful ma’am” Patrick says and I nodded as I leaned my back against my car door.

“She’s really determined to kill you now” he announced and I look up at him

“What?” I asked as I tremble with fear.

“You don’t need to be scared ma’am, I am always here for you” he assured but I just look away as I place my right hand on my chest.

Would Sienna stoop so low to do that?

“You need to start staying with Rodney as soon as possible because his abode is the only safer place for you now” he continued and I sighed.

“He still doesn’t want to see me” I lamented and he place his right hand on my shoulder as he stood in front of me.

“All will be well ma’am” he assured and I nodded.

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🌷Episode Twenty-eight🌷

(I’m being abducted)

🍭 Tamara🍭

“Marian, I will be fine” I assured her for the tenth time.

After my encounter with Rodney’s mum the other day, I couldn’t go to the grocery store again.

And right now, I really want to go but Marian doesn’t wants me to.

“I will be done with the dishes soon; we should go together” she says as she turned to the faucet and I frowned.

“I can handle it Marian, don’t worry” I pout as I move closer to her and flashed her a sweet smile.

She sighed and finally handed the list to me;together with some cash.

“Don’t stay long ma’am” she said with a concerned look and I nodded.


I covered my eyes with my hand to prevent the sun from penetrating into my eyes.

For goodness sake!
Are the cabs on break or what?

I took few steps away from where I am standing-cursing loudly.

I’m tired.

I was thinking if I should just go in already when a car suddenly pull up in front of me.

I made to turn my back when a guy in mask suddenly alighted from the car.

What’s going on?
Who’s he?

I hasten my steps and I could hear his walking step follow behind me.



I made to run but he caught me by arm and before I could scream he place a handkerchief in my nose.


I tried opening my eyes but I can’t and in no time, I could feel myself in a very strong arm.



“Hold on.. are you trying to tell me Tamara has left this house since noon?” I asked her calmly and she nodded staring at her feet.

“Are you crazy?” I yelled at her and she flinched.
“Why would you allow her to go all by herself if she had insisted? Huh” I growled and she take a step backward.

“I tried… to stop..her sir” she stuttered and that makes me furious more.

“I warned you didn’t I? I told you never to even allow her to wash a spoon and you are telling me she went to the grocery store?” I questioned as she whimper.

“Now listen and listen good,if Tamara doesn’t return to this house tonight, then you are dead;believe me” I threatened and took the stairs.


Where could she have gone?
Or is she mad at me?

I ruffle my hair as I pace my room.

“What do I do?” I muttered as I stare into space.

I look up at the wall clock; 8:30pm


I grabbed a car key and hurried out of my room.


I watch blondie as she shut the transparent door behind her and tucked her loose strand of hair.

She started walking away probably going home;I guess it’s her closing hour already.

Without wasting time, I came down from my car and rushed towards her.

“Hey” I called- she stop walking and look back.

“Mr Rodney?” She called unsure and I nodded as I move closer to her.

“Uhm.. where do I start from?” I asked as I rubbed my temple.

“Is there any problem?” She asked alarmed and I breathe out deeply.


We both sit in my car as I delivered all what Marian narrated to me.

She looks so confused as she stare at me.

“You mean Tamara is not home yet?” She asked in a low voice and I couldn’t even reply as I just glare at the steering.

She screamed and I quickly place my hand on her mouth.

“What’s your problem?” I half yelled silently.

“Where do you keep Mara?” She asked instead and I furrowed my brows.

“What do you mean?” I returned the question.

“I said where on earth do you keep my friend?” She yelled this time and believe me; I had to resist the urge to slap her very hard right now.

“Have you gone deaf?”
“Didn’t you hear all I explained to you?” I asked her getting pissed already.

“I came to you to seek a solution because you are her friend you might know where she is and you are here accusing me” I further said and she drew in a long breathe and breathe out.

“We should inform the cops” she suggested calmyy as she turned to me on her seat.

“They won’t do anything till it’s over Twenty-four hours” I reminded as I shove a hand into my hair and she nodded.

“We can’t just sit back right?” She asked with fear written all over her face.

I hit my fist on the steering.


I squinted my eyes open with my head pounding very hard.

When did I sleep? I thought as i look around where I am.
Fear gripped me as I quickly sprang on my feet.

It’s a very dark place; not even a tiny ray of light.
Where’s this place?

Everything flashed through my head and without been told; I’m being abducted.

But why?
I haven’t done anything wrong to any masked guy,why would he kidnap me?

Without thinking twice, I screamed.

“Is anyone out there?” I shout as I pummeled my fist against the woodenwall.

“I didn’t do anything wrong please” I pleaded tearfully as I crouched to the floor.

I heard the door creaked open and I quickly stand on my feet.

“Slutty princess” I heard the person says.

Hold on..
Not just a person, I recognize that voice.
It sounds familiar.

“How have you been princess?” I heard him say again.
It’s really him.

“Father” i mumbled.

He switched on the lights and I could feel my heart thud at his sight.

A smirk run upon his lips as he walk closer to me.

Oh Lord!

I’m so scared right now🙊😮
What’s going to happen now?

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