November 29, 2021

My celebrity crush episode 7 – 8


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌠Episode Seven🌠

(Mum, why?)

📌Rodney POV📌

I stormed into my house and headed straight to my room.

I got to my room and start throwing things,
I pace angrily and keep ruffling my hair.


For once I wanna listen to her, I badly need an explanation.

Why did she leave?
How could she left me in such state?

I stare at my reflection in the mirror.

*She left you when you needed her the most* Sienna word reeled through my mind and I hit my knuckles on the mirror as it smashed into pieces.

Blood oozes out of the wound but i don’t care- the pain is nothing compared to my broken heart.

I fucking love her!
She’s the only person that matters the most to me.

But she left me without a notice.
She fucking left me!

I cried loudly as I lie on the bare floor.

“Rodney open this door” I heard Joanna say from outside.

“Rodney please don’t hurt yourself, just open up” she said frantically.

“Just leave me alone” I growled.

Mum why?!!


“Good evening to you Boss” Patrick greeted with a slight bow but I only nodded as I sip from the glass of my wine.

“So what do you have?” I demanded and he smiled.

“He still don’t wanna see his mum” He replied and I arched my brows.
“He keeps chasing her away” He added and my lips curved to a smile.


news ever!

“Nice one Pat, you can take your leave now” I ordered gesturing to the entrance door.

He bowed and left.

“I’m so sorry Margaret” I say as I stood on my feet with my glass of wine.

“But I am just getting started with you” I said with a chuckle.

💮 Tamara💮

Today marks the third day, and I still can’t find a solution to this mess I got myself into.
I thought sadly as I leaned on the counter with my hands on my chin.

I just pray the owner do not find me and even if he does, I hope he don’t take any drastic step against me.


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Thinking about him alone is making me shiver.

“You are okay?” Alicia asked snapping me out of my thought.

“I’m good” I replied trying to sound okay.

“You sure?” She asked again and I nodded.

“Aright then, I need to take orders ” she said and I nodded.

Rodney is all your fault!
I breathed in and out-I am fed up.


I shut the transparent door behind me and strode to where we dump refuses as I dispose the garbage bag.

I caught a glimpse of a figure leaning on a car and I wondered who could that be.

Alicia has left few minutes ago, I should also get ready.
I thought as I walk back into the shop.

“Hey Coffee girl” I heard someone called behind me and I turned.

Holy crap!
How on earth did he knows I work here?

He walked closer to me with his hands in his trouser pocket and I couldn’t move, I tried taking a step but my feet won’t budge.


“Where’s my phone?” He demanded and I gulped nervously.

Good lord, come save me.

“The know..” I stuttered but he just keep a straight face as he stare down at me.

I just feel like hiding beneath the ground right now.

“I couldn’t repair it” I mumbled with my head bow.

“Congrats” He says and I look up at him, what does that mean?

“Since you couldn’t repair my phone, then you will have to replace my phone for the next three months” He added with a grim expression now.


what’s he saying?

“I don’t understand” I find myself saying.

“You will become my personal maid for the next three month” he said.

“What? ” I bellowed.


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

🌸Episode Eight🌸

(Become my personal maid)

🌹Tamara POV🌹

“You will become my personal maid for the next three month” he said and my jaw dropped.

“What? ” I bellowed.

“You heard me right?” He said in a deep voice.

Well.. I don’t care right now.

“What do you mean I become your personal maid?” I asked with a frown.

“I mean, I have another work and you know that.” I blurted as a matter of fact but he seems less bothered as his expression holds an impassive one.

I am done for!

“How do I cope? ” I lamented.

“Well.. I don’t care” he replied bluntly and believe me when I say I feel like slapping senses into his numb skull.

He didn’t say anything and I decided to speak up.

“Please I beg of you, I will become your personal maid but only on weekends” I pleaded as I rubbed my palms together.

He stare at me for what seems like hours.

“Fine” he grunted and I smiled.

“But you won’t defy my orders” he declared and I nodded.

“And since it’s only on weekends, it would be extended” he added with a smirk.

Oh lord!

“To how many months? ” I asked ruefully.

He didn’t reply as he requested for my cellphone and I watched him without saying anything.

He punched in some numbers and gave it back to me.

“Call me on Friday by 4pm” he said and I nodded curtly.

I just stand rooted as I watched his back till he disappeared into the darkness.

I just hope Mrs Olivia grants my request.



“Good morning Mrs Olivia” I greeted her immediately I stepped into her office.

“Morning” She replied sharply.

“So what do you want?” She asked in her thick voice and I felt more nervous.

“Uhm.. You see..” I stuttered.

How do I even tell her?

She didn’t even spare me a glance as she keep herself busy with whatever it is she’s scribbling on a note.

I breathe out loudly.
You can do this Mara.

“I won’t be coming to work on weekends” I blurted and she glance up to look at me.

“May I know your reasons Miss Mara?” She asked calmly as she folded her arms and I sighed.

“It’s just for the time being ma’am” I say.

“There are some stuffs that really acquire my attention lately and it’s very essential” I told her hoping that would convince her.

She just stare at me as if I’ve grown two heads.

“Then why are you just telling me?” She asked obviously hiding her disappointed look.

Oh.. I didn’t think of that.

“It came up urgently” I replied.

“Hope you know your salary would be deducted?” She asked and I nodded.




Don’t you think he should forgive his Mum already? Ava asked out of blues and I frowned immediately.

I returned the yellow bag I was admiring on its rack as I turned to face her.


his Mum my foot!” I scowled.

“Chill girl” she cooed but I only rolled my eyes at her.

“You know I don’t like that woman one bit, and you want her to comes into my way; now that I am almost there” I shot at her but she come close to me and took my hand in hers.

“I’m so sorry Best” she says.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you” she added as she rubbed my palms.

“Now smile for me”she urged me and I twist my lips.

“C’mon” she pouted and I smiled.

“Now let’s look around for the pettiest dress for the most beautiful girl” she says and I smiled broadly.

Tamara POV:

It’s 4pm already, and I find it so hard to dial his number.

Why does he even want me to call him?

I can’t believe I will become someone’s maid very soon-personal one at that.

What do I do? I thought as I ruffle my hair frustratedly.

My gaze drifted to where Alicia is standing, smiling non stop with the customers.

She has nothing to worry about.
Always cheerful.


The shrilling sound of my phone interrupted Alicia and I conversation and we halted.

I looked down at my phone and it was a strange number.

Alicia urged me to pick up, and I reluctantly swipe the screen as I placed it on my ear.

“Coffee girl” I heard and I quickly registered the voice.

Oh.. Not now.

“I’m opposite your Coffee shop right now, will you turn back or I should trail behind you till I get to know your abode” he said sardonically and my fist clenched.

I quickly hung up and face Alicia.

“Alicia, you can go ahead. I need to pick up something” I told her and she frowned.

Fuck him!
Fuck his goddamn phone!

“Then let’s go back together” she says as she pull my hand but I gently remove my hand from hers.

“Just go Alicia, please don’t argue” I pleaded and she stare at me dumbfounded.

I wave at her as I quickly run along.


>>>>Jason POV<<<< She got to where I am standing -panting heavily and I smirked. "You really don't want me to know where you stay?" I asked her but didn't reply as she stare at me. "I told you to call me by 4pm didn't i?" I asked her again and she shrugged. "I was busy with work" she replied. "Why do you want to see me?" She asked curiously and I smirked. "I wanna see your pretty face before going to bed" I sneered and she huffed. What the? "Anyways, you need to resume as early as 9:00am tomorrow" I instructed. "And also, you will be my date to Rodney city show" I announced and her eyes dilated in shock. "What?" She was taken aback. ..................... What's he up to now? :Enny~Wealth WRITES✍️ Kindly Like, comment and share Love y'all 💖💖

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