November 29, 2021

My celebrity crush episode 9 – 10


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

📌Episode Nine📌

Tamara POV:

I plonked myself on the bed as I stare at the white ceiling blankly.

*And also, you will be my date to Rodney city show* the phone owner word reeled through my mind.

Of course I should be happy,
I mean finally i’m gonna attend his show.

But my subconscious mind keeps telling me is not going to be good.

And that jackass!
I don’t even know his name.

Why do i have a strange feeling about him?

Oh Mara
I just hope he’s not going to sell me off.

Rodney, if I get to meet you tomorrow then trust me you are going to hear it from me.

🌃 🌃

The blaring sound of my alarm clock penetrated into my ear and I cursed loudly.

“What’s your head ache? Huh!”

“You should know I was just enjoying my sleep” I huffed.

When did I even fall asleep?

I sat upright and tucked the loose strand of my hair.

It’s another Saturday morning.

Oh my.. I won’t get to see Alicia on weekends again.

It saddens my heart I lied to the only person that cares about me.
I thought as tears welled up in my eyes.

I wish I can open up,
I wish I can tell her how I’ve being abused by my own father,
I wish I can tell her everything but I am scared.


thought about her motivational talks and motherly care.

The tears are now dropping on their own.

She’s so good.
Maybe I should just tell her?

But where do I start from?

I am screwed.


I alighted from the cab, paid the cabman and crossed to the other side of the road.

I just hope it’s not the wrong address.
All the houses looks the same.

Oh my..

I was about to knock on the gate when it automatically opens on its own.

“Wow” I muttered as I stepped into the compound.

The environment looks breathtaking.

So houses like this really exist..
i only watch them on TV.

I knew this jackass is very rich but why can’t he just let go of that phone.

I was lost admiring the whole place.

“Ma’am” I heard behind me and I turned to face a young and pretty lady neatly dressed in an uniform-one would know she’s a maid though.


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way ma’am” she said and that was when I realise I’ve being standing for so long.

You won’t blame me -will you?

“Follow me ma’am” she said again and I was forced to say something.

“Tamara..just call me Tamara” I told her as I gave her one of my best smile.

I am here to also work as a maid and she keeps referring me as ma’am.. ma’am.. ma’am.

fvck ma’am!


We got to the living room and I open my mouth in bemusement.

Holy Jesus!

Is this a house or a palace?

A whole city can live in here.

The interiors are so captivating and the wallpapers…

I’m short of words.

“When you are done checking out, you lemme know” I heard and I came back to my senses immediately.

“Good morning” I greeted with a light bow from where I am standing but he just shook his head.


“Will you just stand there all day?” He snapped at me after the short silence and I slowly stride to where he’s sitting with his legs crossed.

Big jerk!

“Sit” he ordered and I quickly take my seat adjacent to his own seat.

He should speak already.

“So you will be going to shop for your dress soon” he finally talk.

What dress? I almost ask.

“My date can’t definitely dress like this” he says with grimace and I frowned.

Who begs him to take me along?
Double jerk!

“But can I ask you a question?” I asked in more like whisper and he nodded.

“You have a maid already, why do…”

“That’s why I said it’s personal” He cut in rudely and I breath out.


you have to do is follow me around, I have enough maids to take care of other things” he says proudly and I feel like slamming his head against his seat.


💏My Celebrity Crush💘

💞Episode Ten💞

(The city show)


I stepped out from the bathroom and slowly walk around the guest room.

It looks appealing.

I got to where the shopping bag is lying and I couldn’t help but smile.

That jackass
What’s his name again?

Yes.. Jason.

I heard that from one of his employees.

He might be a jerk
But he really has great sense of fashion.

Well..why won’t he?

I brought out all the content from the shopping bag and smile again.


The red gown fits me perfectly as it helps revealing my curves.

“Can we come in ma’am” I heard from outside and I look at the door.

I walked up to the door and twisted the doorknob open revealing two beautiful women.

Who are they?

“How may I help you?” I asked the two women, probably in their early thirties.

“We are sent here from Mr Jason, he instructed us to help you with your makeup” The first woman replied with a friendly smile and I scoffed.

“That won’t be necessary, because I don’t do makeup” I told them flatly and they smiled.

“Don’t worry ma’am, you are going to love it. Besides Mr Jason won’t be pleased with us if we didn’t carry out his job” The second woman replied and I drew in a long breath.

“Fine” I groaned as I pave way for them to enter.

💅 💅

“You look stunning” The second woman compliment for the uptenth time and i smile.

The makeup was really light and I love it.

I couldn’t help but steal glances at myself in the mirror.

“Thank you” I told the women as they arrange their tools.

“Enjoy your night ma’am” they chorused with a light bow and turned to leave.


“Wow!” Jason exclaimed as I stepped out from his mansion.

I strode slowly to where he’s standing with his hand tucked in his trouser pocket.

He looks great I must confess.

Handsome jerk.

“No one would believe you are a maid you know?” He said with a chuckle and I rolled my eyes.

I trialled behind him as we headed to the parking lot.

We both stepped into the car and the driver took off immediately.


Jackass keeps stealing some glances and my anxiety grow.

What’s his problem?

I look out from the window and silently pray we get there already.

We finally arrived at our destination and I couldn’t help the smile that found is way to my lips.

Thank goodness.

There are so much cars and it took the driver some minutes before he finally found a suitable place to park the car.

We alighted from the car and a ‘wow’escaped from my mouth.

Everywhere looks exquisite.

I keep averting my gaze everywhere as I slowly walk behind Jackass and I almost cry.

It looks so beautiful.


The MC keeps talking nonstop as the audience cheers and laugh to his jokes.

I sit next to Jackass in the VIP section as I sip my juice slowly.

Rodney should come on stage already. I thought

“Now, let’s welcome the great singer,
country favorite,
city sweetheart,
ladies love,
guys crush”

The MC emphasized and a thrill of alarm run through me.

“Let’s welcome Rodney Shaw with a round of applause” He exclaimed and the whole audience cheers with applaud.

Rodney climbed up the stage beaming with smiles.

He’s clad in Red shirt that brought out his bulging bicep together with black trouser and a black suede shoes.

He collected the Mic from the MC as they both share a short hug and the MC slowly climbed down from the stage.


lovers” He says with smiles and the crowd scream happily.

“I wanna use this privilege to appreciate your love and great affections towards me” he says solemnly after the scream has subsided.

“Much love” he added and the audience cheers again.

“Tonight, i would like to sing from one of my album which I tittle- I MISS YOU” He says with smiles in his face and the crowd agreed with a Yes! Yes! Yes!

And after a while, a playing comes from the piano and he starts singing.

I watched keenly from where I am sitting as I sing along with him.

Jason gaze was on me all this while but I didn’t spare him a glance.


The song comes to an end and I felt sad immediately.

The whole audience shrieked happily and I couldn’t help the ecstasy as I also stood on my feet cheering with others.

Jackass keeps shooting me daggers but I don’t spare him a look.

“Thank you so much” he blew a kiss to the audience and I felt my cheek heat up.


I stepped out from the restroom and I bumped into someone and i tripped.

I was expecting myself to be kissing the bare floor now but instead someone is holding my waist and my hands are lying freely on the person’s chest.

Thank goodness.

I look up to thank my savior.

I felt my whole body tremble immediately.

I am staring at those beautiful eyes.
That perfect nostril.
That killer cute pink lips.

He also stare at me like forever.

And my heart keeps beating like party drum.

“Clumsy girl” I heard him say.


Mara finally meet his crush again

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