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My class crush episode 6 – finale

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Lizzy’s pov
I couldn’t ¢©Πtr0| my any longer as I fired [email protected]¢k to Diana. Diana look, am abysmally sick ND tired of th¡s arrogant behavior of yours ND ur damn friends cux u guys are really ₱ush!ng me to th£ wall ND u wouldn’t like my next l!ne of action if u cont!nue like th¡s.its obvious that Kelly doesn’t love any of u, don’t u th!nk is better u let h¡m be rath£r than forc!ng urself on h¡m cause is really childish for big girls like you fight over a guy.kelly was really surprised see!ng me talk !n dat manner cause h£ doesn’t know I can really talk cuz of my quietness !n de cla$$ but I didn’t ¢ar£ for now as I cont!nued yell!ng at Diana ND h£r friends.kelly tried chill!ng me d©wΠ but I asked h¡m to live everyth!ng to me cus am so much ready for th£m.Diana tried rais!ng h£r [email protected] on me but I h£ld h£r [email protected] and asked h£r not to try anyth!ng stupid cux $h£ wouldn’t like what I would do to h£r ND those stupid friends of h£rs.
Diana’s friends were frightened by my words as th£ left th£ cla$$ liv!ng Diana, I later released Diana’s [email protected] from my grip ND warned h£r not to step on my toes aga!n.kelly didn’t say anyth!ng furth£r as h£ was busy starr!ng at me with a look that shows that am really ready for th£ girls.Th£ Bell was later rang for th£ morn!ng a$$embly, wen th£ a$$embly was done,th£y were ordered to settle d©wΠ at th£ hall for th£ir ORIENTATION.
Th£ pr!ncipal began th£ programme with an open!ng prayer after which $h£ ordered Lizzy to s!ng a worship song, as Lizzy was s!ng!ng, it was like th£ h£avens were open!ng because h£r voice was sooo marvellous ND tremendous, $h£ sang like an angel, as $h£ was s!ng!ng,tears were runn!ng freely from h£r eyes.Kelly wasn’t !n de mood of prayer as h£ was busy starr!ng at Lizzy who was busy s!ng!ng and same time cry!ng, h£ was so much !nlove with h£r voice.After th£ song and prayers, th£ teach£rs complemented Lizzy ND asked h£r to keep it up. Th£ new students were later called upon and were oriented after which th£ went to th£ir cla$$es.
Kelly waited for Lizzy on th£ staircase, on see!ng h£r, h£ hugged ND klzzed h£r pa$$ionately for th£ first time ND also complemented h£r for hav!ng a nice voice.lizzy couldn’t m©v£ aga!n,it was like h£r wh0l£ b©dy was paralyzed as a result of th£ klzz!ng but $h£ so much enjoyed every bit of th£ klzz 😘.
Wh£n $h£ went home, $h£ cont!nued th!nk!ng of th£ klzz 😘 😘 while Kelly was also th!nk!ng ab©vt it also 😉…… LOVE BIRDS
MY CLa$$ CRUSH 🙈 💓
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Th£ next day dur!ng our break time, I stayed [email protected]¢k !n de cla$$ go!ng through my notes, along th£ l!ne, I over h£ard Diana tell!ng h£r friends that am so ch£ap that $h£ saw me klzz Kelly at th£ staircase yesterday after th£ ORIENTATION DAY.I tried to confront th£m but on a second thought I decided not to do so s!nce $h£ wasn’t say!ng that to my face.$h£ cont!nued say!ng all such of trash ab©vt me to h£r friends until I couldn’t bear it anylonger as Diana crossed th£ l!ne by call!ng me a slut right !n front of me…..
I rath£r become a slut than be!ng th£ one chas!ng after boys dat doesn’t love me…I blurted ©vt.I told h£r to stay away from me nor anyth!ng that has do with me, I was still talk!ng until Kelly walked !nto th£ cla$$ only to f!nd ©vt that I was exchang!ng words with Diana,h£ immediately h£ld my [email protected] and took me ©vt from th£ cla$$, h£ th£n asked me what was go!ng on ND I expla!ned everyth!ng to h¡m. h£ klzzed me on th£ foreh£ad and asked me to always ignore Diana’s stupid behavior which I accepted , h£ brightened my face up ND klzzed my l¡ps for th£ second time.
I was really embarra$$ed wh£n Kelly took Lizzy ©vtta th£ cla$$, I felt that $h£ has won over me but I later summoned courage ND went [email protected]¢k to my sit. I was really hurt but my friends asked me to forget ab©vt Kelly’s affair with Lizzy ND m©v£ on s!nce th£y are dest!ned 2 b 2geda which I accepted.
Wh£n Lizzy was BK 2 de cla$$, I went to h£r ND apologized to h£r for my Ill attitude towards h£r ND $h£ forgave me with©vt h£sitation.
After one month of be!ng friends with Lizzy, I asked h£r to be my girlfriend ND $h£ gladly accepted, I was very happy ND excited, I klzzed h£r pa$$ionately for th£ third time and wh¡spered I LOVE YOU to h£r ND $h£ replied I LOVE YOU TOO ❤️…..
How was th£ story ?? 😋😋

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